Post 522 – Tio Chico Newsletter # 198 – Commenting on recent facebook posts by Marisa Kanap and Harrison Pinho, breeders of the CBKC-FCI system, recognizing the existence of the “freak-fila” and, consequently, the miscegenation !!! – Commenting also posts from Alexandre Bacci, Andrea Blumen, Julio Cesar da Hacienda La Soledad, Leo Lima, Mariano Arbiza do Canil do Bemba, Fabio Pereira Bueno Filho and Cleverson Farias – And now CBKC and its “eternal leaders” Sergio Castro e Ricardo Torres Simões ??? – And now FCI and its “líderes” Rafael de Santiago, Gerard Jipping, Raymond Triquet and Yves De Clercq ??? – Hello, hello CBKC- FCI: pay attention to the new terminology invented by CBKC breeders to designate the “fila” breed and registered in your clubs: it is the “fila” SSM = Super Shocking Molosser … (or in Portuguese: SMI = Super Molossóides Impactantes…) – Date: Dec,1st. – 2017

Tio Chico Newsletter # 198

Commenting on recent facebook posts by Marisa Kanap and Harrison Pinho, breeders of the CBKC-FCI system, recognizing the existence of the “freak-fila” and, consequently, the miscegenation !!!

Commenting also posts from Alexandre Bacci, Andrea Blumen, Julio Cesar da Hacienda La Soledad,  Leo Lima, Mariano Arbiza do Canil do Bemba, Fabio Pereira Bueno Filho and Cleverson Farias. 

And now CBKC and its “eternal leaders Sergio Castro e Ricardo Torres Simões ???

And now FCI and its “líderesRafael de Santiago, Gerard Jipping, Raymond Triquet and Yves De Clercq ???

           Hello, hello CBKC- FCI: pay attention to the new terminology invented by CBKC breeders to designate the fila” breed and registered in your clubs: it is the “fila” SSM = Super Shocking Molosser … (or in Portuguese: SMI = Super Molossóides Impactantes)


Important Note 1:   because the direct  mention I make in this article,

Maris  Kanap, Harrison Pinho, Alexandre Bacci,  Jacob and Andrea

Blumen, this emails was first sent to their email. First in Portuguese

and now in English. Immediately afterwards, I forwarded it as I always

do to the double   CBKC-FCI.  To the  friends who have the emails

of  Julio Cesar,  Mariano Arbiza  and Cleverson Farias I ask them to

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Important Note 2: this email in Portuguese was release last Nov, 23r.


My dear friends of CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro (FB),

I comment below the recent and long exchange of postings made on facebook that was attended by some “breeders” and breeders of CBKC, among them Marisa Kanap, Harrison Pinho, Julio Cesar da Hacienda La Soledad,  Leo Lima, Mariano Arbiza do Canil do Bemba, Fabio Pereira Bueno Filho and Cleverson Farias, as well as older posts from Alexandre Bacci and Andrea Blumen for having to do with the theme raised by Marisa Kanap:

Marisa Kanap – 17 de novembro às 22:14
1-Flavio, thank you for this space in the group to make some clarifications about a post in which I participated this week. I breed the breed since 1981”:

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Marisa, I started to breed FB in 1974, but unlike you, as far back as 1975, I distrusted and afterwards I discovered the miscegenation, I got rid of my “mestizo-filas” and in 1976 I was the first to start systematically denounce it. I ended up with my breeding  in 1977. That’s why I was much persecuted and to this day I am still threatened by some types of fools “grenade-breeder“. But, unlike you and many others, I have given and continue to give my effective and honest contribution to recovering the True Pure Fila from extinction and preserving it to this day in its breed purity. That is: I have never been mistaken, or I have deceived others, acting as if I were raising and selling PUREBRED dogs, when in fact they were nothing more than mutts with a pedigree !!!

I was one of the main responsible for bringing Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz back to Cinofilia (dog world)  and to the FB, who had been away for many years. I convinced him to return, because when I visited him in March 1976, I prove for the one who would later be recognized as the Father of the Fila and CAFIB Master of Breeding, that miscegenation was occurring with the FB, was increasing with the support of then BKC and that the FB was in danger of extinction. See in!__orga-ingles  my article in English entitled “The Organogram of Miscegenation” based on the photos I showed to Dr. Paulo when I visited him in Santos, SP.

See also in the column of prestigious former Brazilian newspaper Jornal do Brasil, the journalist Paulo Godinho informing the return of Dr. Paulo to Cinofilia (dog world) in .

In a letter to Dr. Paulo, dated October 1976, I idealized a group of BKC breeders independent of BKC, whom I later believed to have helped in the formation of what would become CAFIB (see ).

My denunciations were initially forwarded in a reserved way to the former BKC, in the person of its president, Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena. As he ignored them, preferring to keep the increase in BKC’s turnover with the registration of “mestizos-filas“, I made them systematically public via the magazine Animals & Veterinary; the former very famous Brazilian newspaper Jornal do Brasil; newspaper the Estado de São Paulo, still today one of the most important Brazilian newspaper; Radio Guanabara, in the last one with the founder of CAFIB, Airton Campbell, and many other vehicles of communication.

For those who do not study and are lazy to read, it is enough to learn in the archives of BKC, in CBKC, in the book by Inês Van Damme (see in Spanish ) and on my website and blog where it post:In 1975 the BKC registered around 1,000 Filas. But, note: the following year, the number of Fila records jumped to 1,500. By 1977, this number had risen from 3,000 records, to more than 8,000 in 1982 …”. Marisa, did you notice the huge and incredible increase of 8 times in the income from the enormous number of records / pedigrees issue of mongrel and mestizos dogs as being Pure Filas? That is, the so-called “mestizo-fila” ? What could you comment on this fact? Do you agree or not with me? I’d love to hear your comments on this topic, okay?

Marisa, CAFIB was founded in May of 1978, that is, 3 years before you started breeding. So, you already had the opportunity and the right to choose to breed the right way, far from miscegenation, but you preferred to choose CBKC-FCI. Check below, including links and photos, what I have just stated, and also post the article “Organogram of Miscegenation” and the newspaper Jornal do Brasil article, both mentioned above:

– my first major international denunciation came via my “London Open Letter” dated Aug, 3rd. 1978 . See below and in English at . Please note below that on page 4 I got to the point of publishing the photo of João Batista Gomes, president of Clube Paulista do Fila (!!! ???) with his English Mastiff … !!! ???. This letter was distributed in Brazil by CAFIB and abroad by me, since at that time I was working in London.

– the first CAFIB Journal, titled O FILA, a historical landmark in the FB world, edited by CAFIB founder Luiz Maciel, distributed throughout Brazil, Germany and Spain, dated December 1978. Its cover has the extremely illuminating title and called: “How to distinguish a pure Fila from a mestizo“. See other O FILA copies at .

Did not you have access to any of this information?

Please also be kind enough to read the documents published in the press dated 1975 and ; in  those dating from 1977; in  those dating from 1978; in   those dating from 1979; in those dating from 1980 to 83, when you started to organize your breeding.

Have you never taken any knowledge of these main complaints and documents listed above in these links, among many others that I selected on my website? And about The FILA newspaper edited and distributed by CAFIB, the German magazine Molosser Magazine, and also many events and expos carried out by CAFIB always divulged in the Brazilian media?

That is, Marisa, you did not have the opportunity in the 80’s to know or take an interest in the work carried out by CAFIB, which was created precisely to rescue and protect Pure Fila, as well as to combat miscegenation, and is therefore an option for those who want to breed the True Pure Fila ?

I’d like very much  to hear your comments on this two paragraphs above, okay ?

So, Marisa, that was your choice. Unfortunately, you preferred to believe in CBKC, in the Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro (São Paulo Fila Club) , predecessor of the current SPFB and in the first cross breeders and their first followers. In my understanding you ended up becoming, even without knowing, another one of them … What a pity !!! But the responsibility of the choice was yours alone, since you describe yourself below as a LAY people with respect to the FB. Now, I think it is up to the LAY people to research, discuss, distrust and study in order to make the right choice. Lay people do not go out there building hospitals and platforms … Only if they are politicians, public agents and corrupt businessmen… (*) Before “building” lay people should study. And very, very much. If not the “hospital” collapses and the platform sinks… And in the case of Fila-CBKC-FCI already collapsed and sank a long time…

(*) This sentence is just an analogy to the current Car Wash Operation that is under way in Brazil and putting in the jail several politicians, public agents and corrupt businessmen. Thanks to God and honest Brazilians  !!! Such Operation is very similar  to the Italian named Operation Clean Hands held in Italy in the 1990s against  politicians and industry corrupt leaders …

Unfortunately, the photos I get from the European “fila great champions” area pity… Many go so far as to be considered by the breeders of the CBKC and FCI as real FREAK… The facebook that is unbelievably titled “Selection with responsibility” is full of them… Worse: more recently, mainly in the Brazilian Northeast, breeders still connected to the CBKC, but who are severe critics of this club, are calling these FREAK as SSM = Super Shocking Molosser (or in Portuguese: SMI = Super Molossóides Impactantes…)

As I always repeat: “if the Fila Brasileiro was an English, German, French or American dog it would be respected and admired all over the world. And the cross breeders would have been expelled from the Cinofilia (dog word) and the mestizos would have their pedigrees canceled“. And I would add now: and the leaders of the FCI and the CBKC would be punished or expelled for omission and institutional and systemic connivance. Just like the Russian Olympic Committee last year. It is enough to read and to study the division that occurred in the Akita dog breed in Japan, that after the Second World War, was imported with several problems and serious differences in its typology for the USA, where there developed another Type of Akita. Read in English in .

Therefore, unlike you Marisa, many breeders preferred, after studying and researching, to follow the CAFIB. See CAFIB beginning in . Look carefully and see if you can recognize the young exhibitor in the first photo in item 3… Note how after joying CAFIB and under CAFIB guidance he has greatly improved his breeding and squad…

Concluding this part: I preferred to stop breeding, to give my “mestizos-filas” and defend the Puro Fila Brasileiro. Unconditionally. Therefore, I did not associate myself with the crime of forgery of pedigrees and the sale of mestizo dogs as if they were PUREBREED FBs.

Some “lay breeders” like you, recognize themselves as such and also define themselves as marked by me below in your post (item no. 3 below), but they have tried to study, learn and select their breeding: or the PURE CAFIB Fila  or the breeding of crossbred mutts with fakes pedigrees issued by the BKC and then, as of 1979, the CBKC. But both with the endorsement and seal of the FCI.

Note: some “lay breeders” are still good “lay dog sellers”.

2. “That’s when I started to buy magazines and books to learn more about the breed… ”:

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Marisa, please, I would like to know where you based your reading and learning and why not in the numerous documents that I exemplified in item # 1 above?

Would you be so kind as to answer me?

3. “…and like every layman I fell in love with heavy dogs,”:

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

The term “layman” has already been mentioned above.

As you have not defined what is “heavy dogs”, because to me a heavy dog is one who is overweight, I assume you refer to the dog that would later be nicknamed by the CBKC-FCI breeders as  “freak-fila“. By the way, this definition is exactly as you and Harrison have posted in this conversation on this facebook. Its really a pity !!! I’m sorry: you started really bad.

In time: not every layman falls in love and is necessarily in still in love with “heavy dogs”. I myself at the beginning (1974/75) found the “mestizo-fila” Arariboia (see ) a beautiful and very handsome dog. However, when I was absolutely sure that Arariboia was a half-breed, I immediately changed my concepts, gave my “cross-breed-filas”, began to denounce miscegenation and within my possibilities in the 1970s I began to protect the Pure Fila. Marisa, please do not get caught up in the “heavy-fila” of your past. I went in 1975, alone, without Google and internet looking for the Pure Fila, the Fila-Fila, the Typical Fila.

Please note how our choices were so different: only when I was in my twenties, without ever having raised any animals in my life, all alone, without the help of family or friends, after having acquired two “crossbreed-filas”, I suspected that something was wrong, mainly due to the conversations I was listening to and the three different types of heads of my two “mestizo-fila” and my Pure FB. That is, sometime later I discovered about miscegenation. I then tried to learn to separate the straw from the wheat, that is, the Pure Fila of the “cross-breed” dog with a Fila pedigree. I listened and talked a lot, but I did not agree with the main carioca (who was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro) who was follower and propagandist of the São Paulo cross-breeders: Jacob Blumen. He, together with his wife, Andrea Blumen, were active members of the BKC, if I fail to remember, she became Secretary and later judge of the BKC, but disseminated in Rio de Janeiro the philosophy and employment of Fila miscegenation. I did not agree with them for a simple fact: equal breeds mate and dogs of this same breed are born; while dogs of different breeds cross and are born mestizos or mutts. As they say, there is no half-virginity. Marisa, there is no pedigree in the Universe capable of turning a mestizo or a mongrel dog into a purebred dog, right?

In those days, more than 40 years ago, and still alone, I preferred to look for and talk with Zito Hermanny, a carioca FB judge from BKC, the son of Luiz Hermanny, the founder of the famous Amazonas Kennel specialized in FB and located here in Rio de Janeiro. We talked a lot in the traditional and well-attended Alvaro’s Bar in Leblon. Read in English ). The Fila miscegenation was so disguised that he did not know it at all. But he pointed out to me the most important thing: to look for Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who, according to him, was the person most truly understood in FB in the world. He also said that Dr. Paulo had written some chapters on the FB for his father’s book (see in ).

The next day I bought this book in a sebum and when I read these chapters I realized instantly that I was for the first time in my life in contact with a person and writer whose articles clearly showed that he knew deeply our beloved and PURE Fila Brasileiro. Immediately the little left in me about what I had heard so far from Jacob Blumen in defense of the Fila miscegenation  went to the trash … That’s why I called him the next day by phone and visited him in March 1976 in the city of Santos, SP, as narrated in item # 1 above . He was also unaware of this date of miscegenation

Marisa our biggest difference is that 3 years before the creation of CAFIB I alone did not share and accepted the miscegenation in the FB. You, after 3 years of the foundation of CAFIB, yes.

Marisa, in my opinion one of the big and common problems of the Fila as a breed is that people starting their FB acquisitions or even their so-called breeding or kennels, usually start with the “mestizo-fila” because of the economic power of the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI and the false confidence that these entities pass in the case of the FB. Then they fall in love with their “mestizo-fila” and not with the PURE Fila Brasileiro… And so, they begin to defend with all their heart and passion – but without any reason – the “mestizo-fila” that exist inside their homes and kennels… To consolidate this great mistake comes the easy prizes that are often obtained without much competition and with sponsorship of the famous judgement “tip of the guide”, the egos become inflamed, all persons become very quickly experts in FB, the first litters are born as champions, the new breeder start to realize himself not in their family and work, but in mongrels and mestizos dogs… That is: totally distorting the correct reality of life…

I recognize that it is really very difficult to let go our beloved mongrel dogs. I suffered a lot in doing so. But it had to be done. I could not continue denouncing miscegenation and possessing mongrel dogs. But life is unfortunately that way, and sometimes, it preaches terrible pieces to us … Those who start badly, should have the intelligence and the detachment to start again correctly.

Some time ago I was talking to a CBKC breeder who did not like my articles and my Filas ideas nor from CAFIB. I discovered in the conversation that he had a shop that traded semi-new vehicles. So I asked him: If you get a gorgeous, wonderful car but with Beetle’s hood, Fiat’s rear, Mercedes front, GM bumper and Ford-scrambled engine ( i.e. = to a crossbreed vehicles) – mixed with Nissan, but with all the right and in order documentation stating that it would be a very authentic Rolls Royce would you buy this car? Answer: NO !!! Today he is a great CAFIB supporter !!!

So, Marisa, please answer me: why breeed the cross-breed and “mestizo-fila”?

Why not start over in the right way ? Why buy an expensive vehicle only based on paper and not in the reality ?

Do you know how the former Paulista FB breeder, Tonzinho Lara Campos, inventor of the famous “Fila Dog KM 26” ? Do you know how he called the KCP (Kennel Club Paulista) in the 70s ? Kennel Club of Paper… Marisa, please realized that paper as everybody’s know accepts everything … See in

Well, Marisa, in the FB it’s also like this: the pedigrees of the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI, since they do not necessarily attest to any racial purity and do not prove any correct, useful, necessary and indispensable genetic date and origin for the CBKC`s FB breeders, the CBKC`s members cannot read and interpret these pedigrees correctly as one of the most important tools for breeding and enhancing the breeding ground based on real genetic facts. FB’s CBKC pedigree does not necessarily inform reality, so often, it’s no good, right?

Please see what Dr. Paulo wrote about the usefulness of the pedigree in 1977 by clicking on  and . Did you read this article written 4 years before you started breeding ?

Mariza, a pedigree is meant to be framed on the wall or to be studied in the light of its genetic veracity?

4. “…I opted for a type and took my first litters…”

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Marisa, you just innocently or consciously recognize the miscegenation existing in the “fila“-CBKC. In no other pure dog breed in the world are different Types of dogs of the same breed, unless there are pre-established Varieties, pre-defined and expressed in its Official Standard. And the FB breed and registered at the CBKC-FCI has no Varieties…

So, you cannot own and breed different Types that you and others “breeders” refer to, right?

Similar case – The Akita Breed Case: they were forming, also due to distance between the two continents, fact that does not exist in the FB, two different Canine Types in the Akita: one breed in Japan and another one in the USA. This is due to the very serious problems arising from World War II, and not like the FB in Brazil, where four cross breeders – names below – decided to change the FB phenotype without definition and predefined objective; falsifying pedigrees in the BKC-CBKC-FCI and not keeping a Record Book a part and proper for this purpose; believing naively and childishly that all experience has to work well; forgetting completely that they had to maintain, besides the phenotype, the peculiar Temperament (“ojeriza”) and Nervous System characteristic of the FB not existing in the breeds used in the miscegenation; besides not consulting the other breeders, including the Father of the Breed, Dr. Paulo; the clubs, etc … But in the Akita case the FCI and AKC soon came to an agreement and two separate Breeds were organized and properly established: Japanese Akita and American Akita… I.e. as a countries of the First World, treated very differently by FCI since for them Brazil is only a fifth category member…

Learn in English about the Akita Case by clicking on: .

So, please note that occurred in the Akita Case exactly as Uncle Chico defended for FB since 2011: the division of the Typical CBKC Fila and the “fila“-CBKC into two breeds, thus creating the Brazilian Mastiff breed. Read details in English clicking

Note: see below links in the item # 7 that show Typical CBKC Fila in the CBKC that should be used in this Fila Breed enhancement at this Club.

Marisa believe me: for FCI, in the case of the FB, Brazil is only a fifth-class country-member, where its affiliates and FB breeders only serve to pay fees … The Brazilians FB breeders of this club do not deserve them any attention. Even the leaders and judges of the CBKC deserve respect and attention from the FCI… As simple as that !!! But omission can be considered a crime, both in Brazil and Belgium, FCI headquarter… But if you disagree with me, please let me know your arguments, ok?

Please answer one more question to me: imagine in the last 40 years how many FCI delegates, officers and judges have been in Brazil. Hundreds, is not it? Well, I ask you: how many of them were interested in knowing and investigating about the problem of FB and “fila”-CBKC and CAFIB ?

5. “…The years went by and I noticed that everything I thought I knew was not everything… it was always missing. and so to this day, I look back and see that a lot of the wrong thing still exists and that we need to be humble with the changes and improvements …”

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Marisa, be humble, but be also intelligent. Everything you are looking for, as well as the answers you want, you will find inside CAFIB… I invite you to attend our next expo to be held on next Dec, 3rd. in Guaratinguetá, SP. I will be your host. Stay at the hotel where our board of directors will be and I will be happy to talk with you about any subject that you want connected to the Pure Fila Brasileiro and the “mestizos-filas“, to those you call above “heavy types“, to the various types “freak-filas” or even about the dog of the new terminology that I came to know last week via emails: the “fila-SSM”  = Super Shocking Molosser … (or in Portuguese: SMI = Super Molossóides Impactantes…). Such conversation I have done this with many other breeders who have change and/or are changing to CAFIB. In Brazil and abroad. Do you accept my invitation?

6. “…I always defended and always loved the breed I breed…”

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Marisa, it is not enough to love the FB or your dogs, because the FB as a Breed is still in danger of extinction !!! On the other hand, do you really think that you breed a pure dog breed? With a phenotype and temperament really homogeneous and also a defined nervous system ? Do you really think that the heads below, copied from facebooks and CBKC FB kennels and sites represent a Breed or are they just a handful of totally heterogeneous dogs?

Please answer me Marisa: in the case of the “fila“-CBKC will be that the judges of the CBKC, Alexandre Bacci and Andrea Blumen, would be correct in stating by posting in facebooks, even giving their eternal excuses, that the “fila“-CBKC is not a pure dog breed, but a handful of mongrel and mestizos dogs?

Please, check below so many totally different heads from the “fila”CBKC-FCI:

7. “…If everyone followed the Standard, forgetting personal taste and ego, the fila would be much more homogeneous without giving way to lack of type (atypicality). I continue in the battle for the typicality and health of the fila…”

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Well, Marisa, thank you. You have just innocently or consciously once again recognize the miscegenation existing in the “fila“-CBKC by affirming above the lack of homogeneity and typicality that occurs in the breeding of the so-called “fila“-CBKC. If it is not homogeneous, not even similar, so it cannot be a pure breed dog, right?

Marisa, everyone knows and instantly recognize a pure breed Boxer or a Doberman with FCI, The Kennel and AKC pedigree in any Continent. No one have any doubts if it is in front a dog of these two canine pure breeds. The same occurs with the CAFIB-PURE-Fila Brasileiro. But in the case of the “fila“-CBKC and its dozens of heterogeneous types this is totally impossible to recognize, right?

CBKC-FCI has Typical Filas. See more than 80 photos by clicking and . I reiterate what I researched and posted in year’s  2012/13: CBKC has Typical Filas, in smaller number, but has. The problem is that many breeders of this club insist on breeding the “fila-freak“. And the serious breeders of Typical Fila do not complain ANYTHING about the miscegenation !!! They are dominated by apathy and disinterest !!! But everyone says they love FB !!! ??? And so, Marisa ???

Please, note Marisa: each of this Typical FB or “filas”-CBKC breeders pretends to have a happy life breeding theirs dogs in his backyard or his kennel in a selfish, lonely attitude that will leave no legacy for future generations.

Why CBKC Fila and “fila” breeders do not preserve such Typical Fila exemplified in the several photos of the above link, as CAFIB did with the Pure Fila in the past ? I assure you that for some years of serious and competent work, without personal tastes and without egos, with humility, without arrogance, without prioritizing false and ephemeral awards, you will also reach an homogeneous FB Type. Because the way the “fila”-CBKC squad is for the last 45 yeras, it’s a true genetic salad. Marisa, I created this definition (genetic salad) for the “fila“-CBKC almost 40 years ago. Unfortunately it is still valid !!! After these 4 decades the “fila“-CBKC continues a salad-genetics !!! Full of different types of dogs named FB, right?

Marisa, there is no leadership among the CBKC breeders, each one breeds in its own way, it is very common this breeders to attack and fight uneducated via facebooks and nobody proposes NOTHING. There are no projects under study or discussion. The only one I know was done by CAFIB. That’s right, from CAFIB: presented to the CBKC on Oct, 9th. – 2014, entitled Proposal for CBKC / CAFIB Partnership Agreement, which was never answered, even though I was asked by Sergio Castro, CBKC president to write it… I have already denounced this fact several times. Did you know this?

Worse, Fila CBKC breeders receive absolutely no support from CBKC-FCI, where each group of breeders wants by force, or inventing theses, or absurd excuses and even standards – impose their own particular “fila”-Type on others. And often the “type” defended is that one obtained on the first or second litter !!! The immediacy and the lack of technical and historical knowledge prevail. This CBKC formula will never work! There is no future !!! Right ?

Marisa, the breeders of the “fila“-CBKC have already lost more than 40 years since they reach dozen different and heterogeneous types !!! Just look at the practical result of CAFIB: its homogenous and typed squad !!!. Do you want to lose another forty years ???

For CAFIB and its breeders it has never been important to win expos, titles or sell puppies. For us, since 1978, it was important to rescue the Pure Fila from extinction and preserve it in its breed purity, typical and homogeneous. This is one of our many differences.

8. “…And I will always be available as I have always been to help the new breeders and to debate with the ancients as well…”



Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Great, so do not give up, but get to know CAFIB. Here is again my invitation. Can I count on you in Guará?

10.  Julio Cesar Hacienda La Soledad Marisa yo creo que los disidentes son otros que no quieren preservar la raza y se arropan en el padrao fci pero no siguen las caracteristicas de la raza y continuan tratando de destruir la raza, siga criando como lo esta haciendo ahora , deje los errores en el pasado y luche por el verdadero fila brasilero.

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above paragraph:

But finally, Julio Cesar, to whom do you refer? Give the names. Do not be afraid. With fear, a homogenous and respected canine breed is never be formed. I was in my twenties not afraid to face the BKC-CBKC alone and the FB cross breeders for years. I never feared threats… And look, there were several… Come on, Julio Cesar: who are these “…dissidentes (in English: dissidentes)…” who do not want “… preservar la raza y se arropan en el padrao fci  (in English: to preserve the Fila breed and get changes in the standard)… By the way: if for you exist the verdadero fila brasilero”( in English: “the true fila Brasilero”…”)  is because there is also “fila-mestiço“, correct?

11.  Marisa Kanap SIM Julio Cesar Hacienda La Soledad  I HAVE SEEN THE RIGHT PATH, VERY WORK FOR THE FRONT Now

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Incredible, Mariza !!! Finally after almost 40 years of breeding you was able  to found your “… RIGHT PATH…“? After almost 40 years after you start your breeding !!! Imagine a Boxer and Doberman breeder listening to this outburst… Of course you would never be understood by them…

Please answer me: will you just now find the “ RIGHT PATH ” because you did not start following the  CAFIB Breeding Philosophy but rather in the “fila“-CBKC, the FB cross-breeders with its dozens of so different “types” more accepted by the CBKC and FCI revenues ?


12. Harris Singular  you really took some fila-freaks out as we already know and you recognize. But I have a question: about dogs like Tabata, Orixá and Tche I woulkd like to know what do you currently think of them?

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Well, Harrison, thank you. You also innocently or consciously recognize the miscegenation existing in the “fila“-CBKC when affirming that Marisa took of her breeding and kennel  of her “… some fila-freaks…”. Thankful. Very enlightening.

Very important note: There are no “freaks” dogs in any other breeds registered and controlled by FCI. Only in the “fila” breed and registered at CBKC-FCI …


Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Same as item 11 above.

Note: “freak-fila” never existed in CAFIB. Simply because the dogs that apply and submit to our Analysis of Phenotypic and Temperament – ATF (read in English  the masterful article written by CAFIB founder, Américo Cardoso, on the application of the CAFIB ATF), if the judge verify lack of Typical and/or characteristics of miscegenation, these dogs are reproved according to our Standard, Regulation and Breeding Philosophy. That is: “freak” or “aberrations” dogs will never be part of the CAFIB squad.

Marisa, CAFIB and its members respect our Standard, Regulation and Breeding Philosophy. But several times, even now, I read that the breeders of the “fila“-CBKC do not follow its standard. Do you really believe it’s possible to breed the PURE FB in this total CBKC-FCI disorganization, confusion and chaos ?

Taking advantage of this moment of our polite and respectful conversation Marisa and Harrison: how many atypical “filas”, mestizos, “freaks” and “aberrations” like those mentioned by Harrison and you, CBKC-FCI, have already denied pedigree or been withdrawn from reproduction? How many “freak” and “aberrations” fila breeders and judges of these two clubs who rewarded these “aberrations” were punished and dismissed by CBKC-FCI?

If there has been no withdrawal or punishment, can I ask if the judges Alexandre Bacci and Andrea Blumen were correct in saying and posting that the “fila“-CBKC does not constitute a pure breed ? But remembering that for these crossbred dogs pedigree is issued and sell as being FB Puros ???

Could you two comment on my questions above?

I repeat: there are no “freak” or “aberrations” in the Fila-CAFIB, nor in the other breeds controlled and registered by the FCI.

Marisa and Harrison, would you have the courage to ask these simple questions to Sergio Castro and Ricardo Torres Simões, the so-called “eternal leaders“, for so many years in control and power in the CBKC, and demand a clear answer without subterfuge?

That is, without the deceit  found in Englis in


17 de novembro às 23:48 · 

14.  Léo Lima Marisa you said everything. I went through the same thing more or less. Before to buy a puppy the breeders had a magazine called  Dogs & Co. (Cães & Cia.) and the landline phone. I only saw the puppy when it arrived. Now we have access to everything and it is much easier to make comparisons. I made mine and decided to take another path. Time will tell if I made the right decision. I really admire you for having the courage to make mistakes and try to get right. Many spend their lives wandering just so as not to give up. Others do not change by putting personal taste and vanity ahead of the standard. And others do not really understand!

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above paragraph:

Well posted, Leo.

I hope to meet Marisa soon so I can admire her too.


18 de novembro às 00:08 · Editado

15.  Mariano Arbiza Canil Do Bemba Marisa you said it all. And you described hundreds of breeders who are studious, analytical, coherent and open to understanding the breed. You also described the hypocrites breeders: who only defend their tastes …

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

But, Mariano, with all due respect: after all who are the “hypocrites” breeders who only defend their personal tastes? Why are you so afraid to share and inform the names of these people that hinder the correct breeding of the FB? Mariano, we are in the 21st century, freedom of expression is a right acquired and respected in free and democratic countries. I repeat to you what I wrote in item # 10 above: “In my early twenties I faced the BKC-CBKC alone and the Fila cross breeders for years …”. Please do not be afraid: named all CBKC’s hypocritical breeders !!!

Please note that Júlio Cesar and Mariano defend statements like above exactly as Uncle Chico also does, writes, posts and divulges in his articles on the “fila“-CBKC. Would Júlio Cesar and Mariano be CAFIB members and I did not know it?

16. Marisa Kanap exact Mariano… enough of hiding problems for the good of the breed

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Marisa, then why do you, Julius Cesar and Mariano hide the name of the bad CBKC”fila” breeders ? How to clean a club without reporting so big mistakes and the names of those responsible for these misdeeds? Please explain me, okay?

Note: it is time for a Car Wash Operation (*) in the “fila” -CBKC !!! 

(*) This sentence and comparison is just an analogy to the current Car Wash Operation that is under way in Brazil and putting in the jail several politicians, public agents and corrupt businessmen. Thanks to God and honest Brazilians  !!! Such Operation is very similar  to the Italian named Operation Clean Hands held in Italy in the 1990s against  politicians and industry corrupt leaders …



Uncle Chico’s comment on the above sentence:

Marisa, I wish from the bottom of my heart that you find the ” RIGHT PATH” you are looking for and arrive at the Typical Fila, the homogeneous FB, the Pure Fila and, moving to CAFIB… You could already have walked this path and reached your pretensions many decades ago. Please, o not waste any more time.

18 de novembro às 20:04

18. Fabio Pereira Bueno Filho Marisa Kanap :  The new CBKC / FCI Fila standard of  the “fila brasileiro”  distorts the traditional FILA BRASILEIRO was written to accept  the mestizos and atypical dogs (since CBKC registers, as it always registered, all of them),   and distort the real temperament of the FILA BRASILEIRO, tending to make it just a companion dog (“pet”). Fortunately, however, there are the true and serious breeders  who are engaged in the preservation of the PURE FILA BRASILEIRO and in accordance with their origins and who repudiate the distorted standard made by  CBKC / FCI and for that, they join other Clubs, which strictly follow the original standard of the PURE FILA BRASILEIRO and that has nothing to do with CBKC / FCI.

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above paragraph:

Perfect, Fabio.

The “fila” -CBKC-FCI standard has been amended several times to be able to adapt, accommodate and accept dozens of types of “mestizos-filas“. See exemplifying photos in item # 6 above. And this incontestable fact, for those who know the True History of the Fila Brasileiro, has been occurring since the ill-fated Brasilia Symposium, carried out if I am not mistaken in 1976, idealized by the English Mastiff breeder, João Batista Gomes (see in and  ), which was endorsed by BKC in order to accept more heterogeneous types of “filas”, increa$ing the number of registration$ and pedigree$ and so increasing al$o the revenue of thi$ two club$. 

19.  Cleverson Farias  Congratulations Marisa for your words,  I think quite enlightening, and who insists on distorting is really bad faith. I believe that everyone is free to do and breed  what they  understands, free to perform any change if understood as necessary, or not to change if not feel necessary.  Let’s respect each other , so we will live better.

Uncle Chico’s comment on the above paragraph:

I agree with you, Cleverson, when you state above that everyone can do as they please. However, with all my education and respect, I would like to point out that, in my opinion, they can, but always respecting others people and breeders, also respecting the ethics, morality and the limits of the Law. Falsifying a document is a crime anywhere in the world, including Belgium, FCI headquarters… Also respecting the only Brazilian canine breed recognized internationally in its BREED PURITY, which for more than a century has been formed by the blessings of Mother Nature in the South of the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais. That is, I agree that anyone can cross an FB with any other Breed, can even invent a new Breed.  But very unlike you, I do not agree that it is legal and licit to cross with others breeds an established and controlled canine breed like FB, which in the 1950s put more than 40 specimens on BKC expos. They cannot — in any way — commit the crime of falsifying pedigrees, deceiving their buyers and other breeders, selling mestizo as they were Pure Fila, recording the product of this miscegenation as if they were Pure Fila and not in a Registration Book apart for this EXPERIENCE as already I stated above.

Cleverson: any and all experience can go wrong. And this miscegenation of the FB with English Mastiff, Mastin Neapolitan and Danish in black color gave TOTALLY WRONG, and failed as proven by Marisa and Harrison in affirming above the existence of the “freak-fila”. I do not agree with your permissive statement without respect for the above limits. Thinking like you, João Batista Gomes, Enio Monte, Procópio do Vale and Ibrahim Haddad Hercheu crossbreed de FB with others breeds and transform the “fila”-CBKC into a totally uncontrolled “breed”, full of crossbred dogs. Then BKC-CBKC-FCI appears with its traditional make money mentality and also its traditional omission, became their accomplices.

Thinking like you, Cleverson, these early cross-breeders have bequeathed us a great deal of clutter and the famous “fila-freak” and its very famous synonyms: “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila, hairy-fila, heavy-loaded-fila” and yet, as I called almost 4 decades ago: “filamarquês and genetics-salad-fila”…

In a strong response against this enormous BKC-CBKC-FCI chaos regarding the breeding of the FB,  CAFIB was founded in 1978 as an option to breed the True and PURE Fila Brasileiro !!! Period.

In my view the selfish mentality of the so-called “free-for-all” or “everything is accepted” advocated by many breeders and by the above Cleverson is utterly mistaken.

Cleverson, Marisa, Harrison: the FB and the “fila” breed and registered in the CBKC-FCI deserve a Car Wash Operation, right?



                               Marisa, I hope you have received my sincere and respectful considerations above, basically historical and technical, with your open mind, great attention and serenity. Unfortunately the truth is that many FB buyers and / or interested in starting a breeding program, start in the FB through the hands of the cross breeders and / or their followers; believing in the veracity of the pedigrees issued and in the results of the expositions of BKC-CBKC-FCI; pretending CBKC is a official club as they use to lie, even though it has been excluded from the Ministry of Agriculture twice (read ); through magazines advertisements and end up buying mestizos dogs. These dogs obviously love, give and receive a lot of affection, friendship, company and lots of love. So this people — who are new comers — are not able to think about the Fila Brasileiro as a purebred dog, a part of their own dogs.

Finally, Marisa, I hope you understand that we are only talking today about the True and PURE Fila Brasileiro because CAFIB rescued him from extinction and keeps him up to this day in his racial breed purity after 40 years and without the help of anyone except its members. Otherwise, Marisa, we would be here today talking only about the “FREAK-FILA” or about the “FILA-ABERRATION” here so often quoted, admitted and recognized by you and Harrison in the sentences I have outlined above.

Please kindly answer all my simple questions in green above. Tanks a lot.

Sincerely, I hope to meet you in Guara personally.

Best Regards, Chico Peltier.