Post 612 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 232 – Fila fans continue to await responses from the mentor and sympathizer of the OFB to the 10 simple questions asked by Uncle Chico. – Joaquim Liberato Barroso (Quinzinho), ex-Anfibra president, makes intelligent and educated consideration on the issue of the use, nowadays, of “isolated populations of farm dogs” (methodology used by the distant OFB) – Date: Jan, 25th.-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 232

Fila fans continue to await responses from the mentor and sympathizer of the OFB to the 10 simple questions asked by Uncle Chico.

Joaquim Liberato Barroso  (Quinzinho), ex-Anfibra president, makes intelligent and educated consideration on the issueof the use, nowadays, of “isolated populations of farm dogs” (methodology used by the distant OFB)

Note: I have sent  all my articles  since 2009,  before  posting them on my blog, to my mailing list  composed  of FB  breeders,  “fila-mestizo”  breeders,Judges  and clubs. This list  includes the electronic  address  of the mentor and the only  defender I know  of this new thesis of this new canine type. Infact, it is very easy for these two people to communicate with me or answer these simple questions below because they have my email for many years. 

My dears CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

I inform all the Fila fans, club directors and judges who are questioning me, that unfortunately so far no answers or comments have been received on the 10 simple and objective questions I have asked to the mentor of the OFB about this new thesis of a new canine type dog that he intends to try to develop and that, unfortunately, also uses the name of Fila, and that, possibly, it will be able to divide once more the suffered Fila Brasileiro breed.

As both the mentor of the OFB and his main ally have my email, since I sent all my articles 10 years ago directly to their electronic address, I believe they will not refuse from answering me, unless their new theses do not have to fact or evidence.

I think that anyone who denies democratic and educated debate about ideas is really because he has no solid arguments.

To facilitate and refresh the memory of both OFB lovers, it follows again the 10 questions formulated by Uncle Chico:

1. Since the beginning of CAFIB, Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz himself has reproached the recently presented phenotype in the new canine type of thesis entitled OFB (see many photos of dogs REJECTED in CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament – APT, whose phenotype resembles the OFB photos in the article written in English and in ). So why do the inventors of the OFB still insist on trying to use and clinging to the recognized and respected name of Dr. Paul ?

2. The dogs from the Iberian Peninsula that would be, according to the mentor of OFB, the origin of the FB had ALL triangular head. How then to explain the contribution of such Iberian dogs in the brachiocephalic, large, heavy and molossoid head of the FB?

3. There is no proof that these Iberian dogs were shipped, traveled in caravels for 3 or 4 months and, in fact, arrived in Brazil. Is it possible to disagree with this statement done by Uncle Chico presenting historical facts and not mere superficial assumptions that most resemble the weak and superficial and fake theses of Procopio do Valle and João Batista Gomes?

4. If all the knowledge of Dr. Paulo was consolidated in CAFIB from 1978, why try to insist and refer to the writings and even the supposed photos of dogs of Dr. Paulo in the decades of 50`s and 60`s and to the first FB Standard by signed by Dr. Paulo, with the help of João Ebner and Erwin Waldemar Rathsan at the request of the KCP-BKC  (São Paulo Kennel Club and Brasil Kennel Club – antecessor of CBKC)  dated 1951 when he was still young and was beginning in the FB breeding ? Why not follow the CAFIB Standard prepared in 1978 by Dr. Paulo himself with the collaboration of the CAFIB founders ?

5. The FB does not deserve to risk dividing into other phenotypes. Why do the defenders of the OFB insist on this division?

6. The FB has already been rescued by CAFIB 40 years ago. Why try to invent a new and unknown way to what was already built correctly and successfully ? Would they be scared of joining CAFIB and having to follow rules to which all CAFIB directors, judges and members submit themselves ? Would they be afraid that theirs dogs would be disapproved at the CAFIB APT or their dogs being misclassified at a CAFIB Expo? Why do they want to continue in a comfortable comfort zone and only in the simplistic scope of breeding type of dogs search in their own kennels ? That is, why try to adapt the True and PURE Fila Brasileiro to the type of dog that is inside the OFB mentor’s kennel?

7. Why do not the OFB mentor and sympathizer do not comment on the comparison of the dogs in the photos that I have posted on the links # 1 above, among the Fila Brasileiros approved in CAFIB APT as well as those disapproved of the OFB photos?

8. After all, why has the mentor of the OFB and his only follower I know so far not clearly stated what bloodlines are actually being used to make the OFB ? Why not give all the names of dogs used in this new experience ? Why the mystery ? Would this origin be based on bloodlines in fact from many CAFIB and even CBKC-FCI dogs and therefore the OFB Standard had to accept the infamous “black-fila” ? Would they be from CAFIB FBs, and even from CBKC-FCIs FBs and “filas” and that were sent and sold to countless farms decades ago and, in the second case, carrying the miscegenation gene? Where’s the transparency ? After all, CAFIB selected its squad clearly and openly on the APT and Expos tracks in the presence of all the Filas fans and disseminating much of these results in the press?

9. Why did the mentor of the OFB take 45 years from the beginning of the miscegenation that occurred in the FB and almost 10 years after the launching of his Manifest (see in English in ) to find out that Fila Brasileiro is not Fila Brasileiro, but rather OFB !!! ??? and finally,

10. Why insist on projects of self-fulfillment and egoist that should never be above the Fila Brasileiro ?

              Note: To the 10 questions above, I would also like to ask the mentor and the only OFB advocate I know to also comment on the intelligent and educated considerations posted on Facebook by traditional FB breeder, Joaquim Liberato Barroso, better known as  Quinzinho, which was Anfibra former president and judge. Quinzinho posted this week that even if we considered a remote, virtually unlikely and extremely radical hypothesis that there could be a population of pure and original FB dogs (*), and that this population would have been maintained since the 1940`s and 50`s or earlier and completely isolated, living on remote farms, far from any civilization or contact with other types or breeds of dogs, these would have generated 32 or more canine generations, mating only with each other. Quinzinho understands that it would be very unlikely that they would reach the present day without presenting the natural degenerations resulting from the exhaustion of intense inbreeding.

Quinzinho also understands that these squad, so reclusive and distant from civilization, if they still existed today, should necessarily have very high genetic variability and be very numerous in order to support, without great damage, the inevitable, numerous and successive mating nearby. Adding to these facts the absence of control of origin of these farm dogs, the lack of any guarantee that they would be Pure Filas, allied almost 50 years of uncontrolled miscegenation that still exists in the CBKC-FCI, when for years FB (and  “mestizos-filas”) was always one of the breeds that registered the most number of dogs in these two clubs, and also, the failure to perform crossbreeding experiences that reproduce and have reached the type idealized by the mentor of the OFB, it is concluded that the idea of ​​the attempt of the marketing launch of a new canine type called OFB was at least extremely far from results and practical evidence, in addition to premature, anticipated, rushed and based on the divination, belief and cheer that OFB has to work!

          (*) Uncle Chico’s note: that is, dogs living as if in an imaginary dream, more hidden and isolated than the Brazilian Indians named Piripkura, Korubu, Awá, Ti Tanaru thousands and thousands of miles deep in the Amazon Forest and Jungle… Imagine this in the 21st century, and right there so close, in the heart of our beloved Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, eternal cradle of the Fila Brasileiro, being quickly accessible by car !!!… Remembering that when CAFIB made its first expeditions to the interior of Brazil, mainly in the same State of Minas Gerais, but also from the Northeast to the South of our country and more than 30 years ago, it was already very difficult to find Typical Filas. These later became subject to rigorous selection and control, always following the CAFIB’s Breeding Philosophy. Recalling that many of these dogs brought from the interior by CAFIB first founders and breeders were reproved or had their offspring reproved by CAFIB since living in the interior does not necessarily attest that they are True Fila Brasileiros.

A huge number of dogs lives in the interior of Brazil and even for this they are not FB !!! Now the OFB mentor want to make people believe that purebred OFB-type appear in any farm inside the State of Minas Gerais…!!! However, it is very serious: without the OFB mentor presenting these dogs which lives “in isolation for decades”, in a transparent and correct way, and note that in the Brazilian FB world there are the insistent information and talks that CAFIB FBs and even CBKC-FCI dogs are being used in this new experience… I hope that soon I will prove and receive authorization from CAFIB breeders whose dogs are being used in this new experience and even from a CBKC-FCI breeder who is trying to rescue two females of his breeding which his FB kennel has more than 25 years, who informed me are also being used in this new experience.

As such, I continue to await the answers to the above-mentioned questions from the mentor and the only OFB advocate I know and to whom I directly send all my articles by email.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.