Post 557 – Ask Uncle Chico # 171 – When will be the next CAFIB Expo ? – Still about the brand new Brazilian Northeastern “black-fila”… – Thesis on the CBKC-Fila: but how to equalize the existing heterogeneity of FB types in the CBKC-FCI ? – Very deep, inteligent and special “genetic work”: crossing northeastern“black-fila”… with CAFIB yellow Pure Fila… – Where will take place the next CAFIB-Northeast Expo? – Result of the excellent and unforgettable CAFIB Itanhandu Expo with more than 100 FBs on track !!! – With noble and fraternal praise from Quinzinho. – Date: April, 26th.-2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 171

When will be the next CAFIB Expo ?

Still about the brand new Brazilian Northeastern “black-fila”…

Thesis on the CBKC-Fila: but how to equalize the existing heterogeneity of FB types in the CBKC-FCI ?

Very deep, inteligent and special “genetic work“: crossing northeastern“black-fila”… with CAFIB yellow Pure Fila

Where will take place the next CAFIB-Northeast Expo?

Result of the excellent and unforgettable CAFIB Itanhandu Expo with more than 100 FBs on track !!!  With noble and fraternal praise from Quinzinho.


Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

  1. Uncle Chico, unfortunately I could not attend the Itanhandu CAFIB Expo. When will be the next CAFIB Expo ?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

What a pity, you missed one of the best and most unforgettable CAFIB Expos. With more than 100 FBs on track. Excellent level of quality of FBs presented. Total homogeneity. A true PURE breed dog being displayed !!! See the Circular, photos and film indicated in my answer # 426 below. In contrast to the CBKC-FCI shows where there are few dogs on the track, there is no Temperament Test and persists the enormous heterogeneity and total diversity in the different types of Filas and “filas” on the track. See the links in answer # 426 below for undestand exactly what I mean.

The next CAFIB Expo will be held in Jacareí-SP on May 20, and will be judged by Mariana Campbell and Pedro Borotti.

A very educational fact that should serve as an example for all Fila-CBKC-FCI breeders: the organizer of this expo is Flavio Pires, owner of the Canil Palmares, which started its breeding in 1988 in the CBKC-FCI System. He did not like CAFIB and hated the articles signed by Uncle Chico… lol… He even breed “black-fila” !!! In the meantime, in 2013, he began to take interest in getting to know CAFIB and studying its Breeding Philosophy, even helping to organize the CAFIB Expo of that year in Jacareí. So, he started attending our Expos, talking to CAFIB breeders and directors and also with Uncle Chico and in 2015, finally convinced that FILA IS CAFIB and that “black-filadoes not exist being just a mestizo or mongrel dog, joined CAFIB and abandoning its breeding based on CBKC-FCI Standard and Rules. He acquired Pure Filas from CAFIB’s even competing with his excellent female named Baiuca do Balacobaco fifteen Temperament Test, winning in nine; winning Best Head once and in the years 2015, 16 and 17 Baiuca was a Triple Champion as Best Female and Best Temperament of the CAFIB Annual Championship.

That is, as Flavio Pires states: “Leaving the CBKC-FCI was a radical change for the better !!!“.

I report this fact, because the history and growth of Flavio Pires in the FB should be copied and followed by the Fila and “fila” breeders of the CBKC-FCI that for years insist on breeding the “mestizo-fila“, “freak-fila” and “black-fila“. (see in and several articles in English in ).

Please see below some photos of the breeder Flávio Pires BEFORE, that is, STILL as a member of CBKC-FCI:
Please see below some photos of the breeder Flávio Pires LATER, that is, ALREADY as a CAFIB member: What do you prefer?

Flávio Pires: example to be followed by all breeders of Fila-“fila” of CBKC-FCI, like the Harrisons, Costas, Wolners, Baccis, Blumens, etc …
After all, hundreds of typical, homogeneous and PURE FBs can only be found in CAFIB !!!

After all, What do you prefer?

I believe that this example above of Flávio Pires should be especially useful for a minority of the so-called Fila-CBKC breeders based in the Brazilian Northeast who insist on reinventing and re-fabricating the “black-fila“, but curiously and incongruously, they love so much the black color coat… that they cross their enormous, black and big head dog with pedigree of CBKC-FCI with Pure Filas registered at CAFIB of yellow color coat … !!! ???

That is, in an illogical, irrational, inappropriate, absurd, inconvenient and incompatible with the history of the great characters of the Brazilian Northeast region, since, as we learned in the Brazilian book written by the very famous writer Euclides da Cunha‘s named “Os Sertões(*): “The Brazilian northeastern people is, before everything, a very strong people“. I am sorry that these northeastern re-inventors and “remakers” of the so-called “black-fila” mestizo dog are so weak and foolish, not being able to understand the evil they do against the Fila Brasileiro by registering mongrel dogs – but with commercial value for those who are unaware of the True FB – in the CBKC-FCI squad which, as we all know, accepts any type of enormous and big head dog as being a Pure FB.

(*) In English the title of this famous Brazilian book would be: The Backwoods

  1. Uncle Chico, do you know the thesis titled “Phenotypic Variation in FB Breed” by Julian Dias dated 2012?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Yes. I received it last week from a breeder who is a very close friend of mine and a great collaborator of Goiás. Even though I did not have enough time to read this work properly due to my professional commitments, I found it very interesting and very well substantiated. So much so that I passed it on to the entire board and judges of CAFIB.

I only had one very big question and for this I tried to get in touch with the author, but I did not succeed. My question is: having the Fila and “fila” breed and registered in the CBKC-FCI so many heterogeneous dogs types due to the continuous miscegenation that still exists in these two clubs, I was very curious to know what kind of CBKC-FCI FB type dog was used by the author to carry out this work?

Look at the doubt I have in the simple but extremely heterogeneous examples below:

After all, how can someone study and equalize the different types of “fila” bred and registered in CBKC-FCI if they are called until today as: “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila, hairy-fila, heavy loaded-fila and most recently nicknamed them as “SMI = Super Shocking Molosser… That is, as I have designated them over 4 decades ago, even before the CAFIB foundation: : filamarquês (*)  and genetic-salad-fila”.

(*)  filamarquês = great-dane -fila

  1. Uncle Chico, congratulations: you were very precise in answer # 421 of your last article ( see in English ): this minority of Brazilian northeasterners people who wish to reinvent the “black-fila” love so much the black color that they cross their “black-fila” with CAFIB’s Pure Filas but with the yellow color… I’ve never seen so much incongruity… and another attestation of miscegenation… Only breeds and sells “black-filas” who want to earn easy money by fooling fools …

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Yeah, very sad.

I think these Brazilian northeastern re-inventors know very well that if they cross “black-fila ” with “black-fila” with the pedigree issued by CBKC-FCI they will possibly return to the Black-Great Danes and the Black Neapolitan Mastin… This is why they cross their black mestizos dogs with Pure CAFIB Fila in yellow color. That is, to try to improve the phenotype of these mestizos dogs making them more similar to the CAFIB phenotype !!! That simple !

  1. Chico, I was told that the next CAFIB Expo in the Brazil Northeast will be held at a little farm of a CBKC-FCIblack-filare-inventor. It is true ?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Of course not !!!

The place has not yet been defined…

Those who sponsor the CAFIB Expos are the cafibeanos (CAFIB people). But FBs, breeders and exhibitors from all clubs can participate. Everyone is warmly welcomed and politely received.

  1. Uncle Chico, what was the result of the excellent CAFIB Itanhandu Expo with more than 100 Pure FBs on track?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

It was another CAFIB record.

Congratulations to the organizers, Cintia and Gerson Junqueira, owners of the traditional and very famous Canil Itanhandu, founded in 1984, for the accomplishment of another excellent Expo and another beautiful celebration party of CAFIB and the Pure-Fila, which ended at 10:30 pm in the track. And that continued until later due to the magnificent dinner prepared by Mrs. Elza Júlio.

From the Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT – see in English in ), 16 dogs participated and only 2 were rejected by Disqualifying Temperament.

101 FBs participated from the Expo in the track and were judged.

As part of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the founding of CAFIB, Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso and Luiz Antônio Maciel, as founders of CAFIB and Chico Peltier, as Father of CAFIB were honored at this event.

         Itanhandu Family, kennel founded in 1984 – In memoriam: Diva, Vulcão, Zenon, Pacará and many other excellent examples of CAFIB Pure-Fila

                             Itanhandu Kennel: 34 years breding CAFIB Pure Fila = example to be followed by all FB breeders, especially those from CBKC-FCI.
To breed FB is to be aware that it is the most difficult dog to be breed in the world, due to the enormous miscegenation that has never faced by BKC-CBKC-FCI.
             Nothing Comes Easy !!! Nothing comes fast !!! There are no experts in FB with less than decades of breeding. The first litters are just the first…
  My personal request to the breeders and “pseudo-breeders” of FB  associated to CBKC-FCI: stop buying in a hidden way the CAFIB-Fila and join CAFIB asap…
                        And know the pleasure you feel when you really breed and share the friendship with a                                                                                                        PURE Fila Brasileiro !!!                            

Follow the links to access Circular, result, photos and wonderful video made using a drone on the Expo of Itanhandu:

– Circular and Result:

– Photos:

– Video shot by drone:

Special Note:

The result of this Expo was so significant that on April, 4th. I received a very noble and friendly phone call from Quinzinho, Joaquim Liberato Barroso, president of Anfibra, congratulating CAFIB for the realization of this Expo. The next day he sent me the email below, which follows to the knowledge of all of you in full:

Okay, Chico. Once again my congratulations to all who worked for the FB in this event. Just clarifying: my call was a personal attitude and also from the presidency of Amfibra, recognizing a good job on the FB breed that we both promote, without any political or even less secretive. There would be no reason for it, would it ? That is why I abstained from any other direct communication to CAFIB. I Understand that you could perfectly forward my vows, but I will also release you from any kind of restriction on the disclosure of our conversations (this or any other). Hence the mention of “Uncle Chico”, without any greater or furtive intentions. That simple as this. Hugs,“.

Finishing: I also think that the silence of the good breeders of Fila and “fila” of the

CBKC-FCI, as well as all other FB clubs, is the cause of the audacity of the bad breeders

Regards,  Chico Peltier.