Post 657 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 251 – CBKC-fila breeder Mr. Roberto Sene and his misconceptions posted on facebook about the real reasons which caused Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz to return to cynophilia and, mainly, to the Fila Brasileiro. Date: July, 8th-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 251

CBKC-fila breeder Mr. Roberto Sene and his misconceptions posted on facebook about thereal reasons which caused Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz to return to cynophilia and, mainly, to the Fila Brasileiro.

My dears Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

Considering that recently the CBKC-fila breeder, Mr. Roberto Sene, posted on the facebook of the CAFIB breeder  and judge, Mr. Fabiano Nunes, (see that…


1 - Post R. Sene

… I think it would be necessary to refresh his memory with some facts that I think would or should be known by Mr. Sene. But, thank God, as he himself wrote in the above post, we happily have the internet and the web to rescue the memory of all “fileiros” (fileiros in Portuguese = Filas fans)

Would you please find bellow some irrefutable and proven historical facts that Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz did not return to “… cynophilia to run for the presidency of the CPFB “, which occurred only in 1978 as it was posted by Mr. Sene, but Dr. Paulo returns in 1976, outraged by the advent of FB miscegenation in former BKC-FCI. And, much less, that CAFIB was not “created by Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro (CPFB)”.

By the way, it is worth mentioning to the youngest that the Club Paulista do Fila Brasileiro (CPFB) has always been dominated by the cross-breeder Mr. João Batista Gomes (*), with Mr. Armando Reis being only his puppet. By the way, Mr. Reis was one of many breeder who loved the Mastiff-Fila type and who threatened to give me some punches, because at that time I was the first one and was the only one who absolutely denounced miscegenation  in the Fila Brasileiro breed. They were even capable of cowardly stoned my defenseless dogs one night in my kennel in my house under construction and only with a lookout in the district of Rio de Janeiro called Barra da Tijuca, but they never had the courage to face me into my eyes.

(* ) Read and know at least a little about Mr. João Batista Gomes in e ):

2 - Fotos JBGomes3 - Denuncia

As Mr. Sene must have forgotten, I would like to inform you that Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz returned to cynophilia from the moment I informed him of the generalized, systemic and institutional misrepresentation that occurred in the Fila Brasileiro Breed, of the pedigree falsification in the then BKC with the purebred seal of the FCI, the miscegenation of the FB been cross with dogs from the breeds English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastin in black color and Great Dane also in in black color  (= the origin of “black-fila”)… That is, Dr. Paulo returned in 1976, that is almost two years before the election of the CPFB that occurs in only 1978, as erroneously claimed by Mr. Sene.

Here are some facts:

1. Dez/75 – the first time I heard about Dr. Paulo – full article in English: ;

2. On Feb-Mar / 76: I visited Dr. Paulo at his home in the city of Santos, SP. He had been totally away for many years from cynophilia, dog and clubs politics and had only two or three FBs in his home for its own protection. One of them was called Henequem. Absolutely nothing Dr. Paulo knew about miscegenation in FB. I informed him about this crime. I showed him pictures of many crossbreed FB (= “mestizos-filas”) who own FB pedigrees issued by former BKC. My strongest  argument was the photo of a “black-fila” who looked more like a black Great Dane and the rumors I heard that Mr. João Batista Gomes and his allies was trying to persuade Henrique Pedreira de Lucena, then BKC president, to close down IR (Initial Registration = a open book to register Pure Filas without pedigree). See one of my first article written in April/76 and published in my weekly Rio de Janeiro newspaper Diário de Noicias column by clicking + item # 5 bellow);

3. See some photos of “mestizos-filas” with pedigree mentioned above in:!__orga-ingles ;

4. From this first encounter until Jun/76 I talked a lot with Dr. Paulo always trying to convince him to write about FB, divulging the crime of miscegenation in the Rio de Janeiro magazine Animals & Veterinary, whose editor was the journalist Paulo Godinho;

5. On June 23, 1976, a letter from Dr. Paulo to Uncle Chico:  ;

6. On Jun/76, Paulo Godinho publishes the return of Dr. Paulo in his weekly column in Jornal do Brasil, at the time one of the two most respected and important Brazilian newspapers, based on the letter above:  ;

7. On Out + Nov /76: Tio Chico’s exchange of letters, when I was working in the city of New York, USA, with Dr. Paulo, including suggestion to create a group of FB breeders totally independent of BKC… My idealized dream to form a group like CAFIB ??? :  + +  ;

8. On Nov/76, Toninho Carvalho Mendes, journalist of the also very important Brazilian newspaper  Estado de São Paulo interviews Dr. Paulo:  ;

9. On Dez/76: first article of Dr. Paulo published in A & V: ;

10. On Fev/77: letter from Dr. Paulo to Uncle Chico:  ;

11. On Mar/77: second article of Dr. Paulo published in A & V:  ;

12. On April/77: third article of Dr. Paulo published in A & V, buth please this one is very important because is against the existence of black color in the Pure Fila:

13. On Mai/77: letter from Dr. Paulo to Uncle Chico:  ;

14. On 1978: read many others important events in and en English ;

15. In the first half of 1978, Dr. Paulo was invited to give a course on Fila Brasilero at Centro Cultural Itamaraty at Av. Rebouças in the city of São Paulo. Among the enrolled were, among others, Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso, Roberto and Marília Maruyama. Do you need further explanation? This was the embryo of CAFIB. Look at  ;

16. Only in this same semester (1978) it occurred the election for president of the CPFB and Dr. Paulo inadvertently concurred. However, as Dr. Paulo was a defender of the Pure Fila, against the “black-fila” and in favor of maintaining the Initial Registration open in the BKC he was obviously defeated. Dr. Paulo optimistically and naively thought that he could convince Mr. João Batista Gomes (see in and ) and his followers that miscegenation was a huge misunderstanding that put FB’s breed and its racial purity and even the FB existence at full risk. And that this huge error should be immediately corrected and healed. But Dr. Paulo was wrong and the CPFB unfortunately prevailed in favor of miscegenation and against the Pure Fila.

16. 16. On March 19, 1978, a roundtable was held in the newspaper the Estado de São Paulo, which originated and were founded CAFIB, first as a Committee. So, Mr. Sene is again mistaken in stating that the CAFIB (as a Committee) was “created by the Clube Paulista do Fila“.

CAFIB, as a Committee, was initially created at the insistence of Colonel Arthur Verlangieri, founder of the FB Club from Minas Gerais, within the scope of the former BKC, but soon the Committee became an independent Club, since the BKC, with the seal of “racial and breed purity” of the FCI, preferred to join the FB cross breeders and support the miscegenation, the” black-fila” and the closure of the Initial Registration, thus increasing its turnover, since the FB with the addition of thousands of mestizos dogs into its squad, became the most recorded breed ($$$) in the notary BKC-CBKC. See the result of the incremental registration of “mestizos-filas” in the BKC-CBKC in the Introduction section of my site, item BKC I in English in   and a small part  below:

Introdução em Ingles

So, the facts show without any doubt that Dr. Paulo returned to the FB in fact in 1976 not to apply for the CPFB in 1978, but rather to make his invaluable contribution to rescue the FB from the extinction caused by the unscrupulous and criminal miscegenation defended by this club (CPFB), by its successor SPFB and by the BKC-CBKC-FCI, as well as to found CAFIB.

It should be concluded that one of the last and most active presidents of the SPFB, with many articles written, was Mr. Virgilio Orsi, a defender of the “black-fila” and also defender of the miraculous theses of Mr. Procópio do Valle. As for the postman Luiz Henrique Costa, it is worth mentioning that he is or was a of “black-fila” breeder.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC.