Post 636 – Ask Uncle Chico # 189 – About Quinzinho and the innumerable and irreparable incongruities existing in the OFB thesis !!! – Fila Pointer: the newly manufactured and new “model” of “light-fila” and with “triangular head” !!! – The origin of the OFBB (= Object Fanciful Bizarre Baraguaio) is Thailand !!! – Is there any intelligent life outside CAFIB? – Date; April, 29th.-2019

Ask Uncle Chico # 189

About Quinzinho and  the innumerable and irreparable incongruities existing in the OFB thesis !!!

Fila Pointer: the newly manufactured and new “model” of “light-fila” and with “triangular head” !!!

The origin of the OFBB (= Object Fanciful Bizarre Baraguaio) is Thailand !!!

Is there any intelligent life outside CAFIB?


Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

Question  # 474: Uncle Chico, what a marvels article written by Quinzinho (Joaquim Liberato Barroso, Canil Boa Sorte) analyzing with extreme depth and objectivity the innumerable historical and technical incongruities that exist in the OFB thesis. It was very good that he returned to CAFIB. He came back with a Gold Medal…

Congratulations !

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Undoubtedly, this is the best text ever published on this latest miscegenation fiction called OFB that unfortunately they are trying to introduce into FB. Excellent article, methodical and surgical made by Quinzinho. It destroys point by point the frail and shallow OFB thesis. I would love to have it written myself. I believe other serious and cultured FB breeders as well.

Very different from the posts made on Facebook by silly and superficial people and / or functional illiterates who do not know how to write, as well as by those who try to induce new FB breeders to make mistakes about OFB. For those who have not read it, just access it in Portuguese clicking in .

Note: this article is being translated into English right now. Soon will be posted. In some days will be posted in my blog in

Please note that this is his third Quinzinho`s article on this topic, all posted on my blog. Once again my congratulations to Quinzinho !!! Even more now that he is back in the bosom of CAFIB. Did you know that he participated in all 14 Expos held in the 80’s and 90’s by CAFIB-Rio ?

Question  # 475:  Uncle Chico, outside the professional dog trainers circle, who obviously try to conquer a new market to sell their services to the owners of such OFB and, perhaps, to pinch the new and naive breeders of the True FB, I do not know about any serious breeder with tradition and history in the Fila Breed that is following the mentor of the OFB. Not even his Minas Gerais friends for so many decades. I do not known any breeder of FB embarked on this new adventure. Total disbelief. After all, this new thesis has no future because his mentor never answered the 10 questions about OFB formulated by you (Uncle Chico) in November last year. Nor do the various points formulated by Marcelo Zuliani, Quinzinho Liberato, Jonas Iacovantuono and Fabiano Nunes also about OFB, thus proving that this new thesis of a new model of dog is going nowhere. In addition, this shallow and fragile theory has no origin, since Uncle Chico has already proven that OFB cannot be derived from Iberian Dogs as, without evidence, was lightly alleged by the mentor of the OFB. And even this new experience has a future because it does not have a minimum period of maturation time. Incredible to consider and sell and put such new type dog on the market as being pure breed dog with no phenotype, temperament, nervous system already set and fixed. That is: no one can predict what will be born in the future litters, since according to the author, every type of dog that he thinks resembles FB (and for Uncle Chico resembles Pointer) can be used in this open experience. It’s the guesswork “mating” with the could be or maybe work ! After all, the CBKC and the FCI heterogeneous “fila” that’s enough, as well as their totally lacking of leaders in Brazil and Belgium who since the 70’s have accepted any type of enormous and big head dog as being a Pure FB. After all, a dog notary/registries club live by selling pedigrees and charging fees… Any dog newly imagined in a new experience has to have a lot of time of breeding with rigidly controlled and selected in practice and not in anyone’s head and guess. But this gives a lot of work, takes time and consumes resources… Which is not important to the fast traders and dog trainers… Therefore, they should not go out selling and / or placing these dogs on the market as if they were a Pure and fixed Breed. After all, who has experienced similar to this in the past and caused enormous damage to the FB was exactly the cross-breeders João Batista Gomes with his theory of the Mastiff-fila and Procópio do Valle with his theory of the “black-fila“… Fila Brasileiro does not deserve a new miscegenation and demoralization in Brazil and abroad !!!

I write to you because I am shocked with the ad they sent me and it follows below for you:

1- Adestrador

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I fully agree.

A pity that after 50 years of the beginning of FB miscegenation, another attempt at fad and cross-breeding is under way.

Paste a preservationist stamp on the forehead is easy. Rescue from extinction and preserve the FB as it has been doing by CAFIB for 41 years is very difficult …

Please, see below:

Photo # 1: The mutt called Bigu, that is, a mutt / mongrel dog FROM and ON Guapiara Farm, located in Itanhandu in the south of Minas Gerais, birthplace of the FB. Bigu is a very shy and distrustful mutt, but he was very sympathetic to Uncle Chico… In fact, the ones who do not like Uncle Chico are the old and new adherents and defenders of the miscegenation, that is, the breeders of “freak-filas”, “black-filas”” and more recently “light-fila” and “filas with triangular head”. That is, the new Pointer Type Fila. Well, do not like Uncle Chico either are the people and leaders of CBKC and FCI. But all defenders of Pure Fila like Uncle Chico, and a lot !!! And that’s what interests me. Thank God !!!

Photo # 2: Pointer Fila Type, that is, the new, newly manufactured “light-fila” model with a “triangular head”. That is, very far from the phenotype characteristic of the Molossus Family.

2 - Viralata

Concluding this answer: BE CAREFUL therefore, according to the Brazilian very famous philosopher Hélio Pellegrino “The intelligence turned for evil (of FB) is worse than stupidity “. And in this case, I think that evil and stupidity have “mated.”

Question  # 476:  Uncle Chico, let’s put a little humor in this craziness and madness of the OFBB (Object Fanciful Bizarre Baraguaio). Its proved that the OFBB does not have its origin in the Iberian Peninsula, nor much less in its dogs of light phenotype and with their triangular heads. The OFBB has its origin in Thailand !!! I explain: workers at a Chevron oil platform in the Gulf of Thailand have rescued a OFBB dog found on the high seas, about 200 km off the coast. The animal was saved a week ago. The OFBB dog is fine. See photos:

3 - Tailandia

Uncle Chico’s Response:

It’s true: just with humor, a lot of humor …

But my desire is to cry a lot because of this new attack on the integrity and breed purity of our beloved, original, traditional and authentic Brazilian Fila Dog as usual !!!

Maybe the dog from the theory of the Fila Terceirense, invented by the cross-breeder João Batista Gomes, and the dog of the Dogue de Forte Race, invented by the cross-breeder Procópio do Valle and the youngest cross-breed OFBB before coming to Brazil, they jumped right into Thailand, picked up a very strong wind and arrived in Brazil using a boat … lol, lol…

Question  # 477: Dear Uncle Chico, I hope that the fools in FB – which unfortunately are so many – forgive me, but as regards the intelligent life among those who orbit the FB, I just do not believe it exists outside the CAFIB. The rest is rest !!!

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I fully agree.

Unfortunately, in addition to the many functional illiterates existing in the FB  breeding and outside the CAFIB, that is, those who cannot even write an entire sentence on Facebook explaining clearly their thinking and opinion, those who never have valid arguments and therefore appeal for ragged apologies and parallel matters, and especially for those who cannot correctly interpret the texts they read – when they read; the concrete fact is that everyone has enormous spite and envy due to the enormous success of CAFIB and its 41 years of work that undoubtedly saved the Fila Brasileiro from extinction.

But unfortunately there is a trio of people disqualified on Facebook, in addition to an ex-CAFIB who breeds “black-fila”… All cursing aimlessly… Shooting without reason and myopic in all directions … These are the quartet of Facebook-fake-warriors who build nothing, which no legacy will leave to the future breeders and admirers of our beloved Fila Brasileiro.

Too bad, because they only lost time since if they had joined CAFIB, they would have improved themselves as breeders, they would have improved their squad and they would have participated very happily in the Expo of Itanhandu and of all the CAFIB Expo Calendar. Or they will not participate in the CAFIB Expos because they are afraid that his wonderful and exceptional dogs will be Disapproved in the CAFIB APT (Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament) or run from the Temperament Test ? Or they already tried to be a CAFIB member and had their proposals rejected or even been expelled? Very funny: they always complain on Facebook from CAFIB, but all have in their kennels the blood of the Pure CAFIB Fila… !!!

Very funny this tremendous incongruity The fact is that this group is totally incapable and are not competent to form an association aiming to diffuse its Breeding Philosophy itself – because they do not have any. From here a thousand years this four poor people will continue without an objective and goal for their FB breeding, without their own Standard, Registration Book, Rules, Regulations, Litter Advise & Verification, AFT (Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament) or APR (Apt for Reproduction) and Expos and will continue to register their litters like some “fragile-fila” and “docile-fila” in the CBKC-FCI notary company… That is: absolutely nothing they will build or leave as legacy for the Fila Breed !!! Except for messing with Facebook. But to complain without reason against CAFIB and its associates this four people certainly win the famous Garbage Medal

Yes, unfortunately you are very certain: there is no intelligent life outside CAFIB !!!

Best regards, Chico Peltier.