Post 653 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 247 – OFB = The Second Great Miscegenation in the Fila Brasileiro ??? – Date:Jun, 2nd.-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 247

OFB = The Second Great Miscegenation in the Fila Brasileiro ???


My dears Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

See below the important posts, very explanatory and very conclusive posted yesterday, Jun, 1st. -2019, on Facebook of the traditional Pure Fila breeders Fabiano Nunes, from the Jawa Kennel and Joaquim Liberato Barroso from the Boa Sorte Kennel:

1 - Fabiano

2 - Quinz

                 After all, why since the end of last year the inventor of the OFB decided to start vehemently denying and criticizing the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of  ever, this breed that was breed by himself for 3 decades?  Why did he persistently denounce and criticize the CAFIB, a club of which he was a member  for so many years and where he learned about True FB ? Why did he come to deny and criticize his own breeding of Pure Filas ? Why did he choose to prefer dogs more light and fragile, with triangular head, with an anti-molossoid phenotype that disrespects the very standard himself created for OFB ?

See irrefutable explanation in English in

Well, if the inventor of the OFB wants to invent a new breed, so go ahead and be happy !!! But please leave the True FB and CAFIB in peace and honestly respect and follow the hard-working ritual that takes a long time to mature and consumes a lot of resources, until a new canine breed can be reached. For a new canine type until it becomes a new breed, must be recognized by all as such and must be formed, fixed and homogeneous. With a typical phenotype, temperament and nervous system that are really fixed and that is repeated themselves and homogeneously in future generations. And do not be just a superficial and quick canine new experience that at all costs tries to hitch a ride on True FB.

Why has such a recent experience still without practical and homogeneous proven results is been immediately announced and commercialized ?

Exactly how did the first FB miscegenators (cross-breeders), Mr. João Batista Gomes and Mr. Procópio do Valle, in the 1970s ?

That’s why I’ve been questioning if the OFB would not be the Second Great Miscegenation in the Fila Brasileiro ???

Why would a dog presented as “natural and aboriginal” need so many dog trainers and sellers ? To stop being “natural and aboriginal” ? Or to be quickly negotiated ?

Why a few times the inventor of the OFB claims to be a new breed, but always tries to subliminally disqualify the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of always and the work of the CAFIB, accusing the True FB of being a dog false and modern; while the OFB would be the only original FB?

Having been the document below also posted today on Facebook by Joaquim Liberato Barroso, I question how from one generation to another puppies of Filas Brasileiros whose ascendants were registered in Unifila and CBKC as FB are registered in SOBRACI (*) in the document below) as OFB? What was the magic that turned in only one generation these offspring of the Fila Brasileiro breed into an OFB dog? That is, in a hypothetical new Breed ? After all, does the inventor of the OFB really want to invent a new breed or, in an overbearing, solitary, egocentric project, to cross-breed (miscegenate) and end the True Fila Brasileiro ? Why does not the inventor of the OFB come to the public and actually clarify what he wants? Why does not he end this great confusion that was only created by him? Why does he continue to hide in a foggy Facebook, full of comings and goings, with many texts that do not definitively clarify what he really intends? If he really knows what he really wants?

(*) SOBRACI is a very small dog registry and notary club that competes with CBKC in Brazil but without any significant importance.

3 - Sobraci

That is to say, assuming the very confused logic demonstrated in the pedigree above issue by SOBRACI, for the inventor of the OFB, if a Lion is mated with a Lioness, is born not a Lion, but an Original Lion… !!! ???

I take this opportunity to ask: the two photos of the dogs below that I received today and that were posted on Facebook by Mr. Alexandre Leões de Santa`Anna are two dogs representative of the new canine type called OFB ? If positive, I ask: is this the phenotype of Fila Brasileiro that my readers want to breed and preserve? Or do they unfortunately represent the 4 - SantaAnna

I also ask: the usual supplicants, who for years have envied the success and legacy of CAFIB, that on Facebooks support the inventor of OFB cursing nonsense and more nonsense, but in reality they have never accomplished anything and have never left a legacy for the future of the Fila Brasileiro, do they support this dog phenotype above? It is such dogs above you want to breed as FB ? Are dogs like the two above that you have today in yours kennels?

After all, please remember that until last November the Pure Fila Brasileiro and CAFIB were quiet in their homes. The CAFIB carrying out its work of absolute increasing success, calmly until the suddenly appearance of the inventor of the OFB last November boasting in its Facebook:

– that Fila Brasileiro is no longer Fila Brasileiro;

– that the Fila Brasileiro has to be from now on the OFB;

– that the CAFIB Fila, the FB breed in Unifila and even the Typical Fila breed  in the CBKC-FCI are false and that the OFB is the only original one;

– that the CAFIB is formed by a group of “corrupt” people, some even presenting “Alzheimer’s” symptoms;

– and beginning to distort, decontextualize and out of date the thought of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, although he always clings to it; and

– unnecessarily copying the name “Fila“.

After all, why the inventor of OFB does not name this new dog experience still without proven result of, for example, Boiadeiro Mineiro ((= Cattle Dog of Minas Gerais), thus avoiding all this confusion created by him alone, which has generated so many polemics and unnecessary confrontations and leaves the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of ever and CAFIB in peace ?

Best  regards, Chico Peltier.