Post 735 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 279 — The new experience, new theory and new invention of the new type of dog called “fila”-OFB completes 2 years of launch without answering 80 simple questions …

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 279

Date: Oct, 1st.-2020

The new experience, new theory and new invention of the new type of dog called “fila”-OFB completes 2 years of launch… 

Without answering 80 simple questions…!?!?!? 

Would it be the Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro? 

CAFIB: almost 43 years preserving the Pure Fila with strict control and knowledge; without miscegenation and pedigree falsification !  

Sobraci issues pedigree of purebred dog for litter from the crossing of two dogs of different breeds ?!?!?! 

One cannot confuse compulsive and self-centered desire with Historical Truth… The Truth of facts must always prevail. 

OFB`s future is doubtful due to the lack of evidence and its past is uncertain, because its inventor tries to reinvent the FB history. 

After all, would be “fila”-OFB or would be Sertanejo Dog or would be Boiadeiro Mineiro Dog or just another mongrel ? 

The virusof miscegenation: anyone who is not very confused by the “fila”-OFB is very poorly informed… 

OFB is not and will never be a Molosso or a brachycephalic dog !!!Ans, without a doubt, the FB is a Molosso and brachycephalic dog !!! 

The inventor of the “fila”-OFB since two years ago does not answer simple 80 questions asked by Uncle Chico and Quinzinho…


My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,


My last article against the new invention and new dog experience called OFB, I mean, “fila”-OFB, is dated Mar, 3rd.-2020. I waited 6 long months without writing an article on this unfortunate topic in the hope that the inventor of this new canine type would prove his new theory and answer my 80 questions from November 2018, definitely clarifying his position and his ideas about this new experience. That is, far from subjective beliefs, without evidence and without proper historical and technical evidence. After all, it is very easy to create a romantic, vague and superficial story, going through any dogs that exist in Mesopotamia, Assyria, the Iberian Peninsula and even Aboriginal dogs that would have landed who knows from where in Brazil.

After all, everyone should know that in the First Great Miscegenation against FB, which was initiated mainly in the 70s and 80s, Mr. João Batista Gomes had already invented his captivating and fake story based on Fila Terceirense (a dog from the Azores Island) and Mr. Procópio do Valle his exciting and fake story based on Dogue de Force Race (from the Netherlands). But, in fact, they just wanted to defend and justify the crossbreeding that they practiced with English Mastiff and Black Great Dane respectively.

As absolutely none of my questions were answered, although all my insistent articles were always sent by me to this inventor’s personal email address; as none of the stories and theses he divulged were proven in practice and in the real world, that is, far from the virtual Facebook where he is so active and present; in order to respond to my readers’ requests and, mainly, very much fearing that a Second Great Miscegenation against FB will again cause enormous harm to the FB breeding, I decided to write this article.

I certainly do not intend to exercise any kind of police patrol on anyone thoughts. Even if these thoughts, new inventions and experiences are absurdly foolish and their old pretensions are self-centered. Everyone is responsible for their actions and should act according to their conscience, but always disregarding their personal interests and giving priority to the most important, which in this case is the preservation and perpetuation of the Fila Brasileiro. Who will judge the position of each one will always be the society and the admirers of FB.   

I continue to think that we are all free to expose our thinking, provided with education and respect. As absurd as they are.

My personal positioning, as everyone who knows at least a little of the FB’s True History knows very well, has always been, since January 1974, the precursor and pioneer in the defense of Pure Fila, in denouncing and in the vehement fight against miscegenation and in rescue of FB from extinction, which was carried out only by CAFIB since 1978, always based on CAFIB’s Philosophy of Breeding and the teachings of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz (A). I always acted and wrote with total transparency and logic, respecting the facts and the True History of FB. Due to miscegenation I reached the extreme of extinguishing my kennel called CAFIBRA even before the foundation of CAFIB.

(A) My friends, whoever wants to know my work, always for and in defense of the Pure-Fila, in addition to visiting my website  ( ) and my blog ( ) which have almost 2,000 articles and documents and around 3,000 photos, I suggest reading chapter 3 entitled “No Tempo das Mestiçagens” (= Miscegenation’s Times) , on p. 187, of the book written by journalist Paulo Roberto Godinho ( to acquire HTTP://  or by email ).

For those who do not know, I was the first since 1975 to systematically denounce the First Great Miscegenation against the FB. See and read example written in English at and in .

In addition, recommended by the former BKC judge and FB breeder from Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Luiz (Zito) Hermanny, in Feb / 1976 I visited Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz at his home in Santos, São Paulo, when I denounced the miscegenation, making him aware of this crime against the Pure Fila. Until then, Dr. Paulo was unaware of this great crime that would later be called “mestizo-fila”, “black-fila” and “freak-fila”. Through many photos that I showed him of crossbred dogs with FB pedigree issued by BKC, Dr. Paulo was convinced and so I managed to persuade him to return to Brazilian Cynophilia (dog-breeding), and mainly to FB, since Dr. Paulo had been away from both for many years. Some of the photos that I showed to Dr. Paulo on that visit I used to write the article Organizational Chart of Miscegenation years later, which can be accessed at in  . We kept in close contact until when on July, 23rd.-1976 Dr. Paulo sent me the letter , confirmed to me that he will make his fundamental and indispensable contribution to rescue the Pure Fila from miscegenation and on July, 29th.-1976, journalist Paulo Roberto Godinho published the following note in Jornal do Brasil sealing the return of Dr. Paulo to the FB. Thus, our contact became even closer and he started to write regularly in the magazine Animais & Veterinária edited by Paulo Godinho himself. Although I worked abroad in New York the second half of 1976, and in London the years 1978 and 1979 our contact was always constant, profound and fruitful. For me it was a huge accomplishment because I was very young and still started in FB, but I totally disagreed with the practice of miscegenation without control and with pedigree falsification and I, who was already confronted and harassed by cross breeders, started to rely on all the knowledge from the Father of the Fila to face my opponents who are mixed breeders who had the institutional and systemic connivance of BKC and later CBKC + FCI. Conclusion: two years later CAFIB was founded in São Paulo !!! Be sure to read an article written by Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso and Luiz Antonio Maciel, founders of CAFIB in English in


  • Uncle Chico with Dr. Paulo, Father of Fila and CAFIB Master of Breeding                 
  • Dr. Paulo, awardeda  Pure Fila at CAFIB Expo and reproving a mongrel type dog in an CAFIB APT

Therefore, I continue to respect my positioning that I started 46 years ago, that is, before the foundation of CAFIB, fully respecting the principles in which I believe, practicing them with accuracy and transparency and, always, against miscegenation. Both old and current.

As I write and said for decades, if FB were a dog from Germany or England, CAFIB would be since its foundation respected, admired and copied. But, unfortunately, in our country full of functional illiterates in the first 30 years of CAFIB, we were reneged, offended, attacked and persecuted (B) and, later, secretly recognized and copied, since the copies of Pure Fila with CAFIB pedigree, the so-called Fila-CAFIB, are used by breeders of all clubs and trends in order to improve their own breeding. Proof of this is that even the few followers of fila”-OFB cross their dogs with Fila-CAFIB copies, although the phenotype is totally different.

(B) My dear friends, please find a great example of persecution of CAFIB by reading BKC Circular No. 1979/28, signed by the then president of BKC, Mr. Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena, clicking and in which BKC – that soon after became the current CBKC: 

(i) – institutionally and systematically opted to take a position conniving with the FB cross breeders;

(ii) – issued a FB pedigree to thousands of crossbreed dogs, increasing its revenue considerably, since from 1977 to 1982 the FB was the breed that registered the most quantity of puppies in the BKC / CBKC / FCI, ranking second until 1,985, thus making the FB breeding in a large and uncontrolled market and commercial business without any breed purity criteria. Just remember that 1982 CBKC registered 8,000 dogs as all were Pure Fila !!! And in 1975 only 1,000 !!!

(iii) – positioned itself against the Initial Registry (IR), thus preferring to register the so called “mestizo-filas” (see in and ;

(iv) – pursued the founders of CAFIB, including Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, Mr. Airton Campbell, Mr. Américo Cardoso, Mr. Roberto and Mrs. Marilia Maruyama;

(v) – also pursued Uncle Chico, who was considered a “persona non grata” for defending the Pure Fila in Brazil and abroad and for making my denounces directly in English to the FCI staff, which since then FCI has remained and maintained silent… But making a lot of money… Note that Uncle Chico was already at that time considered very “dangerous” and bothered a lot with his denunciations and articles… Because Mr. Lucena informed my name only and specifically to the FCI, claiming among other nonsense that the future Uncle Chico did not “had the power to comment on the FB”. Well, my friends, 41 years have passed, CAFIB is getting stronger and more respected and Uncle Chico continues to comment on FB. Meanwhile, the breeding of the Fila-CBKC-FCI ended up being nicknamed “fila-freak”…

(vi) – BKC persecuted many other breeders, among them and mainly, Mrs. Marilia Barroso Pentagna, founder of the traditional Canil Boa Sorte, which for many years is being managed by her nephew Quinzinho Barroso, demanding that she opt for BKC and abandon CAFIB. See Marília’s reply letter to the then president of BKC and, later, CBKC, Mr. Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena: . And yet, what Marilia thought of CAFIB when my website was launched in March 2009

In fact, as I also write for decades, if CAFIB had preserved in Brazil  the Golden Lion Monkey (= Mico Leão Dourado), Turtles in the Northeast and Yellow Alligator (= Jacaré de Papo Amarelo) in the Pantanal, we would all be heroes. But dogs don’t give media. The authorities and the mainstream media forget that Fila Brasileiro is a National Heritage. What a pity !!!

Interestingly, while all these historical facts that were called by the journalist Paulo Godinho in “Miscegenation Time” and by the very important Brazilian newspaper O Globo of the “Miscegenation War” happened in an arduous struggle between Pure Fila and miscegenation without any kind of control, my readers ask me several times: but where was the inventor of the “fila”-OFB at that time so critical that it almost led the FB to extinction ? What did he do and how did he position himself against FB miscegenation? For my part, I always answer: I know nothing …

Therefore, below are my comments, as always with politeness and respect, about two years after the new launch of the new invention of the new experience named fila”-OFB:

Two years after the launch of the new type and dog product called OFB, also known as “fila”-OFB, since the definition “fila” was mistakenly used in this invention to designate the different types of non-molossoid and non-brachycephalic dogs with different heterogeneous phenotypes, which are very reminiscent of a simple mutt or mongrel and are found anywhere on Planet Earth and not only on farms in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, even if some have a pedigree paper issued by a canine registry company, at the insistent request of my readers, I accepted to disclose this 80 questions, compilation of thoughts and comments made in the last two years, as I believe it is a good time to remind my readers and the inventor of “fila”-OFB that:

  1. I confess that what surprised me the most was not the fact that the inventor of the “fila”-OFB wanted to fabricate a new experience trying to reach a new canine type properly fixed and, who knows, to be considered in the future, after a lot of work carried out, tested and proven, as a new recognized dog Breed. Although it is very difficult to create a new dog breed he has all this right !!! Many Brazilians have tried this in the past without success. The best known case is that of the dog named Rastreador Brasileiro (= Brazilian Tracker used to hunt), recognized as a Breed by the then BKC (Brazilian Kennel Club) in 1967 – but not by the FCI – which was, however, considered extinct by its own creator, Dr. Oswaldo Aranha Filho, in 1974 such is the difficulty in fixing and making a canine type homogeneous both in its phenotypic as well as temperament and character. Taking the opportunity to remember that the “fila”-OFB has not even been recognized as a purebred dog by SOBRACI, which issues OFB pedigrees !!! But this same club (Sobraci) is a canine registry office that issues pedigrees of purebred dogs to the OFB… Can you understand this incoherence ? I confess that I don’t. 

So that there is no doubt and as I will prove below: SOBRACI does not recognize the OFB as being a purebred dog, but it issues pedigree of purebred dog to the OFB !!! Questioned by me and Mr. Quinzinho Liberato SOBRACI never answered us !!!

What surprised me the most was this inventor using the name Fila and, much worse, trying to convince the FB breeders that the traditional, authentic and original Fila Brasileiro, breed since many decades ago by Mr. José Gomes de Oliveira, Mr. José Junqueira, Mr. Pedro Ribeiro Junqueira, Mr. João Ebner, Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, Mr. William Frederick Chalmers, Mr. Luiz Hermany and many others before the First Great Miscegenation against the FB is not the well know CAFIB-Fila but the “fila”-OFB, who, as stated above, has a delicate and fragile phenotype that most resembles a mongrel or mutt. That is: with its small, light, thin, triangular and non-molossoid nor brachycephalic head; almost without dewlap and his body and fragile and slight structure, as can be seen in the several photos further down.

Precisely for this reason, I believe that none, absolutely no traditional FB breeders, from any club, agreed with the ideas and insanities of the inventor of the “fila”-OFB. In contrast to him only newcomers, neophytes, dog handlers and breeders of Brazilian Bandog joined and stupidly wanted to reinvent quickly, light and wrongly the FB history.

So, if the inventor of the “fila”-OFB called him Boiadeiro Mineiro (= Cattle Dog from Minas Gerais) as I suggested last year, or even if he defended the improvement in the breeding of the Cão Sertanejo (= Brazilian Northeast Dog), also not recognized as a purebreed by Sobraci, but which also awaits recognition for this entity, as well as the OFB, which is also known by the name of Brazilian Northeast Black Mouth Dog (see in ), which so closely resembles the “fila”-OFB and any mongrel, no huge confusion would have been caused by this inventor.

Would you please see in  and and below in these three photos how the Cão Sertanejo resemble the “fila”-OFB and any mongrel dog. Sometimes I think that the inventor of the “fila”-OFB plagiarized and copied the phenotype of this dog that already existed before the OFB experience and is still very little known even in Brazil… After all, copying is easier…  Breeding and preserving correctly and seriously like CAFIB does for almost 43 years is very difficult !!!

2. I wrote, spread it by email and soon after I posted it on my blog ( ) from Nov/18 to March/20 around 70 articles in Portuguese and English with 80 unanswered questions explaining why I don’t believe in the OFB’s invention, unless it has another name and is truly another dog type that in the future maybe will become another breed besides FB. During this period, I also published and posted several articles signed by Quinzinho Barroso, Jonas Iacovantuono and Fabiano Nunes, with many other questions and doubts, always disagreeing and pointing out serious flaws and mistakes in the conception of the new “fila”-OFB experience. All were translated into English, and disseminated by email to 1200 emails address to breeders, judges, clubs and their leaders in Brazil and abroad. These articles and its questions prove the inconsistencies, nonsense, foolish and absurdities that exist in this new theory, which has a phenotype that most resembles that of a simple mongrel. I proved this by publishing and disseminating OFBs hundreds of photos accompanied by solid arguments;

3. Others CAFIB breeders also wrote articles against this daydream of new experience and canine marketing: Quinzinho Liberato (five) and Fabiano Nunes and Jonas Iacovantuono (1 each);

4. CAFIB on Feb, 2th.-2019 posted a single Official Communication (see  ) against the OFB invention, thus opting to continue its rigid work of almost 43 years that resulted in the rescue of the Pure Fila from extinction and its preservation  as a Pure Breed until today. So CAFIB chose to ignore the “fila”-OFB. At the CAFIB Assembly held in Feb/19 its board reiterated that it would continue to solemnly ignore the “fila”-OFB.

5. Curiously, SOBRACI, a canine registry and notary office that issues pedigrees for the “fila”-OFB, does not recognize this type of dog as a Purebred Dog. Even so, incoherently, Sobraci issues pedigrees that are sold and marketed to “fila”-OFB buyers as the OFB being a Purebred Dog. To verify this absurdity that I affirm here, just click on , then click GP 06 – RAÇAS EM PROCESSO DE RECONHECIMENTO , scroll down and you will easily see that together with the canine types not accepted as purebred dogs by SOBRACI, among them, (C) Brazilian Bullmastiff, Cão Sertanejo (note the type of “fila”-OFB here !!!), Ovelheiro Gaúcho, Shepherd of Mantiqueira, Podengo Creole and Rastreador Brasileiro (Brazilian Tracker used for hunt  — although it has already been extinguished by its own creator !!! ???) (C)  finds himself as a non-PURE dog the OFB…

(C) I do not know, I have never seen and I do not know anyone who knows these six “Brazilians” canine breeds or types of dogs mentioned by SOBRACI. I am afraid that SOBRACI accepts any type of new dog in order to issue and sell its pedigrees. Maybe CBKC too.

6. Well my friends, to make the incoherence and confusion in the new experience and invention of the “fila”-OFB even bigger, the photo chosen by the OFB inventor to represent this dog on the SOBRACI website is not the photo of an OFB, but the photo of the super famous, original, authentic and traditional Fila Brasileiro of ever called Lord, breed by the pioneer FB breeder from the city of Varginha, MG, called Mr. Jose Gomes de Oliveira. And this photo # 1 below that was used by SOBRACI was taken in the 70’s by the founders of CAFIB on one of its first expeditions in the south of Minas Gerais, the birthplace of Pure Fila. Lord is obvious a FB Molosso and brachycephalic dog and the OFB is not. Like countless photos below !!! Can anyone understand this confusion?

    Photo 1: This photo is posted on the SOBRACI website as an example and model of an OFB. But in fact it is the FB called Lord, breed by the pioneer Mr. José Gomes, as shown in photos 2 and 3 below. It is impossible not to comment that the photos of OFBs that inhabit Facebook are skinny and rickety, more like mongrels and in no way resemble the FB Lord of this photo !!! And much less, a dog belonging to the Molossoid Family and brachycephalic? !!!

Photos 2 and 3:  Two photos of the same FB named Lord. No. 2 with the breeder and pioneer Mr. José Gomes. Photo 3 is the same photo used by SOBRACI, without authorization from CAFIB, which has the moral rights to this photo. It is originally colored as shown below. These two photos were taken during one of CAFIB’s firsts expeditions to the south of Minas Gerais in the late 1970s. Please note that even the breeder’s clothing is the same.

  Photos nº 4, 5 and 6: Compare now the SOBRACI OFB model in photo # 1 with the OFB dogs named Bronco do Caramonã (photo # 5) and Canário do JC (photo # 6). What do you think ? Do these two dogs have the phenotype of a True FB ? Or do the last two look more like mutts ? So I ask: if you was president of SOBRACI would you grant and sign an OFB pedigree for these two dogs in photos 5 and 6 ?

Photo 7: A curious example of a pedigree issued by Sobraci, as the pedigree’s genealogical tree includes dogs OFBs and FBs. That is, Sobraci accepts the crossing (and not mating) of two different breeds and goes so far as to issue pedigree of purebred dog for puppies from a flagrant miscegenation. If I am wrong, please correct me. I believe that no dog as a result of an experience or a project still in progress could be considered to be purebred. After all, every experience and project can go wrong – as it happened in the firsts miscegenation experience conceived by Mr. João Batista Gomes and Mr. Procópio do Vale – and, therefore, should not receive early and in advance a pedigree attesting breed purity not yet existent and confirmed.

It seems to me a huge rush and, in a way, a totally unethical procedure, to issue and commercialize pedigrees that are the result of an experiment and a project that has not yet been completed and is still so incipient and undefined. This necessarily leads us to believe that there is an exacerbated personal, commercial and market interest. What my readers think: should this practice be considered pedigree forgery?

For my side, I think that not even BKC, CBKC and FCI at the height of miscegenation, with their avid commercial interest in always increasing their income with FB, committed the absurdity, insanity and nonsense of registering in a pedigree an ancestry with two breeds many different!!!

      Photo nº 1:                                          Photos nº 2 e 3    

                                                  Photos nº 4, 5 and 6: 

      Photo nº 7:    

Note: enlarge this pedigree above with the mouse and focus to read it in full.

After all, my dear readers, what do you think of the validity and reliability of the above pedigree? Is this pedigree really worthy of faith?

Is the OFB a purebred already established, fixed and recognized like hundreds of others existing all over the world or is it just another new theory and canine experience, that like any experience can go wrong? Exactly how did completely wrong the experiences resulting from the First Great Miscegenation against the FB, mainly initiated in the 70s and 80s?

See the explanation in the rectangle below that Sobraci states that the “fila”-OFB is a breed, but above as I mentioned in — GP 06 – RAÇAS EM PROCESSO DE RECONHECIMENTO   — (translation into English: Group 06 – BREEDS IN RECOGNITION PROCESS) says that is no… After all, what should we believe ? What is it worth ? Is it really the old free-for-all and anything goes of the 70s and 80s? Has it been worth a big canine-genetics-salad AGAIN ?

7. The ad in the rectangle above SOBRACI states: So, I ask: how clearly does this “…rigorous selection process…” of puppies take place? How many years has it been running? On the other hand, do I understand that adult dogs do not go through complementing “… rigorous selection process” ? Could the inventor of the “fila”-OFB or Sobraci explain this indispensable selection in a practical and crystalline way? That is, not virtual? Since for many breeders, OFB exists only virtually on Facebook. Remembering that in CAFIB, in addition to the Litter Check, FBs to continue breeding in the CAFIB breeding stock must be approved in our AFT and have their puppies also approved.

The above SOBRACI ad also states that

So I ask: just having a pedigree paper, made in any print shop and signed by Sobraci to think that a dog is really a “fila”-OFB ? Or a purebred dog ? Would a simple piece of paper have the power to transform a mongrel dog into a purebred dog ? I ask this because BKC, CBKC and FCI also issued thousands of pedigrees for “mestizos-fila”, “freak-filas” and “black-filas” as if they were all purebred dogs, that is, the so-called Pure Fila. After all, as they say, the paper (pedigree) accepts everything… After all, what does SOBRACI`s understand about FB ? Would it be even less than CBKC and FCI understand till today ?

8. The terrible and self-destructive “Inventor Blindness”:

8.1. In April/20 this inventor posted articles where he comments on very few Temperament Tests (TT) said to be “experimental” (???) made on “fila”-OFB puppies and praises their reaction euphoric and proudly. But in reality this reaction is just SUPER NORMAL. Where’s the big news ??? Whom does he wish to deceive ? I explain: CAFIB has been performing TT for almost 43 years in many kennels and in all its Expos and Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT)  = know what it is about reading and studying in English in the masterful article by Américo Cardoso by clicking on in ). And it does not issue a registry unless a strict Litter Verification has been performed before. But later on, these same puppies as adults must be Approved in an APT. So, the concrete fact is that the reaction posted by these puppies by this inventor is the one commonly found in puppies of FB, in puppies of many other guard breeds and even in many mutts. That is, this novelty is equal to zero !!!

8.2. In June / 20 this inventor commented video posts from the “fila”-OFB working with cattle. But the work performed is also similar to that of the FB, of many other breeds and even of mestizos / crossbred dogs and mongrels in dealing with cattle. So, there is absolutely nothing new here either.

At my family’s ranch in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, where my kennel called CAFIBRA started in January 1974, we had a neighbor who owned some cattle. My 3 dogs – one Pure Fila and two “mestizo-filas”, although all three have pedigree FBs issued by BKC-FCI, that is, as being all purebred FBs. My three dogs went there and worked well with cattle. So, I had a female Pure Fila, named Charrua dos Pampas, daughter of Bororó of ABC with Belona da Soledade, and two “mestizos-filas” with pedigree of FB issued by BKC, sons of the notorious “mestizo-fila” dog called Arariboia (see his photo at  )  that was 50% Neapolitan Mastin and 50% FB. They were all excellent guard dogs and they all work very well the cattle… That’s right: my two “crossbreeds-filas” who had 25% of Mastin Napolitano’s blood also performed the cattle dog FUNCTION very well…

In 1976 I donated a dog of my breeding to a cattle rancher in the city of Barra do Garça (Mato Grosso) from whom I bought soyabenas to be export from Brasil to abroad. With little more than a year this “mestizo-fila” (grandchild of Mastin Napolitano named Arariboia) started to lead his pack and handled the cattle masterfully well… Shortly after this farmer asked me for more FBs but I had already stopped breeding and closed my kennel due to FB crossbreeding.

8.3. In July/20 the inventor of the “fila”-OFB posted another video of a dog trainer, where a dog trapped by a rope in a fence is subjected to the attack of a guinea pig for dog. Surprisingly, this inventor wrote “We are breaking taboos…”. But how so ? CAFIB has been doing at its events all and several different Temperament Tests for almost 43 years… Similar to this one that was post CAFIB does from decades ago !!! And millions of dog fans in the world has been doing similar tests in several purebred and mestizos dogs for over 100 years !!! After all, dear inventor, could you explain what taboo was broken ? Do newbies believe in this nonsense? Well, for me, Pure Fila does not need training, while many mutts do…

According to Quinzinho Barroso, just missing that the inventor of the “fila”-OFB invent that the OFB is the only dog in the world that has a camel step … due to its “Inventor Blindness” … Lol … Enjoyed : does mutt has a camel’s step? Lol …

8.4. In September/20 the inventor of the “fila”-OFB posted the Standard for this new invention. The head item — the part of the animal that most identifies a breed — determines:

So, for the analysis of my readers, below are 7 heads of dogs of the new OFB type.

What do you think ? Do these heads above resemble that of a Pure Fila or do they resemble the head of any mongrel and mutt ?

I ask you, because, for me, these heads above are definitely not brachycephalic (high cephalic index), contrary to what the OFB Standard itself determines !!! At best, they would be mesocephalic heads (average cephalic index). Some would even be dolichocephalic (low cephalic index). And, much worse, totally different from the type of molossoid head that characterizes the True Fila Brasileiro. I would even say that some are more similar to the lipoid type and others, even the graioid type, in addition to being quite heterogeneous. This lack of homogeneity, which justly denounces the absence of breed purity, is evident in the different varieties of shape and robustness of the snout and, mainly, of ears insertion.

In other words, in good and simple English: there are 7 different heads, in addition to being light, fragile, small and triangular, that is, atypical !!!

My dear readers, I don’t see an inch of FB’s head in these dogs heads above. But, if someone wants to accompany this “inventor blindness” and recognize in the 7 suffering heads above that of a FB, go ahead and try to be happy !!! After all, only functional illiterates do not understand that this argument alone is the end of the OFB !!!

But, for God’s sake, these 7 heads above are definitely not brachycephalic as determined by the OFB Standard !!!

And now ?

How the inventor of OFB will explain and answers about this great confusion created by himself !!!

Therefore, in my understanding, I charge these proud and naïve  posts from the inventor of the “fila”-OFB as being just “inventor blindness” as a result of exaggerated vainglory and egocentrism that cannot be sustained in the reality of facts and history. Only in the virtual world where the “fila”-OFB lives. But it may be something more serious and the inventor of the “fila”-OFB may have acquired some kind of compulsion, passion, adoration and veneration for his creature: the OFB.

Or are the above posts just a subliminal marketing attempt to attract newbies and neophytes? Or is it really just “inventor blindness“?

9. In addition to the many questions above an bellow , since Nov/18 Uncle Chico has sent directly to the OFB inventor´s electronic address (email) , that is, the “fila”-OFB, all my articles

against the OFB´s thesis and some simple questions about this new experience and invention. Unfortunately, until today, exactly two years ago, this inventor has not been able to answer any of my pertinent questions that were asked in a respectful and polite manner.


9.1. Why does the inventor of the “fila”-OFB fail to clearly define and prove the existence of what he thinks is the Brazilian aboriginal dog, which for him is fundamental in the formation of the new “fila”-OFB ? What evidence would he have of the existence of this dog in Brazil ?

9.2. Likewise, exactly where is found dogs in Brazil today that he believes to be the “fila”-OFB type? After all, exactly where are these dogs located ? Why not give the names of cities, farms and their owners names clearly ? Anyway, do not you think that in times of GPS, Wase, Uber and so many other tools of georeferenced location this easy information should be made available? Why does the inventor of the “fila”-OFB still hide this vital information? Why not act like CAFIB, which breeds and disseminates its actions transparently and constantly publishes its achievements and data on its website in addition to so many public Expos and APT realized by CAFIB ?

9.3. On the other hand, in the more distant past, what evidences do exist and how would the Assyrian and Alanos dogs arrive, established and survived in Brazil, since the inventor of the “fila”-OFB claims as being this two dogs also the origin of the OFB?

9.4. Would it be the act of renaming the very well-known mongrel or the Sertanejo Dog (see photo in item 1 above) of OFB ? Or, use alleged dogs called vaguely of original, aboriginal or autochthonous just as captivating appeals and commercial marketing projects for the launch of a new thesis of a newly invented new product?

9.5. Would be the attempt to invent and disseminate the OFB another miscegenation against Pure Fila ? This time it would be very disguised, well wrapped and publicized, but always against the True Pure Fila ? In the same way as the old inventions committed against FB by Mr. João Batista Gomes, using the invention of the Fila Terceirence thesis and also Mr. Procopio do Valle via the invention of the Dogue de Force Rare thesis ?

9.6. On the misuse of the name and knowledge of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, well known as the Father of Fila Brasileiro and CAFIB Master of Breeding by the inventor of the “fila”-OFB I question again:

9.6.1. If all of Dr. Paulo’s knowledge was consolidated, compiled, improved and transferred to CAFIB as of 1978, why did the inventor of the “fila”-OFB insist on trying to report on Dr. Paulo’s writings and even alleged dog pictures taken in the 50s / 60s and the first FB Standard written by Dr. Paulo, with the help of Mr. João Ebner and Mr. Erwin Waldemar Rathsan at the request of the KCP-BKC and dated 1951 ? Why not follow the CAFIB Standard developed in 1978 by Dr. Paulo himself with the collaboration of the founders of CAFIB ? And, above all, respect the concepts written in dozens of articles signed by Dr. Paulo defending Fila-CAFIB of which he was one of the creators published in the newspaper O Fila do CAFIB (  ) ?

9.6.2. Why does the inventor of the “fila”-OFB always try to use the name of Dr. Paulo to sell as his “fila”-OFB was the real FB, despite: The “fila”-OFB has a fragile and light structure, with a triangular head, light and small, not brachycephalic and which in no way resembles that of a dog belonging to the Molossoid Family ? And, worse, having Dr. Paulo himself Reproved from all CAFIB APTs (i.e. from the CAFIB squad) he judge all dogs that had a similar phenotype to the OFB participated ? Check this statement by Uncle Chico in the photos below and ask yourself: after all, why the inventor of the “fila”-OFB, despite having received these photos many times in his personal email address, refuses to answer and omitted does not comment on the comparisons of photos below of dogs who failed and were Reproved in the CAFIB’s APT with dogs called OFB?

See also: 

Note: please note in the first 3 photos above that at the beginning of the “manufacture” and “invention” of the “black-fila” many “harlequin-filas” were born. This is an indisputable proof of the use of the black Great Dane used in the miscegenation with the FB to arrive at the half-breed or “mestizo-fila” nicknamed “black-fila”. So, why the inventor of the “fila”-OFB doesn’t detach from Dr. Paulo and invent his own canine fantasy alone?

9.7. Since all emails and articles from Uncle Chico are sent directly to the email of the inventor of the “fila”-OFB, why he omits and fears comparing the photos of the dogs Reproved in the CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APF) exemplified in item with the photos of OFBs posted further down? Could it be that all OFBs would be Reproved ? Even disapproved by Dr. Paulo that he claims to follow?

9.8. As everyone knows, including the inventor of “fila”-OFB, the Pure Fila has been rescued from extinction by CAFIB more than 42 years ago. Why then does he try to invent a new thesis for what has already been done correctly and with enormous success? Was it just for fear of joining CAFIB and having to follow rules to which all CAFIB directors, judges and members must submit ? Would it be fear that his dogs would be Reproves at CAFIB APT or that his dogs would be poorly classified in CAFIB Expos ? Why does the inventor of the “fila”-OFB intend to continue in a comfortable comfort zone, where imperial and dictatorially determines all the rules, decisions and choices alone? Meanwhile, at CAFIB there are 10 directors and several judges who democratically opine and decide…

9.9. As they say in Brazil, “Who loves does not kill”. Therefore, why the inventor of the “fila”-OFB continues to pretend to ignore the ORIGINAL, true, authentic and traditional Fila Brasileiro of EVER, preferring once again to put at risk the integrity of the Pure Fila`s breed purity, encouraging the crossing of dogs that resemble mutts with CAFIB Filas breed and registered by CAFIB ?

9.10. After all, why is the OFB breeding not transparent ? Why are your bloodlines and methods not clearly disclosed? Why aren’t all the names of the dogs and their owners used in this new experience available ? Why so much mystery ? Why does OFB only work virtually on Facebook and not in the real word ? Why are there no Expos and fraternization of OFB followers ? Comparatively, whoever if someone wants to access information about CAFIB’s breeding stock and litters just access their website ( ). After all, CAFIB selected its squad clearly and openly on the APT tracks and at Expos in the presence of several members from all FB clubs, these results being made available in the website with names and data.

9.11. Why the inventor of the “fila”-OFB took 45/50 years from the beginning of the First Great Miscegenation  against the FB and almost 10 years after the launch of his Manifesto to discover that the Fila Brasileiro for him is not Fila Brasileiro, but OFB !!! ??? Wow, what a crazy, confused and incomprehensible thing !!!

9.12. Why insist on personal and self-centered projects that should never be above the Fila Brasileiro and do not have the support of any serious and traditional breeder from CAFIB, UNIFILA and even CBKC?

10.  Why the inventor of the “fila”-OFB insists on commenting on the phenotype of certain CAFIB Filas based only on a Classification in an Expo, omitting from its readers the result contained in the Summary written by the CAFIB Judges, as well as their Qualification, since he knows very well that CAFIB Filas go from Regular to Great ? After all, as has been known in Cynophilia worldwide for more than 100 years at an Expo, the best dog is chosen at a certain and exact moment, in relation to others dogs on the same track and is never necessarily defined as a model of dog to be necessarily followed. In other words, a dog only Regular can be the Best of the Expo or of the Class, depending directly on the flaws existing in the other competitors. And not only in CAFIB, but also for over 100 years in the worldwide Cynophilia…

11. In addition to Uncle Chico, the experienced FB breeder, Mr. Joaquim Liberato Barroso (Quinzinho), also wrote five articles against OFB with numerous questions for the inventor of the “fila”-OFB, which were also never answered. I suggest that Quinzinho also resend a consolidation of them, in order to remember the forgotten inventor of the “fila”-OFB that he must abandon his eternal omission.

Therefore, my dear readers, due to the eternal silence and the constant omission of the inventor of the “fila”-OFB — similar to CBKC and FCI — who for the past two years has refused to answer some simple questions and comments contained in this article, in addition to many others listed in my previous articles, we are therefore obliged to conclude that the new experience and theory called OFB, is not supported, has no reliable basis and, therefore, is neither credible nor faithful.

After all, I don’t know of any serious inventor who hides his invention and refuses to answer simple questions, asked by Uncle Chico and Quinzinho who only disagree with his invention and argument. After all, why doesn’t he defend his invention?

As a matter of fact, I remember that Mr. Procópio do Valle, the Father of Black Fila, also was unable to explain and prove what the “genetic experiment” that made appear suddenly and magically in his kennel in Juiz de Fora, MG, the so-called “black-fila”– fruit and result of the unethical crossing / miscegenation of dark brindle FB with Great Dane-black –; he also chose to omit and explain nothing when he wrote his book on supposed FBs. I suggest that my readers read in the # 42 of the Journal O FILA, dated May/1983 the masterful article written by our dear Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz entitled “In this book (from Procopio do Valle) the great confession of miscegenation”.

Please see below pages of this article:

Note: all editions of newspaper O FILA published and owned by CAFIB, edited by CAFIB founder journalism Luiz Antonio Maciel, are available to its members via its website . But the first 7 numbers can be accessed freely by non-members.

I also suggest reading my article where I did the “autopsy” of the miscegenated / mestizo dog called “black-fila”. This new color was very commercialized, thus generating a lot of money for its breeders and was registered with the CBKC-FCI, thus increasing its revenue. Please read in English by clicking in 

Imagine that even a very rich Black Fila Consortium was set up in Rio de Janeiro to export “black-fila”, which was Grace to God and to the work of convincing done by Uncle Chico, dismantled and extinct. See in and in .

What do you — “black-fila” lovers thin: Yandu has a FB or Great Dane phenotype?

In fact, about the so-called“black-fila”, there are two anthological phrases:

– From Dr. Jose Souto Maior Borges, a lawyer who founding CAFIB-Recife: “The “black-fila”, is the greatest proof of miscegenation”…

– From Paulo Roberto Godinho, journalist and great defender of Pure Fila: “Nothing is more mestizo than a black-fila”.

Special Note: Since 1975/6 Paulo Godinho has always been a great defender of Pure Fila. Despite being one of the most respected CBKC all-rounder judges, having been involved in the Brazilian dog world for decades, he always defended Pure Fila in the pages of his weekly column of Jornal do Brasil, at the time one of the two most important Brazilian newspapers and in the magazine Animais & Veterinária, of which he was editor. For this reason, he always suffered a lot of pressure, mainly from Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena, former president of BKC and, later, CBKC. But he always resisted bravely. So much so that in 2013 he launched his masterful book “Fila Brasileiro: a gift from the stars”. Search, study and buy at (HTTP:// or through email ). My dear Paulo, for your defense of Fila Puro receive my eternal gratitude!

Uncle Chico and Paulo Godinho, also known as “The Encyclopedia” due to his prodigious culture and vast memory…

He is collector of great Brazilian artist like Volpi, Bruno Giorgio, Ique and stamps. He is champion of Boxing and Muay Thai…


Democracy is also the right of people to have ideas, dreams, pretensions and to make the wrong inventions and experiences:

So, it is up to my readers to ultimately decide whether the invention of the new canine type called “fila”-OFB is just a “pretentious-egocentric-trip” of yet another individualistic and fake experience, of someone who at all costs intends to insert his name in the history of FB, even if through the back door.

I exemplify the practical result of this NEW EXPERIENCE in the photos of the dogs below BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL PRESENTED IN FACEBOOKS AS THE NEW OFB TYPE, remembering that for me they look much more like MUTTS OR MONGRELS:

Very important: My dear friends, note that in the last photo above the miscegenation is openly announced, that is, the

crossbreeding of dogs of two different breeds: FB and OFB. And all this big confusion would receive a pedigree from SOBRACI !!!

Having posted these photos above, selected by the OFB inventor and its few supporters, I ask my friends and readers: do you not think that all this dog resembles much more than a common mongrel, as it has a delicate and fragile phenotype; with its small, light, thin, triangular and non-molossoid and not brachycephalic head; almost without dewlap and with his body having a fragile and slight structure ?

So, here are my conclusions about the photos of the OFBs above:

A. Therefore, after two years of hide experiences and results not made available, with vague, disguised, conflicting and extremely confused texts, existing basic and only in the virtual world of Facebook, the inventor of the “fila”-OFB, with the help of a dog trainer and a Brazilian Bandog breeder, arrived in the type of dog above !!!

Now please answer me: do these dogs above look like Pure Fila or mongrels and mutts?

B. After all, what is the difference between the phenotypes of the OFBs dogs above, with those of the mongrel called Bigu that I photographed on a farm in the south of Minas Gerais ? And, still, of the other three mongrels photographed respectively in the neighborhood of Botafogo and Leblon in Rio de Janeiro ? And in the city of Cotia, in São Paulo ? Could these four mongrel dogs be the missing link, the aborigine ancestral or the original dog of the “fila”-OFB ? Or are they just four simple mutts found anywhere on Planet Earth ? Well, these four mutts are certainly not of the Molossoid Family nor brachycephalic, just as the OFB is not. But the Pure Fila is. You decide.

C. After all, Bigu is a mongrel FROM the farm and who lives ON the farm as Quinzinho Liberato defined it very well, uncomplicating this huge confusion created by the inventor of the “fila” -OFB… Or it would be the missing link of a Brazilian aborigine, precursor and former of the origin of OFB, forgotten in the distant corners of the Brazilian interior that must be rescued to give his indispensable contribution in the manufacture of the new dog called OFB? Come on, spare me. How silly !!!

But, after all, what do you prefer ?

The new OFB or the CAFIB Pure Fila that next May will be 43 years old ?

For my part, I will continue to prefer the CAFIB Pure Fila. Please see below some CAFIB-Filas:

Photos above from Canis Itanhandu, Boa Sorte and Quatis

Honestly, and with all due respect, from a person like me who loves circus and magic: I think the “fila”-OFB is just a three-headed calf or a gorilla woman: that is, it doesn’t exist as being the dignified representative of the traditional, authentic and original Fila Brasileiro of ever. In other words, as being the FB breed many decades ago by José Gomes de Oliveira, Zezeca do Engenho, Pedrinho do Engenho, João Ebner, Paulo Santos Cruz, William Frederick Chalmers, Luiz Hermany and so many breeders until today, both at CAFIB, UNIFILA and even at CBKC-FCI.

The “fila”-OFB, as evidenced by the photos upper, is more reminiscent of a simple mongrel or the Sertanejo Dog, also not recognized as a purebred dog by SOBRACI that in no way, absolutely nothing, remembers, not even far, our True Fila Brasileiro. Nor can they ever be considered to be dogs of the Molossos Family nor like brachycephalic dogs !!!!!!

For all this logic and proven narrative above, I again ask that the inventor of the “fila”-OFB humbly descend from his hollow and would-be pedestal and start calling his invention Boiadeiro Mineiro (cattle dog from Minas Gerais) so that there will be coherence and harmony in the national cynophilia and, mainly among FB breeders. After all, enough unnecessary confusion !!!


I – Bearing in mind that in recent months the inventor of the “fila”-OFB, has been attacking CAFIB, its methods, its Breeding Philosophy, its specimens and squad — despite the unequivocal and recognized worldwide success of CAFIB — and, still, attacking and modifying the thinking even of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, always trying in a myopic way deconstruct and wrongly rewrite the True History of FB and of this Club, which was the only one that rescued FB from extinction and preserves it in its breed purity until today, I think that the CAFIB people should position itself much more forcefully;

II – Bearing also in mind that the last CAFIB Board meeting held on March, 7th-2020, determined on the “fila”-OFB: “OFB: CAFIB will continue without getting involved. But its members will be able to write articles that contradict the rubbish stated about the OFB” Uncle Chico understands that other CAFIB members should responsibly comment;

III – Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that with reference to the “fila”-OFB we are unfortunately obliged to paraphrase the very well-known Brazilian economist Dr. Pedro Malan: In Brazil, the future with the OFB is extremely doubtful for everything that was mentioned above and remains without any answer, explanation and proof and, for the inventor of the “fila”-OFB, even its past is uncertain, as he tries to confuse, modify and rewrite the True History of the Fila Brasileiro;

IV – For me, honestly, OFB has a lot of rubbish talk and very little veracity… It has a lot of blah blah blah and no consistency. Obviously, there is a lot of “Inventor Blindness”… And, like the First Great Miscegenation, it became fashionable. And dangerous fashion…

V – However, despite the fact that the OFB is not a Molossus, much less a dog with a brachycephalic head as determined by its own Standard, and Uncle Chico does not know any traditional breeder who agrees with these new theories and has started to breed “fila” -OFB, abandoning his breeding of the original Fila Brasileiro of always, if anyone wishes to do so, go ahead and try to be happy. Very happy !!! But, please correct your name immediately for Boiadeiro Mineiro;

VI – Unfortunately, there is no vaccine against miscegenation. It would be enough to have only responsibility among breeders, who should detach themselves from their inflated egos !!!

Therefore, my eternal tanks to CAFIB, its founders, directors, judges and associates for rescuing the Fila Brasileiro from extinction. In practice, CAFIB fulfilled my cherished

Dream of the early 70s.I specialty thank me three dear CAFIB Dinosaurs (D): Airton Campbell, for its tenacity, persistence, ability to create and carry out strategies and furnish people; to Américo Cardoso for his perseverance, firmness, determination, for his deep theoretical and practical knowledge of dozens of dog breeds and his ability to write masterful texts; finally, I am very grateful to the least known of the three Dinosaurs: Luiz Maciel, who as our first Secretary was able to organize and transform CAFIB into a real Club (E), to be responsible for editing the sensational newspaper O Fila and, also, for getting the Ministry of Agriculture to officially recognize CAFIB in 1980 as responsible in Brazil for the Fila Brasileiro breeding.

See this long and curious epic and saga at .

(E) Speaking about clubs, where are SPFB (São Paulo Fila Brasileiro Club from CBKC people ), Anfibra, Unifila and the CBKC Brazilian Council of the Fila Brasileiro ?

The character, seriousness, perseverance, the unconditional donation to FB and the technical and historical knowledge mainly of these three founders of CAFIB, under the baton of our conductor Paulo Santos Cruz, undoubtedly saved the Fila Brasileiro from extinction; created, implanted and disseminated CAFIB’s Breeding Philosophy and made CAFIB reach its 43 anniversary intact and stronger. In other words, with one year more than the CBKC which was founded only in 1979, with all its “mestizos- freak-black-filas”…


  • Dinosaurs Airton, Maciel and Américo in 2020 at CAFIB Annual Meeting               
  • -Little Dinosaur Mariana, undoubtedly future President …

I am very grateful to important Old Guard CAFIB members from the 70 and 80`s who helped to transform my dream of saving Pure Fila from extinction into reality, among them: José Souto Maior Borges, Rose Campbell, Cleide Cardoso, Antônio Silva Lima, Luciano e Denise Gavião, Edna, Elisiane e Pedro Borotti, Roberto e Marilia Maruyama, Marilda Mallet, Jorge e Mariza Hino, Paulo Angotti, Jonas Iacovantuono, Sebastião Monteiro, Walter Novaes Nunes, Carlos Breno Moraes Celestino, Edmundo Contador Brandão, José Hamilton de Pereira, Iliano Pinto Ribeiro, José Gonçalves Franco Junior, Lineu Siqueira, Giovane Éder de Carvalho, Ernani Santa Rita, Cintia e Gerson Junqueira, Christopher Habig, and the entire CAFIB-RIO class that held 14 Expos with me in the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro — also known as the World Capital of the “mestizos-filas” — Carlos Feijo, Vicencio Lomba Lima, Antonio Alvez Freire, Marilia and Augusto Canizza, Marilia Pentagna, Quinzinho Barroso, Evandro Ballesteros e Hélio Touriel; as well as Jaime Pérez Mahuenda, founder and director of CAFIBE-Spain who as CAFIB judge several times judged in Brazil and held many CAFIB Expos in Spain and, also, my dear Dutch FB breeder Ines van Damme, who visited Brazil several times and is the author of an exceptional book whose cover photo follows below. Don’t miss on page 124 of such book a sad synthesis of miscegenation in the USA and Europe.

Special Note: Bearing in mind that Christopher Habig is today, almost 42 years later, very little known by newcomers to FB, as well as by those who do not like to read and study – despite having played an extremely important role, I believe it is very relevant to inform that Chris Habig was a great defender of the Pure Fila in Europe, having confronted the BKC / CBKC and the FB miscegenators/crossbreeders, mainly through the Molosser Magazine. Chris Habig visited Brazil in 1983 – having received with me the first GREAT OFFICIAL CONFESSION of miscegenation signed by Mr. Eugênio Henrique Pereira de Lucena, then president of CBKC (see in ). It is also important to note that in 1979 Chris Habig refused the invitation of Procópio do Valle, the “Father of the Black-Fila”, to write in his book (see in   and ) and in 1984 with Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz on his triumphal visit to Germany in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the sending to that country of the first Fila Brasileiro, breeding of the Kennel Parnapuan (see in , , and ).


  • 1978: Chris, Chico + Rolf Wilkens – Essen, Germany
  • 1983: Chris and Dr. Paulo – Expo CAFIB-Campinas
  • 1984: Molosser Magazin  and Dr. Paulo`s visit to German


  • Jaime giving his testimony to TV CAFIB
  • Ines giving her testimony to TV CAFIB
  • Ines`s exceptional Book and its devastating page. 124

(D) With extreme pride, I inform my readers that I am the fourth CAFIB Dinosaur…!!!

Get real crossbreeds, mestizos breeders and mutt and mongrel breeders with pedigree !!! Lol…Lol…

By the way, for the first time in my life I sign an article (this one) with the Title that I received from the CAFIB Board of Directors in a very special tribute held for me in 2008 at Quatis CAFIB Expo, RJ, and that gives me extreme pride: Father of CAFIB. Read about this tribute that touches me to this day in ; ; and and in the photos below:

I also thank my dear Mariana Campbell, who with her enormous dedication for years has been the soul and heart of CAFIB. I am sure that very soon our exceptional Secretary will be our future President.

I also thank the late journalist Antonio Carvalho Mendes who, through his weekly column in the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, systematically denounced the FB miscegenation. See important example in , as well as his participation in one of the Expos held by CAFIB-Rio in .

Note: Therefore, Pure Fila and CAFIB had media in the two largest newspapers of that time in Brazil: Jornal do Brasil e O Estado de São Paulo   !!! In addition, we were able to promote Pure Fila`s ideals on Educativa TV, Manchete TV (today named Rede TV) , Diário de Notícias newspaper — where Uncle Chico also wrote weekly. By the way please read my article on Fila Brutus, War Hero of Paraguay x Brazil War, dated June 1876 in  — in the O Globo newspaper and several  notes in the most important social columns signed by famous journalists like Ibrahim Sued, Ricardo Boechat, Zózimo Barroso do Amaral e Hildegard Angel. See some of this notes in . This CAFIB strength in the most important Brazilian media left Mr. Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena, then president of the BKC-CBKC and the mixed breeders very apprehensive and fearful … Because CAFIB has always imposed fear on these kind of people who cross-breed FB and forged pedigree…

I thank Cintia Junqueira for so many years taking care of the disclosure, Facebook and CAFIB TV, as well as Américo Cardoso Jr. for managing and maintaining the CAFIB website.

More recently I also thank Quinzinho Liberato for all the great encouragement and enormous support he has given me in recent years and, also, to all my readers for the countless emails from support and solidarity sent and all the attention devoted over the past two years in which I vehemently opposed and stripped the “fila”-OFB. After all, this inventor in my view has a lot to prove and explain. That is, he needs to improve its aim in order to clarify this NEW EXPERIENCE AND THESIS that puts the purebred Fila Brasileiro at risk once again, because…

  • Poster that says it all:  HUGE CONFUSION    – Same post in English
  • New real Brazilian money banknote   (R$ 200,00)
  •  Counterfeit money = fake (R$ 0,00)


Therefore: fake dog x mongrel x CAFIB PURE FILA

   Well, my dear friends, in closing, I am very sorry that even today, almost 43 years after I made my first complaint and report in English directly to top FCI executives in 1978 (see in English in  ) and so many other complaints like ,,,, this centenary club responsible for issuing pedigrees only for purebred dogs — to which CBKC is subordinate — never been interested in investigating the miscegenation in the FB, although hundreds of times its judges came to Brazil to judge. The FCI was never interested in researching meticulousness, investigating the kennels denounced as being breeders of “mestizos-filas”, it never bothered to compare the CBKC and CAFIB squad, at no time was it interested in questioning the solid and consistent CAFIB’s and Uncle Chico`s complaints, never once interviewed CAFIB members in order to arrive at its own conclusions about the FB miscegenation. The FCI, despite being a canine notary and registry club that can only register purebred dogs, has done absolutely nothing for 43 years, although it has always made a lot of money with the registration of crossbred and mestizos dogs in Brazil. I am fully convinced that if FCI had fulfilled its Statutory role valid through 2015 of “…to protect the use, the keeping and the breeding of purebred dogs in the countries where the FCI has a member…” as its determined by its Article 2 – Objectives, the FB miscegenation would not have spread in Brazil and in the world. That is why I understand that the FCI is the main responsible for the existence in the breeding, in the squad and in the CBKC records so many different types of crossbred / mestizos dogs, but that have FB pedigrees, despite having totally heterogeneous phenotypes and temperaments, so much so that they were dubbed by CBKC’s breeders of “fila-freak”.

No doubt, FCI owes — at least — a great apology to the Fila Brasileiro breeders in Brazil and worldwide.

That is why I can only ask: WHERE IS THIS FCI ???

With a big hug to all friends of my dear CAFIB and to all my dear readers, including the inventor of the “fila”-OFB — who receives all my articles at his personal email address — because I do not treat him or I consider him as an enemy, but only as an opponent in ideas, since I understand that his new experience certainly will bring more irreparable and irreversible damage to Pure Fila.

Then, hoping that the inventor of the “fila”-OFB stop making up so much confusion this time will answer my simple and clear 80 questions and comments against the OFB contained in this article, I say goodbye.

Affectionate hugs to all,

Chico Peltier – Father of CAFIB

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC