Post 608 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 230 – The misuse of the photo of the “mastodon-fila” Orixá, which was never from Parnapuan Kennel (*) breeding… – About the fake-“filas”-photos of “filas” that have never been of Parnapuan Kennel origin, but are used until now for those interested in justifying their new theses of new dog types … – Date: Jan, 17th.-2019

Uncle Chico Newsletter #230

The misuse of the photo of the “mastodon-fila” Orixá, which was never from Parnapuan Kennel (*) breeding… 

About the fake-“filas”-photos of “filas” that have never been of Parnapuan Kennel origin, but are used

until now for those interested in justifying their new theses of new dog types … 

(*) Parnapuan was the name of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz Kennel.  

My dears CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

1. I received the photos below as FBs of the legendary breeding of the Parnapuan Kennel, the kennel of my beloved and dear friend Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz:

1 - a - 16 - parna segundo ofb

I inform that I do not know the origin of the dogs of these two photos above. I doubt very much their users will be able to prove the origin of these two dogs. In my long and intense

14-year life with Dr. Paulo he showed me very few pictures of his dogs, reminding my readers that for more than 50 years, photographing was not so easy as it is today in the digital age.

2. The only twelve photos that I recognize as being in fact of Parnapuans Filas are in the book .

These 12 photos are indeed Parnapuans Filas by the simple fact that Dr. Paulo selected them and sent them to Luiz Hermanny to publish in his book that contains four chapters on the FB written by Dr. Paulo himself.

Conclusion: photos that were chosen and selected by João Batista Gomes, Procópio do Valle, Jacob Blumen and Clélia Kruel, as well as cross-breeders, dog merchants and the inventor of the OFB, informing that a particular photo is from a dog from the Parnapuan Kennel and are used to justify and validate diverse phenotypes, miscegenation, dog trade and a new canine type like OFB, absolutely nothing should mean to the educated and intelligent Filas fans who really know the True History of FB… Let´s stop the so called “blindness of kennel or breeding” and also the inflated ego !!!

In addition, all knowledge in FB of Dr. Paulo was fully consolidated in the Standard, Regulations, articles in the newspaper O Fila and, in practice and with total success, in the Fila-CAFIB, with the invaluable contribution of the founders and first CAFIB breeders. Therefore, it is no use for the innovators to sprout “fila–mestizosor even Regular Typical Filas to try to prove their inventions.

3. It is important to emphasize that, over the last decades, many were the photos of “mestizo-filas” and “fake-filas-photos” that were used to give credibility to diverse theses that basically defended the “mestizo-filas“, mainly the “mastiff-fila” types, the “black-fila” and more recently the “fila-chihuahua-giant“.

4. Certainly the greatest example of “fake-filas-photo” is the below, where this “mastodon-fila“, precursor of the “freak-fila“, won an article written by Jacob Blumen in the magazine Animals & Veterinary # 11, dated 1976, before the CAFIB foundation, as the FB photo named Orixá de Parnapuan, whose author induced it to be, but never was, from the Parnapuan Kennel breeding of Dr. Paulo.

That is, the first cross-breeders of the FB with English Mastiff tried to sell and instill in the minds of the new FB fans and breeders of that time, when unfortunately the FB became fashionable in Brazil and abroad, mainly in the USA (*), that in the legendary and traditional Parnapuan Kennel was born such “mastodon-fila“, with the characteristics of the dog below, similar to those of the “fila-mastiff” because it was in this absurd phenotype (**) that they wanted to transform our beloved, traditional and ORIGINAL Fila Brasileiro.

(*) where four FB and “fila” clubs came to be created (FBCA-1, FBCA-2, FBA, AFB) and where tons of “mestizos-filas” have been exported,

(**) this “mastodon-fila” below from yesterday (1970 decade) , is nothing more than the forerunner of today’s “ freak-fila!!!

1 - a - 17 - foto fake orixá

You can confirm what I write by reading in Portuguese: “Orixá of Parnapuan, the Brazilian giant, true prototype of the Fila Breed with 110 kilos (= 242.50 pounds ) of body weight“.

My dear friends, would you please tell me how the 12 FBs actually of Parnapuan origin from the photos published in the book above and dated before 1957, with half this weight and half this extremely large body, may have generated this “mastodon-fila” photographed 20 years later and presented by the adepts of the FB miscegenation as being a true Parnapuan Fila ? Of course, it is a mestizo dog, yesterday or today, with a FB pedigree of issued by any Office Registry of Dogs that act commercially and is completely unaware of the Fila Brasileiro Breed ?

The dog in this photo is an obese animal, terribly apathetic and slow, coming from the cross-breding of FB with English Mastiff, like the real photos  and based on the following experience denounced by me in and carried out without any control, which was used unbelievably in the simple and pathetic pedigree counterfeit and falsification!!!

5. Please see in my article , dated May, 5yh-2016, the beginning of CAFIB’s improvement work. In the photos of item # 2 you will see the dogs that were approved in our Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT). Note: To know about the CAFIB APT please read in English

But in the photos of item # 3 below, you will see the dogs that were disapproved not only by the founders of CAFIB, but also by Dr. Paulo himself present in our Expos and APTs :

Photos of some dogs disapproved in CAFIB first APTs:

1 - a - 18 b - cães reprovados aft

1 - a - 18 a - cães reprovados aft

Curiously,  the dogs   above,  disapproved  at the beginning  of CAFIB,  that is, by Dr. Paulo  himself  and  by   the founders  and  first  CAFIB   judges,  who  concluded  the Course  of  Judges   by  Dr. Paulo  himself   and   were  approved  in  the  Judge  Test  conducted   by   Dr. Paulo  himself,  among  them  Airton Campbell,  Américo Cardoso, Luiz  Antonio  Maciel,  Marília  and  Roberto  Maruyama,  Luciano Gavião, Pedro Borotti, Jose  Souto  Maior  Borges and  Antonio  Silva  Lima, remember the new canine type of the  OFB  which most resembles in my opinion, with my due and greatest respect, to a fila-chihuahua-giant“, idealized  by  the defenders of OFB, whose photos follow below:

1 - a -15 - vários ofb

Therefore, besides not being ethical to use “fake-photos” of dogs not Parnapuan, I believe that it is also unethical to use Dr. Paul’s name because he would disapprove, no doubt,  of the above OFBs.

6. Recalling that:

6.1. Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz has reproved the OFB phenotype since the beginning of CAFIB;

6.2. The dogs of the Iberian Peninsula all had triangular heads;

6.3. There is no proof that these Iberian dogs actually arrived in Brazil;

6.4. All knowledge of Dr. Paulo was consolidated in CAFIB;

6.5. The FB does not deserve to run the risk of being divided into other phenotypes;

6.6. The FB has already been rescued by CAFIB 40 years ago;

6.7. That the founder of the OFB took 45 years from the beginning of the miscegenation that occurred in the FB and almost 10 years after the launching of his Manifesto (see in English in  ) to find out that Fila Brasileiro is not Fila Brasileiro, but OFB !!! ??? and finally;

6.8. Any personal and egocentric achievement projects can never be above the Fila Brasileiro.

7. Finalizing: I continue to expect to receive from the idealizer and mentor of the new canine type entitled OFB, which has also unfortunately adopted the “Fila” name, its counter-arguments in a polite, respectful and, mainly, with solid arguments and evidence, defending this new thesis, as I have done in my fifth previous article disagreeing frontally with this new experience that has just begun denominated OFB

For my part, I will always continue to defend our beloved, traditional and ORIGINAL PURE Fila Brasileiro ever.

But unfortunately there are people who cannot bread Pure Filas like those registered at CAFIB since 40 years ago and then start to invent new causes, fashions and theses without any theoretical or practical proof…

Best regards, Chico Peltier.