Post 661 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 252 – Uncle Chico and the freedom of expression and the right to criticize – Date: July, 17th.-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 252

Uncle Chico and the freedom of expression and the right to criticize

My dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends, 

I started my FB breeding in January 1974. In mid-1975, noting that each of my three dogs had a different kind of head (see below) …

Canil Cafibra

…I find this a very strange fact, especially since the head is the part of the body that most defines a animal breed. So I was not passive, lazy and disinterested like most Brazilians who accept any explanation and any new marketing thesis… Not agreeing with the unsatisfactory explanations they gave me, ran behind the truth, searched, studied, and came to the FB cross-breeders. I infiltrated them, discovered their methods, procedures and, unfortunately, the tacit acceptance of the then BKC-FCI. I documented myself and began to report the miscegenation mainly with Mr. Eugenio Pereira de Lucena, president of the then BKC. I was absolutely alone. I had no partner. I was much threatened and slandered. Many breeders  of that time were unaware or did not believe in the practice of the FB miscegenation, while others were very afraid of exposing themselves and of revolting mainly against the powerful “breedersMr. João Batista Gomes, defender and inventor of the Mastiff-Fila and Mr. Procópio do Valle, defender and inventor of the “black-fila“. And they were even more afraid of the BKC, remembering that in the 1970s, rigor and punishment were very severe and “dictatorial”

Since then I have been constantly and vehemently denouncing the miscegenation that almost led the Pure Fila to extinction. These denunciations had only two objectives: with a broad, preservationist and ecological view, to preserve the Pure Fila and also to prevent other breeders from buying “mestizos-filas” with pedigree, thinking that they were acquiring Pure Fila. That is, that these breeders were not deceived as I was. And the Pure Fila would be saved !!!

In the following years the performance of the then BKC and immediately afterwards by its successor CBKC, that was founded only in 1979, but always with the seal of racial and brred purity of the FCI, the attitude of these clubs towards the miscegenation was characterized always by the systemic and institutional acceptance. Always conniving and billing a lot with the issuance of thousands of pedigrees !!!

The first one to listen and to give space to my cause was the journalist Paulo Godinho in the magazine Animals & Veterinary where I made my first timid denunciation (see my article of March / 1976 in ) and then in newspaper Jornal do Brasil. At the beginning of 1976 I persuaded Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz to return to cynophilia and FB (see Jornal do Brasil in ). In 1978 CAFIB was founded, being solely responsible for having rescued the FB from extinction and preserving it until today in its racial and breed purity. I am eternally grateful to the founders and members of CAFIB for having carried out in practice what I dreamed in theory !!!

Well my dear friends of FB and CAFIB, since 1975 I listen to functional illiterate of all levels boast that they will sue me…

And there goes 45 years …

Last July 10th. , reading the newspaper O Globo, I read these two news that follow below and I remembered these functional illiterates that instead of breeding the Pure Fila they think that they will solve the problem of the miscigenation existing within their kennels suing, slandering, offending and cursing Uncle Chico, forgetting the freedom of expression and the right to criticize. Neither are able to notice that my website and blog are educational and that I use photos classified as posted “without restriction”…

Newspaper O Globo – July, 10th.

GloboI suggest you read and learn more in English at . And start breeding the CAFIB Pure Fila…

Concluding: I believe that the Fila Brasileiro should be discussed on the tracks, at Expos and with solid arguments, with respect and education in clubs, courses, websites, blogs and facebook.

Best  regards, Chico Peltier.