Post 639 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 242 – Excellent news: Unifila reinvigorates and returns !!! Next Expo will be on Jun, 2nd-2019 – Some questions that I would like to know the answers from Unifila`s president Atila Luiz Dias. – Date: April, 23rd.-2019


Uncle Chico Newsletter # 242 

Excellent news: Unifila reinvigorates and returns !!!

Next Expo will be on Jun, 2nd-2019

Some questions that I would like to know the answers from Unifila`s

president Atila Luiz Dias.

My dears CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

I have just received with great satisfaction the poster inviting to the next Unifila Expo, which follows below. I am very happy with the reinvigoration of this club founded initially in 1995 by a group of Minas Gerais FB breeders and formalized as a club in 2001 in Minas Gerais, important cradle of Fila Brasileiro.

In the past, Unifila has held a number of events and Expos, many of which have been judged by CAFIB judges, based on the CAFIB Standard which was drafted by this Club in 1978, but unfortunately a few years ago, Unifila did not hold its traditional and annual Expo in the city of Belo Horizonte.

A strong Unifila that breed, divulge and give an important contribution to perpetuate the True Pure Fila Brasileiro is very important not only for the FB itself,  as well as for CAFIB and for all serious breeders of the so-called Pure Fila, mainly in Minas Gerais. 

Even more so because CBKC and FCI have been totally disinterested for decades in the FB and its representatives, SPFB and CBRFB, have been in a limbo of leadership, vagueness and contradictions without presenting any normative, practical and educative action in defense of the True and Pure FB.

However, with this important and welcome reinvigoration, I would like to ask the new leaders of Unifila, especially its president Atila Luiz Dias, always aiming to know with total transparency the methods of breeding that Unifila intends to employ, follow and adopt:

1. What is the FB Standard to be adopted at this Expo and to be followed by Unifila ?

(i) Will it be the CAFIB Standard drawn up by the founders of CAFIB in 1978 and led by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who has since maintained its first version?

(ii) – Or it will be CBKC Standard No. 225, in its 5th. version, dated 2016, where the definition “ojeriza to strangers” was modified by “aversion to strangers” and where the dog should allowed to be touched by the judge? Unifila will follow this Standard, also remembering that the translation done by FCI into English and Spanish has replaced the already modified definition “aversion” for, respectively, “aloofness towards strangers”  and “mistrustful with strangers” ?  

(iii) – Or will it be mistakenly called the PSC Standard, but which was elaborated in 1951 by Dr. Paul together with veterinarian Erwin Waldemar Rathsan and FB breeder João Ebner at the request of the then KCP (Kennel Club de São Paulo), which was then accepted by the BKC, which in fact it is the first FB Standard, altered 5 times by BKC (1977) and then 4 by CBKC ?  

Recalling that this Standard dated 1951 still accepted the Fila of all colors and was canceled and replaced by Dr. Paulo himself with the founders of CAFIB by the CAFIB Standard, Club where the Father of the Fila Breed  consolidated all his knowledge about the Fila Brasileiro ?

Note 1: 41 years after the creation of the CAFIB Standard there are still some breeders without knowledge who mistakenly insist on getting confused and calling CAFIB Standard dated 1978 of PSCruz Standard dated 1951 !!! 

See all details about all FB Standards in English clicking in

2. Will Unifila finally create its own and awaited Stud Book or will it continue to depend on the CBKC to keep its important genealogical records in this notary registry club ? Who will issue Unifila`s pedigrees? Is it still be the CBKC ? This dependency of Unifila, a serious, independent and specialized club, to use CBKC as a registry office that has been providing 50 years of enormous and serious disservice to the Fila Brasileiro Breed should not be totally avoided and extinct ?

It would not be a way to avoid or at least hamper, that the preservation work that will certainly be developed by the new Unifila and its breeders will not be usurped by CBKC “cross-breed” breeders who have long benefited from the CAFIB squad?

Note 2: I believe that CAFIB could cooperate with Unifila with its knowledge, technique and computer program so that it develops its own Stud Book and makes its own pedigrees.

3. At this next Expo, Unifila intends to carry out some kind of Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament as it has been done at CAFIB for 41 years or some kind of Apt for Reproduction such as would be instituted in CBRFB and SPFB in 2011, but which never came into force due to the existence of so many mestizos dogs ? In other words, will this next Expo be a beauty + show event only in the form of the CBKCFCI or will it in fact serve to evaluate the FB’s breeding squad for breed improvement purposes in Minas Gerais?

4. Finally, will Unifila officially and publicly stand against OFB, as CAFIB has already done and SPFB has not yet ? That is, against this new thesis of a new model of a dog invented unfortunately in Governador Valadares City, located also in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, that rejects the Fila Brasileiro, selling itself as if it were an aboriginal dog and with a strong marketing campaign well-wrapped and presented ? Today, when the return of the Unifila, would not be an extremely timely and unforgettable moment for this club to mortgaging its total support for the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro for ever ? Should not Unifila publicly disapprove of the newly invented thesis of this new phenotype of this new dog called OFB, which is in total discrepancy with the 4 phenotypes of FBs exemplified below and stamped in the very invitation of this Expo?

            Unifila  Invitation                    Aborígine dog

1 - Cartaz + Abo rígena


Final Note: This article was sent first-hand by email to UNIFILA for the attention of its president Átila Luiz Dias and copying to and its director Marcus Flavio Vilasboas Moreira.

Wishing huge success and very happy with the return of Unifila,

Best regards, Chico Peltier.