Post 603 – Ask Uncle Chico # 184 – Uncle Chico argue against with education, respect, knowledge and historical basis the presentation of the new thesis on a new canine type called OFB, which was made publicly available on the web. – Data: Jan, 7th.-2019

Ask Uncle Chico # 184

Uncle Chico argue against with education, respect, knowledge and historical basis the presentation of the new thesis on a new canine type called OFB, which was made publicly available on the web.

1 - Cartaz Ingles sobre FP

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 461: Uncle Chico, I really liked yours last 4 articles, showing solid arguments with the incongruities in the new thesis that intends to reinvent and re-manufacture the traditional and original Fila Brasileiro that has lived in our country for so many years. That is, the Brazilian breed that was rescued from the extinction by CAFIB more than 40 years ago, in view of the practice of miscegenation practiced by unscrupulous breeders who falsified pedigrees and which had the institutional and systemic connivance of BKC, CBKC and FCI since the 1970s and has been preserved in its breed purity to this day with complete success by CAFIB founders, directors, judges and breeders.

So, I would ask you to comment not only on this new presentation of this new OFB thesis that was publicly available on the web via the link , as well as commenting on the total lack of arguments of the defenders of the new OFB that, instead of disagreeing with yours arguments, only try to attack you personally via Facebook posts, which, let’s face it, makes no sense and was used without success by some members of the late Anfibra. Too bad these people do not accept the diversity of opinions, the contradictory and do not know to debate with facts, arguments, documents, education and respect. Tanks a lot.

Uncle Chico’s Response: I am very sorry that after 40 years of CAFIB’s rescue the FB from extinction, some people still waste their time trying to create new theses without any basic and elementary evidence, much less practical knowledge, based on the simple guesswork about the well-known, traditional, classic, popular, original and unique Fila Brasileiro.

I am very sorry that after so many years the FB, which is clearly divided between two distinct types, that is, the PURE CAFIB Fila, that it is a breed with a phenotype, temperament and character homogeneous, typical and fixed and the CBKC-FCI Fila, which, on the other hand, is characterized by total heterogeneity of phenotypes, where several different types of FB pedigree dogs coexist together under the umbrella of the CBKC-FCI and its Standard 225. Even acknowledging the existence of Typical Filas in these two clubs (see in English in and in

I am also sorry that after the end of the Anfibra that only tried to copy the CAFIB, the inoperative and the limbo where the SPFB remains and the absence of Unifila for so many years, some people try to create and invent another division in the Fila Brasileiro.

Initially I comment that I have to agree unfortunately with you: as some of the proponents of the new OFB thesis have no arguments, they have only to attack me, since they cannot disagree with my arguments, nor present evidence contrary to my thinking. So they use the same excuses, attacks and curses to my person that were uttered and used without success by some members of the old Anfibra:

A – These people affirm that Uncle Chico does not receive and invents questions: these defamers without technical and historical arguments are unaware that for decades this is a useful, healthy and common way of doing journalism and spreading culture and knowledge preserving the anonymity of the interlocutor and the source. The fact is that most of the FB breeders who send me comments and questions do not like to expose their names because they are afraid of being cursed, slandered and offended without arguments by those who think differently of them. But they forget that recently Marcelo Zuliani had the courage to sign emails that he sent me with questions about OFB and authorized me expressly to divulge his name. That is, unlike the vast majority who also disagree with the invention of OFB, but are not willing to be offended gratuitously on Facebooks by people without education, knowledge and who are generally functional illiterates;

B – These people affirm that Tio Chico did not breed FB for many years: if that were so, Joao Saldanha, who was never a soccer player, but was the first Brazilian coach of this team, would not be one of the most responsible for winning the FIFA World Cup in Mexico in 1970; Nelson Motta, a Brazilian journalist, who was never a musician and politician, would not be one of the greatest critics of the arts and most recently of national politics; Ruy Castro, another Brazilian who has never been a musician, theater writer, soccer player, singer and urbanist, would not have written magisterial works on Bossa Nova (one of the types of Brazilian music), Nelson Rodrigues (excellent Brazilian writer), Garrincha (one of the greatest soccer players in Brazil), Carmen Miranda (one of the greatest singers in Brazil), Ipanema (one of the most charming districts of Rio de Janeiro) and so many other Brazilian literature classics and our beloved Paul Godinho, who never breed a simple dog, much less an FB, would not have published more than 5 thousand articles on Cynophilia (dog-breeding, and dog-fancying),

nor wrote his masterful book “Fila Brasileiro: a Gift from the Stars” (see in HTTP:// or by the email );

Therefore, I will not waste my time on this total lack of silly and childish argumentation, characteristic of the functional illiterates who, without arguments, think that attacking my person and cowardly fleeing serious debate, try unsuccessfully to get away from the focus of the question that is the new OFB, not against me by arguing with facts, evidence, documents and intelligence. Only fools fool themselves with the devices of cheap marketers preferring to run away from the debate of ideas. Therefore, these slanderers, and detractors without arguments, receive one more Uncle Chico Foolish Seal:

errar em port e ingles

Thus, I will comment with education, respect, facts, knowledge and argumentation what has been publicly posted on the OFB web in

Important note, mainly for the functional illiterates: the part of the text below that is in blue/black, italics, bold, in thesource Comic Sans MS and in quotes is posted by the proponents of the new OFB thesis in the above mentioned link.

1. If the proponents of the OFB thesis claim that this dog is a “…breed…” and that it is “… composed of the last copies of former fila dogs still preserved on farms in the interior of the Brazil… “, I ask:

1.1. How do these defenders prove to be a “…breed…”, that is, a group of dogs with a type for years properly defined and fixed?

1.2. How they prove the existence of these dogs in fact in “…farms in the interior of Brazil…” and, especially, that these dogs were never crossed with dogs of other breeds or even with mutts, thus having their genetics and breed purity altered and, therefore, miscegenated?

1.3. Why do they not present with proper transparency the name and photos of such dogs, informing the name and location of the farms and their farmers-breeders names in which they were found, thus proving that they are not CAFIB Filas or CBKC –FCI Filas and “filas” ? 

1.4. Why do not they present photos of these dogs with their data, description of their phenotypes and evaluation summaries, in addition to their SOBRACI records ? After all, how to rescue or maintain a particular dog type without a strict, serious, reliable and available genealogical control with transparency for those interested?

1.5. And, more importantly, whether it is true or not that the proponents of the new OFB thesis also cross these dogs for them existing in “…farms in the interior of Brazil…” with Fila Brasileiro breed and registered in the CAFIB and even with CBKC-FCI Fila and “filas” who have good typicity, and whose phenotypes would be approved in an CAFIB APT ( Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament) ?

2. The defenders of the OFB thesis inform that this new dog type “…is registered by SOBRACI…(a new dogs registry competing in Brazil of the CBKC-FCI)”. So, I ask,

2.1. Does SOBRACI (a also register the traditional and True Fila Brasileiro? Is it from the CAFIB or even the Typical Fila existing in CBKC-FCI ?

2.2. If positive, how does this Dog Registry differentiate these three types of FB?

3. The defenders of the OFB thesis resort to and cling to the book of the Mr. Procópio do Valle, born in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais,  entitled  “O Grande Livro do Fila Brasileiro” (in English: “The Great Book of Fila Brasileiro”, but fail to inform that:

3.1. In this book with 371 pages in none of its lines Mr. Procópio do Valle had the courage to defend and expose its “brilliant” … thesis in defense of the existence of the so-called “black-fila“. That is, did not have the courage to expose his “wonderful genetic work” …, thus losing “magnificent opportunity” … (??? !!!) to prove the rescue he performed of the black color in the FB. .. Really unbelievable…!!!

3.2. More importantly, Mr. Procópio do Valle, known as the “Father of the Black Fila“, defended a totally opposite thesis presented by the defenders of the OFB thesis when they affirm in this link about the dog denominated Portuguese Alão or others originating from the Iberian Peninsula and that this one perhaps, who knows, however, could have been “…a probable ancestor of the queue dogs of Brazil…”.

3.3. I explain: in an article signed by Mr. Procópio do Valle himself in the magazine Animals & Veterinary N# 35, dated Dec-1978, (see link in Portuguese , and in English ) the author clearly defends the thesis that the FB does not descend from dogs brought by Portuguese, Spanish, English or French to Brazil, but by Dutch, at the time of the invasion captained by the Dutch conqueror Mr. Maurício de Nassau in the Brazilian State of Pernambuco in the year 1637. This dog that according to the Mr. Procópio do Valle would have given origin to the FB would be the Dogue de Forte Race. But this thesis that only tried to validate the black color in the FB, as well as the thesis of the Fila Terceirense, invented by Mr. João Batista Gomes that only wanted to justify the introduction of the English Mastiff blood in the breeding of the FB in the decade of 70, did not sustain themselves. They melted !!! See and read and below in issue # 42 of the newspaper O FILA do CAFIB dated June 1983 in an article signed by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz himself:

1 - a - 3 - a grande confissão...

Note: please, do not be lazy to read and study. Especially the defenders of the OFB.

3.4. In the same way that I have already proved the lack of dogs brought by the Dutchmen led by Mr. Mauricio de Nassau who invaded Brazilian Pernambuco State, located in the Northeast  of our Country in the year 1637, it being enough to read and study in as mistakenly defended by Mr. Procópio do Valle, I inform the proponents of the OFB thesis that Portuguese dogs called Rafeiro Alentejano, Serra da Estrela Dog, Portuguese Water Dog, Portuguese Perdigueiro, Portuguese Podengo, Serra de Aire Dog, Castro Laboreiro Dog , Barbado da Terceira, Transmontano Cattle Dog, Algarrobo Barrocal, and especially the Fila de São Miguel, all have a small triangular head, as well as a long and light body (see in  ).

3. 5. As for the Spanish dogs a mention the Bodeguero Ratonero of Andalusia and the Spanish Greyhound both with extremely triangular heads; the Spanish Water Dog, which is also small and triangular in head shape, the Spanish Alano which, because it is considered a modern breed, is inadequate to the period of formation of the FB, besides also having a triangular head. And, going further, the Spanish Mastiff, despite having a head also triangular, but of greater size and more proportional to his body by the larger size, would be the only Iberian dog that from far, far away, would remember – just the touching to his strong body – that of the FB. But there is also no record of the arrival of Spanish dogs in Brazil.

3.6. However, as I have commented on other occasions, I have researched hundreds of times about dogs from the Iberian Peninsula, and I have never found a single record even that these dogs were brought by the Portuguese to Brazil and even less by the Spaniards.

Therefore, I am waiting for the defenders of OFB to prove the opposite of what I am saying here.

I visited personally the National Palace of Mafra, located in the Portuguese city of the same name, which has one of the most important Portuguese libraries and from where the Portuguese nobility with Dom Joao VI set out to settle in Brazil escaping from the Napoleonic judgment. I searched there and found nothing.

Therefore, I hope that the proponents of the OFB thesis will not bother to inform all the FB and “fila” breeders in Brazil and abroad in which fact and proven historical fact they are based to affirm that the Portuguese Alão or any other dog coming from the Iberian Peninsula has been “...a probable (???) ancestral of the FB of Brazil“.

4. In the photo below, even of poor quality, posted on the link in question, despite lacking the names of the dogs, place and date, I ask what the difference of the phenotypes presented in these dogs compared to the Pure CAFIB Fila and the Typical Fila registered in CBKC-FCI?

1 - a - 4 foto p&b

5. The defenders of the OFB thesis claim in this link that “…there was the need to preserve the old dog that gave birth to the modern Brazilian Fila“. However, to the best of my knowledge, this need was noted by me as soon as I became acquainted about the miscegenation in 1974-76, that is, more than 40 years ago, and began my solitary campaign to combat it even before the foundation of CAFIB and which culminated in the fact that I was able to convince Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz in 1976 to return to cynophilia and FB (see ) and the founders of CAFIB just over 40 years ago. These CAFIB founders and breeders who undoubtedly were responsible for having rescued in practice the True Fila Brasileiro of miscegenation and extinction. Therefore, I understand to be extremely late, out of time and lacking the due temporal nexus, this conclusion arrived only now in 2018 by the defenders of the OFB thesis. That is, with another 40 years of delay !!! Difficult to understand how these people have waited more than 4 decades to realize that, for them, Fila Brasileiro is not Fila Brasileiro, but rather OFB !!! ???

6. Regarding the origin of the FB I inform that, to my knowledge, CAFIB has never expressed opinions, theses and hypotheses about the origin of the FB. Personally I understand that it is lost and will remain unreachable in the South of Minas Gerais. I believe that even the earliest known FB breeders, such as José Gomes de Oliveira, Zezeca and Pedrinho do Engenho, both of the Junqueira Family, never knew the true origin of the FB.

I know only that the São Paulo-born Mr. João Batista Gomes, a proponent and defender of the Fila-Mastiff type, who introduced the blood of the English Mastiff in the FB, invented the Thesis of Fila Terceirense to justify his miscegenation (see in ),  that Mr. Procópio do Vale, a defender of the “black-fila” invented to justify his miscegenation with the German Dog in the black color the invention of the Dogue de Forte Race thesis (see in  ) and now there is another new thesis with no technical and historical backing and proof that attempts to validate the theory of a new dog type self-described as OFB. At least the Paulista born, Mr. Ibrahim Haddad Hercheu, who introduced the blood of Neapolitan Mastiff  (also in the black color) into the FB, did not invent any thesis in order to justify this miscegenation. That is: he gave much less work to the defenders of the True Fila Brasileiro

7. The defenders of the OFB thesis claim in this link that “…Filas like this (the below and the left) with a good part of the white body with markings of colors on the head probably (???) have some ancestor with the Dog of Transmontano Cattle… “. So, I ask my readers: do you think these two dogs whose photos follow below, being the left photo of an OFB posted on this link and the one from the right of a Transmontano Cattle Dog of similar phenotype? Or the coloring of the dog on the left reminds any dog, purebred or not, mutt or not, predominantly white? Not to mention the triangular head of the Transmontano Cattle Dog !!! See more photos of this Portuguese dog in…0.0..……1….1j2..gws-wiz-img.v0tkS9TEiWQ   and draw your own conclusions !!!

1 - a - 5 - ofb branco + trans

My readers, do you really believe that the Transmontano Cattle Dog with this triangular head and light up and right is the origin of the formation of the Fila Brasileiro?

8. Therefore, since there is absolutely no proof or historical record of the immigration into Brazil of any dog originating in the Iberian Peninsula, and since ALL Iberian dogs have triangular heads (*), I strongly disagree with the proponents of the OFB thesis when they pretend to believe “… that the fila brasileiro is of purely Iberian origin, especially of Portuguese origin …”;

9. The defenders of the OFB thesis when believing based ONLY “…in their own personal experiences (??? !!!) with the breed (FB) …” and that for this reason they arrived to “…the conclusion that there was a need to preserve the ancient dog that gave birth to the modern Brazilian Fila…” because “…the old or original fila is coming close to extinction due to practices of crosses that have attached genetics and breed characteristics foreigners unrelated to the Brazilian endemic dog“, can only be referring obviously to the Fila registered in the CBKC-FCI miscegenated, atypical and heterogeneous and it seems to me that unbelievably forgotten the PURO CAFIB Fila.

10. In this link the defenders of the OFB thesis further affirm that the origin of the FB would be in such a disappeared “…Iberian Allan (although this dog is totally unknown and without any registration in Google as in Wikipedia !!!) consequently, of the molosso type dogs of Portugal and Spain… “. However, as far as my knowledge goes, and if I am wrong, I would ask them to prove otherwise, there has never been any dog in Portugal that could be designated as Molosso. Neither in Spain, except the (*) called Spanish Mastiff that is not stubborn and has triangular head. See in . From this sentence posted in this link follows long, beautiful, romantic, but totally unproven and a lot of imaginative series of assumptions without any historical proof. Recalling unfortunately the thesis of Fila Terceirense and Dogue de Forte Race….

11. In this link proponents of the OFB thesis comment on the “…extremely functional and non-stocky structure of the old filas (???), in addition to the proportional snout according to the OFB standard.” However, the picture below to the left, which I understand to be an example of an OFB dog, with the characteristics proclaimed just above in this item by them, reminds me only of a poor German Dog. And for you? I request to compare with the two photos in the center and in the right of a German Dog.

1 - a - 7 - ofb tipo dogue + 2 dogues

12. In this same link, the defenders of the OFB thesis further affirm that they studied “… the probable origins of the Fila Brasileiro under the guidance of Mr. André Oliveira and Mr. Antônio Ferreira – Portuguese, dog enthusiastic and researchers of the University of Coimbra of Portugal – who provided rich materials of studies, many historical documents and photos of old Portuguese dogs, among them the Portuguese Alão of the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.Very interesting… But the concrete fact contained in this statement — for the most attentive readers, with power of criticism, analysis and who are not functional illiterates — is that, no doubt, at no time these two Portuguese dog fans absolutely nothing presented that proves the shipment and arrival in Brazil of Portuguese or Spanish dogs !!!

That is, the observation noted above by those who believe in the OFB is profoundly vague and devoid of relevant substantiation and prove. That is, exactly like Mr. Procopio do Valle in his article published in the magazine Animals & Veterinary # 35, dated Dec-78 where he stated totally devoid of contact with reality in his article entitled Four Centuries Preserving the Fila Dog (see in  ) in the center of this page and marked by two dashes in red: “300 English dogs (Engelsen doggen) will be sent there…”.

That is, Mr. Procópio do Valle, as I asked him 40 years ago and I got no answer: These dogs would be of what breed and what type of phenotype ? As the above-mentioned text states that they will be sent, that is, in verbal tense in the future, I ask if there is evidence and prove that they have even and really been sent? And yet, where, since there geographically absolutely nothing means !!! Notice that the letter mentioned by Mr. Procópio do Valle despite being requested by me, was never presented…

1 - a - 8 - texto procopio1 - a - 9 - texto procopio 2

This, without mentioning that even today, 369 years later, it would be extremely difficult to group and create a logistics system to efficiently and successfully transport 300 dogs of any breed from the Netherlands to Brazil. Imagine then embarking them on several caravels that would take at least three months to cross the Atlantic, if they did not get lost or leave their correct route in the 1650s. Therefore the real difficulty, never imagined by Mr. Procópio do Valle, would be enormous today, even if you used a Jumbo jet plane, which in 11 hours would do the same route… Only Mr. Procopio do Valle would be able to imagine such a novel !!! Although the staff and fans of the OFB managed to surprise me with their vague, imaginative and disconnected thesis of reality…

Concluding this item: fools are all those who firmly believe in new theses without proof. If the fans of the OFB wish, I invent some 5 theses about the origin of the formation of the FB…

It is not enough to imagine, to invent, to write and to post… it has to prove !!!

13. In this same link, proponents of the OFB thesis affirm that “Outside official cynophilia (since there is no official cynophilia, in Brazil, since the Brazilian State/Government, via the Ministry of Agriculture, excluded all dog breeds for their control almost 10 years ago, – see – I interpret that in fact the people responsible for writing this link wished to write dogs that do not have CAFIB and CBKC-FCI records), many extremely typical and rustic specimens (filas) are still found in anonymity ( in Brazilian farms)…”. So, as I do not believe in this possibility, since CAFIB traveled through Brazil from North to South plus its Center in the 1980s, I am waiting for these pure dogs to leave of such anonymity and be presented to the entire FB community. I will be very happy to meet them. (Brazilian)

14. The proponents of the OFB thesis further state that the copies in the above-mentioned item are “…useful on farms in the (Brazilian) countryside, away from contacts with foreign breeds“. With all due respect, I ask: how can the admirers of the OFB categorically affirm this “away from contacts“, that is, the non-existence of miscegenation with other breeds and even with mutts on these distant farms?

For example, defenders of the OFB consider these two black dogs in the photos below as being OFB black color representatives. But at the same time they stated in another post (see in English Question # 448 in ) that these photos were taken in the 90’s, that is, twenty years after the huge FB miscegenation in Brazil !!! Well, for me, I comment that the two dogs of the two photos below are nothing more than black-colored mutts, coming from crosses that occurred after the FB miscegenation !!!

1 - a - 9 a- dois cães pretos

15. The defenders of the OFB thesis further state that “…the sought-after model of the dog is mirrored in the standard devised by Paulo Santos Cruz, Erwin Waldemar Rathsam and João Ebner in 1946“. Well, I’m sorry, but in my opinion the two photos in the above item are much more resemblance to the kind of mestizo dog conceived by Mr. Procópio do Valle, as, for example, the photo below of the dog named Tição de Kirimauá, breed by the same Mr. Procópio do Valle in his kennel named Canil Kirimauá, located in Juiz de Fora, Brazilian State of Minas Gerais:

1 - a - 12 - tição

Or, on the other hand, the dog in the photo just below, called Bronco do Caramonan (see in English in which was presented by the fans of the OFB in a previous post on the web as being a faithful and characteristic exemplary representative of OFB, but who, with all due respect, reminds me much more of a Giant Chiuaua:

1 - a -13 - exemplo ofb

Alias, totally different from the fans of the OFB, I think that the PURO CAFIB Fila, after 40 years of selection and rigid genealogical control, is perfectly in line with the ideas of my great friend Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, since it is the most important organizer of the Fila Brasileiro as a breed and that from 1978 consolidated all his knowledge in the Standard, Rules and in the CAFIB Journal called O Fila (see ) . So, as I have written several times, there are many people of clubs, trends, ideas, colors and new theses that try in vain to take a ride and stick to the name of our Dr. Paulo, who is The CAFIB Master of Breeding and considered by all as the Father of the Fila.

Forget: Dr. Paulo and all his knowledge was consolidated by him in the CAFIB !!! Period !!!

See below why the overwhelming majority of the Fila fans, even affiliates of BKC-FCI, prefer the PURE CAFIB Fila:

1 - a -14 - filas do cafib

16.The defenders of the OFB thesis claim that “…the CAFIB standard filas although this entity retain a functional and much healthier and useful fila type than the CBKC fila, are also moving away from the old filas found in the middle rural (farms )”. However, the fans of the OFB responsible for the writing of this text have completely forgotten to explain how and why this “withdrawal” occurred. And, even more, they forgot to explain and prove this super vague and superficial statement.

17. The proponents of the new OFB thesis further state in the link in question that the dog “…Jumbo II became an ideal fila reference in terms of structure to be achieved by many CAFIB club breeders“; they commented on what they called the “event of the ears…” and also warned CAFIB of what they understood to be a departure from “…the original type“. For my part, I only have to comment, that I have never heard anything about these three vague statements above. With the word to the Board, judges and breeders of CAFIB and the editors responsible for writting this link. In fact, if these “alerts” were given more than 30 years ago, why did they take so many decades to react and create / invente the OFB thesis?

18. The proponents of the new OFB thesis claim that their “preference has been to rescue isolated genetics dogs on farms, but there are a few dogs of the CAFIB standard in the cross-breeding program of those filas that fit or show themselves sufficiently close to the characteristics considered desirable in the OFB standard…”. Also, that “…as for dogs of the CBKC standard, there is a remote possibility of using an animal only if the specimen fits in with the physical and temperament characteristics considered ideal not deviating from the pattern of the old filas...” , because they defend “… the rescue and maintenance of canine breeds with types called by him (the writer Vladimir Beregovoy) as Aborigines, that by having been molded more (!!!) naturally, almost without human intervention“.

Therefore, although I do not approve and even recriminate, I fully understand the use of PURE CAFIB Filas in the formation of the new canine type called OFB. After all, filas breeders of all the clubs have for years made use of the traditional and original PURE CAFIB Filas to improve their breedings. As we all know, some breeders do it in a transparent way, while many others prefer to do it in a hidden way and even rename the CAFIB Fila by the name of their kennel dogs. That is, the club that will eventually congregate fans of the OFB, will repeat only what has been done previously in the last decades by dozens of CBKC-FCI, SPFB and Unifila breeders… And more recently by Anfibra that tried to copy the CAFIB selection system, embodied in the CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament ( APT). Learn about the APT in the masterful article written by our current President, Mr. Américo Cardoso, in English by clicking

But I confess that I am afraid I have not been able to understand the use of CBKC-FCI dogs in the formation of OFB, since this is a decision that implies a total and serious incongruence, since no one has as proof of the real ancestry of dogs registered in these two clubs. Nor is human nonintervention and miscegenation with dogs of other breeds and even mutts in pedigree dogs issued by CBKC-FCI, reproached by the OFB’s own admirers, as well as in those dogs that live “away on such farms not yet determined or defined, as theoretically advocated by OFB admirers.

I think it is precisely for this reason that it seems to me that the fans of the OFB have left a gap in the future, in the case of the birth of black dogs, to accept them in their breeding, since they are obviously derived from “black-filas” registered in the CBKC –FCI for decades, since these are also used in the formation of the new canine type called OFB. But I confess that this part of the text seemed to me very confusingly written, leaving me with many doubts of interpretation, because the writing has many comings and goings. Lack of clarity and objectivity. After all, it is very simple: either the fans of the OFB accept or do not accept the well-known “black-fila“.

Finishing my comments 

(i) After all what do you prefer to create? 

The PURE CAFIB … Fila ?

1 - a -14 - filas do cafib

Or the new canine type called OFB, as per the same link ?

1 - a -15 - vários ofb

(ii) for the other positions punctuated in the link mentioned by the defenders of the thesis of OFB I think that they are irrelevant, for this I do not comment them;

(iii) As for the quotations to CAFIB, I remind everyone that I am neither nor have I ever been a spokesman for this Club that I so admire, I am so proud to belong to, to be your Advisor from the beginning and very much to have contributed to its growth. In spite of this, for those who do not know, I report that in 2008 I was honored with the Title of Father of CAFIB, which extremely honors me. For having been the first breeder in 1975-76 to systematically and publicly denounce the miscegenation, “mestizos-filas” and cross breeders of the FB; for having been the first breeder to publicly rebel against then BKC + FCI and its complicity with the FB miscegenation; for having been responsible for bringing Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz back to the FB in 1976 and to be one of those who inspired the creation of a Group of Pure Fila Brasileiro breeders under the guidance of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz. But, in fact, I am extremely and eternally grateful to the founders and first CAFIB breeders, such as Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso, Luiz Antonio Maciel, Luciano Gavião, Pedro Borotti and Roberto Maruyama, to name a few, who in practice have saved the FB of extinction. So, if there is interest, I suggest that those interested should directly question the CAFIB Board. Uncle Chico continues as always to expose his ideas and thoughts with clear, logical and with a lot of historical knowledge, as he has always done since 1975-76. But always in defense of the Pure Fila Brasileiro and always attentive the “nefarious-news” … And with total freedom of expression;

(iv) I suggest that proponents of the OFB thesis are not subject to SOBRACI and assume full control of their own Registry Book / Stud Book. After all a club that wants to be independent can not have its Genealogical Control in the hands of third parties, especially if it is just another Dog Registry. Since their first litter, CAFIB has registered its own pups and has issued its own pedigrees, never recognizing the pedigrees of the CBKC-FCI, nor the ancestors and descendants recorded in them, as worthy of Faith;

(v) I am very sorry that some breeders who were born in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais – the so called in Portuguese “mineiro” –  still do not accept the fact that the FB, despite having its origin /cradle in the South of Minas Gerais, was organized and established as a pure breed dog  through breeders who were born in São Paulo – the so called in Portuguese “paulista” –, notably Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, and was later rescued from extinction by CAFIB founders and breeders mainly from São Paulo. But I remember that the FB is neither a “mineiro” nor a “paulista”, but Brazilian !!! As a “carioca”  –  the so called people who was born in Rio – , I am totally deprived of this kind of silly and unproductive neighborhood;

(vi) I think many breeders would like to, but since they can not own and bred the PURE CAFIB Fila, nor do they wish to comply with the Rules and Regulations of a strict club like CAFIB, they will then invent similar or extremely similar theses and types of dogs even with names almost identical to the traditional and original FB, to have the freedom to bred in their own way and have a way to value his dogs types, possibly even atypical, existing within their own kennels, whatever. In fact, many breeders are still afraid, in fact, a real fear of submitting their copies to CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT). Ahhhh… they run away… A pity, because no one should be consider above the FB …;

(vii) I am ready to continue this conversation in a friendly, transparent and sincere manner with any person, a supporter of the OFB or not, as long as they have education, respect and sound reasoning. That is, far from the lack of primary knowledge about the FB, of the lack of education and personal offenses, unfortunately very common in FB, mainly in the Facebooks.

Very important: Uncle Chico has a rule, based on many past experiences in conversations with breeders…: I only answer new questions or placements if my interlocutor first answered the ones I did previously for him or questions and observations existing in my articles. Otherwise, the dialogue does not flow, it has no end and nothing comes of being productive. This is a rule that I self imposed and I do not give up… Lol… Lol…

(viii) Stop one more personal achievement !!! It is enough !!! Enough of selfish, self-centered and individualistic people. Fila Brasileiro is much more important than its breeders !!! Let us respect him, his history and his breed purity. Enough of so much invention !!!

I hope the proponents of the OFB thesis have noticed that, as always, I commented the link in question with education and arguments, respecting the diversity of opinions. I do not understand that we should be enemies in dealing with matters related to the FB because we think differently, but only opponents in ideas.

After all, each one breeds and owns the dog that he / she understands. Be it a True and PURE CAFIB FILA Brasileiro, or from any other breed or even our dear mutt.

My regards to all and happy 2019, including to the proponents of the OFB thesis. Chico Peltier.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC