Post 584 – Ask Uncle Chico # 177 – About FBs with acquired defects participating in Expos – About the public crisis in Anfibra – About Cuba Fila Roots – Date: Oct, 11-2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 177

About FBs with acquired defects participating in Expos

About the public crisis in Anfibra

About Cuba Fila Roots


Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

  1. Uncle Chico, what could you comment on with reference to the controversial award received by Cuba Fila Roots in a Anfibra expo with its probable acquired defect, which caused serious institutional problems and a serious crisis in Anfibra, since the public shutdown of important part of the Board and members of this club?
Note: Uncle Chico received many inquiries about this topic, and consolidated them in the only question above.

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I think that:

  1. A dog with a disqualifying defect, even if acquired, if it is presented for judgment at the Exposition ring should always be summarily disqualified from a competition that evaluates and classifies the characteristics of structure, typicity and temperament of the present specimens. In certain situations, of proven acquired defects and therefore not hereditary, I think that each club after analyzing each case, may authorize the animal to reproduce. I personally greatly admire the Cuba Fila Roots as being an excellent FB. I’m sorry about what happened to her. After all, Cuba was a Brazilian champion by the CAFIB in 2,013 and 2,014 and Temperament in the years 2.013 and 2.014, becoming well known throughout the world for the titles and projection it received at CAFIB.
  2. As you know, in the exhibitions the judge must compare each competitor with the absolutely perfect copy described in the Breed Standard, an official document that also guides the intensity of punishment of fouls, specifying the “light“, “serious” and ” disqualifiers“. The more the ring dog approaches the description of the Standard, the better it will be. This is the criterion for defining the qualifications and classification of each Class.
  1. Reward a dog with cut tail today in Brazil, similar to what happens in many other countries, where the cutting of tail and ears for aesthetic purposes is prohibited in many breeds; as long as the Standard requires it, would amount to rewarding a Quarter Horse with only 3 legs in a morphology judgment. It should be noted that in the case of Cuba, the loss of the tail, for which I was informed, was due to a medical problem.
  2. With regard to CAFIB, which is a club in which all the Regulations are strictly followed by all directors and associates regardless the “other side of the dog collar” (i.e. a friend dog owner) the tail operated as a disqualifying lack in the Expos was already punished, according to Standard.

Therefore, who gave prominence and notoriety to Cuba Fila Roots, as well as most of the Good and Very Good FBs owned by Anfibra`s members  was obviously the CAFIB, since Anfibra has or would have only almost 4 years of life. That is, not having had enough time to form its own squad. It should also be remembered that in the first 3 years of its existence, Anfibra did not even have its own FB Standard !!!

Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, the CAFIB Standard is the only one that mentions as “Disqualifying Faults” in its item 2 “Cut / operated tail“.

Therefore, I interpret that without the tail, no matter the reason – operated or not, lost due to illness / accident or not the fault remains and must be applied. But as I wrote above, CAFIB is a club where everyone, absolutely everyone, follows their Regulations regardless of the “the other side of the dog owner collar“, positions in the Board and friendships … And the few members that did not follow were removed.

At CAFIB, our best friend to whom we owe respect is the Fila Brasileiro, its improvement and its breeding. Then our great friends are the members of CAFIB. Soon, for the members of CAFIB, the FB comes first !!! Then come the friendships

Before the financial problems faced by Thiago Rodrigues, breeder of Cuba Fila Roots, were aggravated and I helped him financially to participate with his FBs of the Porto Ferreira Expo held on Nov, 30th.-2014, which was judged by Jaime Perez Mahuenda of CAFIBE (Club de Amigos del Fila Brasileiro en España), a very old CAFIB partner in Europe and Mariana Campbell, where Cuba won the titles of Best Female, Best Head and Best Temperament, becoming thus bi champion Brazilian CAFIB this year and Temperament of the year of 2012 (Note: see my article that was sent by email in first place for Thiago, but was never answered: ) I tried to acquire Cuba and her mother, the excellent Lara Chão de Goiás. I almost succeeded. My idea, since I always resided in an apartment, was to take them to the home of Airton Campbell or Américo Cardoso in São Paulo. Thus, with the maintenance of these two excellent females in the CAFIB squad I could, together with Américo and Airton, make another contribution to the preservation of the PURE CAFIB FILA. Unfortunately I did not succeeded. But after the publication of my article above reviving Thiago`s memory of his real relationship with CAFIB and me, of course we lost contact and this acquisition became impossible. But I cannot fail to congratulate his current owner, Sebastian Iglesias, who certainly was able to see Cuba`s excellent characteristics, even thanking him very much for taking care of this excellent female, hoping that he will be able to breed excellent puppies generated by Cuba.

Below: Cuba in photos nº 1 and 2, and in number 3, his mother Lara

                However, the Cuba Case gives me the impression that some judges need or like to appear more than the FBs who they are judging and enjoy performing controversial judgments. Some judges seem to me to be sometimes with or without arrogance and tyranny, above the Standard and the Rules, if they find themselves superior to their own friends and club members, usually in favor the “their friends who are handling the dog collar“, and worse, the obvious and unquestionable respect for FB and the common sense.

I mention, exemplifying another very controversial judgment that occurred on June 9th.-2013 at the 94th Fila Brasileiro CAFIB National Expo and the 15th CAFIB Goiás Expo, when a former CAFIB judge understood as an acquired defect the tremendous excess of visible double chin in a dog and yet awarded him.

On another occasion, in a very personalistic, arbitrary and contrary to the CAFIB Exhibition Regulations, this same CAFIB ex-judge decided to invent an award on Aug, 7th.-2011, at the Lagoa Santa Expo, a non-existent award in this Regulation: Gold Medal for Temperament. That is, this former judge deliberately disregarded this Regulation. The medal was delivered at the Expo but was obviously canceled later by CAFIB board of directors.

On another occasion, this same former CAFIB judge, based only on photos, wrote and signed a Report / Statement not approving as a “mestizo-fila” a certain dog, not knowing that it was the same dog that he had awarded a short time before in an Expo. This Report / Statement  gave rise to the rumored Golias-Tigre Case.

Fortunately, this former judge is far from CAFIB.

For this reason I affirm for four decades that the Fila Brasileiro is more important and is above the Clubs and, much more, of the judges, directors and breeders. Mostly of those with inflated egos !!! However, if the good and serious former breeders of Anfibra do not hold together, many copies of FB will get out of control of their breeding and will end up irremediably in the hands of the NAM`s (*), who are the current heirs of miscegenation. that so badly still make Fila Brasileiro. This breeding of mongrel and mestizos dogs with pedigree is summarized in the denomination “freak-fila”, a mutt dog unfortunately so common in expos, kennels and facebooks without selection and without responsibility.

(*) NAM = Neo Apologists of Miscegenation

Regarding these recent public events at Anfibra, even though I know that I will surprise almost all of its directors and members, I must comment on those who did not idealize and did not participate in the founding of Anfibra, that this club was founded with the sole purpose of destroying the CAFIB, usurp and loot its data, website, records and other assets and patrimony of CAFIB, to use them without respecting its property in this new club.

These breeders and founders of Anfibra just could not imagine the degree of immediate reaction of the old and new directors and members of CAFIB, who faced them with vehemence, hard work and union, putting in just 10 days the new CAFIB website in the air, the members support that successively hit the registration records in expos, extending the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy to other countries and even more recently, acting in a judicial manner.

For those unaware and surprised by the above information, I indicate the following links below both in English with the two CAFIB OFFICIALS Report with the truth of the facts: and ).

I am very grateful that the former members of Anfibra, who suffered this tremendous wear caused by this controversial judgment remain united. Just as I believe that the members of the Anfibra and of all the clubs await for some clear and greater OFFICIAL explanations on this judgment and situation.

As I stated in Tio Chico Informa nº 223 (see in English in ) where I commented the departure of the former Anfibra president, Joaquim Liberato Barroso – Quinzinho, I prefer a thousand times Anfibra than SPFB, since this club is the successor and heir of the Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro, which was the cradle and origin of the miscegenation who used the English Mastiff, where its president, João Batista Gomes (see in and in ),

was openly advocating in the second half of the 1970s the miscegenation of the FB with English Mastiffs dogs, thus opening the way to the terrible miscegenation also with dogs of the Mastin Neapolitan and Great Dane breeds in black coloring, thus giving birth to the “mestizo-fila” called “black-fila“.

In addition, in my opinion, SPFB is not only concerned with the breeding of the so called Pure Fila, in fact breeding with selection and responsibility and has not yet been able to even free itself and disconnect from CBKC-FCI that since BKC privileges the increase of its billing, because CBKC was founded only in 1979, one year after CAFIB.

I hope that the former breeders of Anfibra, who have taken it seriously and have respected its Rules, will try to keep together. Keeping the Group together is extremely important. I think that the old Anfibra Project should be immediately redone, rethought and updated. CAFIB also started as a small Group … and today we have completed 40 years of success. But we did it with a single goal and focus: the PURE FILA, and always with respect of all the Rules previously established and accepted !!! CAFIB and its members have always acted focused on rescuing from extinction and improving the Pure Fila, never to destroy another Club. I believe and I hope that in a few months common sense will prevails. Certainly a solution of good continuism will arise.

Finally, I wish that the attorney Tênisson Cavalcante de Souza, current Anfibra president and official of the Regional Electoral Court of Goiás, will be very lucky and willing to pacify and create a new destiny for Anfibra, and to respond judicially for the acts of this club since its foundation.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.