Post 546 – Ask Uncle Chico # 167 – After all, where are Watusi 3 of Ibituruna and Urca 2 of Ibituruna, both registered and breed by CAFIB ? Is the city of Governador Valadares another place of origin, formation and birthplace of the FB ? After all, what breed is this? – Date: Mar, 21st-2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 167

After all, where are Watusi 3 of Ibituruna and Urca 2 of Ibituruna, both registered and breed by CAFIB ?

Is the city of Governador Valadares another place of origin, formation and birthplace of the FB ?

After all, what breed is this?

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

  1. Uncle Chico, have you heard about two very typical females that were doing very well in the region of Governador Valadares City, located in the Minas Gerais Brazilian State, born in the very famous Ibituruba Kennel owned by Dr. Paulo Angotti and managed by Adirceu Pinto Ribeiro since 1984, called Watusi 3 of Ibituruna and Urca 2 of the Ibituruna, both breeded and registered in CAFIB, but unfortunately have disappeared?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I do not know them, but I’ve heard so much about them. Three Minas Gerais Brazilian State Fila-CAFIB breeders have already asked me the same question. They also asked me to write an article in my blog looking for them. Or made a post like the SEARCHING posts used for missing persons. Like I did with the FB named Igapo of the Acangussu when his breeder called Elmo Lopes lost him traveling in a pickup truck on a country road. I was informed that Watusi 3 and Urca 2 of Ibituruna are daughters of Rambo of the Ibituruna and Holanda of Itanhandu, the first is yellow and the second is brindle. The information I received is that they are simply gone.

They maybe being used with changed names by non-CAFIB breeders and enhancing their FB breeding using the famous, traditional, respected and pure blood of Fila-CAFIB. Unfortunately this happens a lot. They are breeders of mediocre spirit and mentality who refuse to acknowledge and give credit to the work of CAFIB breeders and seize CAFIB Filas in order to feed and deceive their empty egos.

The history of this disappearance and its possible hidden use of these two CAFIB females of the Ibituruna Kennel is turning into a Novel… And so curious and long that may appear until a continuation: Novel 2

See the photos below that I received to make a poster of the type SEARCH or MISSING:

Watusi 3 of Ibituruna:

Urca 2 of Ibituruna:

I hope that if someone is unduly using these two females with origin and registration in the CAFIB repent and give due credit to the breeding of the Ibituruna Kennel owned by Dr. Paulo Angotti, managed since 34 years ago by the famous Adirceu Pinto Ribeiro.

Unfortunately this type of dishonesty is much more common than Uncle Chico imagined occur among pseudo-breeders outside CAFIB. Imagine that there is a newly founded FB club that, in addition to having stolen part of the CAFIB assets and patrimony, copies, without the slightest ceremony, the ancestry of its FBs from pedigrees controlled, issued and registered by CAFIB !!! In addition to adulterating and / or falsifying CAFIB pedigrees requesting the issuance of new pedigrees in the CBKC-FCI, where they change and rename with some other names some CAFIB Filas !!! But CAFIB never did it this way, not even at the beginning of this club. CAFIB never have its pedigrees issued copying the FB ancestry from the BKC-FCI (*) because, as everyone knows, CAFIB does not recognize as worthy of Faith the pedigree issued by the BKC-CBKC-FCI.

(*) CAFIB could never have copied ancestors from CBKC pedigrees because this club was founded one year after CAFIB, that is, in 1979.

Some time ago, commenting about this double disappearance of Watusi 3 of Ibituruna and Urca 2 of Ibituruna with some traditional CAFIB breeders, they told me that unfortunately the fact that breeders from other clubs used CAFIB Filas to improve their FB squad in an unethical , envious and criminal way because they exchange and adulterate the real name of the CAFIB-Filas, is much more common than I had imagined. I have been informed that since the eighties this has been happening. They gave me as an example a typical case that became a classic of misconduct and lack of ethics: it was the case of a Fila-CAFIB called Adros do Vale de Bragança. This FB approved in the CAFIB APT (Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament ) and registered in CAFIB ended up famous because it had a Very Good temperament, had been awarded in CAFIB Expos and ended up improving all the temperament of “renowned” kennel of CBKC-FCI, but … with its real name changed…

In other words, as the old adage goes, we see in the back windows of the Volkswagen beetle: ENVY IS A SHIT… Unfortunately there is a lot of pseudo-breeders, especially from CBKC-FCI, who likes to appear at the expense of the work of improvement developed by CAFIB breeders and based on the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy.

Please see other more recent cases about the use of FBs breed and registered in CAFIB by another recent FBclub in:

  1. Dear Uncle Chico, in your opinion would be the region of the city of Governador Valadares, located in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, also a place of origin, formation and birthplace of the FB?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

A breeder from the region of the city of Governador Valadares (GV) has been insistently asking me about this possibility. I’ve already invited him twice to research and write an article about this remote chance in my blog. I think he forgot because he recently asked me again why I do not write about this remote hypothesis. Or maybe he wants Uncle Chico to research and work for him… Lol…lol… But as my Father use to say: “who really wants, do. Who does not want to do, ask somebody for

And that’s why Uncle Chico does… And also writes a lot about FB… But I will not devote my time and energy to this vague assumption.

I believe that this person wants, just because he wants, that the region of Governador Valadares (GV) to be included as being also the origin of the FB. But I am absolutely against this foolish and myopic thesis. The FB, everyone knows, has its origin in the South of Minas Gerais. In addition, it’s in the name, the Fila is a Brazilian. A natural purebred dog. And for me, that’s enough. But I recognize, as I have often written, that if the FB were English, German or American it would be respected and admired all over the world. Mostly by the so foolish and silly FCI. But in Brazil the FB is cross-breed  by unscrupulous and stupid breeders and leaders, who after more than 40 years have achieved only a huge diversity of very heterogeneous types of “filas” who own pedigrees issued by CBKC-FCI as they were Pure-Filas. These CBKC-FCIfilas” are consolidated in the sad typology of mutt and mongrel dog “freak-fila” !!!

The journalist and the most important Brazilian Dog Expert, Paulo Godinho, disagreeing with the hypothesis of GV also being the origin of the FB wrote me few days ago: “… there are people who even think that the origin of the FB is in Holland, as was the case of Procópio do Vale.” And I add: Procópio do Vale, better known as being the Father of the “black-fila. (*)

(*)The so called “BLACK-FILA”  is the result of the cross breeding of the FB with black Great Danes. See in and in If you need some articles in English, just  let me know and I will mail them to you. You can also try several articles in English clicking in .

Continuing, our dear Paulo Godinho also wrote me: “At the moment when the KCP (São Paulo Kennel Club) asked Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz to prepare a Standard for that dog that began to appear in the São Paulo exhibitions (shows) and that the Paulistas (people who lived in São Paulo) and ONLY THEM, were looking for de FB in the south of Minas Gerais, even by the uniformity of type, historically that typified dog that in the south of Minas Gerais was known by the nicknames of “Cabeçudo” (big head dog), “Onceiro” (Tiger dog, because help farmers to hunted tigers ) and “Boiadeiro” (Cattle dog, because the FB use to worked with cattle), cannot have any contestation in terms of origin. The origin of the FB, in its most perfect definition, in being a dog that the KCP (São Paulo Kennel Club) adopted, organized for him a special Stud Book, and even with different rules from the other breeds to obtain the title of champion. And the first FB Champion was named BUMBO. So, the origin of the FB was in the South of Minas Gerais, and the rest came later“.

And let me complement the dog expert Paulo Godinho above with my following thought:

Therefore, in addition to this person mentioned above, that wants by force – since he does not research, does not study and does not present any supporting evidence of his childish guess or imagination – that GV is also included as the origin of FB and Procópio do Vale believe that this origin was found, in the Netherlands (Holland); it is important to remember that João Batista Gomes (see  and in ), known as being the Father of the Fila-Mastiff, that is, the great-grandfather of the “fila-freak” unlike Procópio do Vale, affirmed that the origin of the FB would be the Fila Terceirense, also called Dog of the Rolled Tail, despite this characteristic “rolled” did not exist in the Pure-Fila, which was nothing more than the old English Mastiff that existed and was extinct on Terceira Island, located in the Azores archipelago, Portugal. Alias, extinction in fact, is what many and many CBKC-FCI Fila breeders want, since they prefer to breed the “fila-freak” or the Brazilian Mastiff, according to my proposal in English in ) or they continue only cowardly an in a omitting way breeding alone in their kennels FB of good typicality, but leaving no legacy for posterity …

So, once again, I encourage this citizen: if you really believe that the origin of the FB also happened in the region of Governador Valadares, roll up your sleeves, start researching and working hard, do your homework and run after your dreams . I ran and kept running after mine: the Pure-Fila !!! If you find something really interesting on this subject, my blog will remain at your disposal. But I repeat: I have no interest in researching for you this distant hypothesis. Please do not push me any further.

In addition,  my  dear friends, it  is just  not to  be  lazy to read, study  and learn in the book of the greatest Brazilian dog expert, the journalist Paulo Godinho, entitled “Fila Brasileiro: A Gift of the Stars“. Get this book on HTTP:// or by email Learn not only about the origin of the FB but also about the True History of Fila Brasileiro.

  1. Uncle Chico, parodying you: after all, what breed below is this?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I really do not know. Seems more like a mutt and mongrel or a “giant chiuaua” with this small, triangular, thin head. I really do not know. I’ve never seen similar type of dog.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.