Post 593 – Ask Uncle Chico # 179 – Active FB fan Mr. Marcelo Zuliani questions about some new dog breed (?!) named original fila… – Date: Nov, 30th.-2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 179

Active FB fan Mr. Marcelo Zuliani questions about some new dog breed (?!) named original fila

1 - Cartaz Ingles sobre FP2 - CAFIB 40 years

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

Question 452: Uncle Chico, it is possible something like that ? Can similar disorganization in a dog breed exist somewhere else in the world ? A single breed like the FB with 3 types and three different Standards ? There is the fixed and homogeneous type known for 40 years as the Pure CAFIB Fila. There is also the non-fixed and heterogenous type known as Fila CBKC-FCI also called “freak-fila“.

Now someone wants to invent such another dog called “original fila” ?

Anyone has the freedom to try to invent and try to fix after many years of serious work a new dog breed. So why not also invent a new and different name so as not to confuse the breeding of the Fila Brasileiro even more?

Why someone call this new type as Original Fila, Modern Fila or the Traditional Fila ? Is it just a marketing action using the traditional and globally known “Fila” brand?

Why this new unnecessary confusion? Why do more people come to complicate and not to explain? Only in Brazil exists this confusion and disorganization. And the unwary and fools will accept any novelty without any intelligent questioning.

Why this new group of people that wants to invent a new type of dog also does not invent a new name so as not to harm the Fila Brasileiro even more? Why not call this new dog whose photo follows just below Original Brazilian Breed or Original Brazilian Guard Dog or any other name? But they should never use the name FILA. What is this mess? The cynophilia in Brazil is like this: IF YOU CAN MESS IT, WHY NOT TO SIMPLIFY!?

Pls find below a photo of the dog named Bronco do Caramonan at 14 months of age for your comments.

Regards, Marcelo Zuliani.

1 - Bronco Caramonan

Uncle Chico’s Response: I fully agree with you. The dog in the picture above, with all respect, seems more like a Chihuahua with a more advanced body. Personally, I see no reason to persist in this new experience that only distorts, deforms, disfigures and perverts the True Fila Brasileiro.

I also strongly disagree when these new inventors and manufacturers of new dog types try to use and misappropriate the traditional and respected name of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, adulterating and confronting their true thinking about the Pure Fila. As I wrote in my article in English named Ask Uncle Chico # 178, commenting on the “original fila“, (see in ):

The irrefutable fact is that Dr. Paulo in 1978 consolidated all his knowledge in the CAFIB Standard and in the article written by himself in the same year titled “How to distinguish a Pure Fila of a mestizo” published in nº 1 of the CAFIB newspaper O Fila. So why to insist on what he said and wrote, or he  would have said and written before that ? Why do they intentionally forget and accept the thought and knowledge of the Father of the Fila, especially after the miscegenation and the founding of CAFIB?

Below I compare the photo of the dog named Bronco do Caramonan, at the age of 14 months, representative of this new dog type, with several photos of the truly original, traditional and unique CAFIB-Fila with this same age (CAFIB New Class, i.e., from 12 to 18 months), all taken during CAFIB Expos this year, which can be checked on the CAFIB website  ( ) in the menu Exposições (see in   and also in the example


  1. The Picture below represented by Bronco do Caramonan, at 14 months of age:

1 - Bronco Caramonan

  1. Or the dozens of photos below of CAFIB Fila of the New Class that comprise dogs from 12 to 18 months, taken this year in CAFIB Expos carried out in Itanhandu-MG, Jacareí-SP, Teresina-PI; Três Corações-MG and Para de Minas-MG:

                                 Valente do Itanhandu                        Barão do Chapéu Preto

                     2 - Valente do Itanhandu3 - Barão do Chapéu Preto

                                         Natcha Piedras de Afilar          Videira do Itanhandu

                         4 - Natcha Piedras de Afilar5 - Videira do Itanhandu

                                     Valente do Itanhandu         Rolex IV Guardiães do Caracu

                            6 - Valente do Itanhandu7 - Rolex IV Guardiães do Caracu

                                 Videira do Itanhandu                  Quira IV Guardiães do Caracu

8 - Videira do Itanhandu9 - Quira IV Guardiães do Caracu

                                             Fábula de Jawa                            Valsa do Itanhandu

                      10 - Fábula de Jawa11 - Valsa do Itanhandu

                        Rolex IV Guardiães do Caracu             Rudá Recanto do Livramento

12 - Rolex IV Guardiães do Caracu13 - Rudá Recanto do Livramento

                                 Coronel do Chapéu Preto          Tábata IV Guardiães do Caracu

                          14 - Coronel do Chapéu Preto15 - Tábata IV Guardiães do Caracu

                               Quira IV Guardiães do Caracu                    Fábula de Jawa

16 - Quira IV Guardiães do Caracu17 - Fábula de Jawa

                                 Rolex IV Guardiães do Caracu            Foluke Leões de Sant’anna

18 - Rolex IV Guardiães do Caracu19 - Foluke Leões de Sant'anna

                               Urânio Recanto do Livramento       Buana Recanto do Livramento

                                  20 - Urânio Recanto do Livramento21 - Buana Recanto do Livramento

                     Anita Recanto do Livramento                          22 - Anita Recanto do Livramento

Best regards, Chico Peltier.