Post n° 470 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 185 – Mr. Ricardo Torre Simões, chairman of the CBKC Referee Board: another huge disappointment at the CBKC Fila and “fila” !!! – When CBKC and FCI will be ashamed and will punish the “judges” Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen? – Date: April, 7th.-2017

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 185

Mr. Ricardo Torre Simões, chairman of the CBKC Referee Board:

another huge disappointment at the CBKC Fila and “fila” !!!

When CBKC and FCI will be ashamed and will punish the “judges” Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen?


My dear friends from Fila Brasileiro (FB),

Until yesterday I had good references about the person of Ricardo Torre Simões, president of the Board of Referees of the CBKC, but after receiving the video that circulates on the web and whose photo of him follows down the right, I confess that my disappointment was enormous.

Mr. Simões is unfortunately totally outdated on the reality of the Fila Brasileiro and the “mestizo-fila” breeding in the world. It seems to me a person still living at the beginning of the the 80’s, repeating outdated and expired thoughts and refrains. Proving that CBKC still wants to control with authoritarianism and force the FCI‘s Brazilian subjects since in the case of FB this club in Brazil is synonymous with disaster, lack of control and incompetence, fighting only to maintain its revenues and stewardship.

On receiving this video, I even encouraged myself, because obviously I imagined that Mr. Simões was divulged the exemplary punishment that CBKC and FCI were imposing on the “interviewer” in the photo below, but the left, Mr. Alexandre Bacci, because he, as well as the “judge” of the CBKC, Mrs. Andrea Blumen, proclaim on the web that the FB does not constitute a Pure Breed dog, but a group of mestizo dogs. That is, bastard and mongrels dogs.

Since these two “judges” defend the unbelievable and stupid thesis that the former BKC, the CBKC and the FCI since the 60s issue and sell pedigrees of purebred dogs to the FB that in their understanding are only a mestizos dogs.

Therefore, I believe that if CBKC and FCI were serious clubs, which are not only aimed at fast and notarial profits in the case of the FB, they should not only deprive this two “judges” of their title but also annul all their judgments and awards. As well as returning to the breeders all money improperly charged for kennel and litter registration, pedigree issuing, exhibition fees, etc… After all the FCI Statute in its Article 2 – Objectives  (see )  states that the FCI should only “… to protect the use, the keeping and the breeding of purebred dogs in the countries where the FCI has a member…”

Or is it that this Statute does not apply to Fila Brasileiro Breed? What FCI thinks about this subject ? If FCI think really something about it, because FCI  is characterized by its eternal omission and silence regarding the FB ?

My friends, the return of this huge sum of money improperly collected by CBKC-FCI would be a nice “recall” in the FB and the “fila” breed and registered at CBKC, right?

Or it will be another proven fact that the CBKC-FCI‘s intention is only to earn a lot of money attesting to being a Pure Breed dog a handful of mestizos, mongrels and bastards dogs ? But always big and with huge heads dogs…

After all, who is right? Who is not fooling the CBKC Fila and “fila” breeders around the world? Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen or CBKC and FCI?

Unfortunately, this video did not bring any punishment to Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen. On the contrary, it brought only more NONSENSE talk about the FB, which joins with so many others that hinder and divide the correct breeding of the FB, a no doubt Brazilian pure breed dog. As I have said, if the FB were German or English, it would be one of the most popular and beloved breeds dog in the world… And the CAFIB would be admired and respected by everyone for having rescued the FB from extinction and preserved it in its breed purity until today…

Here is a photo taken from the beginning of this curious “interview” that seems more like the political propaganda of those politicians …:

Here follows the innumerable NONSENSE pronounced in this surprising “interview”:

Mr. Simões said:

  1. FB is our breed, our great breed…

Uncle Chico’s Comment:

I did not understand. After all, who is missing the truth?

Mr. Simões who states that the FB is a Breed or Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen who claim that the FB is nothing more than a mestizo dog?

  1. Mr. Bacci’s question: “… FB is whose domain? Who owns the FB name?

Answer by Mr. Simões: “… In Brazil, the one who has the affiliation with FCI is CBKC …”

Uncle Chico’s Comment:

It is clear that Mr. Simões, who was cautious and clever, chose not to answer this question asked by Mr. Bacci. After all, any minimally educated person knows very well that domain, ownership, public domain, trademark and patent are regulated by law in every country in the world. Mr. Bacci mixes terms used as definition of categories in the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property and even in the web (domain), as in CBKC-FCI it is the habit of mixing and calling FB any big dog with huge heads…

Uncle Chico before writing on specific topics consults specialists. My response to this enormous foolishness formulated once again by Mr. Bacci is found in my article dated 11/2/16. Just click on to get acquainted with the thinking of renowned lawyers specialized in this area in Brazil that I consulted.

Mr. Bacci can fool fools with foolishness … But Uncle Chico is no fool … So much so that he left the former  BKC in 1977, he denounced illegal miscegenation and helped form CAFIB and rescue the FB from extinction…

Uncle Chico is not a fool, nor does he believe in lies… When Mr. Virgílio Orsi tried to justify the “manufacturing ” of the “black-fila” he invented a new word: “pardalusca. Very suspicious, Uncle Chico when into the dictionary and verify that this word simply does not exist. To be sure, he consulted two friends who are members of the Brazilian Academy of Letters: the word “pardalusca” does not exist … Mr. Simões, to fool me, you have to be very, very creative and intelligent… I am not part of this large number of CBKC members who do not know how to correctly differentiate the truth from the lie…

  1. “… it would be far more productive than the dissident breeders, if you can call it, join us (CBKC) so that we try to make the FB Breed grow more …”

Comments by Uncle Chico:

3.1. “The world is full of famous dissidents. Many of these, disagreeing and diverging from archaic, rotten and outdated institutions and establishment, have made the World a much better and truer place to live. I am very proud of the fact that since 1975 I began to become the first “dissident” in the FB registered at the former BKC and FCI and after at the CBKC (see a bit of this story in English in ) that along with the first cross-breeders and their disciples almost took the Fila Brasileiro to extinction. The “dissident” CAFIB is the only Club responsible for having rescued the True and Pure FB from extinction.

For me the worst dissident is the dissident of himself !!! He is the one who is enthroned in a position and in the power of a club, enjoys it and kill himself away from his faithful statutory goals … For long years … As is the case precisely of the CBKC.

3.2. – Mr. Simões, I’m very sorry to inform you that in practice your speech and the one by CBKC are totally different. Your statement does not became true in practice.

As everyone knows, I was the first one to systematically denounce the institutional crossbreeding in the Fila Brasileiro and I have always dreamed of a single FB, under a single banner and club, with the same phenotype, temperament and nervous system. Unlike the CAFIB Board that does not pay the least attention and solemnly ignores the existence of the CBKC-FCI.

Well, please note that at the beginning of the second half of 2014 I was approached by the journalist and all-rounder CBKC-FCI judge, Mr. Paulo Godinho, who informed me that CBKC president, Mr. Sergio Castro, wanted to talk to me about the FB and a possible approximation between CBKC and CAFIB. Mr. Castro asked Mr. Godinho to invite me and organize this meeting. Thus, duly invited by CBKC president and authorized — after much insistence on my part by the CAFIB board — I attended a meeting at CBKC headquarters on Sep, 16th-2014.

This meeting resulted in the preparation by CAFIB only of the “CBKC / CAFIB Partnership Proposal”, which was forwarded to Mr. Castro by email on Oct, 9th -2014. You know what happened ? Anything. Despite my insistent charges no response was given at all. The eternal omission and silence of the CBKC-FCI System unfortunately once again prevailed.

Therefore, my dear Mr. Simões, I suggest that you no longer invite “dissidents” to join the CBKC, since your club’s response will always be one in the case of FB: the most complete omission. Unless the “dissident” changes his mind, he docile submits to the CBKC ideas and receives some kind of award on the rings…

3.3. – So, in my opinion, Mr. Simões, when you say “make the FB Race grow more…” I conclude that you should be referring to the increase in profits of CBKC and FCI regarding the FB, right?

  1. “...There is no possibility that the FB Breed is out of CBKC control, there is no such possibility, it is now under the control of CBKC, 150 years from now it will be under the control of CBKC… “

Comments by Uncle Chico:

Mr. Simões I am very happy to inform and update you that the Fila Brasileiro has been for many years away from the exclusive control of CBKC. And I prove: who authorized CAFIB in 1980 to control, record, register and issue pedigrees, etc. of the FB was the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), tired of terrible work done by BKC-CBKC. Alias, Mr. Simões, the CBKC was excluded from the Mystery of Agriculture (MAPA), on two occasions: MAPA Ordinance No. 27 of 23/02/07 and MAPA Ordinance No. 306 of 04/20/10. If you do not know or forgot… just click at ). Or did you really forget or not know about this terrible fact? If you know, why did you omit this important fact in your interview to Mr. Bacci?

But those who are interested can read more into this subject by reading the chapter/menu   in my site and to verify that facing so much and unsustainable political pressure from Mr. Henrique Pereira de Lucena, former president of the BKC-CBKC, via his political and strong friends during the period of the Military Dictatorship in our country, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture preferred to give up all control of this Ministry on any dog breed. So, my dear Mr. Simões, there may be many FB, German Shepherds, Boxer, etc. clubs in Brazil outside the CBKC and its control. And 100% inside de law.

It is unbelievable that you do not know about this facts !!! Updates yourself urgently !!!

Finally, FCI does not have any power or interference over our country, just as FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football – Soccer – Association ) does not. These two world clubs can rather exert their power of pressure on football clubs and dog clubs around the world. But the difference of the CAFIB is that the Fila Brasileiro is a Brazilian national breed and, therefore, does not depend on any other country that is affiliated with FCI, The Kennel or AKC. For this reason the CAFIB Board largely ignores these clubs.

Further, when Mr. Lucena commented to me that without the endorsement, support, pedigree and seal of FCI, CAFIB would never triumph, I reminded him that the FB did not need the FCI at all because it was a national Brazilian breed: our FB was inside our country and we did not need to import them from any FCI country… He reflected, fell on himself and fell silent … And there goes almost 39 years …

Well, Mr. Simões, so it is the CAFIB that really controls the True and Pure Fila Brasileiro in Brazil, whether you like it or not. In addition, the “mestizo-fila” is not registered in our club nor is it part of our squad !!!

At CBKC we only see the NON control of the Pure FB and so many “fila” registered at the CBKC-FCI !!!

  1. “…the leaders of these dissident entities reflect on whether what they are doing is a benefit to the FB, I wonder if the CBKC will take more drastic action in the future on aspects of breeding outside the scheme of the CBKC, outside the CBKC rules, outside the guidance of the FB council, would be a disaster for the whole world… “

Comments by Uncle Chico:

5.1 – Mr. Simões, I invite you again to update yourself, moving with your outdated ideas from the beginning of 80’s to the latest news, in order to navigate with me to the real and actual FB world, far from the fool words flying in the wind. And thus personally verify which club is “… doing is a benefit to the FB…”. That is, whether CBKC or CAFIB ? But please be honest:

After all, Mr. Simões what do you prefer ?…

5.2. – After 45 years of miscegenation and total lack of control the cross breeders, his disciples, the BKC-CBKC and the FCI arrived at several heterogeneous types of “filas”, called by the CBKC-FCI breeders of “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila, hairy-fila, heavy loaded-fila, fila-marques, genetic salad fila” and even the freak-filaor “fila- aberration”. What you can comment on these terrible nicknames  used on the FB registered at your Club ?

5.3. Please pay very attention, Mr. Simons: “… disaster for the whole world …” has already occurred. It is the miscegenation and the eternal silence and omission of the CBKC-FCI. But, another disaster only did not occur with CBKC and FCI that continue to make a lot of money with FB !!!

Mr. Simões, look closely at these countless different types of dog that owns the pedigree of the almost centennial CBKC (counting with the years of the former BKC, but this is another story) and with the seal of breed purity of the centenary FCI:


Mr. Simões, after all, what genetic salad of so many types of different dogs is this above, so heterogeneous, that is called on the web every day “fila-aberration”?

5.3. – After the foundation of CAFIB in 1978 and a few years of intense work, CAFIB rescued the Pure Fila. It was many years of research, study, technical and historical knowledge, selection and extremely strict control, with a single Standard and Regulations respected and followed by all our members without exception. Including the constant DISAPPROVAL of dogs called “mestizo-filas”. This reprobation occurs to this day and has never existed in BKC-CBKC-FCI. For the CAFIB is designed solely to preserve and improve the FB in its type and breed purity. CAFIB, Mr. Simões, unlike CBKC-FCI, is not a profit organization. Because of that CAFIB arrived at a single homogeneous type of Fila Brasileiro, also called Pure Fila. And there goes 39 years…

Mr. Simões, see below this single type of phenotypic as identical and homogeneous as any other dog breed in the world should be. This is the so called Fila-CAFIB and have the CAFIB pedigree, duly authorized by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture:

And now, Mr. Simões, which FB do you prefer? The one breed by CBKC or the one breed by CAFIB?

5.5 With regard to eventual and future “drastic action” that may be taken by the CBKC against “dissident” clubs, I would like to inform you that this threat does not intimidate me. If I had been afraid of threats 42 years ago I would not be making my denunciations, always irrefutable and, unfortunately, never opposed by my opponents in ideas. As a matter of fact, I am afraid that this article of mine will not be either. So here is my challenge for you: comment all my arguments and answer all my questions in this article with education, respect and serious and valid arguments and I will be very happy to publish your answer and comments in my blog, where, incidentally, my article will be posted soon.

But before you threaten dissidents and clubs, I suggest you remember that the CBKC is a notary office that issues documents that are not always correct… And this is called in the Brazilian Law as a Crime of  “ideological falsehood”…  Do you know of any registry or notary office that  fraud documentation and sells them to make money?  In Brazil and in the world times have changed and the powerful ones of yesterday have to report their actions and errors to Justice today !!! Be careful not to play with fire and end up burning.

As I said above I am not a fool: FCI has no interference at all in Brazil, just as FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football – Soccer – Association), a million times more powerful than FCI, does not have either. The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, when withdrawing from the control of all dog breeds, at the request of the CBKC itself for fear of losing control of the FB only to CAFIB, which would be the biggest shame for CBKC, left the control of the all dogs breeds free to any entity. So, the club that is more capable, more competent, provide a better service, pay more attention to its members, do not be eternally omitted, silence and absent, obtain better results in the breeding of the Pure Fila, and especially breed the best copies will triumph.  The CBKC, totally unable to protect the FB and breed it properly due to miscegenation that is implanted in its squad, tries futilely to cling desperately to old agreements and old rights surpassed and defeated. More than four decades have passed and the CBKC was not able to properly breed and register the FB. And this is an indisputable fact !!!

Find out more, Mr. Simões: CBKC’s FB breeding has improved a bit just because members of this club are increasingly buying FB`s from CAFIB and matting them with CBKC-Filas. If they fake or forged pedigrees at your club I do not know !!!  Check out the last CBKC annual champions and you will be surprised !!!

Conclusion: regarding the FB CBKC always thought small and very myopic !!! CBKC preferred to increase its billing, forgetting the purity and the indispensable racial quality for a club who wants to register and control the FB.

CAFIB is synonymous of success, seriousness and smoothness in Brazil and abroad, we do not falsify or forge pedigrees, we accompany and check litters, in our pedigree breeds of all clubs trust, even though we live with few human and financial resources. If CAFIB had 10% of the revenue that the CBKC obtains with the registration of any big dog with huge head as if they were FB, would do a great work to the FB !!! And this wonderful Brazilian national dog that belongs to Brazil and to all Brazilians, and not to CBKC excluded twice from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. As well belongs to all Brazilians the very famous Cheese of Minas Gerais, the delicious fruit of the Guarana tree, the traditional Brazilian horses called Manga-larga and Campolina, the traditional Brazilian cattle called Indubrasil and Caracu and even the very famous and beautiful Pão de Açucar Hill located in Rio de Janeiro.

Because of that I think that you unfortunately deserve to receive the traditional Seal of Fool that follows below:








Finally, I would like to comment that theses week TV Globo Network gave to all Brazilians an excellent example of independence, coherence and seriousness by punishing one of their greatest soap opera stars, Jose Mayer. It is a shame that the CBKC continues pretending to be full of himself and above all and does not punish the “judges” Mr. Alexandre Bacci and Mrs. Andrea Blumen that, to justify their mestizos dogs, inconsequently divulge that the FB did not constitute a pure breed dog, but a group of mestizo, bastards and mongrels dogs. The omission of CBKC and the fact that you, while interviewed by Mr. Bacci, pretend to have forgotten this fact is simply unbelievable and deeply regrettable !!!

Be carefull: besides not being silly, Uncle Chico is attentive and knows how to charge …

My dear Mr. Simões, only if the CBKC accepts the definition of “mestiço” for its FB or “fila” squad  as these two “judges” proclaim, because, in CAFIB, the FB is a Pure Breed Dog…

Mr. Simões, concluding:

  1. I hope you do not agree with Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen, who in a cowardly and silent attitude do not refute my arguments. I will await your comments and answer. My blog will be at your disposal.
  1. When the CBKC and FCI leaders will be ashamed, will cease to be silent and omission and will finally punish Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen for having both attempted, denigrated, discredited and dishonored the FB Breed in the world as well as FB registrations in the CBKC-FCI and the FCI Statute ?
  1. Do you know how many Pure FB`s attended our last 104th. National Expo held in Itanhandu, Minas Gerais, last April, 2nd. ?  Just 74 Pure FB`s. In fact, 73, because one was REJECTED in our serious, rigorous and honest Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament that always happens before all CAFIB Expos. As you should not have the slightest idea of what this is about, because (1) you are stagnant in the beginning of 80’s and (2) REJECTING dogs seems your club – CBKC- will lose revenue and this will never be tolerated and will happen at the CBKC…, read the masterful article of our founder, director and Judge Américo Cardoso in English in .

Meanwhile, Mr. Harrison (very) Singular Pinho boasted on the web that a PUPPY dog of his property was awarded “…at the largest event in Brazil KCEC with 274 dogs.” Too bad he was not really transparent to his readers that he dis-respects so much… posting half-truths… and writing that in fact 274 dogs of all breeds were present and that only slightly more than 10 FB`s or “filas” with pedigree of CBKC-FCI appeared … More than huge difference, Mr. Pinho !!!

  1. Whether you like it or not, everyone knows that the only salvation for the “fila” in the CBKC is putting urgently into practice the following proposal also in English: . If this does not happen, another 45 years later, — the same time when CBKC-FCI and its breeders are totally lost in the FB breeding since they arrived at numerous types of heterogeneous dogs, while the CAFIB in much less time, reached the Pure Fila – will be stagnating in this enormous miscegenation justified and mistakenly proclaimed by ”judges” Bacci and Blumen.
  1. Since you find yourself so out of date with regard to the FB, I kindly suggest that you invest a little of your time by learning in:

– quietly review the comparative photos between Fila-CAFIB and Fila and “fila”-CBKC posted above;

– by clicking in English in:

– by clicking in English in:

I think this will be enough for you to wake up to the real-reality of the FB and the “fila” in the CBKC-FCI that you are so far away together with Mr. Sergio Castro, for hearing only the peers and the ass kisser of the CBKC .

  1. Please be honest: what do you really think of the typicality and heterogeneity of the dogs below, since as far I am concern, they are all FB or “fila” (???) breed in the kennel of the “judge” Mr. Bacci ? Do you think these dogs are Pure Fila Brasileiro who deserve to receive a pedigree of pure breed issued by CBKC with the centenary seal and certificate of “purebred dog” of the FCI? Or do you think they are big dogs with enormous heads, but mestizos ? After all, when the FCI led by the absent and omission Mr. Rafael de Santiago will wake up to this disaster of which the FCI is extremely institutional conniving and responsible?

  1. Why in this long interview Mr. Bacci and you did not have the courage to address the main theme that has lasted for more than 45 years in the Fila Brasileiro breed: the terrible miscegenation ??? Why you have not had enough courage to address this topic that is posted daily on dozens of web facebooks ? Because you are not aware, since breeders like Mr. Bacci and Mrs. Blumen do not give to you and to Mr. Sergio de Castro the right and actual picture of the FB ? Then, transforming this puerile and simple interview into an ineffective and useless video?

Mr. Simões, please and with all due respect: WAKE UP !!! It is no use for CBKC and FCI to try to hide the miscegenation in the FB. This miscegenation was and is enormous, and this is in every facebook, website, blog, book and in several testimonies, starting with the former president of BKC and CBKC, Mr. Henrique Pereira de Lucena and the former vice president of the FCI, Mr. Christofer Habig.

THIS IS NOT ENOUGH, Mr. Simões !!!

Very grateful for your comments on this article,

Sincerely, Chico Peltier.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC

Nota: como sempre fiz com todos os emails que enviei no passado, este também foi encaminhado primeiramente para os responsáveis pela FCI + CBKC