Post 614 – Ask Uncle Chico # 185 – The lack of answers from the mentor of the OFB – Another new marketing FB thesis ? Please do not hide behind Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz… – Date: Jan, 28th.-2019

Ask Uncle Chico # 185

The lack of answers from the mentor of the OFB

Another new marketing FB thesis ?

Please do not hide behind Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz…

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 462: Uncle Chico, I was very sad to read that the mentor of the OFB, instead of answering the 10 consistent and educated questions asked by you, has instead resorted to low and lack of education. It is a pity that he has lowered the level of conversation and, without arguments, has gone so far as to disrespect the patients and relatives of those suffering from the terrible Alzheimer’s disease. Why does not he answer you and stop hiding himself behind Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz?

Uncle Chico’s Response: Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I expected a high-level discussion, more honest and transparent. Especially with the presentation of all the data of the dogs used in this new experience without practical and proven results, because it is even commented that in the new formation of the new OFB many CAFIB FBs are used and even CBKC-FCI FBs and “filas“… And not the so-called farm dogs for decades isolated of the world… and even the “aborigines” dogs…!!!

I want to discuss ideas, nothing the personal things. I think that when they appeal to the lower and cling to the false information of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz and insist on using his name is because they do not even have arguments. No arguments  and just marketing similar to those done in the past  by João Batista Gomes, known as the Father of the Mastiff Fila and Procópio do Valle, known as the Father of the Black Fila. It’s no use running away from the tangent trying once more to lean and support Dr. Paulo.

After all, the last photos posted by the OFB mentor have all been clearly deconstructed, commented and explained by me through questions 1, 4, 6 and 7, which follow again below, in the expectation that he answered them. That is, it is no use for the mentor of the OFB to hold onto and hide behind Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, because all his knowledge was transferred, updated, consolidated and improved in the CAFIB from 1978. CAFIB, as the inventor of new the thesis of this new canine type wants or not, has tapered and concentrated all the knowledge and work of Dr. Paulo. And please note that CAFIB saved the FB from extinction !!!

For my part, I will continue patiently and politely waiting for the answers to my 10 questions that I have asked and sent directly to the OFB mentor’s email, and also awaiting his comments on the intelligent considerations of Joaquim Liberato Barroso (Quinzinho) president and former judge of Anfibra posted on Uncle Chico Newsletter # 232 (see in English in )

Here are again the 10 QUESTIONS not yet answered:

  1. Since the beginning of CAFIB, Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz himself has reproached the recently presented phenotype in the new canine type of thesis entitled OFB (see many photos of dogs REJECTED in CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament – APT, whose phenotype resembles the OFB photos in the article written in English and in So why do the inventors of the OFB still insist on trying to use and clinging to the recognized and respected name of Dr. Paul ?
  2. The dogs from the Iberian Peninsula that would be, according to the mentor of OFB, the origin of the FB had ALL triangular head. How then to explain the contribution of such Iberian dogs in the brachiocephalic, large, heavy and molossoid head of the FB?
  3. There is no proof that these Iberian dogs were shipped, traveled in caravels for 3 or 4 months and, in fact, arrived in Brazil. Is it possible to disagree with this statement done by Uncle Chico presenting historical facts and not mere superficial assumptions that most resemble the weak and superficial and fake theses of Procopio do Valle and João Batista Gomes?
  4. If all the knowledge of Dr. Paulo was consolidated in CAFIB from 1978, why try to insist and refer to the writings and even the supposed photos of dogs of Dr. Paulo in the decades of 50`s and 60`s and to the first FB Standard by signed by Dr. Paulo, with the help of João Ebner and Erwin Waldemar Rathsan at the request of the KCP-BKC  (São Paulo Kennel Club and Brasil Kennel Club – antecessor of CBKC)  dated 1951 when he was still young and was beginning in the FB breeding ? Why not follow the CAFIB Standard prepared in 1978 by Dr. Paulo himself with the collaboration of the CAFIB founders ?
  5. The FB does not deserve to risk dividing into other phenotypes. Why do the defenders of the OFB insist on this division?
  6. The FB has already been rescued by CAFIB 40 years ago. Why try to invent a new and unknown way to what was already built correctly and successfully ? Would they be scared of joining CAFIB and having to follow rules to which all CAFIB directors, judges and members submit themselves ? Would they be afraid that theirs dogs would be disapproved at the CAFIB APT or their dogs being misclassified at a CAFIB Expo? Why do they want to continue in a comfortable comfort zone and only in the simplistic scope of breeding type of dogs search in their own kennels ? That is, why try to adapt the True and PURE Fila Brasileiro to the type of dog that is inside the OFB mentor’s kennel?
  7. Why do not the OFB mentor and sympathizer do not comment on the comparison of the dogs in the photos that I have posted on the links # 1 above, among the Fila Brasileiros approved in CAFIB APT as well as those disapproved of the OFB photos?
  8. After all, why has the mentor of the OFB and his only follower I know so far not clearly stated what bloodlines are actually being used to make the OFB ? Why not give all the names of dogs used in this new experience ? Why the mystery ? Would this origin be based on bloodlines in fact from many CAFIB and even CBKC-FCI dogs and therefore the OFB Standard had to accept the infamous “black-fila” ? Would they be from CAFIB FBs, and even from CBKC-FCIs FBs and “filas” and that were sent and sold to countless farms decades ago and, in the second case, carrying the miscegenation gene? Where’s the transparency ? After all, CAFIB selected its squad clearly and openly on the APT and Expos tracks in the presence of all the Filas fans and disseminating much of these results in the press?
  9. Why did the mentor of the OFB take 45 years from the beginning of the miscegenation that occurred in the FB and almost 10 years after the launching of his Manifest (see in English in ) to find out that Fila Brasileiro is not Fila Brasileiro, but rather OFB !!! ??? and finally,
  10. Why insist on projects of self-fulfillment and egoist that should never be above the Fila Brasileiro ?

Still waiting for the OFB mentor not to shy away from answering the 10 simple questions above,

Regards, Chico Peltier.