Post 542 – Ask Uncle Chico # 166 – Obligations of the CBKC and the FCI as registries and notary clubs of dogs … – The Importance of Pedigree … + What is the pedigree for and how to read it ? Henrique Lucena + Christofer Habig + Paulo Godinho x miscegenation in the FB registered at CBKC-FCI … – Sergio Castro, Ricardo Simões and Rafael Santiago: do you need any more complaints ??? The “saci-pererê- freak-fila”… (*) Date: Feb, 7th. – 2018

Ask Uncle Chico # 166

Obligations of the CBKC and the FCI as registries and notary clubs of dogs

The Importance of Pedigree  + What is the pedigree for and how to read it ?

Henrique Lucena + Christofer Habig + Paulo Godinho x miscegenation in the FB registered at CBKC-FCI

Sergio Castro, Ricardo Simões and Rafael Santiago: do you need any more complaints ???

The “saci-pererê- freak-fila”… (*)

Dear friends of Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB, continuing with our conversations…

  1. Chico, being the CBKC and FCI registries and notary clubs of dogs, which has the obligation to attest the correct genealogy of dogs registered in their Stud Book, I would like to ask what responsibility these two clubs have when they issue and sell a document with wrong data, falsified and / or adulterated?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

I believe that these two clubs are fully responsible for the accuracy of the data contained in the pedigrees that they issue and sell, earning a profit, especially in the case of the FB, where there have been reports of falsification of pedigrees for more than 40 years. Remembering that these complaints have never even been investigated by the FCI. This is in my view the great differential, although many people wish to blame only the unscrupulous breeders. They certainly are also guilty of misinforming information, but the CBKC-FCI directors are even more so, because it accepts them unconditionally without any verification and oversight.

In the case of FB it would be the same as a real estate Notary to register an apartment located in a building in the corner of 5th Avenue in the city New York, USA with another building located on Avenue des ChampsÉlysées, located in the city of Paris, France…

Or, still exemplifying: if the DETRAN (= the Brazilian governmental department that controls the registration of cars in Brazil) at the time of the annual survey receive for verification and accept a vehicle with front of Fiat, the back of a Volkswagen, hood of a Mercedes Benz, roof of a Ford and Audi documentation…

In both cases above the “miscegenation” of the data attested is evident…

But for CBKC-FCI everything is fine… $$$…

Therefore, I believe that CBKC-FCI, as notaries and registration officials, will be responsible for damages caused to third parties, that is, breeders who have acquired or will acquire FB with documentation (pedigree) attesting to false information, as well as being a huge attack against Fila Brasileiro as a pre dog breed.

I also understand that the crime of falsifying a pedigree is framed on the crime of ideological falsehood (to include an untrue statement) that is provided for in article 299 of the Brazilian Criminal Code, with a penalty of one (1) to five (5) years imprisonment. With its prescription occurring only after 12 years of the crime. That is, those interested will have more than a decade to demand, as consumers, their rights and compensation. After all, after Judge Sergio Moro and Operation Lava Jato (Operation Car Wash) (*)  have raised the mantle of corruption found in all political parties, public officials and corrupt businessmen, thank God and the people of good will, Brazil is changing… Certainly it is arriving the time of the double CBKC-FCI change, as well as of the unscrupulous breeders…

(*) Sérgio Moro is a Brazilian federal judge who has gained fame in Brazil for being in charge of the prosecution of the crimes identified in the Operation Car Wash, a case of high-profile scandals of corruption and bribery involving politicians, government officials and business executives.

That is, it has been an open wound infection for decades in the CBKC-FCI, which complicitly, systemically and institutionally has been going along this crime. Even being properly informed about this recurring fraud since the 1970s. Exactly the same as the Russian Olympic Committee was conniving with the athletes who were doped… And for this was punished  by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

In my view, in order to remedy this crime, it would be enough for FCI to simply respect its own Statute, which in Article 2 – Objectives (see  ) the FCI should only “to protect the use, the keeping and the breeding of purebred dogs in the countries where the FCI has a member...”. And correct your registry mistakes.

In other words, it would be enough for FCI to honor, comply with and make CBKC also respect and comply with these Statutes Bylaws. After all, neither fake pedigrees nor countless champion titles will ever be able to turn a “mestizo-fila” into a purebred dog.

  1. Uncle Chico, what is the importance of an FB breeder to acquire a copy of a Pedigree Worthy of Faith, such as the CAFIB one, which actually certifies the real genealogy of the pup? And still, what is a pedigree for?

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Initially, history proves that there is only one pedigree of FB worthy of Faith: the one issued by CAFIB.

The pedigree should attest that a certain dog actually belongs to a particular PURE Breed, but many ancestors found in FB pedigrees issued by CBKC-FCI bark with English, Neapolitan and Danish accent…

In the case of the FB more than four decades ago one could even err naively or guiltily in the exchange of an ascendancy by ignorance. But since the numerous complaints of miscegenation made by me since 1975 at BKC, by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz from 1977 and by CAFIB from 1978; as well as so many statements by important people in cinofilia, among which it is enough to mention Mr. Henrique Pedreira de Lucena, former president of BKC and CBKC (see in and  ), as well as Mr. Christopher Habig, defender of the Pure Fila former Vice-President of FCI (read in English  and in several copies of the magazine Molosser Magazine), this clearly happened to be malicious.

Photo # 1: Molosser Magazine; Photo # 2: Henrique Lucena + Christofer Habig, in August-83, when signing the letter mentioned in the link above recognizing the miscegenation in the FB. – Photographer: Uncle Chico … and Photo # 3: article in English signed by C. Habig and published at the MM on his visit to Brazil in Aug-1983.

Note: whoever wishes to receive the whole article in English above, just ask me by email. In such article Habig denounces miscegenation in Fila and “fila” registered in CBKC-FCI !!!

Sergio Castro, Ricardo Simões and Rafael Santiago, do you need some more complaint ???

After all, the former president of the BKC and the CBKC and the former vice-president of FCI complained about FB miscegenation !!! What do you intend to do? Keep doing NOTHING? In your known eternal omission?

After all, why do not CBKC and FCI keep only in its squad the Typical Fila that exist in these two clubs? I myself wrote two articles with almost 100 photos of Typical Fila breed in CBKC-FCI in Nov / 2013 and Feb / 2015, proving that this is possible, since CAFIB started its squad with no typical FB !!! You must want, with selection and control, not for profit.

See also with a text in English:  and

In fact, the same Uncle Chico who criticizes the “freak-fila”, the “mestizos-filas” and ask for Fila typicality in  CBKC-FCI squad is exactly the same that also praises. When I can.


Continuing: the pedigree exists and is to be read. Being read means knowing the ancestors, their genetic strength, calculating positive and negative factors, their relative and absolute dominance, compensating or canceling factors, recessive factors, those occurring only in females or exclusively in males, those that jump one generation to repeat themselves in the next, etc… At the end of this reading we obtain a result and one can then imagine what would be the dog “owner” of that pedigree…

If is still a puppy, how will he be as an adult and yet, what will be transmitted to its descendants …

Therefore, in the CBKC-FCI, crossing yellow with another yellow puppies dog can be born dogs of any color “intended” by their pseudo-breeders on paper… For the pedigrees of these two clubs in the case of FB do not reflect necessarily the “genealogical tree” actually existing in these pedigrees. Miscegenation in the FB was a great mixer and annihilator of pedigrees, which took from this document issued by these two clubs the importance and validity of attesting its correct ancestry and being read so that only good mating is sought. The best possible !!! If with pedigree is so, imagine with the DNA to be handled and fantasized by these pseudo-breeders


Important note

This answer was NOT written by Uncle Chico except for the last paragraph, but by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, Father of the Fila Brasileiro Breed and CAFIB Master Breeding… I just adapted it, based on an article he wrote in Feb, 1st.-1977, with great humor and intelligence, 41 years ago, even before the CAFIB foundation. This article was addressed to me along with the letter below for the purpose of being published in the magazine Animals & Veterinary. Journalist Paulo Roberto Godinho, who also wrote weekly in the Jornal do Brasil, was then editor and published in no. 24, dated March-1977.

That is, those who claim to be laymen in FB, such as Ms. Mariza Kanap (see in English  + many following articles) and so many others, but they have been breeding and selling FB for years, posting their nonsense on facebooks, or even those who prefer the “freak-fila“, could have learned and followed the correct path to breed the Fila Brasileiro for longer 40 years ago… But many unfortunately preferred to follow the path of miscegenation that led them to the “freak-fila” and CBKC-FCI.

For those who are not lazy to read and study this article by Dr. Paulo, besides being one of his classes, was written with great humor and wisdom.

Please do not miss this opportunity.

Please see below: Dr. Paulo’s letter dated Feb, 1t-1977 addressed to the then “young and future …” Uncle Chico, attaching his article titled The Pedigree:

See also in

Please see the article The Pedigree, authored by Dr. Paulo, published in the magazine Animals & Veterinary No. 24, dated March-1977, whose chief editor was Paulo Roberto Godinho. See in

At the end of this letter to me, Dr. Paulo sent best regards  to Paulo Godinho. I am a witness to the affection and admiration he had for Godinho.

Independently of Godinho having believed in our ideas to rescue and save the FB from extinction and to have given us important space to divulge them both in Jornal do Brasil – then one of the two most important Brazilian newspapers – and in A & V magazine. And please note that I know how much Godinho was pressured by Henrique Pereira de Lucena, then president of the then BKC and then the CBKC, not to support and report CAFIB, Dr. Paulo and future Uncle Chico.

Also at the end of this letter Dr. Paul mentions that he was writing a book about FB. I leafed in 1976 at his house a long manuscript. I remember well that I opened on the ear item and it contained about 10 sub-items !!! Unfortunately, after the death of Dr. Paulo, this manuscript was never found, not even when Airton Campbell, Américo and Cleide Cardoso and Roberto Maruyama, if I am not mistaken, at the invitation of Dr. Paulo`s niece, were invited to go to his house to collect everything connected to FB and CAFIB, after such great loss.

I will confess: I greatly felt the disappearance of the manuscripts of the book that Dr. Paulo was writing. Until Godinho released his sensational book on FB (see in HTTP:// or by the email ) titled in honor of Dr. Paulo of “Fila Brasileiro: a Gift of the Stars“:


  1. On the back cover of this magnificent book, incredibly sponsored by the CBKC (!!!), read an empty text and full of blah-blah-blah from Ricardo Torres Simões … In this book Simões praises and agrees with the statements of the book, but did nothing or really does in defense of Pure Fila… Typical attitude of the old Brazil, which fortunately is being cleared by Operation Car Wash And the Fila Brasileiro will certainly also be … Changes will come in the direction of CBKC and FCI !!!;
  2. Look at his very bad and melancholic interview with Alexandre Bacci, the unbelievable judge of the CBKC-FCI who together with Andrea Blumen, affirm that the FB is not pure breed dog  (!!! ???) in English ) ;
  3. In this book there are innumerable proofs of miscegenation but its apex is really page 368 where it is written objectively and directly the following statement by the journalist Paulo Godinho: “Nothing is more mestizo than a “black-fila“…

Sergio Castro, Ricardo Simões and Rafael Santiago, you still need some more complaint ???

After all, denounced above was done by the most important Brazilian dog expert: Paulo Godinho !!!

What do you intend to do? Keep doing NOTHING?

  1. Uncle Chico, I am sending for your file photos of two “saci-pererê-freak-fila“. I was able to take these photos in two nights of full moon and in the middle of a whirlwind of wind, as the legend says … Curiously, the first photo was taken in Newton Prado Street, in the neighborhood of São Cristóvão, Rio, Brazil, directly in front of the CBKC headquarters. And the second one at Place Albert 1er, in the city of Thuin, Belgium, right next to the FCI headquarters …

Uncle Chico’s Response:

Tanks a lot … Excellent and, unfortunately, not uncommon material … lol, lol…

The “saci-pererê-freak-fila” knows about the things regarding the FB miscegenation…

Things that certainly Sergio Castro and Ricardo Torres Simões of CBKC and Rafael Santiago, Gerard Jipping, Raymond Triquet and Yves De Clercq of FCI also know, but pretend to ignore… And they are pushing the god decision forward ..

saci-pererê- freak-fila

 Note: The idea of the ” saci-pererê-freak-fila” was passed to me by former FB breeder, knowledgeable of Brazilian rural popular culture. His idea is that the existence of the “freak-fila” in a centenary club like the FCI is something so absurd, so far beyond imagination, so illogical, so incoherent and so incongruous, that it reaches the edge of the surreal, unimaginable and folkloric. As folkloric indeed is our dear Saci Pererê…  Do not be so tense and nervous …

(*) Saci-Pererê is a legend of Brazilian folklore and originated among the indigenous tribes of southern Brazil. The Saci-Pererê has only one leg, uses a red cap and loves whirlwind…

Best regards, Chico Peltier.