Post 553 – Ask Uncle Chico # 169 – Did you know that a minority of Brazilian northeastern “pseudo-breeders” of “fila” are trying to re-fabricate the “black-fila” using for this purpose CAFIB’s Pure Filas – # 2 ? – Date: March, 24th-2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 169

Did you know that a minority of Brazilian northeastern “pseudo-breeders” of “fila

are trying to re-fabricate the “black-fila” using for this purpose CAFIB’s Pure Filas – # 2 ?


Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

  1. Uncle Chico, congratulations !!!

Excellent your article on a minority of pseudo-breeders of “fila” from the Brazilian Northeast wants to reinvent and to fabricate once more the  black-fila“. (See in ).

I agree with you: they must be plotting some trap, prank and practical joke against CAFIB! These people are very naive and have not read and studied the CAFIB Rules and are therefore unaware of CAFIB’s rigid and continuous system of selection and control. In the lack of knowledge, lack of reading and study that characterizes these pseudo-breeders, they think if their mestizos were approved in only one  CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT – see in English clicking  ) they would be part of the CAFIB squad, ignoring the long path of selection and control – nonexistent in CBKC-FCI – that will have to go through !!!  These pseudo-breeders became radiant when they get very similar born puppies… How silly! But they do not care if few months later these puppies more old become heterogeneous. It is a breading all as quick as a flash , without immediate, without selection and without responsibility. But CAFIB has litters since 40 years ago !!! And breeds Pure and homogeneous Filas Brasileiro for decades..

Uncle Chico, see the photos I saw on a facebook:

Uncle Chico’s Response:

You are absolutely right.

It is a pity that in 2018, after more than 45 years of absolute waste of time with the nonexistent “black-fila” that so much disgrace has been causing to the breeding of the Pure Fila, there are still uneducated and unprepared people who love to inflame theirs egos by practicing this foolishness.

This first post above is very sad and proves the total ignorance of this pseudo-breeder. Of course half a dozen black puppies look alike. If you put in this group of puppies also puppies of black-Great Danes, black Neapolitan Mastin and even some black Boxer that also does not exist, nobody would notice great differences. It is a pity that this pseudo-breeder thinks that to breed is summed up only in half a dozen litters and not in working with much technical and historical knowledge for long and long decades. Any CBKC breeder starts yesterday and today already is a great FB expert… I was very sad to read above “Homogeneity” and “Purity“. God, what a setback !!!

Would be theses pseudo-breeders being used by the Captains and Owners of the Fila and “fila” registered in the CBKC ???

Would you please read, study and discover how difficult it is to breed FB in  and in English

I show below for you, for my readers, for the CBKC, for the FCI and especially for these pseudo-breeders of our beloved Brazilian Northeast, where, in fact, a great part of my family came from, what is the real and irrefutable reality of the misfortune caused by sudden appearance of the “black-fila” in the Fila Brasileiro breed:

– no characteristic phenotype of Pure Fila;

– total and incredible heterogeneity of types (see in the almost 70 photos  below);

– this, without addressing the important items like temperament, nervous system and character;

– increased cross-breeding and mestizos dog registration;

– international demoralization of the FB; and

– division of the FB Breed into two: the CAFIB-Fila and the Fila-CBKC.

And, for God’s sake, do not appeal to false neighborhoods motivation, or worry about who sent these denounces and copies of these facebooks posts to Uncle Chico. Whoever sent it does not matter, it does not change anything. The concrete fact and content of what has been posted is that it should be analyzed and discussed openly and democratically in a adult way. Guys, let’s treat this case consistently !!! It’s no use feeling offended and taking this matter personally. Many CAFIB breeders also felt offended by the two above posts, so what? For God’s sake, let’s discuss the matter seriously!

Please see below through so many photos, removed from the web of “black-fila” pseudo-breeders sites and facebooks, in the condition of “without restriction“, the practical result of 45 years of registration of “black-fila” in the BKC and  CBKC and, incredibly, also registered in the centennial FCI that with its stamp and seal of breed purity attests and sells these pedigrees of purebred dogs for these types of heterogeneous dogs as Pure Fila, disrespecting what determines their own Statute in the Article 2 – Objectives (see ).

  1. Please see below the beginning of miscegenation in the 70s of the Pure FB with black Great Dane — and even the Harlequin coloring characteristic of the Great Dane — and, soon after, with black Mastin Neapolitan:

  1. Please see below the heterogeneous heads, characteristics of lack of fixed Pure FB type, lack of pure breed, lack of homogeneity and breed purity existent and normally found in all other pure dog breeds, but not in the photos below:

3. Please see below the bodies without Pure FB typicality, heterogeneous, characteristic of lack of fixed type, lack of pure breed in the photos below:


My dear friends, this is precisely why:

– Journalist and most important Brazilian Dog Expert, Paulo Godinho, with more than 5,000 articles written, published on page 368 of his magnificent book entitled “FB: A Gift from the Stars” sponsored by the CBKC: “Nothing is more mongrel than a “black-fila“. (see in HTTP:// or by email ) ;

– Dr. Jose Souto Maior Borges, emeritus tax lawyer and professor at several Brazilian Law Universities wrote the article: “Black Mestizos of Filas: A Wooden of Iron.” … My reader: do you know any wooden of iron? (see in English )

– I invite you to leave a sloth on the side and learn all about the black-fila” in my web site clicking  and on my blog writing on searching – a rectangular box form on the right  — black-fila” or “fila-preto” ( ), especially my devastating article also in English which I analyzes in depth the Procópio do Vale fake thesis.

– on the contrary, it is not found in the CBKC nor FCI literature, not even in the 370 pages Procópio do Vale’s book – the Father of the Black Fila – any serious explanations about the sudden appearance of the black-fila“. Also the actual pseudo re-inventors and breeders of the black-fila” never disclosed and proved what research and what scientific and genetic work was done to resulted in the sudden appearance in the 70`  of the so-called black-fila” in the city of Juiz de Fora, MG, home of the Kirimauá Kennel, owned by the same Procópio do Valley !!!

Meanwhile, the CBKC in the person of its president Sergio Castro and the centenary FCI in the person of its president Rafael Santiago, remain omitted … But billing with the sale of these pedigrees of “fila“… Fools are those who pay for this piece of paper

I further remember that all CAFIB members, upon signing the CAFIB Membership Proposal, have fully agreed and undertake to never accept the “black-fila”:


May I also remind that do not respect this Proposal above is a reason for CAFIB applying sanctions and, even, for expulsion.

Therefore, my dear friends of Fila-Pure, after much work and always away from the first cross breeders, their first followers, their current heirs (the well-known NAM’s = Neo Apologists of Miscegenation breeders), amateurism, laymen, pseudo- breeders, “freak-filas“, of all kinds of new inventors and manufacturers of new types of “filas“, the Fila-CAFIB is considered a PURE breed dog  with a single homogeneous, defined, recognized and bought by numerous CBKC-FCI breeders to use them in their kennels to improve their dogs an often with altered and renamed names:

My friends these dogs above are, without any doubt, some worthy representatives of CAFIB and the PURE Fila Brasileiro.

My friends these dogs above are, without any doubt, some worthy representatives of CAFIB and the PURE Fila Brasileiro.

As Stephen Hawking, the restless, persistent, obstinate, persevering British physicist who left us days ago would say: My dear Chico, these wonderful dogs above are certainly real Pure Fila Brasileiro in the confines of any galaxy, universe and black hole.   Congratulations to CAFIB, its founders, directors,  judges, writers  and  especially all I ts members and breeders who respect the True Fila Brasileiro, its History, the CAFIB Regulations and the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy !!!

For all that has been abundantly proven and clarified above this minority of pseudo-breeders of “black-filas” from the Brazilian Northeast – and thanks God they are few – they deserve to receive once more the already known and consecrated Seal of Foolishness:


Best regards, Chico Peltier.