Post 688 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 266 – OFB is completing only one year of existence. Therefore, it follows Annual Report of the main incongruities of this unfortunate new thesis and new experience called OFB. – Date: Oct,15th.-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 266

OFB is completing only one year of existence.

Therefore, it follows Annual Report of the main incongruities of this unfortunate new thesis and new experience called OFB.

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My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

Extremely Important Note # 1:

Due to the importance of this Annual Report on OFB and the current second miscegenation in the FB Breed, this article was first emailed to: SOBRACI (Mr. Osmir de Moraes Bastos); World Kennel Union – WKU (Mr. Igor Sulimov), Canine Federation of Mercosur (FECAM) and Canine Association Argentina (ACA) because the first two are notary dog clubs responsible for issuing pedigree of purebred dog to the OFB, although SOBRACI has expressly attested to me by email that this dog comes from the miscegenation (crossbreeding) of two different breeds.

It was also copied simultaneously to FCI (Messrs. Rafael de Santiago, Gerard Jipping, Yves De Clercq and Raymond Triquet) and to the CBKC (Messrs. Sergio Castro and Ricardo Torre Simões) as these two notary dog clubs were systemically and institutionally co-responsible for the first miscegenation that occurred in the FB Breed.

Next November will be completing a year that Mr. Marcelo Zuliani denounced to me the existence of a confusing new experience of a new invention of a new type of dog called OFB.

This new experience could have been called, for example, Boiadeiro Mineiro ( = Cattle Dog from Minas Gerais), but unfortunately its inventor also chose to use and copy the name “Fila Brasileiro” which has confused breeders and causing damage to the breeding and the breeders of the original, traditional and authentic Brazilian Fila of ever.

Since then several articles against this new experience have been released by Uncle Chico to 1,200 e-mail addresses in Portuguese and English for breeders, judges, cynophile leaders and fans in Brazil and abroad, and then posted on my blog.  ( ). These articles were signed by myself, Joaquim Liberato Barroso (Quinzinho), Fabiano Nunes and Jonas Iacovantuono. It is worth noting that Quinzinho wrote 3 masterful articles he posted on his Facebook (see or )  and then I also released them and posted on my blog. All of these articles were forwarded by me directly to the OFB inventor email address. And, most recently, to SOBRACI email address, a CBKC like Brazilian dog registry/notary club that has issued the pedigrees of OFB and is chaired by Mr. Osmir de Moraes Bastos, as well as his overseas partners: his conceding grantor World Kennel Union (WKU), international dog registry/notary club similar to FCI which is chaired by Mr. Igor Sulimov and also to its partners Mercosur Canine Federation (FECAM) and Argentine Canine Association (ACA).

Extremely Important Note # 2:
Although SOBRACI on Sep, 30/th.-2019 sent an email to Uncle Chico recognizing that FB is one breed and OFB another one, — although for Uncle Chico the OFB is still a  new type of dog not yet defined and fixed —  SOBRACI duly supported by the WKU, issues purebred dog pedigrees for the product (puppies) crossbreeding of two dogs of different breeds and “types”. For me and Quinzinho this record has no other definition than
miscegenation and fake pedigree, since a purebred dog cannot be born from two different breeds. I’m afraid SOBRACI and WKU simply chose to increase their revenue. But these two registries/notaries clubs may have another explanation..Unfortunately, when asked about this fragrant error, neither SOBRACI nor WKU answered our questions. The choice of these two clubs for omission, silence and total lack of arguments to defend the issue of pedigrees for the OFB is extremely suspicious to me. My article and blog remains open to the clarifications of these two notary offices, as long as they do the same with my article and those of Quinzinho. For me and Quinzinho this is the biggest inaccuracy and incongruity in the OFB breeding !!!

See below in the Facebook posted by Quinzinho (Joaquim Liberato Barroso) a pedigree issued by SOBRACI where the result of crossing a FB from CBKC, (Piaçu do Córrego Negro), crossbreed with an OFB (Tarzan do Martalice) miraculously born an OFB called Baiúca do Caramonã ??? !!!

B - Pedigree Sobraci

That’s why Quinzinho in one of his articles asked and I now point again to SOBRACI and WKU: Crossing Duck with Goose, a Duck can be born?

In addition, as with any new experience this can also go wrong. Just as it gave the experiences and crossbreeding performed against the Pure Fila Brasileiro in the 70s that were led by Mr. João Batista Gomes and Mr. Procópio do Valle. Note the resemblance to the invention of OFB, as in this first experiment also was chosen to crossbreed and falsify pedigrees in the former BKC and then CBKC, but always with the seal and stamp of breed purity of FCI. It soon seems to me that SOBRACI and WKU are repeating 50 years later the $ame mi$take$ made by BKC, CBKC and FCI.

Since last November, a number of pertinent questions have been asked to the OFB inventor — always respectfully and politely — but he has preferred to omit himself. It would be a great opportunity for him to defend his new invention and thesis, as any serious and ethical inventor and researcher would be proud to do, but he always preferred to omit himself. In fact, just as did in the past Mr. João Batista Gomes who invented and was unable to support the false thesis of Fila Terceirense (a dog from the Açores Island, Portugal) and Mr. Procopio do Valle who also did not support the invented false thesis of the Doge de Force Rare (a dog from Europe). Incidentally, Mr. Procopio do Valle had the gall to write a nearly 400-page book about the FB and didn’t even write a single line about his “masterpiece”: the ill-fated “black-fila” …

Many questions have been asked since November last year for the OFB inventor, but he has always failed to answer them. Among many questions asked, I refresh his memory:

– what was the origin of the OFB, passing by the alleged dog found in the Assyrian / Phoenician Empire thousands of years BC; even such an Iberian dog that no one knows what it is  about, by the time of Colony Brazil (1600 AD), and which has no record at all about have been shipped and arrived in Brazil in caravels ?

– what would be such an unknown, fanciful and chimerical Brazilian Aboriginal dog ?

– how to explain the OFB phenotype with its light and triangular head (very different from the old Minas Gerais Fila dog nicknamed Big Head) and its very light body, to different from the Fila Brasileiro and the Family of Molosser dogs ?

– why misused the name of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, The Father of the Fila ? To unsuccessfully attempt to endorse and validate his OFB invention and the OFB phenotype, even though Dr. Paulo himself and all CAFIB judges since the beginning of this Club ever Disapproved of dogs with OFB-like phenotypes ?

– why use photos of FB of Classification only Regular or, perhaps, Disapproved for purposes of justification of comparison ?

– why do not provide concrete data or descriptive in a summary statement of the characteristics of the dogs he uses in this experience and also clearly state their complete names, their owners and the places where are they ?

– why do not hold OFB expositions or public events so that the general public can know and evaluate the OFB invention, always preferring only the very theoretical, creative and virtual writes via the Facebook, while CAFIB does its work publicly and clearly and also in practice, that is, on the expos tracks and kennels ?

– how a cross between a dog of the FB breed and a dog of the type of the OFB, i.e., between two distinct breeds / types, may give rise to a pedigree of purebred dog, exactly as it was  confirmed to me by an email I received from SOBRACI last Sep. 30th-2019  and clearly demonstrated in the pedigree posted on Quinzinho`s Facebook above?

– why the OFB inventor insist on creating a virtual dog on Facebook only far, far away from practical reality ?

– why use professional dog trainers and Brazilian Bandog breeders, who have absolutely nothing to do with the FB, to publicize the OFB experiments ?

– why did the OFB inventor induce that this new thesis and experiment started a few years ago when it actually started last November ?

– why did the OFB inventor abandon his over 20-year-old breeding that has had Very Good FB specimens to breed a dog that most closely resembles a mutt or mongrel ?

– would have been due to the fact the OFB inventor could not maintain the quality of his Pure Fila squad and, egocentrically, decided to modify not only his breeding but also the FB itself ?

– and with its egocentric “breeder blindness” transform the FB into a dog of fragile and triangular-headed phenotype that he was able to breed ?

– how many years does the OFB inventor understand that he will definitely be able to fix the type of the OFB phenotype, temperament and character desired for OFB ? Shouldn’t wait for   this this type-fixing being realized only then to start selling OFB new product ?

See below what happened to the Rastreador Brasileiro (Brazilian Tracker Dog) another Brazilian breed after 20 years of selection and breeding !!!

Inventing a virtual breed on Facebook is very easy !!! Thus, so that the functional illiterate has an idea of how difficult it is to select, create, maintain and perpetuate a new breed in the REAL WORD, I report what happened with the Rastreador Brasileiro (Brazilian Tracker Dog) (photos below), also a Brazilian breed dog that in the 1950s the dog lover and breeder Mr. Oswaldo Aranha has developed for hunting purposes. Well, after almost two decades of work and not just a messy one year such as OFB, Mr. Oswaldo Aranha came up with a fixed-type dog that had almost all the qualities he wanted when he started and set his goal. However, in 1973 a piroplasmosis epidemic and an excess tick poisoning killed 39 dogs in the Mr. Oswaldo Aranha squad. Due to this fact, after a meeting in 1974, the breed was considered extinct by the BKC. Note that after 20 years of work Mr. Oswaldo Aranha managed to gather only 39 dogs that he considered to be True Rastreador Brasileiro !!! But in the case of OFB that was invented yesterday its inventor already considers it a fixed and eternal breed … And sells it as a purebred dog !!! And SOBRACI / WKU also issues purebred dog pedigrees !!!

C - Rastreador Brasileiro

And note that Mr. Osvaldo Aranha was not just a common breeder. He was an influential and wealthy Brazilian politician and diplomat who gained national prominence in 1930 during the period of the Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas. He is known in international politics for being one of the great responsible for the creation of the State of Israel as head of the Brazilian delegation to the UN and president of the UN General Assembly in 1947 and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948. Do you now understand why in my opinion half a dozen fragile dogs with triangular and light head that do not have the support of any traditional FB breeder who most resemble a mutt or mongrel phenotype and instead have the help of professional dog trainers and Brazilian Bandog breeders, cannot get anywhere, except to create confusion and to miscegenate a little more the Fila Brasileiro Breed ?


1 – I would like to inform you that all statements contained in this Annual Report are publicly posted on my blog accompanied by hundreds of photos and were sent directly to the email of the OFB inventor. In addition, recent alerts and questions were also sent directly to the email address to SOBRACI and WKU based in Ukraine. But both unfortunately remain silent. Exactly as has always been BKC ,CBKC and FCI. But always billing…

2 – The concrete fact is that the breeders who chose to follow CAFIB’s Breeding Philosophy, which in next May will complete 42 years of hard work for Pure Fila, were successful in their breeding, as you can see below from the photos of Mr. Daniel Balsas squad, CAFIB breeder from Uruguay. Despite the distance Mr. Daniel Balsas studied hard in the CAFIB newspapers named The FILA, in the articles of Uncle Chico, applied and formed an excellent squad. Mr. Daniel Balsas began his breeding with “mestizos-filas” who nonetheless had FB pedigrees issued by CBKC-FCI. In the late 80’s, he got to know CAFIB and acquired CAFIB Filas mainly from Ibituruna, Alto Quatis and Amparo Kennels. He later partnered with Mr. Carlos Eduardo “Pipico” Gonçalves of the Borghetto Kennel located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, who had also started his breeding with some “mestizos-filas”. In other words, Mr. Daniel Balsas, unlike other people who think they are “facebook teachers” but are just functional illiterates and many others who are only spiteful, despite and envious of the CAFIB success, being the only club that rescued FB from extinction and preserves in its breed purity since 1978, also started wrong, admitted the mistake and today with the help of CAFIB started to breed the True Pure Fila Brasileiro of ever and has the great and homogeneous squad below:

D - Plantel Daniel Balsas - 1E - Plantel Daniel Balsas - 2

So what now ? What do you want to breed ?

Naively the OFB who most resembles a mutt or mongrel dog or consciously the CAFIB Pure Fila?

Best regards, Chico Peltier.