Post 667 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 255 – Next Cynophilia Meeting + CAFIB at UFRRJ on Sep, 3rd-2019 – Next CAFIB Expo: Valença, RJ on Sep,14th-2019 – Date: Aug, 27th.-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 255

Next Cynophilia Meeting + CAFIB at UFRRJ on Sep, 3rd-2019

Next CAFIB Expo: Valença, RJ on Sep,14th-2019

My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

On the next Sep, 3rd-2019 will be held at UFRRJ (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro), another meeting that will address issues related to the breeding of large dogs, presented by Professors Luis Renato Verissimo de Souza and Alexandre Herculano Borges de Araujo and will also happen a talk about the FB that will be given by the breeder Joaquim Liberato Barroso, from Canil Boa Sorte.

Next Sep, 14th-2019 will be held another CAFIB Expo in the city of Valença, RJ, jointly organized by the Canil Boa Sorte and Canil Alto Quatis.

More information about these two events can be found in the posters below:

A - Dois cartazes


A –
In 2020 this Expo will be held in the city of Quatis, also in Rio de Janeiro.

B – Due to the fact that the CAFIB APTs and Expos have achieved a tremendous success in registration and attendance, — since many breeders and fans  appreciate following the 41-year CAFIB selection work in a fully transparent and public manner, in compliance with CAFIB Rules and with the issue of Summary Statement  for each dog and further Registration Records, while another club is not even able to hold an unique expo at all — and also that in Itanhandu, MG a total of 129 copies participated in the track; in Jacareí, SP, 88 copies participated;  in Teresina, Piaui, 48 copies participated; in Pará de Minas, MG, 96 copies participated, we request that registrations be made in advance via CAFIB email  ( ) this simple act greatly accelerates the work of the CAFIB Secretariat and each Secretariat  at each Expo.

C – At this Expo, a tribute will be paid to Mrs. Marília Barroso Pentagna, founder of  Canil Boa Sorte, in recognition of her work on behalf of FB. I remind the younger ones that in 1980 she appealed to the former BKC for being punished due to the fact that she participated in the 1st CAFIB-Rio Expo held on Aug, 19th.-1982. In addition to this correspondence, she denounced the miscegenation in the FB and BKC omission. Please see below post # 1 and post # 2.

.This punishment  came in the sequence of BKC Circular 79/28 dated July, 17th.-1979 (see ) where all CAFIB judges were not approved by the BKC, Dr. Paulo was “sub judicis” and I was considered “persona non grata” by Eugênio Henrique Pedreira de Lucena, in those days BKCs Superintendent. The today`s  Uncle Chico’s response to this BKC nonsense lies in Aug, 3rd.-1979 … see beow:

D – I suggest that you do not enroll your dog in any CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT) if he has a phenotype similar to the 3 dogs in the photos below or if he is the so called “black-fila“, as this type of dogs has always been Reproved  in CAFIB APT, based on the CAFIB Standard, not only by all our judges, but also by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who did not accept them until his death as being worthy representatives of the Fila Brasileiro  Pure Breed.

Learn and study about CAFIB’s APT in the master piece article in English written by our president, Américo Cardoso, by clicking on

( ) and learn about the beginning of CAFIB’s work and APTs, with several photos of dog similar to the ones below that have always been Reproved on our APTs by clicking

B - Trio OFB + Tição

E – I also suggest that you do not enroll your dogs if they are SRD Bandog or a trained dog.

Best  regards, Chico Peltier.