Post 728 – Ask Uncle Chico # 205 – Does Sobraci really issue pedigree of OFB for puppies born from the crossbreeding of Pure Fila with OFB? – Could this be another new model of pedigree forgery ? – Where are the breeders of the former CMCFB and Unifila going, who still don’t speak out about OFB? – Coronavirus versus the Miscegenation virus. – The Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro !!! – Date: Mar, 25-2020

Ask Uncle Chico # 205

Does Sobraci really issue pedigree of OFB for puppies born from the crossbreeding of Pure Fila with OFB?
Could this be another new model of pedigree
forgery ?
Where are the breeders of the former CMCFB and
Unifila going, who still don’t speak out about OFB?
Coronavirus versus the Miscegenation virus.

The Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro !!!

33 - Introdução Abóbora FP

My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 540:  Dear Uncle Chico, congratulations on your exceptional article making an analogy between the sadness and devastation caused by the Coronavirus and the sadness and devastation caused by the Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro !!! (See ).  I am absolutely sure that all your moderately intelligent readers were be able to understand this analogy. And for functional illiterates who don’t know what “analogy” is, I suggest going to learn in a virtual dictionary.

Really, miscegenation is a terrible evil that again attacks FB without mercy. Too bad that some functional illiterates, because they have no way of arguing, prefer to play it cool and post irresponsibly parallel issues. That is, they run away from the frank confrontation of ideas and arguments.

However, Uncle Chico, the post below surprised me a lot. From what is written, or try to imply, Sobraci will supply pedigree of purebred dog for a litter resulting from the crossbreeding of two dogs of different breeds. See below the proof of what I say:

Post in Portuguese:

64 - Postagem Alexandre Bariska

Post  above translated into English:

65 - Postagem Alexandre Bariska em Ingles

Will Sobraci really issue a purebred dog pedigree to a litter from two different breeds?

Uncle Chico, why do I say this? Because for this same Sobraci, affiliated to such a World Kennel Union existing in Ukraine or Croatia, the Fila Brasileiro is a BREED and the OFB is another. See the proof of what I say, based on the two photos below taken from the Sobraci website itself on Mar, 21st.-2020, in the “Breeds” (“Raças” in Portuguese) Menu (see in :

65 - Site Sobraci OFB e FB

Well, from the two posts above taken from the Sobraci website, there is no doubt that this club understands that FB is one breed and OFB is another. So, as if crossbreding FB with OFB, a OFB will born? What magic is this ? That is why the breeder and great writer Quinzinho Liberato questions and compares with complete reason in this case that “Crossbreeding Duck with Goose, a Duck is born?”.

This post revolted me very much because it is proof of miscegenation and of the improper methods used by these people. That’s why I decided to get out of my comfort zone and write to you. It is a pity that all old and traditional breeders — mainly from the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, cradle of the FB — do not reject this new and modern OFB, and remain complacent, silent and inert. My congratulations to you and Quinzinho Liberato for reporting this type of miscegenation.

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone. I agree with you. Every serious and responsible breeder, regardless of being affiliated with CAFIB, Unifila, SPFB or CBKC-FCI, should speak up. Especially the breeders from the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais of the recreated Unifila who were or were not part of the old and extinct Clube Mineiro dos Criadores do Fila Brasileiro founded by Colonel Arthur Verlangieri (see in …). After all, these old FB breeders from Minas Gerais, for example  Atila Dias, Marcus Flávio Vilasboas Moreira, Raimundo Cruz, Cristóvão Giancotti, Geraldo Barbosa e Paulo Augusto Monteiro de Moura know the OFB inventor very well. For this reason and in my opinion, they should not continue to disagree only in a reserved and discreet way. They should rather make their opinions about OFB transparent: either for or against !!! They should issue their opinion publicly in Faces and WA`s and even in an Official Note from Unifila. They should not continue to neglect themselves, compact and be conniving through their silence with this great mistake. I also think that they should not use the excuse of personal friendship for many years as an excuse to remain silent. I think nobody should mix miscegenation with friendship !!! If, for example, Cintia and Gerson Junqueira tomorrow decide to crossbreder FB, I will remain friends with them, but I will recriminate them vehemently and publicly. And for me, friendship for friendship, I stay with the Fila Brasileiro friendship!!! FB’s fidelity and loyalty, too !!!

After all, where is Unifila going?

Please remember that CAFIB has officially positioned itself in

In addition, as Quinzinho Liberato rightly comments: “It would be great if the whole serious and enlightened community of Fila Brasileiro would publicly position itself against such an initiative, thus avoiding the risk of a possible feeling of guilt or complicity, by default, in the wrong ways. consequences that, inevitably, will come with the spread of this new wave of miscegenation. Those who call themselves breeders, directors, judges or enthusiasts of the legitimate Fila Brasileiro, in addition to the dogs they produce or possess, have (or should have) a commitment to something greater: The FB Breed

After all, as Martin Luther King said: “What worries me is not the cry of the bad guys. It is the silence of the good ones”.

66 - M. L. King

But I would like to comment that Quinzinho Liberato found out that the Boca Negra Kennel was founded by Felipe Medeiros and that the female Bariska do Boca Negra mentioned in the post above is from his breeding. Felipe is a member of CAFIB and is very upset to have a female of his breeding being used in this meaningless experience. According to Quinzinho Liberato, the female Bariska is a descendant of the old line of CAFIB Kennels such as, among others, Canill Chácara Três Irmãos by Adriano Pacheco, MG; of the Canil do Amparo of Caico Cintra, SP and Canil Boa Sorte, from Quinzinho in Valença-RJ.

As you can read in the testimonial below that follows in full received by WA audio from Felipe Medeiros himself, he totally disapproves that his breeding female, Bariska, is being misused in this new experience called OFB.

Felipe’s audio follows: Quinzinho, about this litter that was taken from Bariska do Boca Negra with Canário do JC, which is just a large yellow mongrel, I reaffirm that I am totally against it. I consider it a tremendous lack of respect for the work I have done as a breeder, as well as the work done by so many breeders of this lineage before me, until we got to Bariska. I think that the work of selecting several generations of Pure Fila is lost in a project without foundation and that is full of nonsense. I do not approve of this experience and I have even given my opinion directly to Alexandre (the person who posted the above puppies announcement). I do not agree with this error. In fact, in the words of Alexandre himself, Bariska is the best female he has, so she could be used in a typical and Pure Fila Brasileiro male. This would be very good to add value to the Fila as a Breed, but now Bariska is lost ”.

Uncle Chico would like to add that Bariska do Boca Negra is the litter sister of Bailarina do Boca Negra, both with CAFIB pedigree. Bailarina has an excellent phenotype and was considered the Best Female at the CAFIB Expo in Jacarei,SP-2019 and took 2nd place in the Best Temperament at the Cafib Expo in Cruzeiro,SP-2019. See below two photos of Bailarina:

67 - Bailarina

Now I ask you: why was the female Bariska – the litter sister of the Bailarina – crossbreed with the dog called Canário do JC, which has a totally different phenotype from her, as shown below?

68 - Canário

Well, my friend, what can this person named Alexandre wish to achieve by making this crossbreed between as different and heterogeneous as the one above? After all, Alexandre wants to maintain and perpetuate the Pure Fila Bailarina phenotype or the Canary mutt phenotype … Because, crossbreeding the two is not enough, is pure nonsense !!!

Unfortunately we have an explanation: these are those kind of person who like to take advantage of some others work… They need to steal the successes of some others breeding… Without making any effort…

But Tio Chico explains: these OFB people are just trying to redo what countless CBKC-FCI and “black-fila” breeders have tried to do in the past: to use CAFIB Pure Filas in order to try to improve the phenotype and temperament of their fake bredings… That is, they try to deceive everyone and make them think that their mestizos dogs are a new breed or type, but in fact they always use CAFIB’s PURE Fila as the basis for their illogical and incongruous experiences. And the saddest thing: they are deceived or pretend to believe in this solemn deception. They also think that with a fictional and simulated pedigree piece of paper they hide and resolve the footprints left by the miscegenation. It is as if they had an very old-fashioned car, but with a fake document, attesting that it is a brand new Mercedes-Benz!!! Pure stupidity and functional illiteracy !!! Just this. But in this case always the big loser is the Fila Brasileiro breed.

Therefore, as the OFB people are unable to do a genealogical work of rescue and purebred maintenance, such as that carried out by CAFIB since 1978, they try to copy. And they copy poorly. And who copies badly, spoils !!!

Of course, they have to breed their dogs with CAFIB’s PURE Fila because, in my most sincere opinion, if they only cross OFB with OFB, only a dog with mutt and mongrel phenotype will be born, with a light body, thin and triangular head, being a dog that will never belong to the Molossoid Family. (See ).  And for this class of functional illiterates, I remember: the FB is a dog of the Molossoid Family.

That is why for decades I have been asking: What do you prefer?

Which phenotype of Fila Brasileiro should be considered as that of the True PURE Fila ? Please think and respond based on the three  photos below:

    The CBKC-FCI “fila” ?        The modern-“fila” = OFB ?        The PURE CAFIB Fila ?69 - O que voce prefere

Final notes:
1 – I am very grateful to Felipe Monteiro for his courage and determination to expose his transparent and objective thinking against OFB. I hope this noble attitude
will be copied by other breeders;
2 – I am very grateful to Quinzinho Liberato for collecting all the information related to the Canil Boca Negra and contacting Felipe Medeiros; and
3 – I reiterate that as I always do since No /18 all my articles against the OFB invention are sent directly by me to the
its inventor.

Best regards, Chico Peltier. 

Note: as I always did with all the emails I sent in the past, this one was also sent first to those responsible for FCI + CBKC in English and Portuguese.
More recently, they have also been sent to SOBRACI, WKU, FECAM and ACA in English and Portuguese.