Post 551 – Ask Uncle Chico # 168 – Did you know that a minority of Brazilian northeastern pseudo “fila” breeders are trying to re-fabricate the “black-fila” using CAFIB’s Pure Filas? – Next CAFIB Expo: Itanhandu, MG – CAFIB 40 years !!! – Date: March, 23/rd-2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 168

Did you know that a minority of Brazilian northeastern pseudo “fila

breeders are trying to re-fabricate the “black-fila” using CAFIB’s Pure Filas?

Next CAFIB Expo: Itanhandu, MG – CAFIB 40 years !!!


Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

  1. Chico, did you know that a minority of pseudo “fila” breeders from the  Brazilian Northeast are trying to re-fabricate the “black-fila” ? Did you know that in order to reach this objective they are doing repeated and non-ethical crossings of Pure Filas breed and registered in CAFIB with “black-filas” with FB pedigree issued by CBKC-FCI ?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Of course I did.

Any interested FB breeder should be aware of this new, immoral, unethical and unfortunate attempt to experience a “black-fila” with some typicality. The “great genetic work” (??? !!!) developed by these pseudo breeders is exactly the one mentioned by you: to cross CAFIB Pure Filas with the mestizo called “black-fila“…

This “great genetic work…” (- ??? !!!) resembles that accomplished over 40 years ago without success by Procopio do Vale, known as The Father of the Black Fila, who instead of performing a scientific work preferred to take an easy and quick “short cut“… (??? !!!) by crossing FBs with black-Great Danes. But in his book Procópio “forgot” (??? !!!) to inform and prove how he arrived at this wonderful genetic and scientific achievement… (??? !!!)

Unfortunately this is nothing new. As far I am concern André Coltre, Mariana Dudeck and Renato Ferreira da Rocha, have done recently and exactly the same experience in São Paulo: they crossed the CBKC-FCIblack-fila” with CAFIB Pure Filas. That is, nothing new, just an exactly copy of what was done wrong in the past (see in English  and in the various posts mentioned in this article).

However, this minority of Brazilians northeastern pseudo “fila” breeders practice this foolish, naïve, superficial, immoral, and WORST, without knowing the CAFIB Regulations, thinking that they are organizing a clever and terrible TRAP to catch the CAFIB in a failure, because they want to affirm and post: “See? I crossed a CAFIB dog and was born a “black-fila.

How silly! How much delay !!! They returned to the 70’s !!!

They do not know that for a FB to be part definitely of the CAFIB Pure Fila squad, it is not enough to be approved in our important Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT). I invite you to know about this CAFIB dog breed enhancement tool in the masterful article written by CAFIB founder, director, breeder and judge Americo Cardoso in English in .

It happens that to definitely join the CAFIB squad a FB needs besides being approved in the APT, being male, matting with three different females and having all their offspring approved in successive verified and approved litters, and consequent approvals in APT`s. In addition, if a pup is born with characteristics of miscegenation, its origin will be traced and the pedigrees of their ancestors will be analyzed and canceled. Then, this rapidity of pseudo-experiences means nothing to CAFIB. Even more because CAFIB does not recognize as worthy of Faith any pedigree of FB issued by CBKC-FCI, due precisely to the 45 years of institutional and systemic miscegenation registered connivantly in these two clubs. So, for CAFIB, this new experience is stillborn, it is nil, it is zero !!!

Improving a dog breed takes decades, but the fools think they can do this in a few litters … How innocent !!!

Please note: it will not be a surprise for me if a foolish, childlike trap and prank is armed against CAFIB trying to link CAFIB to the “black-fila” … That is, a child and amateur attitude, not from a real and adult breeder.

After all, why do these few breeders from the Brazilian Northeast once again try to reach a “black-fila” with some forged characteristics of Pure Fila, something that has not been achieved in 45 years of failed experiments. Instead of posting photos of black crossbreed puppets in Facebooks, do not present and disseminate in these same Facebooks the scientific and genetic work done to reach the so-called and nonexistent “black-fila” ???

By the way, as Fabiano Nunes, CAFIB judge and owner of Jawa Kennel,  Guaratinguetá-SP, who for almost 40 years is a member and only registers his FB in CAFIB and Flavio Pires, owner of the Palmares Kennel of Jacareí-SP, former “black-fila” breeder and other colors of the CBKC who started to know CAFIB better and 4 years ago joined CAFIB and abandoned his breeding of “black-fila“: Why these fools do not buy and breed well away from the FB a Black Great Dane or a Rottweiler?

Why do they hide cowardly as did Procópio do Vale who wrote a 372 page book about the FB and did not write a single line explaining how he would have invented and fabricated the “black-fila” ? Would be by shame, since there was no cinotechnical work, since he only crossed FB with Black Great Dane or because Enio Monte who sponsored this book did not allow Procópio do Vale to write such nonsense?

Note: photos of the first “black-filas“. Year: 1977, see in

After all, why do not once again lovers of the fiction called “black-fila” do not make their experiments public? Why they do not clearly outline which cynophilic technique they used and should be proud to divulge?

Please note that even the Fila-CBKC having numerous, diverse and heterogeneous types of heads a facebook without selection and without responsibility for months has kept an article on the Cephalic Index  of the “fila” according to its supporters. At least they take their beliefs and disseminate them democratically. Why is it that this minority of “black-fila” Northeastern cross breders do not present their “stupendous” scientific work of manufacturing another and new so-called “black-fila” type?

After all, just posting in an AMATEURISH and NAIVE form a post on facebook the words “HOMOGENEITY” and “PURITY” will never transform a mestizo, a mongrel dog, that is, a mutt dog, into a purebred dog. Not even with magic !!!

Cephalic Index ? But how ? With this heterogeneity of heads found in the Fila-CBKC with pedigree validated by the seal of the centenary FCI ??? !!!

Then these new “black-fila” experimenters may momentarily have their egos of “fakes” pseudo-scientists inflated, but this means absolutely nothing to CAFIB, even less to the True Fila Brasileiro. Except for more delay and loss of time.

These pseudo-breeders after 45 years have not yet been able to understand that raising a purebred dog does not mean having one or two litters within the intended type. Not to mention that when they become adults these puppies have their diversified typology Then they hurry out happily posting naives photos on facebooks of black puppies huddle… To breed is not to do half a dozen crosses looking only at color and completely forgetting the phenotype, temperament, nervous system, and character characteristics that form a pure dog breed. To breed is, after decades of work, to fix for posterity a fully defined type, leaving a legacy for society. As happens in all other dog breeds in the world. Unfortunately, these pseudo-breeders of the Northeast do not even know the CAFIB Regulation and Breeding Philosophy.

In a rapid cynophilia, you never reach a fixation of a predefined type of dog!!!

See the first FB crossbreeders of the 1970s !!!

And trying to plant traps and pranks for CAFIB does not build a breed !!!

For all that has been proven and clarified above, this small number of pseudo-breeders of the “black-fila” of the Brazilian Northeast – even though they are few – deserve to receive the Seal of Foolish.:

My dear friends,

– see all about ” black-fila” on my site at and on my blog writing on searching  “fila-preto” or “black-fila” ( );

– Journalist and most important Brazilian dog expert Paulo Godinho states: “Nothing is more mestizo than a “black-fila, on page # 368 of his book (see

HTTP:// or email ) and

– Dr. Jose Souto Maior Borges states: “black-fila” = wood of iron… that is, it does not exist … (see in  )

  1. Chico, when will be the next CAFIB Expo ?

Uncle Chico’s answer:

Expo Itanhandu – April 8th. – CAFIB 40 years !!!

Best regards, Chico Peltier.