Post 545 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 210 – The importance of Luiz Antonio Maciel for CAFIB and the Pure Fila # 2 – Date: Feb, 22nd. -2018

Uncle Chico Newsletter #  210

The importance of Luiz Antonio Maciel for CAFIB and the Pure Fila # 2


Dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

In the celebrations of CAFIB’s 40th year of its foundation, I would like to pay homage to some of the most important people who have helped CAFIB to build its great history of success and, above all, to spread the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy. Because it was precisely this Philosophy of Breeding that saved the FB from extinction, due to the practice of the crime of illegal, stupid and totally uncontrolled miscegenation.

 I start this series with the journalist Luis Antonio Maciel. I wrote about this founder of CAFIB the first time in .

Therefore, I continue this presentation, informing my readers of other accomplishments of this Cafibean (= those who follow the CAFIB`s Philosophy) so important for the PURE Fila Brasileiro.

Maciel as well as founder, judge and director, besides being our first CAFIB Secretary and having been the main responsible for organizing the CAFIB as a club, besides having created and edited the newspaper O FILA, was the main responsible for the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture to have recognized the CAFIB and to have totally ignored with respect to the FB the former BKC and the actual CBKC, both presided by Henrique Pereira de Lucena, who persecuted the cafibeans, favoring the cross-breeders and the “mestizos-filas“, to the detriment of Pure Fila (see in ), prioritizing the easy profit, coming from the increase of the billing of these clubs and of the FCI through the increase in the quantity of registries and pedigrees issuing of “mestizos-filas“, that is to say, mutts and mongrels, as if they were Pure Filas.

Just note in:

That resulted in:


Yes, Maciel was at the beginning of CAFIB our Great Captain !!!

This recognition of CAFIB obtained by Maciel from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture officially validated and acknowledged the serious work carried out by CAFIB, unlike BKC-CBKC-FCI, which recorded – AND STILL REGISTER – any type of enormous and big head dog as being a Pure FB.

And because of this recognition, the BKC, CBKC and FCI lost their alleged official status in the Brazilian national cynophilia and could never prevent CAFIB from issuing its own pedigree !!! And an animal breeding club WITHOUT issuing its own pedigree and its consequent genealogical control, it does not exist !!!

More details on this historical conflict between CAFIB and CBKC-FCI won by CAFIB can be found at:

See below the newspaper THE FILA that Maciel created and edited:

See also on the CAFIB website at:

See the beginning of CAFIB in: and in English in

See below the result of the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy that in practice our dear Maciel helped to rescue and perpetuate: the PURE FILA !!! The so-called Fila-CAFIB !!! The True Fila Brasileiro !!

                                  Zenon do Itanhandu                       Garota do Embaré                      Baiuca do Balacobaco

Congratulations and many thanks to Luis Antonio Maciel and all CAFIB directors and breeders who have improved the PURE Fila Brasileiro over the last 40 years; far from miscegenation, “mestizos-filas”, omissive leaders, and falsified and / or adulterated pedigrees.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.