Post 569 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 218 – The CAFIP-WSWRWH – About CAFIP-WSWRWH foundation = Analysis Center of the Black Fila Without Selection, Without Responsibility and Without Homogeneity… – In this article you will see 42 photos of “black-fila” heads totally heterogeneous !!! – Date: July, 27th.-2018

Uncle Chico Newsletter #  218


About CAFIP-WSWRWH foundation = Analysis Center of the Black Fila Without Selection, Without Responsibility and Without Homogeneity…

In this article you will see 42 photos of “black-fila” heads totally heterogeneous !!!


Dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

I have just been informed that such a CAFIP-WSWRWH was created, an acronym that identifies Analysis Center of the “black-fila” Without Selection, Without Responsibility and Without Homogeneity.

Surprise? None, after all, when there are no real, solid, irrefutable and plausible arguments, the exit is a low, naive and childish resorted to lies…

However, this brand new Analysis Center does not bother to study and discover the true or the false origin of the black-fila“, much less to try to determine, standardize and fix a phenotype for that black-fila“, whichever these “new- cafipians-scholars” pretend that this black dog would be…


After all, it seems that for this Analysis Center any enormous, big head dog and being in black color happens to be automatically accepted as an authentic and worthy FB… Even though there has never been a prior, serious and technical evaluation, based on the existence of a conceptual Standard, which is elementary in a purebred dog. Very curious: in this new Analysis Center of black coloring dogs can be notice the total heterogeneity of types, mainly of heads, that is the part of the animal that more defines and identifies a pure breed dog… As you will see further down, the heads of the so called ” black-fila are very different !!!

In addition, according to:

A – Paulo Roberto Godinho, journalist and all rouder judge of the CBKC-FCI, author of the exceptional book “FB: A Gift of the Stars“, sponsored by CBKC itself, on p. 368 of this book (HTTP:// or states: “Nothing is more mestizo than a black fila.

B – Professor Jose Souto Maior Borges, renowned tax lawyer, Professor of Law in Brasília, São Paulo and Recife, states: “Black Fila = Iron made by Wood. That is, there is no iron made by wood, nor a black-fila“. See in English .

Another sentence of this same Professor: “The “black-fila” is the greatest proof of miscegenation“, and I added: denied by the omissions BKC-CBKC-FCI and by the no less omission breeders of mestizos-filas

C – Uncle Chico: who argues that the so-called black-fila is nothing more than a fashion mongrel with a pedigree issued by BKC-CBKC-FCI, clubs that over 40 years make a lot of sales of these pedigrees and collection several fees … As already widely proven, the black-fila was initially manufactured in the Kirimauá Kennel, located in Juiz de Fora, MG, by Mr. Procópio do Valle in the 1970s, as a result of the crossbreeding of dark brindle FBs with black Great Dane (see the beginning in ). So, black-fila does not exist. See several articles in  and especially in English in  where the whole thesis of Procópio do Vale, the Father of the Black Fila, is analyzed in depth and unmasked point by point by Uncle Chico.

Note that the black-fila is an invention and a nonsense so great that in his book with 371 pages Mr. Procopio do Valle does not mention in a single leaf how happened the rise and sudden appearance of the black-fila in his kennel … Was he suddenly born and appeared in a brood from the Absolute Nothing or, according to the General Relativity Theory, of a black hole situated in a region of outer space???… Without any plausible justification… ??? In this book Mr. Procopio do Valle even took advantage of this enormous opportunity to present to the dog and FB world the genetic work that he would have been executed to have reached this black dog. I wonder why ? Is it due to the fact that this genetic work simply did not exist, never was done ??? And was it just the result of the cross of dark brindle FBs with black Great Danes? Now, what scientist in the world who had actually rescued a missing color from an animal species would not be proud of this feat and in his own book would eternalize this discovery ???

Elementary my dear Watson…

And my dear Senes, Harrisons, Costas, Simões, Castros 1 and 2, Humaitá, Ilha, Wolners, and the new ones Nunes and Pereiras

D – And even Mr. Little Joe, the pop corn salesman on the corner, says: Uncle Chico, if Brazilians accepts any kind of corrupt politician and political parties, why not accept any kind of heterogeneous and undefined breed dog called the “black-fila” ? And even in all other colors, right? They are all just mongrels !!!“.

Moreover, those who believe that the black-fila really exists as a pure-bred dog has been delayed and dissociated with the reality of the facts for over 41 years, since in 1977, even before the founding of CAFIB, Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz and Uncle Chico had already written:  and . That is, they are the same ones who are lazy in researching, reading, studying and learning … And let’s go on without non sense …

Nonetheless, in order for Uncle Chico to collaborate with the newly founded CAFIP-WSWRWH, in order to reach at least three or five head types for the black-fila at least reasonably similar… on the contrary to all others pure breeds dog in the world that only have one type of head…, below are several extremely heterogeneous types of black-fila heads that are commonly accepted (!!!) by theirs breeders as a result of illegal crossbreeding – since their offspring were / are registered as pure FB – and without any control – since the quantity of different types is enormous – of FB with black Great Danes and later with Mastin Neapolitans, also in black color.

Would you please review below and see if you agree with me: these 42 heads are so heterogeneous that they do not identify any pure breed dog. Virtually they do not have anything in common, except the black color. Note that even in spite of this complete disparity of types, all these heads are very well accepted and even praised by the so-called black-fila breeders and admirers on Sites and Facebooks:

Note: as always, all photos of heterogeneous heads above were received from friends who accompany the Sites and Facebooks of pseudo FB breeders and, mainly, the Facebook called “Seleção com Responsabilidade” (= in Portuguese to “Selection with Responsibility”), which is undoubtedly the largest source of “filas” called FB, but which do not have the necessary characteristics that define and compose the True Fila Brasileiro as a pure breed, as determined in the FCI Statutes. (See Article 2 – Objectives in  ).

Leveraging: I would like to take this opportunity to challenge all those in love with the so-called “black-fila to organize a Congress / Symposium on the non-existence of PURE Fila Brasileiro in the blak coloring. They could invite me and it would be enough for me to be held in an appropriate place, to have a PC / Laptop with a good internet connection to a large quality screen so that I can easily access my website and blog during the conversation to display on this screen proofs, photos, documents and scanned articles that I have on this subject. It would also be necessary for this event to be filmed and made alive on the internet simultaneously to all FB breeders all over the world, so we would have a real VAR (the Video Assistant Referee system = newly brand equipment very well used in the last Soccer World Cup) alive. It would also be agreed before this Congress / Symposium  that this movie was immediately posted on CAFIB TV

( ) and that two more CAFIB directors will be invited with me. But please, without passion, with much education, respect and with clear and well-exposed arguments. I await invitations. A suggestion: how about celebrate this meeting in the huge and rich CBKC headquarters here in Rio de Janeiro City with its huge meeting room? After all, this club is also maintained by members who are BF breeders and theirs “filas“.

I think that the main point that should be questioned by the breeders – especially the younger ones – of the mongrel dog called the black-fila“, who really want to develop a serious breeding and not a mere miscegenation kennel, is not I bark therefore I am but rather, Where do I come from? Are my ancestors really Black Filas Brasileiros, or are Black Great Danes and Black Neapolitan Mastiffs?

I also think that especially the new breeders  of black-fila“,  who dedicate themselves and love these animals should also ask themselves: Am I being naively and being used by older breeders, most of whom no longer breed the “black-fila”,  just to naively to tease CAFIB? And to try to get the focus of the problem of miscegenation that exist in “fila”  OF ALL THE COLORS registered in the CBKC-FCI?

My dear NEW lovers of the black-fila, I respect all of you and your beliefs very much, but if you really want to seriously discuss the black color in FB, instead of trying to do without arguments a joke creating a Facebook with a CAFIB similar name, playing with its 40-year history of “clean-breeding” and without miscegenation please read, analyze and, if appropriate, disagree and argue point by point my article in English where I analyze and comment item by item the entire false thesis invented and manufactured by Mr. Procópio do Valle. And notice: never a single black-fila, breeder did this. Do you know why? Because they cannot . And they cannot because they have no arguments…

To my new friends who approach the FB breeding of all colors, I warn with all respect, attention and affection, that this old class of CBKC Mentors fila, have already lost more than 45 years breeding mestizos dogs with FB pedigree. More than 4 decades ago, they could have reached a common phenotype and temperament, even if it was for a very big fila with an enormous headbut they were not able to, since they have no historical and technical knowledge. They did also not know how to respect time, an indispensable and serious ally to fix a dog Type.They live in a nebulous illusion, heterogeneous and diverse of types of dogs. But several different types do not form a pure breed dog. Never…

Another challenge: visit a CAFIB Expo and enjoy and feel in yours hearts a breed in track with a unique, typed type as any animal breed in the world ought to be … And, for God’s sake, expect nothing of these old cross-breeders from CBKC, and  much less from CBKC-FCI

In time: Uncle Chico does not use intermediaries, does not convince and/or uses hired or fake people … Uncle Chico signs and is responsible for everything he writes and for the opinions he issues…

But, my friends, if you want to continue breeding the cross-breed and mestizo mongrel called “black-fila with pedigree issued by CBKC-FCI, okay, go ahead and continue to cheat and deceive others too…

Finishing: it does not matter to play to be a FB breeder, to receive prizes and to sell puppies with fakes pedigrees… To post and make available foolish thoughts on Facebook is inconsequent and an infantile easy joke… But to breed Pure Fila is difficult, very difficult … To breed a pure breed dog you must first have technical and history knowledge, a lot of time and determination to fix it, then make it identical and easily be recognizable in the eyes of strangers all over the world… In the most it would be just inconsequent and incoherent talks.

After all, as everyone knows, including the CBKC and the FCI, there is no animal breed without homogeneity !!! Period…

Best regards, Chico Peltier.