Post 605 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 228 – Uncle Chico adds quick and important comments to his latest article on OFB… – Doubts and questions that I raised about the new thesis of the new canine type called OFB – date: Jan, 10-18


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CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB) friends,

After receiving some messages, and all supporting the doubts and questions that I raised about the new thesis of the new canine type called OFB, I feel that it would be necessary to clarify adding and including to my already disclosed thought that:

1. While still awaiting polite responses and comments and strong arguments from the OFB advocates regarding the points I raised on this new thesis, I initially state that I am sorry that this was raised and defended by a person who has always had, until then an appreciated curriculum in the FB breeding;

2. I also like the person of the inventor of the OFB thesis. I even helped him by correcting, suggesting, and giving him photos that were used by him in the Manifest (Declaration, Statement) he launched in January / 2010. He also asked me for material from my authorship to use in his second book, but since he does not have the habit of giving credit and recognizing the help he has received, I have given him such material as long as he gives me the proper credit. Whether he used this material or not in his second book, I do not know. I have filed all the email exchanges that prove this fact. I always had and I hope to continue having a good relationship with him.

3. In my opinion there is nothing personal in my doubts, questions and arguments, but only technical (example: triangular head in all Iberian dogs) and historical (example: lack of proof of boarding and arrival of Iberian dogs in Brazil). However, for me, friendship and good relationship do not interfere or modify my clear and well-known position with regard to FB. My admiration and respect for the dog that should be part of the Brazilian Historical Heritage called the Fila Brasileiro is above any other next to Filas fans. That is: Uncle Chico does not “blend” (or mixture, or mix) nor confuse personal friendship with the admiration, breeding and preservation of the True Pure Fila. I will continue to uphold my ethical principle begun in 1974 to always defend our dear FB. Remembering: I do not take differences of opinion to the personal side. Each one should defends their beliefs with education, respect and, especially, solid arguments;

4. However, if the defenders of the OFB or any other breeder prove or present strong evidence that the FB originated in the Iberian Peninsula, the Netherlands, England or even in Russia, in any Asian country or even on the Krypton Planet, for me it makes no difference and I will be very happy that someone has finally discovered the origin of our dear FB. But I believe that vague and superficial hypotheses without any historical and factual evidence serve only to try to validate new theses to benefit and try to justify new canine types and phenotypes. This is very a big problem because since difficult even more the breeding of the FB, divided by the miscegenation and connivance of the BKC-CBKC-FCI into two distinct types: the homogeneous and typical CAFIB Pure Fila and the Fila and “fila” registered at CBKC-FCI which is heterogeneous and atypical;

5. Therefore the OFB could eventually cause another split in the FB. In spite of understanding that no new thesis will lead the OFB to disqualify the True PURE Fila Brasileiro, embodied in the CAFIB, because this below is the phenotype of OFB presented by its own defenders:

1 - a -15 - vários ofb

So it’s up to my readers to judge what kind of dog they prefer: the CAFIB type, the CBKC-FCI type or the above !!!

6. For me it remains simply impossible to understand that the mentor and inventor of the OFB has taken 45 years since the beginning of the miscegenation occurred in the FB and almost 10 years after the launch of the Manifest signed and released by him, to find that Fila Brasileiro is not Fila Brasileiro, but OFB !!! ???

7. Finalizing: the antonym of original is false… Therefore, in my view, no one has the right to denigrate the FB, trying to induce the Fila fans around the world, especially the new ones and those who still do not know very much about the True and PURE Fila Brasileiro, be it a fake or false dog …;

8. Note: As I always do since 2009, I send all my articles to my entire electronic address mailing list, mainly to the people in my cited articles, and even directly in this case to the email of the mentor and defender of the new thesis of the OFB. Uncle Chico always acted and will continue to act in a transparent way.

Regards, Chico Peltier.