Post 737 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 280 – Comments received from my readers about the article Uncle Chico Newsletter # 279 – The Lie and much blah blah blah will never release !!! – And they will never transform a mongrel with a light, thin and triangular head into a brachycephalic Molossus !!! – The exact and precise 80 questions remain unanswered by the OFB inventor… – Date: Oct 2nd-2020

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 280

Comments received from my readers about the article Uncle Chico Newsletter # 279


The Lie and much blah blah blah will never release !!!


And they will never transform a mongrel with a light, thin and triangular head into a brachycephalic Molossus !!!


The exact and precise 80 questions remain unanswered by the OFB inventor…

My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

Although until now the OFB inventor has not answered any of my 80 questions, some 30 from Quinzinho Liberato, whose formulation started two years ago, the following are important comments received from my readers:

– It is a shame that the FCI does not respect its own Statute and was connives with the first FB miscegenators. It must be an archaic, authoritarian, arrogant and overbearing registry office. I doubt that they will answer your article and, much less, apologize to the world of FB. It is incredible that the “fila” and Fila-CBKC-FCI breeders remain omissions and conniving. Not to mention that the FCI changed the temperament of the FB (see in English: )

– Thank God Uncle Chico continues to take care of the Pure !

– May CAFIB continue to save Pure Fila !

– Your last article is a true knowledge class about the True FB and its History. A wonderful documentary! Congratulations to all of you at CAFIB, for their dedication to preserving our only Brazilian dog breed. Too bad that illiterate professionals will be lazy to read, study and learn.

– OFB is just a big mess and confusion.

– I agree with CAFIB: OFB looks like a mongrel. OFB is a total de-characterization of FB which is a molossoid dog. The OFB may even be a new attempt to form a new type or breed of dog, but it will never be an FB.

– There is no scientific logic for the breeder who wants a breeding stock with “more functional” dogs, to use animals without a minimum of control of the genetics of their ancestors. The population of dogs that follow the CAFIB standard has been selected for over 40 years and phenotypic characteristics in any breed have a natural range of variation that does not escape the Standard. The breeder who wants dogs with a little less “mass and skin”, just select dogs with this phenotype in their litters and share animals with other kennels where there is a similar breeding stock. Breeding is art and science.

– The OFB inventor does not use either, he only brings confusion.

– The OFB inventor is very confused and has created a distortion of the sense of what is functionality. Due to lack of knowledge, bad guidance or bad faith, he and a group of small breeders, owners or enthusiasts of the Breed, who have more faulty dogs, of inferior quality or atypical, see in the word “functional” a kind of reference to their dogs’ insufficiencies . As if FUNCTION was a mandatory and magical release from the lack of quality that your mutts have. In this process, they despise, or pretend to ignore, the basic premise that a dog, to properly perform a certain function, does not need to have typicality (proximity to a Racial Standard) or even a defined breed. In the case of typical dogs, of defined and controlled breeds, this functionality is implicit and described in their Breed Standards. In short: it is not necessary to be a typical FB to be functional, but every typical FB is. Our Golden Rule in breeding is: “we work to make our dogs fit the Standard as much as possible, not the other way around”. And the OFB inventor, on the contrary, wants to adapt the Standard created by him to his dogs. In the same way that João Batista Gomes, defender of the FB miscegenation with English Mastiff in the early 70s, tried to create a new FB Standard in the BKC , adapting the new Fila-Mastiff product to a new Standard at the Brasília Symposium (1976) adapting it to his new mestizo. As long as the class ignores this, we will see all sorts of silly, very confusing and disruptive initiatives. Because for them, the end justifies the means. Egocentrically.

Os argumentos do Tio Chico são irrefutáveis Como explicar existir um cão Molossóide de cabeça leve e triangular  como nos exemplares de OFB ? Como a ninhada de um cão da Raça A, cruzando com um cão da Raça B pode nascer sendo Raça A e receber pedigree da Raça A. Como a Sobraci se permite emitir este pedigree mestiço ?

– If the OFB inventor had a serious project, without self-centered pretensions, what he should have done was to gather all the newly found dogs with the phenotype he wanted and admired, and invite CAFIB to carry out a wide APT. Thus, OFB with Pure Fila phenotype and temperament could quickly and automatically join the CAFIB squad. I affirm this, because the OFB inventor approves the CAFIB phenotype, so much so that he uses CAFIB Pure Filas in his experiments. This would be the smart and normal. Now, creating a new type of parallel dog, with no history, no proven experience and just two years of work is very hasty and confusing. We run the risk of creating many generations of trash-mongrel and these are added to the FB squad again. The Second Great Miscegenation against the FB !!!

– I am only 35 years old and I have been creating FB for 5. I am learning a lot about the FB History. Congratulations to CAFIB and its protagonists. A beautiful story of unconditional love for a Brazilian dog and its rescue from extinction.

– OFB’s inventor pretends to be a victim and persecuted, but he is the great villain in this newest attempt to mix FB.

–  I’m sorry, but the OFB is just a mongrel with pedigreed. Issued by an unknown registry office.

– I never heard of a brachycephalic Molossus dog with a light, thin and triangular head. Disrespecting its own Standard. OFB is a very bad joke.

– I have a mutt here at home. What is Sobraci’s phone number?

– In your article you outdid yourself. It is the shovel of moral lime in OFB and its inventor.

– The fact that no traditional and old breeder supports the new OFB adventure, not even his friends from Minas Gerais, is the proof of this invention with no substance and credibility.

– OFB = Old Brazilian Mongrel.

– Amazing how the inventor of OFB tries to support himself and take advantage of the name and admiration that we all have for Dr. Paulo. He pretends to be unaware that Dr. Paulo in life failed all dogs with the OFB phenotype in CAFIB’s APT. It seems that the OFB inventor cannot read, see and resides on Pluto. Or it’s too expensive.

– OFB’s inventor, totally without arguments after the massacre and knock down he received from Uncle Chico in his last article, hides behind photos of only Regular Quality FBs. What a shame !

– Forget the inventor of OFB. He is another one who wants to reinvent the wheel, as dogs use the CAFIB squad, which he recriminates, to IMPROVE the OFB mutt.

– How much nonsense and confusion created by the OFB inventor: the Pure Fila-CAFIB is called by him “modern” and the “mutts” of OFB… Save me…

– OFB’s inventor spends his life criticizing CAFIB, but crosses his mutts with Fila-CAFIB. What a mess !!! What a pastiche !!!

–  40 years later, another ′ ′ great miscegenation “.

– The OFB’s inventor says he has the help of “scholars in canine behavior, specialists and technicians trained by the best world environments in the area”. Nice. But I find it very suspicious not to give their names or their CVs clearly. Just like that TV ad: “a Japanese scientist found out” … Very naive. So, in OFB everything remains mysterious and under the imperial and dictatorial rule of its inventor?

– OFB’s inventor claims to have 10,000 followers of his project, but only 30 allied kennels… Well, I think this account doesn’t close … Or we can consider OFB as an extreme failure! I am very suspicious of the numbers of followers posted via accelerators and triggers of robot posts so used on Facebook…

– The inventor of OFB is very confused and pastiche: sometimes he says that FB and OFB are two different breeds and in others that OFB is the FB. And that Fila CAFIB is nothing! After all, when will this inventor make up his confuse mind? So, it is very confusing to understand what he really wants.

– In addition to not answering any of Uncle Chico 80 questions, nor those of Quinzinho Liberato, the OFB inventor proclaims himself with the power to divide a dog Breed into two … But how much arrogance and self-centeredness. Only with the Sobaci’s existence and connivance.

– In the whirlwind of his confused inventions the OFB inventor claims that the OFB is a working dog. Curious: released two years ago today I haven’t seen any convincing video of an OFB at work. I only saw puppies barking, an very normal Temperament Test and some mutts running after the cattle. Well chasing cattle and barking in response to a simple attack, any mongrel does… After all, chasing cattle I also run …

– Recently, the OFB inventor stated that “Each one who breeds a breed that pleases him. Without suffering ! ”. Well, Uncle Chico but since the launch of OFB in Nov, 2018 it is precisely the inventor of OFB that attacks Dr. Paulo, the success and the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy, the CAFIB squad, the results of CAFIB and claims that Fila-CAFIB it is not FB… Since he was naked after Uncle Chico’s last article, is he even more confused and disowning his own past, when he stated that Fila-CAFIB is not FB? It is really very difficult to understand this illogical logic of the OFB inventor. It reminds me a lot of the illogical logic of Procopio do Valle, Father of Black Fila, who, from contradiction to contradiction, even wrote a terrible book about miscegenation.

– Uncle Chico, you are right: the future of OFB is very uncertain:

– And the OFB inventor’s silence continues…

Best regards,  Chico PeltierFather of CAFIB.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC