Post 709 – Ask Uncle Chico # 199 – To do charity with other people`s money: to intend to make available the well-known O FILA journal from CAFIB that has been available for decades !!! ??? – When was the “fila”-OFB invented? – Still explaining the absence of “official” cynophilia in Brazil and the wrongly called PSC Standard ??? !!! – Date: Jan, 8th.-2020

Ask Uncle Chico # 199

To do charity with other people`s money: to intend to make available the well-known O FILA journal from CAFIB that has been available for decades !!! ???

When was the “fila”-OFB invented?

Still explaining the absence of “official” cynophilia in Brazil and the wrongly called PSC Standard ??? !!!   

33 - Introdução Abóbora FP

My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 526: Uncle Chico, I read in a post in a Facebook the childish pretense of placing itself “magnanimously”, denoting “false generosity”, the numbers from CAFIB’s O Fila Journal, which was edited by CAFIB’s founder, director, first Secretary and judge named Luiz Antonio Maciel. But who studied a little about the FB knows that CAFIB for 4 decades makes its O FILA Journal available, ok ?

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Sure !!! Unfortunately there are always some smartasses who want to do charity with other people`s money” – that is, at CAFIB`s expenses… lol… Just go

to the very first page of the world-renowned CAFIB website ( ). But there are people lost and full of “modern” ideas trying to reinvent the wheel … And, unfortunately, trying to reinvent the Fila Brasileiro too … See below:

39 - Jornal O FILA no site do CAFIB

In conclusion, besides being the “inventor” of a new and modern type of dog that resembles a mutt, mongrel or mestizo dog… is also a CAFIB’s success copier…

Question # 527: Dear Uncle Chico, when was the fila”-OFB invented? I ask, because I read in a Facebook post that the “fila”-OFB would be completing 9 years of invented. I doubt it! After all, I only became aware of this new canine type in Nov/18 when there were complaints and questions raised by Mr. Marcelo Zuliani and commented by you. I have read nothing about the fila”-OFB in such a Manifest dated 2010 or in the “fila”-OFB inventor book dated 1998.

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Exactly. As they say, the paper accepts everything and there are people who do not respect its readers … I suggest browsing my blog  ( ) from this my first response to Mr. Marcelo Zuliani dated Nov,6th-2018 in Post 591. There are dozens of articles written by me, Mr. Quinzinho Liberato and others. Just read, study and learn.

Question # 528: Uncle Chico I read in a Facebook an extremely heated and old discussion. Another functional illiterate, always without arguments, still tries to claim that CBKC is an official entity. And with a underdeveloped citizen complex that I don’t have, he says that without international recognition the Brazilian dog breeding would have no value… How about?

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Those who know the True History of the Fila Brasileiro know very well that CAFIB exterminated the monopoly and exclusivity in registering dogs in Brazil until then existing and unique prerogative of CBKC-FCI. This occurred on April, 28th.-1980, when CAFIB received authorization from the then Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture to create and maintain its own Registration Record Book (Std Book) , and to issue its own FB pedigrees.

Precisely for this reason CBKC-FCI never dared to appeal this decision of the Brazilian Government in Brazilian Justice. That is: a lot of crying, a lot of complaint and no concrete action on the part of CBKC-FCI. These two clubs threatened, but practically did nothing. They only “played games for the audience” and sometimes even today play for the functional illiterate… After all, they knew very well their serious mistakes made institutionally and systemically in favor of FB miscegenation, always privileging the FB cross breeders  and the “mestizos-filas”. As simple as that !!!

See in:

This masterful page of the True History of the Fila Brasileiro tells how CAFIB was able to prove to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture in 1980 the irregularities committed by the CBKC-FCI against the Pure Fila and its constant record of “crossbreed” dogs as if Fila Puros they were. In other words, the “mestizos-filas” that would soon be nicknamed the “black-fila” and “freak-fila” that are in the CBKC-FCI squad until today !!!

This REVOLUTION, carried out with total success by CAFIB, was led by the Luiz Antonio Maciel and is narrated on the CAFIB website  ( ) and on Uncle Chico’s website ( mainly in ) available to those who wish to learn and stop writing nonsense.

In addition, suggest to these functional illiterates have studied her without laziness and carefully on Uncle Chico’s website at (   ) where they will learn that in 2010 the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture canceled the authorization for CBKC to make dog genealogical registration in Brazil.

Just see and read below, since Uncle Chico says and proves:

40 - CBKC perde exclusiidade - Filero total

 As I have been saying for years, the existence of so many functional illiterates greatly hinders the correct breeding of the FB, giving rise to the FB First Great Miscegenation of yesterday and the FB Second Great Miscegenation of today !!!

After all, how can any club that had its registration CANCELED be OFFICIAL ??? And further: what good would an international entity that, in the case of the FB, almost extinguished our national dog breed?

FCI and CBKC: go way from FB!!!

Question # 529: Uncle Chico, I read in a discussion on a Facebook a person mentioning on the PSC Standard (Paulo Santos Cruz). Is there any PSC Standard?

Uncle Chico’s Answer: Of course not. Never existed. I doubt anyone will email me the PSC Standard !!! How about you suggest that this person learn a little about FB Standards by reading, studying and learning in

That is, as the great Brazilian soccer player named Romário use to say: “there are people who arrive today and already want to sit at the window”…

Best regards, Chico Peltier.

 Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for, FCI + CBKC. More recently also for SOBRACI and WKU.