Post 541 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 208 – The Fila Brasileiro and the need to install the Clean Record Law – Date: Feb, 1st. – 2018

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 208

The Fila Brasileiro and the need to install the Clean Record Law (*)

 (*) Clean Record Law — in Portuguese: Lei da Ficha Limpa — is a Brazilian Law dated 2010, based in a popular initiative that  gathered 1.6 million signatures and was approved with the objective of increasing the candidates’ suitability. It`s objective is to bar corrupt  candidates  prohibiting them from competing in the election campaign and electing themselves in all levels.

Dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

Regarding my last articles on falsification and / or adulteration of pedigrees in the CBKC-FCI of FB´s breed by CAFIB; on the fact that CAFIB was stolen in much of its assets and patrimony by another club (read in English official CAFIB statement  and ); about a particular club having exercised all its activities for so many years without its own FB Standard; on the breeding of the so-called “freak-fila” in the CBKC-FCI and also on the judges of these two clubs that publicly state that the FB does not constitute a pure breed dog but a handful of mestizos and mongrel dogs, I started receiving emails from serious FB breeders of all clubs, including the CBKC-FCI, stating that the Fila Brasileiro breed and registered outside CAFIB must undergo a huge cleaning.

For these breeders the FB breed and registered, I repeat, outside CAFIB must undergo a similar operation to the Clean Record Law that prevents all bad politicians from all political parties from running for the elections and for these politicians to be expelled from Brazilian public life. That is, these serious FB breeders understand that it is necessary to establish a Clean Record Law in the FB to exclude bad leaders, bad judges, bad breeders, pedigree counterfeiters and mestizo specimens.

I have received messages from some breeders who acknowledge and congratulate my work by stating: “Uncle Chico, you have been drawing the attention of all those involved in the FB breeding to behave like “Clean Record“. You are a precursor, because for more than 40 years when many preferred the illegal, criminal and uncontrolled miscegenation, including via pedigree falsification at CBKC-FCI, you went to get Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz back to the dog world and FB, because he had been away for many years (see in And, the most important consequence of his return was the founding of CAFIB, the only club responsible for rescuing from the extinction and preserving the so-called  Pure Fila !!! Unfortunately many pseudo-breeders still think small, think the FB just in their yard, kennel or just think of their own breeding. That is, they have never left any collective and perennial legacy for the FB as a pure breed dog. But since your beginning in 1974 you think the FB as a Pure Breed Dog recognized, respected and admired around the world !!! These fools are not able to understand your improved reasoning, which aims at the serious development of the FB in all Clubs”.

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Post # 1: I just want a FB breeder “Clean Record“.

Post # 2: What was that, my friend? It was a FB breeder “Dirty Record” that hugged me.

Post # 3:Dirty Record” no ! By the ethics in the Fila Brasileiro breeding.


                    Therefore, these breeders have sent me several suggestions on the “Clean Record” breeding in FB outside of CAFIB, which I will compile below for you to analyze and comment on:

  1. Club officers such as CBKC-FCI cannot continue omitting in the Case of Fila Brasileiro Miscegenation and its terrible consequences to date in thefila“-CBKC, and continue acting only as notaries and registries clubs that inspect nothing, that issue pedigree to any type of enormous and big head dog as being a Pure Fila, raising money from the breeders to keep their billings and goodwill, with absolutely nothing to offer the FB in exchange, except to have sponsored the book of the journalist Paulo Roberto Godinho (see in HTTP:// or by email );
  2. No club may be formed stealing part of the assets, patrimony and property of another club;
  3. No club may hold exhibitions, issue and sell pedigrees for more than 3 years without owning their own FB Standard;
  4. Judges of the CBKC-FCI who claim to be experts in FB, cannot post on social networks that FB is not a pure breed dog, but a group of mestizos and mongrel dogs; denigrating and demoralizing the FB all over the world. So CBKC-FCI has an obligation to punish them and cancel all their judgments and awards made in expositions;
  5. Breeders cannot post “studies” on social networks on the head of the FB, when their club owns and accepts so many heterogeneous types of heads from “filas” and even from “freak-fila“;
  6. Breeders may not falsify and / or adulterate FB pedigrees from CAFIB in CBKC-FCI;
  7. Cowardly and unfounded breeders cannot use Uncle Chico’s family, who have never been involved with FB, to attack him on a personal and family level;
  8. Pseudo-breeders cannot prevent the urgent APR (Apt for Reproduction) in the Fila and the “fila” breed and registered in the CBKC-FCI;
  9. CBKC-FCIfila” breeders cannot talk about their “freak-filas” in facebook and post hundreds of their photos, trying to turn these mestizos dogs into Pure Filas through fake compliments;
  10. Breeders who have left CAFIB, cannot continue to post on their profile or sale announcements of puppies that pretend or intend to induce that they still belong to CAFIB. As is well known, many people are unable to detach themselves from the recognized credibility achieved by CAFIB in its 40 years of activity;
  11. Breeders should require CBKC to inject resources and much work in enhancing, selecting and controlling the True FB breeding in the CBKC-FCI, excluding from its squad all “mestizos-filas“;
  12. That judges should judge without relying on the “tip of the guide“; (i.e., without benefit any friend during the exposition in the ring)…;
  13. That breeders should be more concerned with improving their FB breeding an dogs than with overvaluing results and rewarding exposures;
  14. The FB breeders have to understand that those who divided the Fila Brasileiro into two breeds were not CAFIB, not even Uncle Chico, but the first cross breeders, their followers and heirs – the so-called NAM`s (Neo Apologists of Miscegenation) – as well as the eternal omission and complete failure of the CBKC and the FCI;
  15. That the FCI respects and complies with its own Statute, which only permits the breeding of purebred dogs and thus prohibits the registration and issuance of pedigrees for mestizos dogs, as well as the “freak-fila” of all colors (read FCI Statutes in English ) ;
  16. Finally, that no one can believe and accept as worthy of Faith no pedigree of FB issued by the notary CBKC-FCI and, much less, no DNA results presented by breeders of these two clubs. Even less if it is to try to prove the existence of the so-called “black-fila“, which would be the result of crossing – rather than mating – of yellow dogs with yellow dogs, or any other color. That is: coming from the cross between “freak-fila” of any color !!! After all, no one in their right mind can naively believe in a vile attempt to prove absolutely no theory, based on the pedigrees of the fragile, incompetent and incompetent genealogical control presented by these two clubs and in these DNA`s, precisely because of miscegenation and falsification of pedigrees that occurs systematically and institutionally since the 70’s In clubs where you do not only breed purebred dogs, there is no Pure Breed, but rather mestizos dogs, with or without a fake pedigree.

Because from the cross between dogs with the typologies so heterogeneous above, which for me are characteristic examples of the freak-fila“, can be born even our famous and folkloric Saci Pererê (*). And certainly in all colors and with all DNA`s… But of course, always with pedigree of FB issued by CBKC-FCI

(*) Saci-Pererê is a legend of Brazilian folklore and originated among the indigenous tribes of southern Brazil. The saci has only one leg and uses a red cap…


Too bad that many Brazilians have the habit  of  complaining about who report the error, crime, falsification and miscegenation. And not those who practice them.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.