Post 707 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 272 The CAFIB Family behind CAFIB’s Breeding Philosophy ideals – Date: Dec,26-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 272

The CAFIB Family behind CAFIB’s Breeding Philosophy ideals

33 - Introdução Abóbora FP

 My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

It is very easy to see and recognize the enormous success of CAFIB and its Breeding Philosophy after almost 42 years of work that resulted in the rescue of the FB Breed of extinction. Not only in the reality of its APT (Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament, see in English in  ) and Expos, but also through its website, Facebook and CAFIB TV always updated with real subjects and through many articles from some of its associates.

This stems from the vast technical and historical knowledge of CAFIB founders, directors, judges and members; the seriousness and strict control and genealogical selection employed;

of the hundreds of public APTs and Expos held; dozens of lectures and visits to the interior of Brazil; maintaining our Registry Stud Book and issuing our own pedigrees, which reflect the truth of the mating and the existence of a competent and very active Secretariat

However, behind all this Center of Excellence called CAFIB, created just over 4 decades ago is the CAFIB Family, formed and cohesive not only in the admiration of our dear True and PURE Fila Brasileiro, but also working on its perpetuation and recognition of the pioneering work successfully accomplished by CAFIB.

Over the past four decades, some BKC-CBKC-FCI clubs and councils have tried to compete with CAFIB. Therefore, clubs that claim to be breeders of purebred dogs, could never get along and accept mixed breed dogs (mestizos dogs) in their squad, even if they have a pedigreed as they were a real FB. Certificates and pedigrees will never validate crossbreeding. Hence the incredible heterogeneity found in its squad without a defined type !!! Period !!! The collusion of these three clubs with the early cross breeders and mestizos dogs in an institutional manner totally discredited the clubs associated with them. In the same way that the Russian Athletics Federation has just been punished for systemic and institutional doping in many of its athletes. This first crossbreeding, performed in the 70’s and 80’s, is easily noticed to this day, mainly via dogs with pedigrees nicknamed “black-fila” and “freak-fila”.

Another club was formed solely for the purpose of destroying CAFIB. It lasted a little over three years, because nothing is built on hate. Its most conscious collaborators deluded returned to the CAFIB Family. And they were very well received and this club is over.

A year ago a person invented a new, modern type of dog they dubbed the also “fila”. But this only exists on the web and on Facebooks. It is the “virtual-fila” with its mind-blowing theses. Let’s see how long this new experience lasts and what sequels it will leave in the True Fila Brasileiro of ever.

But, as Uncle Chico wrote above, behind CAFIB and its Breeding Philosophy is the CAFIB Family, made up of very heterogeneous people who breed the Homogeneous Fila, the Pure Fila, the CAFIB-Fila

A simple look at the photos of this year’s last CAFIB Expo held in the city of Cruzeiro, SP, despite the fierce competition among several finalists, mainly due to the honorable and voluntary removal of the tracks of the Itanhandu Kennel, CAFIB’s greatest kennel champion of all time, proves us the existence of the CAFIB Family. See:

34 - Familia Cafib Cruzeiro - 135 - Familia Cafib Cruzeiro - 236 - Familia Cafib Cruzeiro - 337 - Familia Cafib Cruzeiro - 4

Finally, my very dear CAFIBRA Kennel, founded by Uncle Chico in January 1974, attended the Expo de Cruzeiro, SP, to honor three great CAFIB people. who contributed greatly to the success of CAFIB, making this club solely responsible for the rescue and perpetuation of the so-called Pure-Fila:

Photos below:

– Americo Cardoso representing our dear founder Luiz Antônio Maciel;

– Cleide and Américo Cardoso representing our dear Americo Cardoso Neto; and

– Dad Airton gives the tribute to Mariana.

38 - Familia Cafib Cruzeiro - 5

 – Luiz Antônio Maciel:

Undoubtedly one of the most important founder and director of CAFIB. Just as Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz organized the FB as purebred dog and disseminated it to the world; Maciel was the first CAFIB Secretary and he was the one who set up, managed and gave body and soul to CAFIB as a club. In addition, he initiated the series of complaints about miscegenation that were done by CAFIB to the then BKC and to CBKC and it was he who managed the negotiations with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture who ended up recognizing CAFIB and authorizing our club issuing pedigrees from 1980, when until then this was an exclusive prerogative of the BKC-CBKC. But Maciel did more: he was the creator and editor of the CAFIB famous newspaper The FILA (please see ) that for so long spread and instructed the true culture of FB in Brazil !!!

– Américo Cardoso Neto:

In 2014, when the first CAFIB site was stolen, Americo in just 14 days made the new CAFIB site available on the web and has since taken care of its update, helping it to become one of the biggest CAFIB and Pure-Fila outreach tools.

– Mariana Campbell:

It is the most genuine RO of CAFIB. For since a young lady  attended CAFIB Expos and I remember her at the CAFIB-Rio Expos. She graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1998 and is CAFIB’s Secretary General and Judge since 2011. As a Secretary, she is responsible for making the litter records and issuing the RO (pedigree) Source Records, entering all the APT made by the CAFIB judges. Print and mail all of these documents to the owners and breeders. Participate in the final finishing of the Circulars, including the photos. Compile the result of the Expos by placing the photos of the first three of each class.

Mariana is also the main contact between CAFIB and the organizers of the Expos, breeders and exhibitors. He is responsible for Litter Verification in Greater São Paulo, takes care of CAFIB’s cashier and is accountable to treasurer Luciano Gavião. He works with the Registry of Titles and Documents to record the Minutes of Meetings and other legal matters. She works as a Secretary and Veterinarian in charge of all exhibitions she attends. Last year went to all seven and this year went to all six  Expos in Brazil, Uruguay and just not in Spain.

She is very dear and respected by everyone who participates in some form of CAFIB. It is undoubtedly the soul of CAFIB and Uncle Chico has a prediction: soon will be President of CAFIB !!!

Photos of Expo held in the City of Cruzeiro, SP:

CAFIB World Championship Final Result:

I wish you all an excellent 2020 without new inventions and new crossbreeds against the Pure Fila Brasileiro !!!

Best regards, Chico Peltier.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC. And since the last month also sent to SOBRACI, WKU, FECAM and ACA.