Post 591 – Ask Uncle Chico # 178 – About such an original fila, the original-black-fila and two photographs of a dog apparently of black color taken in 1990, that is to say, 20 years after the miscegenation… – Date: Nov, 7th.-2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 178

About such an original fila, the original-black-fila and two photographs of a dog

apparently of black color taken in 1990, that is to say, 20 years after the miscegenation


Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

General Question:

Uncle Chico, I read on facebook some posts about such an original fila and original-black-fila, as well as two photographs dating back to 1990 of an apparently black dog. So, I ask…

Note: Uncle Chico received many inquiries about these posts and matter, so I found it better to consolidate them in the questions and answers below.

But it should be noted that the most objective and forceful questions were received from Marcelo Zuliani, an enthusiastic active in the FB.

  1. What do you know and how would you define the original fila ?

Uncle Chico’s Response: Unfortunately I can not answer you, because I do not know, I’ve never seen, nor I have ever known what an original fila would be. I have never received any information or material in this respect, nor any definition of its phenotype and temperament. Nor have I ever received its breed standard.

In fact, unlike those people who like to invent new theses for the traditional and old Pure Fila Brasileiro, which for years is known worldwide, Uncle Chico always gives science and e-mail his articles directly to more than 1,200 electronic addresses to FB and “fila” breeders, judges and leaders of all clubs, including the CBKC and FCI.

So Uncle Chico acts, writes and divulges his articles and thoughts always in an absolutely transparent way. I do not do anything hidden.

  1. Which register dog club is responsible for recording, issuing and controlling the pedigrees of the original fila ?

Uncle Chico’s Response: Unfortunately I do not know how to respond. I do not know which club is responsible for the veracity and maintenance of the pedigree and the issuing of pedigrees from the original fila. But I know that without genealogical record exempt, honest, trustworthy, absolutely correct and properly maintained and guarded, there is no possibility of inventing and preserving a new dog breed.

So much so that CAFIB soon after its foundation, in addition to elaborating its own breed Standard, began to register its squad, since CAFIB did not consider – and still does not consider – as worthy of Faith the genealogical control of the then BKC and later of the CBKC-FCI regarding the FB.

On the other hand, I do not believe that the original fila is registered as Fila Brasileiro in the CBKC-FCI, which, as we know, registers any animal as FB as long as the fees charged by these two clubs are paid. But I do not believe this because, if it is occurring, the puppies of the original fila already in the second generation can cross breed (miscegenate) with the “filas” registered in these two clubs. That is, they can be crossed even with the terrible “freak-fila” and, if this happens, this new thesis will mean nothing in terms of serious breeding and aim at the perpetuation of this new dog type. If it really exists.

There are a couple of newly created dog registration clubs, I think for Brazilians, but I do not know their controls, methods, effectiveness and credibility. I also do not know if suck clubs do not even accept to register the Fila and “fila” CBKC-FCI, thus taking the risks of improper cross breeding commented above. Some time ago two clubs that reported registering dogs attempted to approach CAFIB but were summarily rejected.

Unfortunately, many CBKC-FCI breeders knowingly, earnestly and dedicated bree their Typical Filas (*) , but forget that in two or three generations their work is lost and diluted in the ocean of heterogeneous types that characterizes the stock of existing miscegenation in CBKC-FCI.

  1. Why the original fila name?

Uncle Chico’s Response: I do not know how to answer you either. But since the last century marketers have invented names similar to traditional ones in order to market their old products as new ones… The new is well accepted in our pluralistic and democratic society, while wrongly the traditional one is sometimes labeled as old and outdated. However the new comers do not know or are deceived, as Animal Breed is a concept that defines the characteristics of a species and therefore cannot keep changing. This is: it is not a new model of car or refrigerator…

On the other hand for more than four decades, since 1974, I have followed with great sadness that from time to time another pseudo “fila” breeder full of news wants to be the new inventor and stepfather of the FB

The fact is that Mother Nature, without the interference of Man, formed the Fila Brasileiro in the South of the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, almost perfect… So, unfortunately, from time to time appear some unprepared people wanting to appear and to performed with more importance than the FB to expose themselves as being inventors of a dog that was formed decades ago and almost perfect… Then they began to introduce and cross breed with their disciples criminally and totally uncontrolled the blood of the English Mastiff, the Mastin Neapolitan and the Black Great Dane, unfortunately still present today in the breeding of the CBKC-FCI… Then came the false theory of “In-pure dogs by cross”, that the FB does not constitute a purebred dog and many other unjustifiable excuses to validate the atypical and heterogeneous dogs that breed and pretend to be Pure Filas. Even though the force…

 In my opinion, just nonsense … !!!

The irrefutable fact is that since 1978, CAFIB has rescued the Pure Fila from the miscegenation, thus becoming the only club responsible for having saved and perpetuated our national dog breed. CAFIB did not change anything, it did not invent anything.

The founders and first directors and members of CAFIB, notably Cleide and Américo Cardoso, Rose and Airton Campbell, Luiz Antonio Maciel, Marilda Mallett, Marilia and Roberto Maruyama, José Souto Maior Borges, Antônio Silva Lima, Luciano and Denise Gavião, Pedro Borotti, Sebastião Monteiro, Jonas Iacovantuono and the signatory of this article, Chico Peltier — who in 2008 was honored with the title of Father of CAFIB and became better known as Uncle Chico – among many others members, with the immeasurable help of our Master of Breeding, Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who consolidated in CAFIB all his knowledge, only rescued and preserved the FB that was almost perfect… But it was being totally destroyed by the first cross breeders, their disciples, their heirs (known today as the NAMs – Neo Apologist of Miscegenation) and by the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI.

For all this I prefer the CAFIB-Fila… And for me the rest is rest.

  1. In what characteristics the original fila differs from the FB breed and registered by CAFIB and the Fila and “fila” registered in the CBKC?

Uncle Chico’s Response: I have no idea.

  1. Could you send me the original fila standard ?

Uncle Chico’s Response: I never received it, so I do not know it.

  1. Do you think the pictures of the black dog below, photographed in 1990, resemble the phenotype of a Pure Fila? 

Uncle Chico’s Response: No way. For me it could even be a mongrel with a bit of FB blood crossed breed with black German Braco – pictured below. This breed was used a lot years ago in hunting in Brazil. These crosses breeds were common, but those breeders and hunters did not criminally falsified pedigrees in BKC, CBKC and FCI. They wanted just to hunt and not make money selling black dogs. It should be noted that everything indicates that the dog in the photos above also has black-Great Dane blood: note that it is longilineous, has a small head and little dewlap. Nor can you analyze it based on CAFIB Standard.

See the difference of the photos above dated from 1990, compared to those of two Pure CAFIB Filas below:

Important: when you asked me the above question, you informed me that these two photos were taken in 1990… Well, they were taken 20 years after the beginning of the criminal miscegenation that raped the Fila Brasileiro with the systemic and institutional complicity and connivance of the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI…

Elementary my Dear Watson… Lol…

But if you think that this dog in the first two photos above is from a decent and real representative of the FB pure breed, or even from the original fila, okay, go ahead and be happy…

  1. Have you noticed that anyone who wants to invent a new thesis on FB, quotes Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz? Do not you think they try to use Dr. Paulo’s name without the slightest respect to try to validate theirs inventions?

Uncle Chico’s Response: Sure, obvious !!! Fool is the one who believes…

The irrefutable fact is that Dr. Paulo in 1978 consolidated all his knowledge in the CAFIB Standard and in the article written in the same year titled “How to distinguish a Pure Fila of a mestizo” published in # 1 of the CAFIB newspaper O Fila, edited by the founder and first secretary of CAFIB, journalist Luiz Antonio Maciel. So why insist on what he said and wrote, or would have said and would have written before that ? Why do they intentionally forget and accept the thought and knowledge of the Father of the Fila, especially after the miscegenation and the founding of CAFIB?

Recently members of a new Fila club that did not even have their own breed standard, and it seems that it closed its activities recently, in order to justify this “serious fault“, said that they followed the PSCruz Standard. Well, such standard never existed. What existed was the BKC-KCP (Kennel Club Paulista) FB Standard dated 1946/50, drafted by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who also had the important collaboration of the veterinarian and judge of KCP Erwin Waldemar Rathsam and of FB breeder João Ebner. Some facebooks also use the title of something that never existed: PSCruz Standard !!! The fact is that the brand PSCruz is a synonym of quality and is famous and respected worldwide. For this reason, many people try to use it at any cost and away from ethics.

If Dr. Paul were alive, he would have shocked all these theses… As he is not, the opportunists try to take advantage of his name.

About the various FB Standards of BKC-CBKC-FCI and CAFIB, just click my article in English and know the bizarre translations made by FCI regarding the item of the FB temperament…

In addition, I prefer the shattering and synthetic phrase of journalist Paulo Godinho published on page 368 of his excellent book named “FB: A Gift of the Stars

(HTTP:// or email ): “Nothing is more mestizo than a black fila.” Period !!!

I would like to add a great reading: the article written by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz in response to a question-letter of my authorship dating from 1977, even before the founding of CAFIB, precisely on the “black-fila“. See in

I would also like to suggest a curious and revealing reflection for my readers: why Procopio do Vale, called The Father of the Black Fila, wrote in his nearly 400 page book about the great genetic work… he had done resulted in the rescue of the “black-fila“, ridding this – very rare specimen – (lol…)… of extinction ? Why did he miss this great opportunity to prove and explain to all of us this magnificent work…?  Was it because Enio Monte, who financed and made the publication of this book feasible, did not believe in the breed purity of the “black-fila” and did not allow Procópio to report his “miracle” of making the “black-fila” ?

  1. Do you think the photo of the dog below would be a representative one of an original fila

Uncle Chico’s Response: As I answered above, I do not know, nor I have ever seen an original fila. What I know very well is the PURE Fila Brasileiro breed and registered at CAFIB since 1978, whose two photos were posted above as an example and there are hundreds of photos of Pure Filas on my website and blog. I also know some Typical Filas (*)  breed and registered in CBKC-FCI (see my two articles also in English  and ) and an enormous amount of “heterogeneous” “mestizos-filas”, without a definite dog type, who for decades have been dubbed disparate, including the “freak-fila“, and are also breed and registered in both clubs. There are also hundreds of “mestizos-filas” photos on my website and blog.

  1. I remember that years ago you looked in depth at the pseudo-thesis of the existence of the “black-fila” fabricated and invented by Procópio do Vale. What is the link to this article?

Uncle Chico’s Response: I really wrote a lot of articles proving that the “black-fila” is nothing more than a “mestizo-fila“, of a mutt ad mongrel with pedigree !!! Even when in early 1976 I visited Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz in his home in Santos City, São Paulo. One of the arguments I used to convince him to return to the Cynophilia and the worldwide breeding of Fila Brasileiro was to show photos of mongrel dogs many of them of black color, that were registered and presented in exposition of the BKC-FCI as if they were Pure Filas. These articles are posted on the menu on my site named “Cão Preto versus Fila Puro”, which in English means “Black Dog versus Pure Fila”. To read some articles on this matter in English go to  and select them. There are also several articles in English on the “black-fila” in my blog. To reach them go to my blog in  and write in the rectangular BUSCAR, which in English means SEARCH and write “black-fila“.

I also suggest clicking on an article in English with a collection of several photos that I showed to Dr. Paulo on this visit in!__orga-ingles which resulted in his return to FB and Cynophilia. See in .

But you are correct: I did the “necropsy” of the whole thesis, point by point, item by item, of Procópio do Vale in February 2010 in the my article titled “Black dogs called by some people of “black-fila“, but with pedigree of FCI…” (see in English in

But I am obliged to acknowledge that at the beginning of miscegenation in the FB the main crossbreeders invented sophisticated theses to justify miscegenation and to sell their dogs. João Batista Gomes, first president of the Clube Paulista do Fia Brasileiro, predecessor of the SPFB, for being a fan of the English Mastiff (see in  and ) invented the Thesis of Fila Terceirence and organized the Symposium of Brasilia; while Procopio do Vale was even more creative inventing the Dogue de Fort Race thesis, involving Mauricio de Nassau (a Dutch who attempted to invade and colonize a small part of the Northeast of Brazil between 1637 and 1644), commenting on non-existent and unproven imports of dogs to Brazil in those days and even, imagine (!!!), inventing an incredible and long walk through a “freeway” (!!!) which brought the FB from the Northeast to the Center and South of Brazil…

See below the dog named Tição de Kirimauá (see also in ) which is an example of a “black-fila” manufactured by Procópio do Vale. Please note that Kirimauá is the name of Procópio´s kennel.

Therefore, I am obliged to recognize that today the imagination and sophistication to invent theses has been left out. The rush is greater than zeal… And it has to sell and bill … A person creates a facebook and post photos of black dogs without bothering to discuss and try to clarify one of the most curious causes of the FB. Everything is very simple and lets go… Others, with no concern to investigate in greater depth, claim that they met the breeder “X” who claimed 20 years after miscegenation!!! ??? that the dog “Y” was a Pure Fila just because yes (!!! ???). That’s the way it is now: you’ve said it, so it goes… Without any responsibility !!!

Well, anyone who thinks that “black-fila” exists as a purebred dog, be happy with their beliefs. Who wants to talk to me on the subject “black-fila“, please read before, study and analyze in depth my articles about this subject (see links above). Before answering or commenting on any questions I have received, I will ask if my interlocutor has read and studied these articles. It happens that functional illiterates do not like to read, and when they read they often misinterpret or partially interpret. But they love asking lots of questions. Generally without much sense… Lol…

In other words, those who believe in the dog type called the original fila or the original black-fila and the CBKC’s “black-fila” and want to breed them, breed and be happy. I just think that they should bother to back up their theses with more serious, profound, and realistic proofs, far from away from gossip, meaningless messing around and consistent arguing. After all, for decades I have written that the PURE Fila Brasileiro is above all of us and the various inflated egos… After all, our share of the joões batistas gomes and procópios do vales has already overflowed for a long time.

But, as I said, I repeat: if you believe in this foolishness, go ahead and be happy.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.