Post 581 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 223 – Posting of the former President of Anfibra on the last Extraordinary General Meeting and its consequent dismissal of this Club. – Date: Oct, 2nd-2018

Uncle Chico Newsletter #  223

Posting of the former President of Anfibra on the last Extraordinary

General Meeting and its consequent dismissal of this Club.

Dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

It has just been posted on Facebook by Joaquim Liberato Barroso, better known as Quinzinho, (see clicking on ) the following post that I copy a little further below and that follows in fully about the last Amfibra Extraordinary General Meeting and its shutdown from such club.

For the younger ones who do not know Quinzinho, I comment that almost 30 years ago he is the owner of the Canil Boa Sorte. This traditional Kennel was founded in 1974, in the city of Valença, by Marília Barroso Pentagna. It was coincidentally the same year that I founded my Cafibra Kennel in Rio de Janeiro. It was the beginning of the illegal, criminal and uncontrolled miscegenation that always had the institutional and systemic connivance of the BKC, CBCK and FCI and is undoubtedly the main responsible for miscegenation and enormous disorganization in the FB breeding.

I bought three dogs in January 1974, supposing they all were Pure-Filas, but only one was in fact a Pure FB. Shortly afterwards I returned the two “mestizo-filas” with pedigree to Canil dos Pampas where I had acquired them. The Canil Boa Sorte was much happier, since it had began with Regular and Good Quality FBs acquired from several breeders, among them Fernando Young and Arthur Verlangieri. Recognizing that her squad needed corrections and improvement, Marília approached the CAFIB and in accordance with this Club, she improved her breeding a lot, even having excellent dogs.

Marília, since the beginning accompanied always by Quinzinho, was a great supporter of CAFIB, just see in the document In addition, Marília and Quinzinho always attended the 13 exhibitions held by CAFIB-Rio.

It follows the very noble, balanced, responsible and respectful text of Quinzinho explaining his “… resignation from the Presidency, the Board of Directors, Social and arbitrators of Amfibra, …”.

Honestly, I’m not happy with this shutdown.

Although since its foundation Amfibra has only copied the philosophy, the principles and methods of improvement and breeding established by CAFIB, which for 40 years revolutionized the breeding of the Fila-Pure, rescuing it from extinction and miscegenation, we know that CAFIB faced a few years ago the very same problems related by Quinzinho in the post below regarding the ego and personality arrogant, overbearing and inflated.

But I think it’s fair to point out that Amfibra has always been with the Pure-Fila, especially in Quinzinho’s management. For example, I prefer Amfibra a thousand times more than the SPFB (Sociedade Paulista do Fila Brasileiro), which since its predecessor, the Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro, cradle of the FB miscegenation  with its president João Batista Gomes (see in and in ) , which has not yet been able to disconnect from CBKC-FCI.

I hope that the Pure Fila Brasileiro breeding, outside the ever hazy scope of the CBKC-FCI, will be further strengthened and that breeders will understand that they should never be committed to their mistakes.

And the miscegenation is the biggest mistake in the Fila Brasilerio breeding !!!

Please see bellow Quinzinho`s post integrally:

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Joaquim Liberato Barroso


With regard to the episode recently held with female dog Cuba Fila Roots at the last Amfibra’ s exhibition, which took place in Ipaussu (SP), and particularly, its repercussions, out of my own duty, it is up to me to explain a few things regarding the people that handle, work and are interested in the Fila Brasileiro.

First, one should make it clear that at no time the qualities of the female under reference was questioned, or put to test, as it is an icon to the FB Breed, with extreme success on tracks and reproduction. Changing the focus of the discussion to this area is masking the situation and is only interesting to those who wish to be accomplices to error.

Returning to the chronology of the facts, as soon as I heard what had happened, through the internal group of messages, I pointed out immediately, only at the need to repair the error without having ever pointed at the direction of recovery of liability or any kind of punishment to the team that was there (although, if that were the case, it wouldn’t be out of place in an Organization that had moral losses with the issue).

Do we make mistakes in good faith? OK, everybody does, but the error can be repaired. Or so we should do things: simply and honestly. The request was accepted and the discussion was set for a date on which there was already an Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled.

However, that which we saw at Extraordinary General Meeting was what I can only classify as a Horror Show, where rules, basic notions of ethics and the (good) sense and common practices were torn in order to please the difficult ego of the main designer of Amfibra, whom we shall call Mr. No. 1. The surreal and insane circus that derived from there, seasoned with generous doses of hysteria and lack of temper, insisted on justifying the unjustifiable, trying to create explanations and feeble excuses that would not resist a shallow honest eye.

Vile and cunning maneuver attempts were tried, not with an honest intention of correcting an error that was made, apparently in good faith, like so many that we commit in our daily lives. For me it would be a very simple thing; we did wrong … we fixed it.

For you, my friends to have a small idea of the outrage that happened there, at one time  we were banishing a Founding Advisor due to violation of Statutory rules and, minutes later, we were voting, and approving, the contempt to these same rules. Everything because the object of the voting changed from the interests of a Founder  who “dared” contest Mr. No. 1, to those of Mr. No. 1 himself. Pathetic, is it not?

I take the responsibility for having disclosed an important detail, the clumsy and megalomaniac personality of Mr. No.1, which does not allow him even to admit that he bet the wrong dozen in the lottery, or would question the Law of Gravity if it seemed otherwise to him. His pathological perception of omniscience and infallibility, typical of those who have this kind of problem, resists to the public and notorious knowledge that is very far from that, quite the contrary.

His extensive history of problems, intemperate fights and aggressive controversies and, where he passes by, he places it as one of the largest pivots, and worse, disputes over the environment of the Fila Brasileiro (that has already caused so much evil) and are already part, for quite some time of the folkloric files of the Breed, granting it the (little) honorable title of highest rejection among all the people who are part of the Fila dog enthusiasts, with practically all the doors ahead closed, depending on  friends who, in sad and passive submission, make themselves useful as steps and audience to propagate his “kingship”, in a sad and disloyal relation of cowardly  vassalage, albeit paradoxically voluntary. Some of these have already suffered serious problems in their lives resulting from this pointless relation. I don’t blame them so much for that; maybe they do not have the strength necessary to impose themselves; however, I do hold the strongest accountable, for exploring these weaknesses in such a cowardly way.

Therefore, my friends, it was unveiled what one had already suspected for some time: the bankruptcy and infeasibility of the Amfibra Project, not due to fortuitous or exceptional reasons, but due to the total impropriety of its foundations where the desirable and necessary focus on the Fila Brasileiro and its breeders had been replaced by the vain personal objective of Mr. No. 1 in opposing to CAFIB, its previous performance location and from it left atrociously, not being missed. To build on weak bases is a guarantee of disaster. The evidence signs of the club`s gradual negative evolution did not come by out of chance, as they had been noticed since their promising beginning. We survived on account of a childish conceit and “sobbing” of one or another more significant event, which have never become a real and palpable bias, of ascending and virtuous rhythm to Amfibra. We arrived at Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday without the presence of even one member, closing the year in a melancholic way and without positive prognoses ahead. That is definitely no coincidence.

In view of all this and being no longer able to agree or to participate of these types of erratic and unnecessary situations, out of coherence, I communicate to all my friends that I decided, at such Extraordinary General Meeting, to retire myself from the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Social and judges of Amfibra, and have, as well, requested the cancellation of the genealogic records of my dogs existing in that Association, as per communication attached to the current post.

A little while back, before the ending of the writing of this post, I received communications from several Directors and Council Members, who were present at Extraordinary General Meeting voting in favor of the “covering” of the error, requesting its respective dismissal. To err is human, but to make a coalition to camouflage is not. And to run when one perceives the (bad) repercussion that it caused… well, you decide what that is.

I am not a Founder, nor have I ever been part of Amfibra’s  Board of Director. I am fully aware that I exercised the position of President in a serious, present, honest, firm and acting way. With the help of some Directors, we put the Association to work as never before. However, the Board of Directors, a hierarchically superior entity to the Executive Board, preferred to follow its basic guidelines, insisting on applying a project that, as already said, contains serious vices and structural problems. There is no way to go on. This shall never work out.

I wish good luck to those that are willing to go on.
Long live the Fila Brasileiro!!

Joaquin Liberato Barroso – Owner of the Boa Sorte Kennel

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Best regards, Chico Peltier.