Post 620 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 235 – The breeder who forgot and changed his own story. – Fabiano Nunes and his trips through the interior of Brazil and its farms – Date: Fev, 6th-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 235 

The breeder who forgot and changed his own story.

Fabiano Nunes and his trips through the interior of Brazil and its farms

My dears CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

1. The breeder who forgot and changed his own story. 

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2. Fabiano Nunes and his trips through the interior of Brazil and its farms: 

Testimony received by Fabiano Nunes, judge of CAFIB and son of Kennel Jawa founder Walter Novaes Nunes, affiliated to CAFIB since 1987:

My dear Chico,

For many years I have visited many inland cities, their farms and their environs, always searching for some unknown Typical Fila. Unfortunately for years I have not found any. Last year near Guaratinguetá, SP, I was informed about a very old female and I went to see her. She was a Typical one, but he was not in heat anymore. Unfortunately, the owner had crossed her over all these years with several different types of dogs, so that their puppies and grandchildren were not usable. This is very common: many owners cross without selection and control.

Therefore, I have all conditions to affirm that the Vale do Paraíba, where the city of Guaratinguetá is located, once a barn of Typical Filas still unknown, has already been visited and verified by CAFIB-Vale. I do not believe in the existence of any other unknown Typical Fila in such place.

Last year I traveled mainly through Minas Gerais, passing first through the cities of Resende, Valença, Duas Barras in Rio de Janeiro and then by Juiz de Fora, Manhuaçu, Santa Rita de Minas, Caratinga, Tarumirim, Alpercata, Governador Valadares e Teófilo Otoni, Belo Horizonte, Contagem, Betim, Igarapé, Itaguara, Oliveira, Perdões, Nepomuceno, Três Corações, Campanha, Cambuquira, Caxambu, pouso Alto, Itanhandu, Passa Quatro and then back through Cruzeiro. We visited all this interior and its many farms, but we did not see any Typical Fila.

Although we received much information of the existence of Typical Filas in some farms and ranches these have never been confirmed. They were just dogs that looked like a mutt, with a triangular head, like the OFB. We found only 5 Regular (as per CAFIB Rules) dogs, of unknown origin, which I would not risk adding to my breeding.

In fact, we found many FBs of great typicity but all came from the breeding of traditional breeders such as Paulo Angotti, Adriano Pacheco, Willian Dutra, Adirceu Ribeiro, Marcos Villas Boas and Wilson Villela, that is, with a strong participation of CAFIB blood. Even some FB of the Canil Chão de Goiás from Gildo Costa were found.

I fear that crossbred mutts and mongrels dogs or mestizos-filas were crossed with those mentioned above and are being used by the OFB mentor.

We did not see any dogs with FB Type, no dogs that deserved to be taken into a CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament – APT

(To understand what is and how it works an APT please read in English by clicking in ).

I saw the pictures of the dogs called OFB and found them all of poor quality, reminding mestizos of different and several breeds, including from a miscegenation outside the CBKC-FCI. They were thin, skinny dogs, little dewlap, tall ears, and worse: they have triangular head. Totally different form the Pure Fila. They look more like mutts and mongrels dogs.

I think it’s a setback and a great pity for this new breed in the FB breeding. I think the OFB mentor should inform to everybody what dogs are the ones he says he is using, clearly stating their names, the farmers’ names and where they are located, as I would like to visit and analyze them myself. The way he writes it seems until he bumps into these dogs easily inside any farm.

I do not like anything hidden. CAFIB has always made its selection publicly through its APT and in its Expos in the tracks, with public and much publicity. The dogs were analyzed, judged, we wrote a score sheet with all the data of the dogs and their owners, the dogs were photographed and at the beginning of the CAFIB were even weigh, to ward off and avoid the todays called “freak-fila”. Now, in this new thesis is all just the basis of the conversation. Everything is vague. No proof or fact. Only in theory, while in CAFIB are 41 years of successful practice!

I repeat: I want to visit these farms and these dogs mentioned by the mentor of the OFB. I await from the OFB mentor the correct information of the places I shall visit, for I do not believe in the new OFB thesis based on such Aboriginal dogs.


Fabiano Nunes – Canil Java – Guaratinguetá, SP.

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1 – Tio Chico is still waiting for the mentor of the OFB to respond to his 10 questions for a long time, as well as respond to the anti-OFB comments made by Marcelo Zuliani, Joaquim Liberato Barroso (Quinzinho), former president and former judge of Anfibra , made by Cristiano Gherardi, CAFIB Judge Jonas Iacovantuono and CAFIB Judge Fabiano Nunes in the above text.

2 – I will continue to defend the Pure Fila.

Regards, Chico Peltier.