Post 700 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 269 – After all, is there a characteristic and homogeneous head in the new and modern OFB ? – Would be the OFB the Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro ? – Date: Nov, 24th.-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 269

After all, is there a characteristic and homogeneous head in the new and modern OFB ?

Would be the OFB the Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro ?

My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

I received by email the post below authored by the OFB inventor sent to me by Marcelo Zuliani a Pure Fila admirer who a year ago for the first time denounced the existence of the new thesis, of a new experience, of a new and modern type of dog called OFB. In addition, in such complaint Marcelo commented on the inappropriate and improper use of the name FILA, which thus created unnecessary confusion among the FB breeders. Precisely for this reason, shortly thereafter, I suggested that this new type of experiment in the attempt to fix and form a new type of dog was called Boiadeiro Mineiro (= Cattle Dog from Minas Gerais). If this simple attitude had been adopted by the OFB inventor this controversy would have been immediately terminated. But I’m afraid that he intends that his invention, the OFB, inherits all the wonderful History of the Fila Brasileiro.

Check out this post:

14 - Cabeça x Bronco

Fortunately no old FB breeders, not even the traditional breeders from Minas Gerais who are some of them his friends have accompanied him on this new meaningless adventure.

After all, those who have been following the FB for a some decades and are not functional illiterate have in their memories the First Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro and its terrible consequences. Remembering that the First Miscegenation was led by João Batista Gomes from São Paulo and Procópio do Valle from Minas Gerais.

However, in this post, the OFB inventor has managed to excel in the incongruity issue. I explain: after all, what is the characteristic head of the intend new and modern type of dog called OFB? Would be the one in below left from the post above or would be the right one below from a dog named Bronco de Carmona ? Could someone explain to me? Why so much heterogeneity in just two heads?

15 - Cabeça x Bronco

In the text of this same post above the author went even more meaningless when he wrote: Forgotten in time, these dogs can now be rescued, valued, and well-fed, grown and presented their true qualities. Well my friends, but what a daydream… But, who forgot ? The True History of the FB already has long answered this non sense question: it was forgotten by the early FB cross breeders, their followers and heirs, and by the BKC-CBKC-FCI trio, but not by CAFIB, the only club that rescued the Pure Fila from extinction.

Well, the kind of dog intended by the OFB inventor has been around for decades. Is the CAFIB Pure Fila, the result of the selection and control work carried extremely serious and rigid for this Club successfully for the last 41 years. Even though, despite some people are such sour grapes and missed the bus, this neo-inventor intends to reinvent the wheel since last November/18 and alone. But whether or not he wants the Pure Filas wheel was played by CAFIB with the help of its founders Dr. Paulo, Airton, Americo, Maciel, Luciano, Pedro, Roberto, Marilia and hundreds of associate breeders and Uncle Chico himself who embraced the cause of the rescue of the FB. Moreover, as already written, Bronco do Carmona head would inevitably be Reproved by Dr. Paulo himself in the CAFIB APTs. And also would be Reproved by all CAFIB judges. Incidentally, this same Dr. Paulo, who the OFB inventor so badly quotes and clings to, trying to manipulate his few followers and gain some credibility.

Note in

See below some homogeneous and characteristics heads of CAFIB Pure Fila

16 - Cabeças CAFIB

In addition to this, what to expect from an inventor who wants to turn Pure Fila into this:

Best regards, Chico Peltier.

 Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC. And since the last October also sent to SOBRACI, WKU, FECAM and ACA.