Post 647 – Ask Uncle Chico # 192 – What do you prefer: the OFB novelty or the PURE Fila Brasileiro ? – Satellite technology, GPS and Waze combat the legend of OFB hidden in the unreachable, unknown and distant farms… – Next CAFIB Expo: Jacareí, São Paulo. – CAFIB Itanhandu Expo Newsletter. – Date: May, 11th.-2019

Ask Uncle Chico # 192

What do you prefer: the OFB novelty or the PURE Fila Brasileiro ?

Satellite technology, GPS and Waze combat the legend of OFB hidden in the unreachable, unknown and distant farms…

Next CAFIB Expo: Jacareí, São Paulo.

CAFIB Itanhandu Expo Newsletter.

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 487:  Uncle Chico, I ask your permission to copy and repeat the question that you have done tireless and persistently for so many years, always comparing photos of “mestizos-filas“, “freak-filas“, “black-filas” and even photos of mutt dogs with pictures of True PURE Fila Brasileiro: WHAT DO YOU PREFER: OFB or PURE Fila Brasileiro ? See below the photos of the so called OFB that I copied from the Facebook of this type of dog and photos of PURE Filas of the CAFIB squad that I copied from your blog:

Photos of the so called OFB:

1 - OFB diversos - maio-192 - OFB diversos - maio-193 - OFB diversos - maio-19

Photos of the PURE CAFIB FILA:

Uncle Chico’s note: all the dogs in the photos below had their parents checked and registered; their litters were reported, verified. Approved   and  recorded   in the  CAFIB;   after 18  months were  submitted  and  approved in the  CAFIB  Analyses  of  Phenotypeand Temperament (APT ) and, therefore, are part of CAFIB’s Stud  Book. They have  a summary statement which physically describes them,  information about name,  age,  ascendants,  place  of  birth  and  name of their  registered  owner / breeder,  as approved by thethe Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture:

4 - FB CAFIB - Maio-195 - FB CAFIB - Maio-196 - FB CAFIB - Maio-197 - FB CAFIB - Maio-19

 Uncle Chico’s Response:

Thank you for mentioning my persistent and persevering work in defense of FB Puro, which I started alone in January 1974. Incidentally, from 1976 I received the invaluable support of the magazine Animals & Veterinary of Paulo Salles, whose editor was the famous Paulo Godinho. Shortly afterwards I also received the support of the Rio de Janeiro newspaper Diário de Notícias where I began to write weekly columns in defense of Pure Fila. Later I received the important support of Brazilian newspaper Jornal do Brasil and, later, from the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, which in those days where the two most important Brazilian newspaper. However, my denunciations of miscegenation did not receive any support from BKC, CBKC and FCI because, at that time, they wanted only to sell many pedigrees and increase the turnover of these clubs. No matter if registering FBs or mestizos as if they were Pure Filas. It was not until June 1976 that I received the fantastic support of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who, thanks to Good God, I was luck in managing to convince him to return to the FB world and cynophilia (see in  ).

But this question is very easy to answer: I and all the breeders who are traditional, serious, intelligent of all the Fila clubs in Brazil and who know at least a little about the True History of the Fila Brasileiro prefers the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of ever... This is, never again any new car model, I mean, any new model of refrigerator, I’m sorry, I mean, any new dog model called OFB.

But don`t worry, the fads of the new thesis of a new canine type with light phenotype, with triangular head and that characterizes a non-molosser dog will not avenge.


In the same way that did not avenge the first miscegenation realized in the decade of 1970 in the FB with dogs of the breeds English Mastiff, Mastin Neapolitan in black color and Great Dane also in black color (i.e., ascenders of the “black-fila”), that so much injury caused to the Pure Fila. But I recognize that this new miscegenation will do more damage, bring more breed and racial dirt and more world demoralization to the FB in the world.

As always, this enormous dirt will be cleared by the CAFIB members and other serious and intelligent breeders of Unifila and SPFB.

Congratulations on your excellent and trustworthy photos: comparing the product of the work resulting from this new, unprincipled, unsubstantiated, unprincipled thesis about the OFB with the CAFIB Pure Fila is always a great way to learn and make the right choice.

Question # 488: Dear friend Chico, for God’s sake, after all, where are these far and unknown farms where they hide and are born the so called OFBs by kilo, that only the mentor of the OFB knows ? After all, we are no longer in the time of the old Indiana Jones maps but in the time of satellite location, GPS and Waze…

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Yeah, my friend… It’s the story of the “fool me because I like it” story… Well, the fools may like it, but Uncle Chico definitely does no.

Question # 488: Uncle Chico, when will be the next CAFIB Expo ? I bought some dogs on a farm near Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais,  as if they were Pure Filas,

but they are very thin and skeletal and have a triangular and thin head. I want to take them to be judged in a CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT) to know if I bought a true Fila or something different… That is, if I bought a mutt or mongrel with pedigree instead a Pure Fila. Thank you.

Uncle Chico’s Response: It will be in Jacareí, SP, next June 23. It will be judged by Giovani Eder who in the past has already won the CAFIB Breeder of the Year Championship and the dear professor, speaker, director, judge and anchor of CAFIB TV Jonas Iacovantuono who will come to this event directly from Sweden where he lives !!! The organizer will once again be the breeder Flavio Pires, who for years left the notaries clubs CBKC-FCI, the “black-fila” and embraced the CAFIB and its Breeding Philosophy. Look for more information in the poster of this Expo that will be release soon.

Question # 490: Why has not posted on the CAFIB website the Newsletter about the Itanhandu Expo?

Uncle Chico’s Response: Due to technical problems. But the Itanhandu Newsletter in Portuguese has already been posted in the CAFIB Facebook. Just click on

CIRCULAR ITANHANDU – 2019 109ª Exposição Nacional do Fila Brasileiro do CAFIB 12ª Exposição do Fila Brasileiro de Itanhandu | Facebook . The Result has already been posted on CAFIB site, just click on the link and the Photo Gallery is also on CAFIB website at the link . The Newsletter in English and Spanish will be published in these languages soon.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.