Post 730 – Ask Uncle Chico # 206 – Did you know that not even Sobraci recognizes OFB as a purebred dog ? – Brand new Information: the TRUE Brazilian aboriginal dog was finally discovered ! – Are CBKC-FCI’s FB pedigrees FAITHFUL? – Date: Mar, 28th.-2020

Ask Uncle Chico # 206

Did you know that not even Sobraci recognizes OFB as a purebred dog ?

Brand new Information: the TRUE Brazilian aboriginal dog was finally discovered !

Are CBKC-FCI’s FB pedigrees FAITHFUL?


My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 541:  Uncle Chico, did you know that the OFB, in fact, the new modern-“fila”, that was invented last Nov/18, is not recognized or considered a purebred dog by Sobraci itself that emits its pedigrees? See below the image taken on the Sobraci website ( ). In addition to the OFB, this list of dogs not recognized as Breed by Sobraci includes a Brazilian Bullmastiff and a Sertanejo dog, that I never heard about. Uncle Chico, after all, what value would this pedigree have? Would this pedigree have reservations informing the dog buyer that this new type of dog is not recognized as a purebred dog by Sobraci ? And if the OFB type is not recognized as a purebred dog, will the buyer receive his money back ? And the money spent with the pedigree was going to be refund ? What qualifications and protections for the consumer are contained in this pedigree issued by Sobraci?

Or is this just another way to sell documents and paper ?

70 - Sobraci não reconhece OFB - 1See the enlarged detail below:

71 - Sobraci não reconhece OFB - 2

72 - Sobraci 3 fotos + pegidree

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Well, I hope that the unknown Sobraci, affiliated with such a still more unknown World Kennel Union in Ukraine or Croatia will respond your question soon…

I hope that Sobraci and WKU have a convincing explanation for this non-recognition, but that allows pedigree issuance. After all, a registry office that does not recognize an animal as belonging to a certain Breed, issues a pedigree of what Breed ? If a Car Registry Office does not recognize a car as a Beetle, what Certificate it issues ? If a Real Estate Registry Office does not recognize a property, does it issue a Registry of what?

Question # 542:  Uncle Chico: scoop! I just discovered the TRUE Brazilian aboriginal dog: it’s the Sertanejo Boca Preta dog (= translation into English is Northeast Black Mouth Dog).

That’s right, I found the Lost Link !!!

I found the Brazilian canine origin and ancestry gone and lost. The Brazilian canine alien was finally recovered. The lost virtual Alano dog was rescued…

So get to know the great-great-grandfather of the great-great-grandfather of the OFB’s, in fact, of the modern-“fila” great-great-grandfather, our beloved diluvian and paleolithic … Cão Sertanejo Boca Preta (= Northeast Black Mouth Dog)..

To see this ancient dog click respectively  on:; ;  ; and :

73 - Cão Sertanejo Boca Preta

How about Uncle Chico ? Did you like my discovery of this dog with the phenotype of a very nice mutt? And just like the phenotype of an OFB, in fact, modern-“fila” ?

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Hallelujah !!! Let`s save the Brazilian Diluvian and Paleolithic Aboriginal dog !!!

So, who knows that now  theproblems of the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of ever are always over ???

Question # 543:  Uncle Chico, it is unbelievable that functional illiterates, 50 years after the First Great Miscegenation against the FB and just over a year after the Second, still lose their time, believing in the validity of pedigrees of Fila Brasileiro issued by the duo CBKC-FCI. How can we base ourselves on data that is absolutely NOT FAITHFUL? Only those who started yesterday in the FB can believe in this absurdity. What value are studies, data and websites based on unreliable information? Do you know how many dogs named Orixás, Bororos, Arariboias, Trinitys, Guaxis, Chitas, Guris, Zumbis, Zulus and mainly Nagans I have already met ? Lol …

In fact, what to expect from people who pretend to believe in the correctness and legality of the wrong crossing of Bariska (a real FB from the CAFIB breeding) with Canário (an OFB, in fact, modern-“fila”) … ??? For this reason, they run away from intelligent argumentation and try to add meaningless questions and parallel issues… They believe in the existence of Brazilian aborigine dog… They even believe in the so-called “black-fila, despite the fact that journalist Paulo Godinho sentenced “…nothing is more mestizo than a black fila”… And Dr. Jose Souto Maior Borges added: “The black fila will always be the greatest proof of the existence of miscegenation”.

 You can’t follow the conversation, right?

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Of course not, do not waste your timewith this people… This group is characterized by not answering anything, not commenting anything posted by serious breeders and keep doing many and always new parallel and incongruous post and questions… I have known them for decades. I do not dialogue with anyone who has no basis to follow a logical and productive conversation. They are the famous earth planners must believe that the man didn’t reach the moon, that Elvis didn’t die… The fact is that the miscegenators and the greed of the old BKC and, later, CBKC, due to the increase in pedigree sales, throw the FB Stud Book from CBKC-FCI in the trash …

Best regards, Chico Peltier.