Post 694 – Ask Uncle Chico # 195 – Five questions received about the OFB and the possible – Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro – Date: Nov,8th.-2019

Ask Uncle Chico # 195

Five questions received about the OFB and the possible

Second Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro.

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 514: Uncle Chico, don’t you think imagining new theories is very easy? And that inventing new thesis without any proof and without a single evidence is even easier? Just have a fertile and creative imagination that the functional illiterate believe in any new invention… Please see below:

1 - Disco Voador
Uncle Chico’s Response:  Don’t compromise me… Lol…
The synthesis of what I think about the OFB is
SERIOUS and POLITELY posted  in English at

“celebrating” the first year of the unfortunate invention of this new type of dog with a mongrel and mutt resemblance. And this after more than 60 articles posted since November / 18 on my blog ( ) against OFB without its inventor answering any of my questions, nor the questions posted by Quinzinho (Joaquim Liberato Barroso), Fabiano Nunes, Jonas Iacovantuono and Marcelo Zuliani and even by CBKC breeder Luis Otávio Hofstatter. By the way, this new dog most closely resembles the kind of common mutt and mongrel that inhabits all countries of Planet Earth (please see also in English in

Moreover, this new thesis is, in my view, at the beginning of its experiment, which must go wrong due to many misconceptions already pointed out and very much resembles the First Great Miscegenation against the Fila Brasileiro of the 70’s and 80’s. On the other hand, it should never be called FILA, but rather something like  MINEIRO DOG, because the misuse of the name FILA has been creating a lot and unnecessary confusion since November/2018 among the breeders. Remembering that I send directly to the email address of the OFB inventor and to the presidents of SOBRACI and WKU all my articles.

Question # 515: Dear Chico, don’t you think that in a world with so many functional illiterates, empty heads and lonely neurons, any new invention or distant thesis are welcome…?

Uncle Chico’s Response: Don’t compromise me… Lol … See my answer above…

Question # 516: Dear Chico, if for SOBRACI and WKU the Fila Brasileiro and OFB are two different breeds, from the crossbreeding (miscegenation) of dogs of these two different breeds a purebred dog can be born ? Isn’t this called miscegenation ? It would not be fake pedigrees like the one that were issued in the FB First Great Miscegenation of the 70’s and 80’s.

Uncle Chico’s Response: Exactly. Many theories and stories are written on Facebook, but no one can clarify this simple question.

See below what was posted on the official SOBRACI website as the Fila Brasileiro breed:

2 - Sobraci FB

And now on the same SOBRACI website as being OFB as another different breed:

3 - Sobraci OFB

And now SOBRACI and WKU ? Will you abandon the omission that has always characterized the politicking of the former BKC, and the CBKC and FCI since the FB First Great Miscegenation of the 70’s and 80’s until today or will you clarify this simple point that is on yours official website ? Are SOBRACI and WKU serious clubs or just two more notary and pedigrees issuers ?

Question # 517: My dear friend Chico, inspired by the unforgettable and very famous Brazilian musician and singer Raul Seixas (the one who was born 10,000 years ago…), the OFB recently gave us a trip on the time machine of the dog fancy and cynophilia, taking us to antiquity, passing through various civilizations and including alleged reports and testimonials from (alleged) enthusiasts, hunters and even royalty people. Perhaps in one of the next chapters of the OFB “novel” will your inventor discuss some testimonials from Gengis Khan, Anibal, Attila, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and other conquerors who have certainly used many OFBs in their armies? He concluded by presenting the scientific community with the incredible discovery that the presumed Persian ancestor of Fila Brasileiro was, in fact, a cat !!! And a big one. Please see below:

4 - Gato Assírio

          Perhaps the next step for the OFB inventor is to conclude from the example of the constant in the book “The Gods Were Astronauts ?” (for the functional illiterate it is a classic of world literature written by Erich von Däniken in 1968) not only were Gods astronauts, but they also had OFB-like aboriginal dogs traveling on their UFO´s… So the loop of understanding closes, as we know that science today has unbelievably even more supporting elements. about UFOs than about OFB. At least UFOs are occasionally spotted or reported, unlike OFBs with their triangular, lightweight, non-molossers heads that inhabit only the virtual world… Do you agree?

Uncle Chico’s Response: Don’t compromise me… Lol …

Question # 518: Chico, the appeal arising from the total lack of evidence, proofs and arguments has no limit at all. Imagine you posted on a Facebook that Wikipedia recognized OFB as a dog breed… Well, Wikipedia does not recognize or give authenticity to absolutely nothing, since it is written by their own interested people !!! Right ???

Uncle Chico’s Response: Of course, Wikipedia is recognized worldwide as the “Free Encyclopedia” precisely because it is freely designed and edited by any citizen interested in defending any thesis, no matter how absurd it is. But functional illiterates ignore this world-known fact. That is, it is not up to Wikipedia to recognize absolutely nothing… My God, how much ignorance !!! That’s why they deserve to receive one more Stamp of Fool from Uncle Chico!!!

6 - Errar é Humano - Inglês

Best regards, Chico Peltier. 

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for, FCI + CBKC. More recently also for SOBRACI and WKU.