Post 599 – Ask Uncle Chico # 182 – Another “re-inventor” and “re-manufacturer” of “black-fila” realizes that crossing “black-fila” + “black-fila” = black mutt… – So childishly he asks for help and wants to cross his “black-fila” with Yellow Fila …- FB Beating or Temperament Test ??? !!! – Date: Dec, 26th – 2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 182

Another “re-inventor” and “re-manufacturer” of “black-fila” realizes that crossing “black-fila” + “black-fila” = black mutt

So childishly he asks for help and wants to cross his “black-fila” with Yellow Fila …

1 - Cartaz Ingles sobre FP2 - CAFIB 40 years

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

Question # 458:  Uncle Chico, see below the unfortunate and uncultured post (photo # 1) of another “re-inventor” and “re-manufacturer” of “black-fila” who has just discovered the obvious: crossing “black-fila”  with “black-fila” will only get to theblack-fila-freak + mutt” !!! That is, dogs in black color, mestizos and mutts dogs with several heterogeneous phenotypes…

So, realizing that he have no future in their “new experience“, in fact, with no genetic and scientific basis, based only on the lazy crossbreed of black dogs, he inform that will cross his “black-fila” with Yellow Fila, like other people have tried before without success in São Paulo and Piauí. Possibly he will try in a hidden way with yellow CAFIB-Fila, since as everyone knows and he also, the CAFIB-Fila is the only PURE Fila Brasileiro with homogenous phenotype. It is a pity that in his enormous foolishness he do not begin to breed the Pure CAFIB-Fila. That’s why I’m going to send him the traditional Uncle Chico Seal of Foolishness  (photo nº 2). Regards.

1 - CAFIB - a

Uncle Chico’s Response:  Perfect !!! Since Procópio do Vale, who was better known as The Father of the “black-fila these non sense people try unsuccessfully to reach a black dog resembling the phenotype of a True Fila Brasileiro… Regarding a similar temperament, not even think …

Question # 459:  Uncle Chico, good afternoon! Is it possible that OFB (the so called Original Fila ?!?!?!) through the myopic vision of his mentor has encouraged his followers to practice and post videos of dogs contained by the guide being beaten by their owners and lay persons in dog training, in a visible violation to the physical integrity of the clearly defining the practice of maltreatment. Is this now a common practice for this new group of breeders? What is your opinion on this video: .

Uncle Chico’s Response: Obviously I think it’s a meanness and cowardice to hit any animal, much more in a FB.

A dog breed that I admire and began to protect from 1974 and that was rescued and saved of the extinction by the CAFIB from 1978.

Even more so because this specimen is being restrained and imprisoned by a guide, preventing him from carrying out his defense.

I do not know if the dog in the link of the video above is a representative of a new canine type they are trying to invent called OFB, as you understand. I also do not know whether or not there is encouragement from someone as you ask me.

In my opinion, the video dog seems to me just another traditional, classic, well-known, popular, famous, old and original Fila Brasileiro of good phenotype as every FB should be.

Far from the new names invented just to make marketing over the unwary, foolish and those who are lazy to study the True History of the FB…

Even after the invention and the fabrication of the “mestizos-filas” and the “black-fila” from the 1970s, and more recently the OFB.

In my opinion, these are unscientific experiments that use all kind of FB-like dogs and even have to accept the black color, since they cross and use CBKC dogs that have FB pedigree, and these in turn can bring in its gene of ancestors who are black mutts. That is, the so-called “black-fila

I think these are superficial experiences, carried out by people who wish to be different and selfishly want to create something new. Whatever it is. One more people that appears to disrupt using second class marketing the original and natural History of the traditional Fila Brasileiro.

See in my article   and in the photos below, the proof of how Brazil, compared to other countries in the world, has been behind in these last decades. Below is a photo of Fada do Itanhandu winning the Working Certificate Test in Ukraine. Would you please compare the Temperament Test below with the link above, and cry…

1 - Ca - Fada 1

Happy 2019 for all of you, including for the breeders of “mestizos-filas” and “black-filas” !!!

Regards, Chico Peltier.