Post 532 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 203 – About the possible falsification and/or adulteration of FB pedigrees of responsibility and issue by CBKC-FCI and the possible misuse by important and current Anfibra members of the name of kennels members of CAFIB and the name of Pure Filas breed and registered by CAFIB !!! – Date: Jan, 4th. – 2018

Uncle Chico Newsletter #  203

About the possible falsification  and/or adulteration of FB pedigrees of responsibility and issue by CBKC-FCI and the possible misuse by important and current Anfibra members of the name of  kennels members of  CAFIB and the name of Pure Filas breed and registered by CAFIB !!!

Dear Fila Brasileiro (FB) and CAFIB friends,

It is with deep regret that I question Anfibra, a club formed by the theft of assets and patrimony of CAFIB (see in CAFIB’s official Statement  at and at ) and which developed all its  activities until completing three years of founding, such as organized expos and even selling pedigree, without having its own FB Standard, on the considerations  below:


  1. Mr. Américo Cardoso dos Santos Junior, founder, judge, writer, director and Counselor of CAFIB, owner of Araguaya Kennel registered at CAFIB since 1978, registered the litter in which the FB called Quilombo do Araguaya, was born on Nov, 13th.- 2007, only at CAFIB, whose original pedigree issued by CAFIB is published below and also taking into consideration that Mr. Américo  Cardoso never registered his FBs in the CBKC-FCI System and in no other club:

  1. According to what we have learned, the Dog Family site, organized by FB’s breeder, Mr. Roberto Sena Sene, maintains partnership with FB breeders and CBKC, as per the purpose and object defined in his web site to be “… the easiest way to find the origin of your dog …” becoming possible via the Dog Family “… generate the dogs’ family tree with registration without data limitations …”. So, this website is undoubtedly a great tool for the study the genealogy of the FB presented. As long as those who give the information do not lie and forge data;
  2. That Mr. Olegário Bretas, owner of the São José da Lapa Kennel based in Belo Horizonte-MG,–  who has never been a CAFIB judge, has never been authorized to judge in any country, much less in Poland, that was a CAFIB member many years ago, who recorded few of his several litters in the CAFIB and verified some litters for the CAFIB in the region of the Brazilian city of  Belo Horizonte –, as we are forced to believe by the information made available on the Dog Family website, whose photo is posted below, registered himself or third parties did, with or without Mr. Bretas authorization, the same FB called Quilombo do Araguaya — I repeat: breed by a CAFIB member — in the CBKC-FCI, however changing and renaming the name of this dog to Quilombo do Araguaya de São José da Lapa(???), but keeping its same date of birth Nov, 13th.- 2007:

Please find below the information available on the Dog Family website of the pedigree of Quilombo do Araguaya de São José da Lapa:

  1. Mr. Joaquim Liberato Barroso, better known as Quinzinho, founder and current president of Anfibra, even knowing that Quilombo was born in the Araguaya Kennel, used this pedigree falsified and / or adulterated mentioned in item 3 above, to register a litter at the Boa Sorte Kennel owned up to that  time by his acquaintance aunt, Mrs. Marília Barroso Pentagna, staining with this attitude years of breeding and tradition of such renowned kennel based in Rio de Janeiro, in order to justify and make feasible the mating of Quilombo do Araguaya of São José da Lapa (???) with Loba da Boa Sorte, which gave rise to Una da Boa Sorte. In this way, Mr. Quinzinho used illegal and improper a Fila Brasileiro breed in a CAFIB kennel member, resulting in a false pedigree issued by the CBKC-FCI with fictitious data, since, as we all know very well, CBKC-FCI issues any pedigree to any “dog” as being a Pure Fila as long as these two clubs have received their payment…

Please see below thepedigree de Una da Boa Sorte issued CBKC-FCI in the name of Mrs. Marília Barroso Pentagna:

  1. Mr. Flávio Donizete Mancilha, a former member of CAFIB, whose membership application for renewal in this club was denied in April 2015, considered one of the largest Anfibra breeders, as well as a type of “standard breeder” of this club, also changed the original record of Quilombo do Araguaya, transforming his kennel named Cara Branca (Jacarei-SP) as the breeder of this FB that was, I REPEAT, actually breed by Araguaya Kennel member of CAFIB and that Mr. Mancilha also put himself as its owner, however keeping correct Quilombo full name and date of birth, which prove the total incongruity committed.

That is, Mr. Flávio Donizete Mancilha misappropriated the name of the famous Araguaya Kennel, owned by Mr. Américo Cardoso dos Santos, member of CAFIB since its founding in 1978, and also became magically the breeder of this FB called Quilombo, perhaps trying to make himself the owner of the traditional Araguaya Kennel.

It should be noted that once again the duo notary CBKC-FCI issued some false pedigrees or adulterated, among thousands of pedigrees of FB issued in the last 47 years, these two clubs certainly charged for this work of issuing a document, not caring if this registry attests to the genealogical truth of the facts and the its breed and racial purity stated in this document. Recalling that every Notary or Registry office is a public or private entity that must keep the save and custody of documents and gives them the indispensable Public Faith, no matter if  in Brazil as well as in Belgium. But this unfortunately does not seem to occur over the years in Fila and “fila” registered in CBKC-FCI. Also remembering that falsifying and endorsing spurious and illegitimate documents is a crime in Brazil, Belgium and any serious country in the world.

Please see below pedigree of Quilombo do Araguaya having as its breeder (???) Cara Branca Kennel issued by CBKC-FCI:


  1. Mr. Tênisson de Souza Cavalcante, lawyer, founder, first president and current vice president of Anfibra, also knowing used fake and/or adulterated pedigree in litters of his Santa Luzia kennel (GO), and also involved in this error and deviation two very traditional and respected CAFIB kennel members: Ibituruna Kennel of Dr. Paulo Angotti, based in the city of Governador Valadares-MG and also Jawa Kennel of Mr. Fabiano Nunes, based in the city of Guaratinguetá-SP, with the following falsification or adulterations:

6.1. The FB breed by the CAFIB member Dr. Paulo Angotti named Umbu do Ibituruna was “renamed” as Umbu do IbiturunaSanta Luzia ???. That is, Mr. Tênisson de Souza Cavalcante placed his Santa Luzia Kennel as the breeding kennel of the Umbu do  Ibituruna, which was then magically called Umbu do IbiturunaSanta Luzia ???. In addition, the same former president of Anfibra, adulterated the name of the FB breed at he  Jawa Kennel member of CAFIB from Zimbo de Jawa to Zimbo of Jawa Santa Luzia ???, according to the data below available on the Dog Family website:


                       6.2. The FB of Jawa Kennel from CAFIB named Leão de Jawa was “renamed” with the name of Leão de Jawa Santa Luzia, In addition to this criminal and unacceptable change, Mr. Tênisson de Souza Cavalcante, founder and former president of Anfibra, changed the name of Sula de Jawa to the name Sula de Jawa Santa Luzia and also changed the name of the breeding Jawa kennel to Jawa to BR Santa Luzia, as shown below available in Dog Family site:



1 – Is the Fila Brasileiro honestly and seriously breed and registered in CAFIB, the result of four decades of IMPROVEMENT and responsible work, carried out with a great deal of technical and historical knowledge by CAFIB, is so envied by other clubs, mainly by Anfibra, that some its founders and breeders go so far as to falsify and/or adulterate outside the law, ethics and morals the names of traditional CAFIB dogs, kennels and pedigrees ? With the help of the double CBKC-FCI that in the case of FB do nothing except issue and sell any pedigree with any name, affiliation and property, only to increase their billing, and issue such documents  without the slightest supervision? And worse, without respecting its own Statute ? Please read in this Statute “Article 2 – Objectives at, which states that the FCI should only “…to protect the use, the keeping and the breeding of PUREBRED dogs in the countries where the FCI has a member … “. That is, CBKC-FCI could never afford to issue fake pedigree and much worse to “mestizos” and mongrel dogs !!!

2 – For Anfibra and its free-for-all pretend breeders everything is permitted to use the famous and PURE CAFIB  “blood“, even falsify and/or adulterate pedigrees?

3 – For Anfibra and its free-for-all pretend breeders everything is acceptable to sell their dogs?



I – The “fingerprints” of these forgeries and/or adulterations are in the documents presented above and available to all. Just like also in the very good website tool named Dog Family;

II – We hope that the breeders, judges and leaders of all the clubs involved in the breeding and registration of the FB, including the always distant and absent FCI, will reflect and comment on the absurdities of such forgeries and/or adulterations above and know how to choose which club and pedigree to trust and that urgent action must be taken within the CBKC board of directors which is increasingly involving the centenary FCI in this endless mud, muck and sludge .

III – Will CBKC and FCI, ashamed of their mistakes, cancel these pedigrees as well as the puppies from these dogs registered in their Registration Book / Stud Book ? Or are they going to continue missing out and registering any “animal” as FB provided they receive money for it in return?

IV – Thus, it is concluded that CAFIB is the only FB club in the world that has its pedigrees believed and worthy of faith. For those who are still unaware of the importance of the pedigree – and they think it is only a paper for hanging on the wal … – I suggest the urgent reading of the article entitled “The Pedigree” written in 1977, just over a year before the founding of CAFIB , by Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz by clicking on the letter he himself sent me on Feb,1st.-1977 in  or in its publication in the magazine Animais & Veterinaria # 24 that had as Editor-in-Chief the journalist Paulo Godinho in .

V – Is Anfibra just an alleged FB club whose board uses false and/or adulterated pedigrees by some of its leaders?

VI – How will Anfibra manage and resolve this issue? Will Anfibra once again be omited, thus imitating the silence and omission of the CBKC-FCI duo, or will it publicly disclose the solution and sanctions adopted against these pseudo-breeders ?

VII – Will the CBKC-FCI be in the case of the FB only a club that issues to any type of enormous and big head dog a FB pedigree, being enough to be paid for this purpose?      

VIII – Does Anfibra, a club that said when its recent foundation was created to revolutionize and innovate the FB breeding, but in fact only stole part of the assets and patrimony of CAFIB and just barely copied what CAFIB has already being done for the last 40 years with great success !!! Do the Anfibra leaders mentioned in this article are being the “GRAVEDIGGER” of Anfibra itself, like Mr. Jan Kubesa use to say ?

IX – Could the former and current Anfibra president, respectively, Mr. Tênisson de Souza Cavalcante  and Mr. Joaquim Liberato Barroso, better known as Quinzinho, inform us if others Pure FB breed by CAFIB members  and other CAFIB kennels were also used in this forgery and/or adulteration done by current Anfibra members ?

X – Do pedigree counterfeiters from CBKC-FCI will correct their mistakes so as not to prejudice and iprevent the correct genealogical information divulged  by the Dog Family website?

XI – Until when the FCI will follow the CBKC in this endless mud, muck and sludge ?

XI – Tio Chico’s blog ( ) is totally at the disposal of those mentioned in this article for the proper disclosure of their explanations, if they actually explain or present some intelligent and educated that deserves to be expressed.



So, congratulations to the CAFIB breeders, especially Messrs. Américo Cardoso dos Santos Junior, Fabiano Nunes and Paulo Angotti. It seems to me that the result of the serious work that you have been doing for so many years as true breeders of CAFIB’s Pure Fila Brasileiro was recognized, but unfortunately it was also wrongly copied without respecting the law, ethics, morals and good manners. And, apparently, as always, with the endorsement of CBKC-FCI.

May I ask further:

A – Will CBKC-FCI Fila and “fila” breeders also use this illegal and criminal device to fake CAFIB pedigrees and thus use the so famous Pure CAFIB FB purchased from CAFIB kennels to enhance and improve their breeding’s ?

B – Do these Fila and “fila” breeders from CBKC-FCI, who has so many dogs and even the so-called “freak-fila” or “fila-aberrations” in their kennels, change the parenting of their litters with their own dogs ? I.e., in a spurious change of dogs name with the Pure CAFIB FB they have purchased from CAFIB kennels ? Even requesting the CBKC-FCI pedigree, informing criminally that the parents of the brood to be registered are from other “filas” of their property, since CBKC-FCI regarding the FB, do not check and control absolutely NOTHING and just worry about selling pedigrees and increasing their billing ??? !!!

C – Could Harrison Pinho, Alexandre Bacci, Marisa Kanap and other members of CBKC-FCI clarify this question?

D – Is this why traditional breeders of “freak-fila”, “fila-aberrations” and “black-fila” suddenly appear in the CBKC-FCI expos and specialized magazines with dogs of reasonable typology similar to the CAFIB-FB ?

  My dear friends, I am terribly sorry to begin this year with this hard questioning, never imagined by me, but, as everyone knows, I have continued since 1974 giving my serious and honest contribution to protecting the True and Pure Fila Brasileiro, far from miscegenation, cross-breeders and their heirs, the “freak-fila”, the “mestizos-filas” of all colors and the pedigree counterfeiters and their data, whether these are people or Clubs.

Note:Thank you very much to all CAFIB members who have helped me with their many contributions to writing this article. Especially to the breeder who sent me the pedigree of Quilombo-Mancilha and the others that sent me the posts with the data provided by the site Dog Family, which proved to be a great working tool. I hope this site will remove from its data all these fake and/or adulterated pedigrees, so as not to lead to misleading errors. Sadly, these members who are now at Anfibra have leveled themselves at the other counterfeit and adulterated pedigrees of the 1970s. Nothing like the time to show and unmask the character of people.

Wishing you all a Happy 2018 !!!

Best Regards, Chico Peltier.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC
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