Post 644 – Ask Uncle Chico # 190 – Confusion and ignorance that turned into miscegenation: OFB = “fila-pointer” – Without arguments, OFB’s mentor has no way of responding to Quinzinho’s masterful article. – Other questions also not answered by the OFB mentor ? Is there intelligent life outside CAFIB – Part II ? – Stupidity x illiteracy… – “Worldwide” Anfibra turned just into a small Commission !!! – Date: April, 30th – 2019

Ask Uncle Chico # 190

Confusion and ignorance that turned into miscegenation: OFB = “fila-pointer

Without arguments, OFB’s mentor has no way of responding to Quinzinho’s masterful article.

Other questions also not answered by the OFB mentor ?

Is there intelligent life outside CAFIB – Part II ?

Stupidity x illiteracy…

“Worldwide” Anfibra turned just into a small Commission !!!


Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations… 

Question # 478: Uncle Chico, I feel that the mentor of the OFB is making another great confusion and miscegenation in the FB Breed, probably due to his naivety, inflated ego, arrogance and historical and technical ignorance. I feel this because I am a great-grandson of farmers and I can affirm that the dogs he considers to be “original” (OFB) are no more than mestizos of several mixed breeds, especially mongrels with Pointer blood.

And they also remember me the extinct Brazilian dog breed that took 20 years to be formed by the well-known breeder and Brazilian leader, Dr. Oswaldo Aranha Filho, who was president of the General Assembly of the UN (United Nations, New York) and nominated for the Nobel Prize of Peace. This breed was denominated Rastreador Brasileiro (*) who inhabited the Pantanal and the Brazilian States of Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais and was very popular in Brazil in the 60’s and 70’s until it came to be considered extinct.

(*) “Rastreador” in Portuguese means Tracker, i.e., to track, to trace… the hunt, the bird, the tiger…

The dog that the mentor of the OFB calls vague and widely “original” certainly are dogs originated from other dogs Without a Defined Breed, i.e., mongrels, mixed-breed dogs or mutts that does not belong to any officially recognized breed. That is, descendants of mestizos and mutts scattered not only in farms but also in many cities, not only in Minas Gerais but also throughout Brazil.

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Well… One more sadness for us that preserve the True FB … The original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of always did not deserve to go through this risk of a new miscegenation. Imagine a Pure Fila with light phenotype and triangular head. As it is the OFB. That is, an anti-molosso dog. Concluding: Minas Gerais, cradle of the FB, did not deserve this bad spot in its Fila History… Glad that the reinvigorated Unifila is coming …

But I must point out that you mentioned exactly that the Rastreador Brasileiro dog took “only” 20 years to have its type fixed by an extremely cultured Brazilian, well related even abroad, with resources and access to universities and veterinarian … And ended up being extinct … Then compare the Rastreador Brasileiro with the OFB: less than 10 years ago the mentor of OFB launched his Manifesto in favor of Pure Fila and until few months ago he breed Fila Brasileiro. In 5/6 months everything changed and he made such a thesis of OFB… He makes his new inventions and his new theses in a superficial and irresponsible manner… Fools are the ones who believe in him…                                                                            Pointer x  OFB ?

Pointer x OFB

 Note: please observe that in March 1976 Uncle Chico, two years before the founding of CAFIB, had already written in the Brazilian magazine Animais & Veterinaria # 12 about some Brazilian breed dogs, as Pointer, Perdigueiro, Rastreador Brasileiro, Paqueiro, Veadeiro Paulista and other types Brazilian canines, whose offspring are by mixed or cross breeds and scattered throughout Brazil. Picking them up on any farm and trying to force them to be a “OFB” is, in my view, a crime against the greatest National Cynophilia Heritage: our beloved Fila Brasileiro. See the link

Question # 479: Uncle Chico, there is no doubt that the article of the breeder Quinzinho Liberato Barroso posted on his facebook (  or ) deconstructing and crushing the false OFB thesis was the most profound and enlightening ever written to date. Without arguments and knocked out, only left the OFB mentor to attack the author on a personal level… But since he had nothing to attack, he accused Quinzinho of being “handler” … That’s right !!! “Handler” !!!… Can you believe that someone is able to write and post a nonsense like this?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Well… Very funny… The OFB mentor should not know that Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz was “handler” of  the Canil Parnapuan, Airton Campbell was “handler” of the Canil Parque do Castelo, Américo Cardoso was “handler” of the Canil Araguaya, Luciano Gavião was “handler” of the Canil Serra Dourada, that even Toninho Borges was “handler” of the former Kennel named Canil Caramonan which has been in the past specialized in the FB breeding, that Chico Peltier was “handler” of the Canil CAFIBRA and that until today Pedro Borotti, Fabiano Nunes, Marcus Vilasboas Moreira, Gerson Junqueira, Daniel Balsas, Newton Filizola, Wilson Vilela, Leonardo Monteiro, Roger Frias, Felício Unello, Cristiano Vieira and Leo Lima among so many CAFIB members are handlers of their own kennels … Quinzinho participated in the 15 Expos realize by CAFIB-RIO in the 80’s and 90’s and until recently presented his FBs of the Canil Boa Sorte without any problem… Congratulations for him !!!

But my friends, just look what a curious thing: for the mentor of the OFB to be “handler” of their own FBs is not possible.

But keep some kind of partnership with professional dog trainers to sell dog and do marketing yes, it is possible…

See below:

1- Adestrador

Note: see Quinzinho’s masterful article doing the autopsy of OFB also in English in

Question # 480: Chico, my dear friend of so many decades, I have been a professional handler for 20 years; I was professor of numerous courses for “handler”; I performed more than 30 Courses outside Rio de Janeiro; 11 of them with durations of 4 to 6 months and I wrote as handler more than 3,000 articles on dogs. Still as a handler, I was chosen in 1977 by the prestigious American magazine Esquire, “one of the greatest connoisseurs of dogs in the world“. My God, how much lack of culture and historical knowledge accuse a breeder of being a handler !!!

Uncle Chico’s Response:

My dear friend, being a handler for the mentor of OFB cannot be possible, but to hire or to associate or to maintain partnerships with professional dog trainers of other breeds than the Fila Brasileiro yes, it is possible…

The mentor of the OFB without arguments and without having how to respond intelligently to Quinzinho appealed to personal attacks and nonsense … That is, one more among so many inconsistencies noted in the pseudo thesis of the OFB mentor.

Then I ask:

Will the 4 disqualified supporters the mentor of OFB owns from this miscegenation will continue to support him on Facebooks ?

Only if it is spite and envy of the unquestionable success of CAFIB ?

Remembering that in their kennels these four guys do not breed OFBs, but continue to breed Fila Brasileiro, and with CAFIB blood  !!!

Question # 481:  Dear Uncle Chico, but what a marvelous answer about the lack of intelligent life outside CAFIB… The neo-breeder of the “black-fila” is really aimless… No one understands what he’s posting I the Facebooks…

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I agree, but I have to make a caveat. When I wrote this answer I still had not received the information that the Unifila was invigorated and back… Let’s wait for President Atila Luiz Dias who asked for a little time to act and answer some questions, but state very well saying: … the Fila that the Unifila defends 18 years ago is the same as the CAFIB defends 41 years ago “!!!

That is, totally against the miscegenation of the 70s and 80s done by some breeders with institutional and systemic support of the BKC-CBKC-FCI, which left the Fila Breed as a terrible legacy the “fila-freak” and the “black-fila” and the new and current miscegenation that wants to transform the Fila Brasileiro into a light dog, with a triangular head that most resembles a “fila-pointer”.

Question # 482:  Uncle Chico, forget: the mentor of the OFB has no way of answering your 10 questions formulated last November, nor the comments done by Jonas Iacovantuono, Fabiano Nunes, Marcelo Zuliani and, much less, commenting on the enormous torpedo that he received recently via the article of Quinzinho Liberato…

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I agree. But it’s a shame. A person who creates a great confusion and a new miscegenation should counteract… Or rather, to apologize … Simply disappearing is not right or fair.

Question # 483: Uncle Chico, forget about. You are a very elegant and educated guy… But we all know that the biggest problem of FB is not FUNCTIONAL ILLITERACY, but the BRAZILIAN STUPIDITY that characterizes these people !!! This group does not study, does not read and is posting rubbish in the Facebook… We are unfortunately a country with no education, culture and history !!! Hence the stupidity that plagues the country !!! This is why these people do not know what it is to breed and preserve a pure breed !!! Send your traditional Seal of Stupidity to them !!!

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Yes, but I only have the Seal of Foolish… For these four guys is very little. Lol…Lol…

Question # 484: Dear Chico, CAFIB began its activities in 1978 as a Commission linked to the former BKC and quickly became independent Club and received in April 1980 authorization from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture to issue its own pedigrees and maintain its own Stud Book. CAFIB completes 41 years of excellent work and results, being recognized in Brazil and abroad as the only club responsible for having rescued the FB from extinction and having it preserved with absolute success. On the other hand Anfibra began as a WORLDWIDE association, lasted only 4 years, of which more than three without its own breed Standard and now turned into a Commission. Will they be able to start all over again?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Yes, very well remembered. Arrogance and prepotency build nothing …

Best regards, Chico Peltier. 

Post 643 – Perguntem ao Tio Chico nº 190 – Confusão e desconhecimento que virou miscigenação: OFB = “fila-pointer” – Sem argumentos o mentor do OFB não tem como responder ao magistral artigo do Quinzinho. – Outras perguntas também não respondidas pelo mentor do OFB ? – Existe vida inteligente fora do CAFIB – Parte II ? – Burrice x analfabetismo no FB. – Anfibra de “mundial” virou Comissão !!! – Data: 30/04/19

Perguntem ao Tio Chico nº 190

Confusão e desconhecimento que virou miscigenação: OFB = “fila-pointer

Sem argumentos o mentor do OFB não tem como responder ao magistral artigo do Quinzinho.

Outras perguntas também não respondidas pelo mentor do OFB ?

Existe vida inteligente fora do CAFIB – Parte II ?

Burrice x analfabetismo no FB.

Anfibra de “mundial” virou Comissão !!!


Queridos amigos e amigas do Fila Brasileiro (FB) e do CAFIB, continuando com nossas conversas…  

Pergunta nº 478:  Tio Chico, sinto que o mentor do OFB esteja fazendo mais uma grande confusão e mestiçagem na Raça FB, provavelmente devido a sua ingenuidade, ego inflado, prepotência e desconhecimento histórico e técnico. Sinto isto pois sou bisneto de fazendeiros e posso afirmar que os cães que ele julga como sendo originais (OFB) não passam de mestiços de várias raças, principalmente de mestiços com sangue de Pointer.

E lembram também muito a extinta raça brasileira que demorou 20 anos para ser formada pelo conhecido cinófilo e líder brasileiro, Dr. Oswaldo Aranha Filho, que foi presidente da Assembleia Geral da ONU e indicado para o prêmio Nobel da Paz entre outros grandes feitos. Esta raça era denominada Rastreador Brasileiro que habitou o Pantanal, o Rio Grande do Sul  e Minas Gerais e foi muito popular no Brasil nas décadas de 60 e 70 até vir a ser considerada extinta.

O cachorro que o mentor do OFB chama vaga e amplamente de “original” certamente são cachorros oriundos de outros cães Sem Raça Definida (SRD). Isto é, descendentes de mestiços e vira-latas espalhados não só em fazendas mas também em muitas cidades, não só de Minas Gerais como também de todo o Brasil.

Resposta do Tio Chico: Pois é… Mais uma grande tristeza para nós que preservamos o Verdadeiro FB… O original, tradicional e autentico Cão de Fila Brasileiro de sempre não merecia passar por mais este risco de uma nova mestiçagem. Imagine um Fila Puro com fenótipo leve e cabeça triangular. Ou seja, um anti-molosso. Concluindo: Minas Gerais, berço do FB,  não merecia esta mancha em sua história cinófila fileira… Ainda bem que a Unifila revigorada vem chegando…

Mas devo salientar que voce mencionou com exatidão que o Rastreador Brasileiro demorou “apenas” 20 anos para ter seu tipo fixado por um brasileiro extremamente culto, bem relacionado até no exterior, com recursos e acesso a Universidades e veterinários… E acabou sendo extinto… Então compare o Rastreador Brasileiro com o OFB: há menos de 10 anos atrás o mentor do OFB lançava seu Manifesto em favor do Fila Puro e até anteontem criava Fila Brasileiro. Em pouco meses tudo mudou e ele fabricou a tal tese do OFB… Esta turma faz as suas novas invenções e suas novas teses no “joelho”… Tolos são os que acreditam…

                         Pointer              X              OFB

Pointer x OFB

Nota: vejam que em março de 1976 o Tio Chico, dois anos antes da fundação do CAFIB,  já tinha escrito na Revista Animais & Veterinária nº 12 sobre o Pointer, o Perdigueiro, o Rastreador Brasileiro, o Paqueiro, o Veadeiro Paulista e outros tipos caninos brasileiros, cujos descendentes estão por ai — miscigenados (SRD) — e espalhados pelo Brasil.  Pega-los em qualquer fazenda e tentar transformá-los à força em “OFB” é, a meu ver, um crime contra o maior Patrimônio da Cinofilia Nacional: nosso querido Cão de Fila Brasileiro. Vide no link

 Pergunta nº 479: Tio Chico, não resta nenhuma dúvida de que o artigo do criador Quinzinho Liberato Barroso postado no face dele (  ou em ) desconstruindo e triturando a falsa tese do OFB foi o mais profundo e esclarecedor já escrito até hoje. Sem argumentos e nocauteado, só restou ao mentor do OFB atacar o autor a nível pessoal… Mas como não tinha o que atacar, acusou-o de ser… “handler”…  Isto mesmo: “handler” !!!… Dá para acreditar que alguém seja capaz de escrever e postar uma tolice desta ?

Resposta do Tio Chico: Pois é… O mentor do OFB não deve saber que o Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz foi “handler” do Canil Parnapuan, que Airton Campbell foi “handler” do Canil Parque do Castelo, que Américo Cardoso foi “handler” do Canil Araguaya, que Luciano Gavião foi “handler” do Canil Serra Dourada, que até o Toninho Borges foi “handler” do antigo Canil chamado Caramonan que já foi no passado recente especializado na criação de FB mas desde há pouco meses atrás não é mais, que Chico Peltier foi “handler” do Canil CAFIBRA e que até hoje, Pedro Borotti, Fabiano Nunes, Marcus Vilasboas Moreira, Gerson Junqueira, Daniel Balsas, Newton Filizola, Wilson Vilela, Leonardo Monteiro, Roger Frias, Felício Unello, Cristiano Vieira e Leo Lima são “handlers” de seus próprios canis… Quinzinho participou das 15 Expos realizadas pelo CAFIB-Rio nas décadas de 80 e 90 e até recentemente apresentava seus FBs do Canil Boa Sorte sem problema algum… Palmas para ele !!!

Mas meus amigos, vejam só que coisa mais curiosa: para o mentor do OFB ser “handler” de seus próprios cães não pode.

Mas manter algum tipo de parceria com adestradores profissionais para vender cachorro e fazer marketing pode

Vejam prova e constatação abaixo:

1- AdestradorNota: vejam o magistral artigo do Quinzinho fazendo a autópsia do OFB também em

Pergunta nº 480:  Meu querido amigo de tantas décadas Chico. Eu fui “handler” profissional por 20 anos; fui professor de inúmeros Cursos para “handler”; realizei mais de 30 Cursos fora do Rio de Janeiro; 11 deles com durações de 4 a 6 meses e escrevi, como “handler”, mais de 3.000 artigos sobre cães. Ainda como “handler”, fui escolhido em 1977 pela revista americana Esquire, “um dos maiores conhecedores de cães do mundo”. Meu Deus, quanta falta de cultura e de conhecimento histórico acusar um criador de ser “handler” !!!

Resposta do Tio Chico: Pois é meu querido amigo… Ser “handler” não pode, mas contratar ou se associar ou manter parcerias com adestradores profissionais de cães de outras raças que não a Raça Fila Brasileiro, pode…

O mentor do OFB sem argumentos e sem ter como responder inteligentemente ao Quinzinho apelou para ataques pessoais e tolices…

Ou seja, mais uma entre tantas incongruências observadas na pseudo tese do mentor do OFB.

Então pergunto:

Será que os 4 apoiadores desqualificados que ele possui desta mistureba vão continuar a apoia-lo nos Facebooks ?

Só mesmo se for por despeito e inveja do sucesso inquestionável do CAFIB ?

Lembrando que os 4 em seus canis não criam OFBs, mas sim continuam criando Fila Brasileiro, e com sangue do CAFIB !!!

É a eterna turma do contra que nada constrói e nada deixará como legado para a Raça Fila !!!

Pergunta nº 481:  Querido Tio Chico, mas que maravilha a sua resposta sobre a inexistência de vida inteligente fora do CAFIB… O neo-criador de “fila-preto” esta mesmo sem rumo… Ninguém entende o que ele posta…

Resposta do Tio Chico: Concordo, mas tenho que fazer uma ressalva. Quando escrevi esta resposta ainda não tinha recebido a informação de que a Unifila estava revigorada e de volta… Vamos aguardar o presidente Atila Luiz Dias que pediu um pouco de tempo para agir e responder algumas perguntas, mas mandou muito bem ao afirmar: o Fila que a Unifila defende há 18 anos é o mesmo que o CAFIB defende há 41 anos!!! Ou seja, totalmente contra a mestiçagem dos anos 70 e 80 realizada por muitos criadores com apoio institucional e sistêmico do BKC-CBKC-FCI, que deixou para a  Raça Fila como terrível legado o “fila-aberração” e o “fila-preto” e a nova mestiçagem atual que quer transformar o Fila Brasileiro num cão leve, de cabeça triangular, que mais se parece com um “fila-pointer”.

Pergunta nº 482:  Grande Chico, esquece: o mentor do OFB não tem como responder as suas 10 perguntas formuladas em novembro passado, nem os comentários de Jonas Iacovantuono, Fabiano Nunes, Marcelo Zuliani e, muito menos, comentar o tirambaço que recebeu recentemente no meio da testa via artigo do Quinzinho Liberato…

Resposta do Tio Chico: Concordo. Mas é uma pena. Uma pessoa que cria uma enorme confusão e uma nova mestiçagem deveria contra-argumentar… Ou melhor, se desculpar… Simplesmente sumir não é correto nem justo.

Pergunta nº 483: Tio Chico, põe logo para quebrar. Voce é um cara muito elegante e educado… Mas todos nós sabemos que o maior problema do FB não é o ANALFABETISMO FUNCIONAL, mas sim a BURRICE BRASILEIRA !!! Esta turma não estuda, não lê e fica “deitando” regra no Facebook… Somos infelizmente um pais sem educação, cultura e história !!! Daí a burrice que assola o pais !!! Por isto estes estúpidos não sabem o que é criar e preservar uma raça pura !!! Manda o seu tradicional Selo da Burrice para eles !!!

Resposta do Tio Chico: Pois é, mas só tenho o Selo da Tolice… Para estes quatro “Tolice” é muito pouco. Rsrsrs…

Pergunta nº 484: Grande Chico, o CAFIB iniciou suas atividades como Comissão ligado ao então BKC e rapidamente virou Clube independente e recebeu em Abril/1980 autorização do Ministério da Agricultura para emitir seus próprios pedigrees e manter seu Livro de Registros. O CAFIB completa mês que vem  41 anos de excelentes trabalhos e resultados, sendo reconhecido no Brasil e no exterior como o único clube responsável por ter resgatado o FB da extinção e o tê-lo preservado com absoluto sucesso. A Anfibra começou como associação MUNDIAL, durou apenas 4 anos, dos quais mais de três sem Padrão Racial e agora virou Comissão. Será que terão capacidade de recomeçar tudo de novo?

Resposta do Tio Chico: Pois é, muito bem lembrado. A prepotência e arrogância nada constroem…

Abraços, Chico Peltier. 

Post 642 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 244 – Another exceptional, deep and crystalline article signed by – Quinzinho Liberato demonstrating the subversion and fallacy of the OFB theory. – Date: April, 26 th. -2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 244 

Another exceptional, deep and crystalline article signed by

Quinzinho Liberato demonstrating the subversion and fallacy of the OFB theory.  

My dears CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

Please find below another exceptional, deep and crystalline article signed by Quinzinho Liberato, former president of Anfibra and who recently returned to the breast

of the CAFIB, demonstrating the subversion and fallacy in the newly invented theory of the new type of dog called OFB, that most resembles a Fila Pointer, which was posted on Facebook of the Boa Sorte Kennel, whose link is

and also in Quinbzinho`s profile 

Quinzinho has not, like the great majority of breeders, afraid to compromise by exposing his thinking publicly. For him, the FB is above friendships. Quinzinho made a point of mentioning the relationship of friendship between him and the mentor of the OFB, but also that he does not mix nor “cross” friendship with the deal with the Truth  referring to Fila Brasileiro and CAFIB.

That is: friends, friends; new theories aside …

I hope that the lazy people and the functional illiterates are able to read this excellent article and know how to interpret it correctly.


ScreenHunter 733

Canil Boa Sorte

OFB Project – Revolution or Subversion?

The subject of the moment, in the scope of the Fila Brasileiro, is the dispute about the project entitled Original Fila Brasileiro – OFB. The heated upheavals between the defenders and critics of the above program have become commonplace; in fact, everything has been ruled today, especially in Cynophilia, a historic arena of frantic discussions.

First of all, I would like to make it very clear that the main creator of OFB, breeder Antonio Carlos Linhares Borges (Caramonã Kennel) has been a long-time personal friend of the Boa Sorte Kennel for decades, whose creation was even benefited, some time ago, with the arrival of the Caramonã specimen’s blood. Precisely for this reason, I feel rather comfortable emphasizing the following considerations that follow, without the risk of being interpreted as pure and simple personal litigation or ideological caseload.

The text below aims at reflecting my understanding of the matter, for the little that has already been presented to us, drawing on the experience of long-time breeder, judge and former leader of a cynophile entity, in the hope of helping the enthusiastic public of the true Fila Brasileiro Dog to produce their convictions regarding the theme. With the long history of disputes that the Breed has already suffered I believe it is the obligation of the most experienced people to be alert and to become available as guides regarding the difference of a welcome initiative, as opposed to another one, even under the auspices of the best intentions, which may come the to harm it once again. The Fila Brasileiro is strong and rustic, but History has already proved that it is not immune to the aggressions of those who have exactly set out to be their “saviors”. All care and attention are little in these cases.

The OFB Project proposes to us, in very brief terms, a kind of “redesign” of the Fila Brasileiro Dog, as we know it today in detail, under the allegation that, over the years, and due to failure in guidance/ judgments of clubs and entities responsible for the Breed (with resulting poor selection of the specimens), the phenotypic typology of the FB would have evolved to a point not compatible with the original specimens found on farms in the interior of Brazil, animals known to serve as base for the studies and pioneering observations of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz and resulting elaboration of the first Racial Standard in the late 1940’s of the 20th century.

Furthermore, the OFB Project presents to us a postulate typical of racial origin (Iberian dogs) and also uses some techniques of handling and selection based on methodologies proper of the universe of sport and work dogs with the assistance of professional trainers, all this promoted in an efficient dissemination /marketing strategy. It is no small thing …. One could even speak of a revolution of ideas, if a few ambiguities of the project did not focus on the tenuous, and often masked, difference of understanding between verbs to revolutionize and subvert. Both expressions may be understood by attempts at abrupt or radical changes on previously established bases; yet, the former usually carries a more pragmatic, positive, and innovative symbolism or perception, usually geared toward perfection. On the other hand, the latter is almost always associated with a substantially confrontational, abrasive, many times anarchic attitude, without clear or concrete practical purposes or, at worst, the most objectionable of them.

The points can be further explained by analyzing them by topics:


As for the (new) proposal of racial origin, it is necessary to remember the virtual impossibility of assigning a technical, historical, or minimally reliable origin to those dog breeds not woven by human hands, but naturally created, as it was the case of the Fila Brasileiro, whose descriptive regulation (elaboration of the Racial Standard) occurred later on, with the Breed already established. The geographic, cultural and economic conditions of the interior of older Brazil (18th and 19th centuries) did not allow the existence of a “canine culture” that left traces or reliable records. In the old farms, dogs were simply dogs, or at best a work tool which, if not useful, was replaced by another, without any formal concerns. Because of this context, and because of the lack of elements derived from it, the racial origin of the Fila Brasileiro, in definitive terms, still remains indeterminate exclusively because of the lack of substance that gives it the verisimilitude of a sustainable thesis.

There is even a certain amount of haste in attributing a formal origin to naturally formed canine breeds. Some consider it relevant to “see” in their dogs the characteristics of the Breeds in formation; others see a certain lack of “nobility” in Breeds that do not have a clear indication of their origin, and there are also those who wish, simply and uniquely, to speculate on the matter, perhaps in an attempt to achieve followers to their ideas, justify their now inadequate stocks or, perhaps, elevate themselves to the status of “Patrons” or “Fathers of History”. This is not the first time that this is observed and certainly shall not be the last.

The question about the admissibility of an axiom of racial origin is not restricted to the fact of having scientific or empirical bases, but in doing so, or not, presents itself supported by a minimum protocol of experimentation and results. Historical, geographic, or registry records about the existence and sufficient amount of forming breeds, information on circumscription, linkage, proportion and timing of facts and experiments, as well as data on their results. All this is presented within a coherent and contextualized narrative that provides it with a credible aura and carries a possibility, however small, of being factual. Beyond this, any hypothesis will inhabit the domain of conjectures, an area in which all are free to create theirs, however without having to take the liberty, or the pretense, of making them universal or absolute.

As can be seen, the argument presented by the OFB for the origin of the Fila Brasileiro Dog does not manage to reach a point beyond personal reasoning, and many consider its propagation, in the form in which it is, not a revolution, but a subversion to ideas and the most rudimentary principles of empirical or scientific experimentation, in addition to the (good) common sense that governs any activity.


The following unusual point is the very titling of the project. It is very well known that the designation “Fila Brasileiro Dog” was only given after the approval of the first Racial Standard (1951), as a result of the work of studies and pioneering prospects of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, in addition to the efforts of several other individuals involved. Even for a brief period prior to this (late 1930’s, 1940’s) it was provisionally termed as the “Fila Nacional”, due to its first appearances in exhibitions and the first RI’s (1945), still as an unrecognized Breed.

It is also well known that the term “Fila Dog” had never been used in the Breed’s origin environment. In the old farms, in the nooks and bushlands where the dog already existed, its most common denominations were Cabeçudo, Boiadeiro (or Cabeçudo-Boiadeiro), Onceiro, Amarelo Boca Preta and others, never Fila. It is assumed that the nickname “Fila Dog” came from São Paulo, where dogs acquired in MG were taken by farmers from São Paulo, these were the first to give a greater canine projection to those dogs that came from the interior of Brazil.

The very denomination of the project induces, in a first perception, to the suggestion of purity and originality to the animals that belong to it, leading to believe that only its specimens are true, pure and original Filas Brasileiros, thus impelling, by direct analogy, all the remaining specimens to a kind of “racial limbo”. It is undoubtedly an ambiguity and iniquity of huge proportions to History, facts and so many that, over the decades, have made efforts, put on dedication time and personal investments to the genuine Fila Brasileiro Dog.

Again, by force of the unfounded tramping of facts, elements, and licit circumstances that have already been well-proven, there is no way to fail conceiving this point of the OFB Project as a “Subversion” to widely consecrated bases and notions, never a “Revolution”.


In its technical proposal, from the little it is already been known, the OFB transits between obviousness and new conceptions, however clearly dressed in new clothes, conferring to the scientific features, exclusive or pioneering.

Banal situations, like fights between pups of the same litter, or everyday, like pregnant she-dogs that gave birth repositioning their litters in more sheltered places, are taken to the public as if they were something rare. They are not, under any hypothesis !! Very rare are the litters where there are no fierce disputes between siblings and the extreme care of she-dogs with their litter are so notorious that there is a specific area and terminology for this (Maternal Ability) in studies of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.

The attention of the OFB regarding the behavior, character and temperament of the dogs (nervous system, stability, courage and determination), in spite of always being welcome, is not about novelty, already being present since the first Racial Standard and on the agenda of (good and correct) breeding and selection of Fila Brasileiro from its beginnings, as well as being a fundamental part of CAFIB’s work, the largest, most active and oldest preservation club of the Fila Brasileiro that exists, through the Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament – APT and exhibition judgments.

As for the phenotypic proposal to the stock, the OFB, from what has already been manifested in this aspect through images, flags basically to a very marked regression, to the typing of the so-called “Farm Dogs”, of low average quality, without the improvement and, especially, the selection that followed its formal establishment as Pure Breed, improved and enhanced subsequently by Dr. Paulo himself, along with CAFIB, even because of the miscegenation that occurred in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Up to this point, this approach of the OFB allows it to simply appear as an innocent imprecision, a simple mismatch of course, perhaps motivated by a conceptual radicalization on the subject. The problem, in this case, is that this “possible error” conflicts directly with narrative and historical data already legitimized and of wide public knowledge, there not being a lot of space for the experienced breeders of the Project to claim ignorance of them.

It is imperative to remember that, in the packs of the old rural estates, among these “farm” dogs, there could indeed be authentic Filas; however, these coexisted with specimens of other breeds and certainly mix-breeders of genuine Filas. One can take for granted that the main and perhaps most arduous task that Dr. Paulo had at the beginning of his work, as soon as he faced these stocks, was the due identification of the animals that were legitimate Filas from those that, even if similar, were nothing more than fruits of cross-breeding with other Breeds.

Other points of the OFB’s technical proposal are still pending better and further clarification. Some of them, for the little that has already been presented, involve some suggestions of structural modifications in the specimens. For example, we have been flagging at a somewhat shorter dog figure, with a shallower chest and somewhat taller, including the suggestion of more open (> 90 °) scapula-humeral angulation. If this is indeed the case, a certain divergence will be created between this idea and the studies on the dynamics and morphology of the dogs, especially directed at the natural utility of the Fila Brasileiro, made by Dr. Paulo and CAFIB and published in the late 70’s and beginning of the 80’s. It is not allowed to see benefits in erecting the figure of the dog, with the resulting elevation and dislocation of its center of gravity, this dog having the functional need to have agility and speed in sudden changes of movement direction, besides efficiency in grabbing and immobilization of cattle. Nor is there any glimpse at the advantage in changing bone proportions or angulations, naturally conceived to the primary utility of the Breed.

The more evident damages observed with the increase of the shoulder angle (scapula-humeral), besides the virtual greater impact vertical to the structure of the animal, would be an apparent loss of the upper chest and, mainly, on the repositioning in more vertical senses of the scapula, and humerus muscles, which may influence the upper line of the dog (higher withers) or lack of better support to the chest (lower elbow tip). Regarding vertical impacts, it is known that the entire constitution of the Fila Brasileiro, in relation to its support members, is shown turned to the minimization of stocks with the ground in walking. Since the configuration of feet and plantar pads, position of metacarpals and metatarsals and perfectly angled bones and united by “loose” joints, all lead to the reduction and best absorption of taps on the ground during movement, even more so because they are animals that easily exceed 50 Kg and that, by duty of primary function, must be capable of dislocate through long distances. These differences, which for some may seem small, may not be detrimental in short trot on an exhibition track, but may be decisive in a 20-km journey or more, a situation that is not at all unusual for specimens of rural properties, the environment of origin of the Breed, that still works through long distances and handles cattle.

Regarding the use of training professionals in the project, although there are excellent experts in the area, it becomes a controversial point due to the fact that the vast majority of these technicians have their respective development, methods and conceptualizations set on the basis of other canine Breeds, more prone to the use of sport dogs or a specific work. The Fila Brasileiro is outside this universe and this has always been presented as the cause of a lot of divergence, result of misinformation. The full Brazilian Fila is born ready, and so it is by means of the (good) genetic work and the correct orientation to the selection. It is even very understandable that professional handlers and trainers find this assumption strange, because their idea of full dog goes through several stages of tests and training until final evaluation, as the technical protocol of those Breeds so requires. Not in the case of the Fila Brasileiro, where the eventual insertion of the item “trainability” is not desired, nor necessary in any way to the perfect selection and breeding of the Breed.

After closing the technical part, and seeing with great concern, the OFB presents, even if in a shy way, an indication that may consider the use of disproportionately brindle dogs (forming spots), or even the black ones, called in the project of “melanic”.

Regarding this, it is imperative to remember that, in 2019, four exact decades have gone by since the publication of the article “There is no Black Fila” by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, published in the CAFIB Bulletin No. 7. In this matter, any doubts on the subject are settled, including those that Dr. Paulo himself had previously raised in the beginning of contacts, work and research with the Breed, which were always mischievously misused by the defenders of black and half-breed dogs, without however succeeding in confirming the undeniable …… There Is No Black Fila. In these 40 years, absolutely everything that was learned in terms of studies, technical analysis, investigations and accumulated experiments fully confirm this assertion.

Flanks and possibilities to this premise were opened (spotted dogs and black) constitute an unjustifiable and unreasonable attitude, only comparable to that of the old BKC with its infamous “Waiting Book”, where half-bred dog records were compiled awaiting future approval. To vent, even hypothetically, this route is to disregard, or subvert, all the work done by Dr. Paulo and CAFIB, which was not little or easy, but that resulted in the rescue of the Breed as it is now recognized and admired all over the planet.


In a first and shallow vision, the OFB Project may even resemble an auspicious initiative of a “necessary revision” of the Fila Brasileiro Breed, according to its understanding. However, reality proves different as, we evaluating in more depth the proposals that are presented in “slices” rather than with a didactic or assertive care, and are outlined in a well-designed advertising strategy.

The media employment of dubious, comparative, imprecise or decontextualized examples on dogs, in the typology proposed by the OFB, awarded in previous exhibitions (especially those of CAFIB) refers to a severe conceptual error. If indeed they were, it was certainly a regrettable but possible misconception, which, as one sees in the truth of the facts, remained in the sphere of exception, from the “point off the curve,” never of the rules qualified of guidance, selection, or judgments. If they actually occurred, they were an objectionable exception, they were never made as a rule.

It is also surprising that a project allegedly of technical and scientific nature, when confronted to the discordant, shows so many difficulties in the refutation of the arguments, making use of the presentation of different claims placed to them, thus creating difficulties or disorientation to any negotiation that is intended to make up logical reasoning. It has become customary in the OFB manifestations to suggest that the overwhelming majority of the Breed’s technicians, breeders and hobbyists have been affected for years by a kind of visual and cognitive nearsightedness in relation to their dogs (and the Breed itself) not observing the clear and distinct phenotypic changes that, according to the OFB, are only perceived by the followers of the Project. I do not believe that this is a technical or scientific presupposition, but rather a slip toward messianism based only on personal conceptions.

The difficulties pointed out in the text above, some of them of dangerous and negative relevance, failed, incoherent and conflicting points with reality and facts have long been established. Project obstacles, the “loose ends”, induction into the false concept of “racial virginity” and “everything is possible, in principle” give the OFB an amorphous and unfocused shape. Under a more critical and analytical view than that which has already been presented, it can be ascertained that the OFB still shows itself as a good and well-set, yet fallacious, story. A rather elaborated landscape but illusory in its essence. The doubt that goes on is, as always, the motivation, the why for such an initiative.

In an attempt to answer the above question it is necessary to point out, to the less “connected” readers, that from some time back until now, there has been the emergence, through social media (new “Field of Knowledge of Cynophilia”), of a group of people who vigorously protest against the alleged excesses or exaggerations of award-winning dogs in exhibitions, or of breeding in general, even in the case of traditional preservation organizations regarded as serious and strict, such as CAFIB. The points that unite this group are that they never adequately clarify what they consider “exaggerations” or “excesses”, position themselves in the first instance against “all that there is ” without, however, offering proactive collaboration to already established entities and are so active in the digital media as inexperienced in the world of the Fila Brasileiro. One does not observe a single breeder, judge, or experienced leader sharing such principles. A kind of “market niche”, has been created, strengthened by the presence of lay enthusiasts, breeders of limited practical experience and canine training professionals, in which the OFB emerges as the panacea that shall replace the Fila Brasileiro in its due original tracks.

Revolution or subversion? Chimeras or truths? The work of Dr. Paulo and CAFIB or the review of what has already been done? Market opportunity or personalism? None of this is in the interest of CAFIB, its associates, and all who mirror their creations in their solidified philosophy more than 40 years ago, on their own merits. I do believe that preserving the Fila Brasileiro Breed should be, among other things, owning and practicing, as a non-negotiable value, a deep respect for its legitimized History and for the facts that truly formed it. To subvert them, surely, is to play against.

Joaquim Liberato Barroso / Owner of the Boa Sorte Kennel

Best regards, Chico Peltier.





Post 641 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 243 – Productive exchange of emails between the new president of Unifila, Atila Luiz Dias, and Uncle Chico. – Date: April, 25-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 243

Productive exchange of emails between the new president of Unifila,

Atila Luiz Dias, and Uncle Chico.

My dears CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

Duly authorized by the new president of the reinvigorated Unifila, that next 2/06 will hold his next Expo in the city of Belo Horizonte, MG, Atila Luiz Dias, goes below in full to the knowledge of my readers the very productive exchange of emails between him and Uncle Chico a few days ago, which was originated by my article Uncle Chico Newsletter # 242 (read in English )

It should be noted that CAFIB and Unifila, according to its own president, are co-brothers clubs whose main objective is to defend and perpetuate the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of always . Alias, exactly as Atila Luiz Dias himself defined with profound accuracy and clarity: “… the Fila that we ( Unifila) defend for 18 years is the same as the CAFIB defends 41 years ago …” !!! That is, totally against the miscegenation of the 70s and 80s done by many breeders with institutional and systemic support of the BKC-CBKC-FCI, which left the Fila Breed as an unfortunate legacy of the “freak-fila” and the “black-fila” and the new miscegenation that wants to transform the Fila Brasileiro today into a light dog with a triangular head that most resembles a “Fila Pointer”.

Follows below in full our exchange of emails:

1. From: Átila Dias <>
Sent: terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2019 15:20
To: Fila Brasileiro <>
Ref:  Uncle Chico Newsletter # 242 – Excellent news: Unifila reinvigorates and returns – Next Expo will be on Jun, 2nd-2019 – Questions that I would like to know the answers from its president Atila Luiz Dias

Good afternoon Mr. Francisco Peltier, best known affectionately for Uncle Chico!

Thank you, on behalf of UNIFILA, for the sincere wishes of success in our resumption of services for our dear Fila Brasileiro!

Thank you very much also your suggestion of sharing computer program and technical knowledge for the issuance of Unifila`s pedigrees. This was proposed in the past by us to CAFIB, but a very disaggregating director, who is no longer part of the CAFIB Club, was against and did not want to listen to our opinions and positions, almost wanting to impose the methodology used by CAFIB. Today’s times are different, the people ahead are others… we are developing our methodology for issuing our pedigrees, which will have the differential of being 100% DNA-certified. But all help, exchange and ideas are always welcome and the winner is the Fila Breed!

I have always considered UNIFILA as a co-sister of CAFIB! As I have said for countless times, the Fila we have defended for 18 years is the same as the CAFIB defends 41 years ago, have seen our exchange of judges, dogs, breeders and especially friends! In particular, when I received one of the 100 medals of CAFIB’s 40-year foundation, I personally called Mariana Campbell (CAFIB`s Secretary) to thank for the honor and to say that I felt part of this CAFIB beautiful story, of this beautiful trajectory, since I was the first breeder / director of UNIFILA to attend CAFIB Exposs in Quatis-RJ, Amparo-SP, Belo Horizonte-MG, and so on …

As for your inquiries, I suggest you go along with our work, attend our Expos, for which I already invite you and I would like to thank you even more, where I assure you that it will be very well received, and I am sure that your questions and doubts will be healed.

A big hug !

Átila Dias – UNIFILA`s  President

2. Wenesday, 24 de Apr-2019 at 08:24, Fila Brasileiro <> wrote:

My dear Átila,

W/c: Marquinhos

I was very happy to receive your prompt reply and to take note that you understood and received very well my success votes to our dear Unifila.

I fully agree with you: CAFIB and Unifila are co-brothers clubs whose sole objective is to preserve the true, original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro of always !!!

I was also very happy to know that you were honored receiving the commemorative medal of the foundation of CAFIB’s 40 years and that has been attending our Expos for many years.

Just one caveat: I am only one vote on the CAFIB board, but, as I wrote, “I believe that CAFIB could cooperate with Unifila” in relation to the Unifila`s Stud Book and the issue of pedigrees. But congratulations for informing me that Unifila goes ahead and certifies 100% of its pedigrees for DNA !!! Great !!!

But I confess that I was a little frustrated that you did not answer my questions, but I will conduct your suggestion and follow the evolution of the Unifila work. But I also confess that I was very comforted by your  clear statement that “the Fila Unifila have defended for 18 years is the same as the CAFIB stands for 41 years” or far, far from the old miscegenation of the 1970s, as well as the current one.

I’ll do my best to be with you and the entire Unifila members on July 7th in Belo Horizonte-MG.

PS: If you authorize me, I would like to disclose and post on my blog our productive exchange of emails so that my readers follow this evolution and exchange of experience and knowledge.

Wishing once again huge success to Unifila !!!

Hugs, (Uncle) Chico Peltier.

3. From: Átila Dias <>
Sent: quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2019 09:00
To: Fila Brasileiro <>

Good morning (Uncle) Chico Peltier!

My dear Cihco, of course you can publish and disclose our exchange of email.

I reiterate that we are together (me, you, UNIFILA and CAFIB) in this hard work on behalf of and for the true BRAZILIAN FILA!

Long and prosperous life to the enemies of the true FILA BRASILEIRO! So that the enemies of the Pure Fila  have health and can see our standing victories !! We are together !!!

Strong hug, Attila Dias

My readers, Atila and Marquinhos,

Very happy with the return of the Unifila, renewing my vows of enormous success to this old club and emphasizing its advance in view of the use of DNA,

With friendship and respect, Chico Peltier.


Post 640 – Tio Chico Informa nº 243 – Produtiva troca de emails entre o novo presidente da Unifila, Atila Luiz Dias, e o Tio Chico – Data: 25/04/19

Tio Chico Informa nº 243

Produtiva troca de emails entre o novo presidente da Unifila,

Atila Luiz Dias, e o Tio Chico

Amigos e amigas do CAFIB e do Fila Brasileiro (FB),

Devidamente autorizado pelo novo presidente da revigorada Unifila, que no próximo dia 2/06 realizará sua próxima expo em Belo Horizonte, Atila Luiz Dias, segue mais abaixo na integra para conhecimento dos meus leitores a troca muito produtiva de emails entre ele e o Tio Chico ocorrida poucos dias atrás, que teve como origem o meu artigo Tio Chico Informa nº 242 (vide em ).


Deve-se registrar que CAFIB e Unifila, segundo escreveu seu próprio presidente, são clubes co-irmãos que tem como objetivo primordial defender e perpetuar o original, tradicional e autentico Cão de Fila Brasileiro de sempre. Alias, exatamente como definiu com profunda exatidão e clareza o próprio Atila Luiz Dias: “o Fila que (a Unifila) defendemos há 18 anos é o mesmo que o CAFIB defende há 41 anos…” !!! Ou seja, totalmente contra a mestiçagem dos anos 70 e 80 realizada por muitos criadores com apoio institucional e sistêmico do BKC-CBKC-FCI, que deixou para a  Raça Fila como infeliz legado o “fila-aberração” e o “fila-preto” e a nova mestiçagem atual que quer transformar o Fila Brasileiro num cão leve, de cabeça triangular, que mais se parece com um “Fila Pointer”.

Segue na integra nossa troca de emails:

1. De: Átila Dias <>
Enviada em: terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2019 15:20
Para: Fila Brasileiro <>
Assunto: Re: Tio Chico Informa nº 242 – Excelente notícia: Unifila se revigora e retorna – Próxima Expo será em 2/06/19 – Perguntas que gostaria de conhecer as respostas do seu presidente Atila Luiz Dias — Grupo 126 – Amigos Marcus V. Moreira

Muito boa tarde Sr. Francisco Peltier, mais conhecido carinhosamente por Tio Chico!

Agradeço, de coração, em nome da UNIFILA, os sinceros votos de sucesso nessa nossa retomada de serviços em prol do nosso querido Fila Brasileiro!

Agradeço muito também sua sugestão de compartilhamento de programa de informática e conhecimentos técnicos para a emissão de nossos pedigrees. Isso foi proposto no passado por nós ao CAFIB, porém um diretor muito desagregador, que hoje não faz mais parte do Clube CAFIB, foi contra e não queria escutar nossas opiniões e posicionamentos, querendo quase que impor a metodologia usada por vocês. Hoje os tempos são outros, as pessoas que estão à frente são outras… estamos desenvolvendo nossa metodologia para emitirmos nossos pedigrees, que terão o diferencial de serem 100% atestados por DNA. Porém toda ajuda, intercâmbio e ideias são sempre bem vindas e quem ganha com isso é a raça !

Sempre considerei a UNIFILA co-irmã do CAFIB! Como já disse por inúmeras vezes, o Fila que defendemos há 18 anos é o mesmo que o CAFIB defende há 41 anos, haja visto nosso intercâmbio de juízes, cães, criadores e principalmente amigos ! Eu particularmente, ao receber uma das 100 medalhas de 40 anos de fundação do CAFIB, liguei pessoalmente para a Mariana para agradecer pela honraria e dizer que me sentia parte dessa bela história, dessa bela trajetória, pois fui o primeiro criador/diretor da UNIFILA a frequentar exposições do CAFIB em Quatis, Amparo, Belo Horizonte, e por aí vai…

Quanto às suas indagações sugiro você ir acompanhando nosso trabalho, frequentar nossas exposições, para as quais fica desde já o meu convite para comparecer e abrilhanta-las ainda mais, onde garanto que será muitíssimo bem recebido, e tenho certeza que seus questionamentos e dúvidas serão sanados !

Um forte abraço !

Átila Dias – Presidente UNIFILA

2. Em qua, 24 de abr de 2019 às 08:24, Fila Brasileiro <> escreveu:

Caro Átila,

C/: Marquinhos

Fiquei muito feliz em receber sua rápida resposta e tomar conhecimento que voce entendeu e recebeu muito bem meus votos de sucesso à nossa querida Unifila.

Concordo plenamente com voce: CAFIB e Unifila são clubes co-irmãos que tem como objetivo único preservar o verdadeiro, original, tradicional e autentico Cão de Fila Brasileiro de sempre !!!

Fiquei também muito feliz em saber que voce foi homenageado recebendo a medalha comemorativa da fundação dos 40 anos do CAFIB e que há tantos anos frequenta nossas Expos.

Apenas uma ressalva: sou apenas um voto na diretoria do CAFIB mas, como redigi, “creio que o CAFIB poderia cooperar com a Unifila” no tocante a Stud Book e confecção de pedigrees. Mas meus parabéns por me informar que a Unifila sairá na frente atestando 100% de seus pedigrees por DNA !!! Excelente !!!

Mas confesso que fiquei um pouco frustrado por voce não ter respondido minhas perguntas mas, comportadamente, seguirei sua sugestão e acompanharei a evolução do trabalho da Unifila. Mas confesso também que me confortou muito sua clara afirmação de que “o Fila que defendemos há 18 anos é o mesmo que o CAFIB defende a 41 anos” ou seja longe, muito longe das antigas mestiçagem da década de 1970, assim como da atual.

Farei o possível para estar com voce e toda a turma da Unifila no próximo dia 2/07 em BH.

PS: se voce me autorizar, desejaria divulgar e postar no meu blog está nossa produtiva troca de emails para que meus leitores acompanhem esta evolução e troca de experiencia e conhecimento.

Desejando mais uma vez enorme sucesso a Unifila !!!

Abraços, (Tio) Chico Peltier.

3. De: Átila Dias <>
Enviada em: quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2019 09:00
Para: Fila Brasileiro <>

Bom dia (Tio) Chico Peltier !

Claro que pode publicar e divulgar meu caro !

Reitero que estamos juntos ( eu, você , UNIFILA e CAFIB ) nesse árduo trabalho em prol e em defesa do verdadeiro FILA BRASILEIRO!

Vida longa e próspera aos inimigos do verdadeiro FILA BRASILEIRO, para que eles tenham saúde e possam ver de pé as nossas vitórias !! Estamos juntos !!!

Forte abraço, Átila Dias

Meus leitores, Atila e Marquinhos,

Muito feliz com o retorno da Unifila, renovando meus votos de enorme sucesso a este antigo clube e salientando o seu avanço tendo em vista o emprego do DNA,

Com amizade e respeito, Chico Peltier.

Post 639 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 242 – Excellent news: Unifila reinvigorates and returns !!! Next Expo will be on Jun, 2nd-2019 – Some questions that I would like to know the answers from Unifila`s president Atila Luiz Dias. – Date: April, 23rd.-2019


Uncle Chico Newsletter # 242 

Excellent news: Unifila reinvigorates and returns !!!

Next Expo will be on Jun, 2nd-2019

Some questions that I would like to know the answers from Unifila`s

president Atila Luiz Dias.

My dears CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

I have just received with great satisfaction the poster inviting to the next Unifila Expo, which follows below. I am very happy with the reinvigoration of this club founded initially in 1995 by a group of Minas Gerais FB breeders and formalized as a club in 2001 in Minas Gerais, important cradle of Fila Brasileiro.

In the past, Unifila has held a number of events and Expos, many of which have been judged by CAFIB judges, based on the CAFIB Standard which was drafted by this Club in 1978, but unfortunately a few years ago, Unifila did not hold its traditional and annual Expo in the city of Belo Horizonte.

A strong Unifila that breed, divulge and give an important contribution to perpetuate the True Pure Fila Brasileiro is very important not only for the FB itself,  as well as for CAFIB and for all serious breeders of the so-called Pure Fila, mainly in Minas Gerais. 

Even more so because CBKC and FCI have been totally disinterested for decades in the FB and its representatives, SPFB and CBRFB, have been in a limbo of leadership, vagueness and contradictions without presenting any normative, practical and educative action in defense of the True and Pure FB.

However, with this important and welcome reinvigoration, I would like to ask the new leaders of Unifila, especially its president Atila Luiz Dias, always aiming to know with total transparency the methods of breeding that Unifila intends to employ, follow and adopt:

1. What is the FB Standard to be adopted at this Expo and to be followed by Unifila ?

(i) Will it be the CAFIB Standard drawn up by the founders of CAFIB in 1978 and led by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who has since maintained its first version?

(ii) – Or it will be CBKC Standard No. 225, in its 5th. version, dated 2016, where the definition “ojeriza to strangers” was modified by “aversion to strangers” and where the dog should allowed to be touched by the judge? Unifila will follow this Standard, also remembering that the translation done by FCI into English and Spanish has replaced the already modified definition “aversion” for, respectively, “aloofness towards strangers”  and “mistrustful with strangers” ?  

(iii) – Or will it be mistakenly called the PSC Standard, but which was elaborated in 1951 by Dr. Paul together with veterinarian Erwin Waldemar Rathsan and FB breeder João Ebner at the request of the then KCP (Kennel Club de São Paulo), which was then accepted by the BKC, which in fact it is the first FB Standard, altered 5 times by BKC (1977) and then 4 by CBKC ?  

Recalling that this Standard dated 1951 still accepted the Fila of all colors and was canceled and replaced by Dr. Paulo himself with the founders of CAFIB by the CAFIB Standard, Club where the Father of the Fila Breed  consolidated all his knowledge about the Fila Brasileiro ?

Note 1: 41 years after the creation of the CAFIB Standard there are still some breeders without knowledge who mistakenly insist on getting confused and calling CAFIB Standard dated 1978 of PSCruz Standard dated 1951 !!! 

See all details about all FB Standards in English clicking in

2. Will Unifila finally create its own and awaited Stud Book or will it continue to depend on the CBKC to keep its important genealogical records in this notary registry club ? Who will issue Unifila`s pedigrees? Is it still be the CBKC ? This dependency of Unifila, a serious, independent and specialized club, to use CBKC as a registry office that has been providing 50 years of enormous and serious disservice to the Fila Brasileiro Breed should not be totally avoided and extinct ?

It would not be a way to avoid or at least hamper, that the preservation work that will certainly be developed by the new Unifila and its breeders will not be usurped by CBKC “cross-breed” breeders who have long benefited from the CAFIB squad?

Note 2: I believe that CAFIB could cooperate with Unifila with its knowledge, technique and computer program so that it develops its own Stud Book and makes its own pedigrees.

3. At this next Expo, Unifila intends to carry out some kind of Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament as it has been done at CAFIB for 41 years or some kind of Apt for Reproduction such as would be instituted in CBRFB and SPFB in 2011, but which never came into force due to the existence of so many mestizos dogs ? In other words, will this next Expo be a beauty + show event only in the form of the CBKCFCI or will it in fact serve to evaluate the FB’s breeding squad for breed improvement purposes in Minas Gerais?

4. Finally, will Unifila officially and publicly stand against OFB, as CAFIB has already done and SPFB has not yet ? That is, against this new thesis of a new model of a dog invented unfortunately in Governador Valadares City, located also in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, that rejects the Fila Brasileiro, selling itself as if it were an aboriginal dog and with a strong marketing campaign well-wrapped and presented ? Today, when the return of the Unifila, would not be an extremely timely and unforgettable moment for this club to mortgaging its total support for the original, traditional and authentic Fila Brasileiro for ever ? Should not Unifila publicly disapprove of the newly invented thesis of this new phenotype of this new dog called OFB, which is in total discrepancy with the 4 phenotypes of FBs exemplified below and stamped in the very invitation of this Expo?

            Unifila  Invitation                    Aborígine dog

1 - Cartaz + Abo rígena


Final Note: This article was sent first-hand by email to UNIFILA for the attention of its president Átila Luiz Dias and copying to and its director Marcus Flavio Vilasboas Moreira.

Wishing huge success and very happy with the return of Unifila,

Best regards, Chico Peltier.

Post 638 – Tio Chico Informa nº 242 – Excelente notícia: Unifila se revigora e retorna !!! – Próxima Expo será em 2/06/19 – Algumas perguntas que gostaria de conhecer as respostas do seu presidente Atila Luiz Dias. – Data: 23/04/19

Tio Chico Informa nº 242 

Excelente notícia: Unifila se revigora e retorna !!!

Próxima Expo será em 2/06/19

Algumas perguntas que gostaria de conhecer as respostas

do seu presidente Atila Luiz Dias.

Amigos e amigas do CAFIB e do Fila Brasileiro (FB),

Acabo de receber com muita satisfação o cartaz convidando para a próxima Expo da Unifila, o qual segue mais abaixo. Fico muito feliz com o revigoramento deste clube fundado inicialmente em 1995 por um grupo de criadores mineiros e formalizado como clube em 2001 em Minas Gerais, importante berço do Fila Brasileiro.

A Unifila realizou no passado alguns eventos e exposições, muitas das quais foram julgadas por juízes do CAFIB, com base no Padrão CAFIB o qual foi elaborado por este Clube em 1978 mas, infelizmente, há alguns anos a Unifila não realizava sua tradicional e anual Expo na cidade de Belo Horizonte.

Uma Unifila forte que crie, divulgue e de sua importante contribuição para perpetuar o Verdadeiro Cão de Fila Brasileiro Puro é muito importante não só para a própria Raça Fila, como também para o CAFIB e para todos os criadores sérios do chamado Fila Puro, principalmente em Minas Gerais.

Ainda mais porque o CBKC e a FCI mantêm-se há décadas totalmente desinteressados pelo FB e seus representantes, a SPFB e o CBRFB, encontram-se há muitos anos num limbo de liderança, indefinições e contradições sem apresentarem nenhuma ação normativa, prática e educativa em defesa do Verdadeiro e Puro FB.

Entretanto, havendo este importante e bem-vindo revigoramento, gostaria de perguntar aos novos dirigentes da Unifila, em especialmente ao seu presidente Atila Luiz Dias, sempre objetivando conhecer com total transparência os métodos de criação que a Unifila pretende empregar, seguir e adotar:

1. Qual o Padrão de FB a ser adotado nesta Expo e a ser seguido pela Unifila ?

(i) – Será o Padrão do CAFIB elaborado pelos fundadores do CAFIB em 1978 e liderados pelo Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz o qual se mantem desde então em sua primeira versão ?

(ii) – Ou será o Padrão nº 225 do CBKC, na sua 5ª. versão, datada de 2016, onde a definição “ojeriza a estranhos” foi modificada por “aversão a estranhos” e onde o cão deve se deixar tocar pelo juiz em pista ? A Unifila seguirá este Padrão, lembrando ainda que a tradução feita pela FCI para o inglês e o espanhol substituiu a já alterada definição “aversão para, respectivamente, “indiferença a estranhos” e “desconfiança com estranhos” ?

(iii) – Ou será o equivocadamente chamado de Padrão PSC, mas que foi elaborado em 1951 pelo Dr. Paulo juntamente com o veterinário Erwin Waldemar Rathsan e com o criador João Ebner a pedido do então KCP, que depois foi aceito pelo BKC, que de fato trata-se do primeiro padrão do FB, alterado 5 vezes pelo BKC (1977) e depois 4 pelo CBKC ?

Lembrado que este Padrão datado de 1951 ainda aceitava o Fila de todas as cores e foi cancelado e substituído pelo próprio Dr. Paulo com os fundadores do CAFIB pelo Padrão CAFIB, Clube onde o Pai da Raça Fila consubstanciou e consolidou todo o seu conhecimento a respeito da Raça Fila ?

Nota 1: decorridos 41 anos da criação do Padrão CAFIB ainda existem alguns criadores desatenciosos que equivocadamente insistem em se confundir e chamar o Padrão CAFIB de 1978 de Padrão PSCruz de 1951 !!!

Vide detalhes em:

2. A Unifila finalmente criará seu próprio e esperado Livro de Registros (Stud Book) ou continuará dependendo do CBKC para manter neste cartório seus importantes registros genealógicos ? Quem emitirá seus pedigrees ? Será ainda o CBKC ? Esta dependência da Unifila, clube sério, independente e especializado à um cartório que vem prestando há 50 anos enormes e graves desserviços à Raça Fila Brasileiro não deveria ser totalmente evitada e extinta ?

Não seria uma forma de evitar ou pelo menos dificultar, que o trabalho de preservação que certamente será desenvolvido pela nova Unifila e seus criadores não venha a ser usurpado por criadores de “filas-mestiços” do CBKC que ha muito vem se beneficiando com o plantel do CAFIB ?

Nota 2: Creio que o CAFIB poderia cooperar com a Unifila com seu conhecimento, técnica e programa de informática para que esta elabore seu próprio Livro de Registros e confeccione seus próprios pedigrees.

3. Nesta Expo a Unifila pretende realizar antes algum tipo de Análise de Fenótipo e Temperamento como é feito no CAFIB há 41 anos ou algum tipo de Apto para Reprodução como o que seria instituído no CBRFB e na SPFB em 2011, mas que nunca entrou em vigor devido a existência de tantos mestiços ? Ou seja, esta próxima Expo será uma Expo somente de beleza + show nos moldes do CBKC-FCI ou de fato servirá para avaliação do plantel para fins de aprimoramento racial do FB em Minas Gerais ?

4. Finalmente, a Unifila vai ou não se posicionar pública e oficialmente contra o OFB, como o CAFIB já fez e a SPFB ainda não ? Isto é, contra esta nova tese de um novo modelo de cachorro inventado infelizmente em Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, que rejeita o Fila Brasileiro, se vendendo como se fosse um cão “aborígine” e com uma forte campanha de marketing muito bem embrulhada e apresentada ? Hoje, quando do retorno da Unifila, não seria um momento extremamente oportuno e imperdível para este clube hipotecar seu total apoio ao original, tradicional e autentico Cão de Fila Brasileiro de sempre ? Não deveria a Unifila desaprovar publicamente a recém inventada tese deste novo fenótipo deste novo cachorro chamado de OFB, o qual encontra-se em total discrepância com os 4 fenótipos de FBs exemplificados abaixo e estampados no próprio convite desta Expo ?

Cartaz Unifila                                   Cachorro aborígine
1 - Cartaz + Abo rígena

 Nota final: Este artigo foi enviado em primeira mão por email para a Unifila em atenção ao seu presidente Átila Luiz Dias e copiando a  e seu diretor Marcus Flavio Vilasboas Moreira.

Desejando enorme sucesso e muito feliz com o retorno da Unifila,

Abraços, Chico Peltier.