Post n° 462 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 179 – Where and when I realized that I had to start denouncing the Fila Brasileiro (FB) miscegenation – Where and when the inexperienced breeder Chico Peltier began to become the complainant, historian

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 179

Where and when I realized that I had to start denouncing the Fila Brasileiro (FB) miscegenation

Where and when the inexperienced breeder Chico Peltier began to become the complainant, historian and commentator of the Fila Brasileiro (FB)  known as Uncle Chico…

Note: If you are lazy, do not like to read and learn, please do not read this article …

Note: in this warning above I was inspired by the Fila Brasileiro (FB) breeder Tozinho Lara  Campos,  better  known as “Fila Dog KM 26”,  which  had the custom of making difficult the entrance in his kennel visitors and breeders that he considered as boring, tedious, unpleasant, inconvenience and, mainly, of those who believed themselves Fila Brasileiro (FB) experts… If you understand me and know the True History of Fila Brasileiro (FB)… Otherwise learn in

My dear Fila Brasileiro(FB) friends,


 1. When and where it all began:


The Alvaro`s Bar is one of the most traditional of  in the Leblon neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro. It was founded in 1963 by the Alvaro Pernambuco. In 1967 it was bought by Manolo Casal and since then there is one of the best pastries from Rio de Janeiro, as well as a consecrated menu and a very iced cold beer. The Alvaro`s has always been a bar frequented by famous people, mainly artists, Pasquim gang (*), journalists, revolutionaries, businessmen and bohemians.

(*) Note: During the Military Revolution in Brazil dating from 1964, Pasquim was the “revolutionary” newspaper that reacted more against  the established..

Well, it was at Alvaro’s Bar that I invited for a beer with me on a Saturday in December / 75 Mr. Zito Hermanny, a friend of my older brothers, besides being my acquaintance with the Club we used to attend.

After all, in the second half of 1975 I was already very worried about the future of the PURE Fila Brasileiro and Zito, as a former BKC judge, was the son of Mr. Luiz Hermanny who initiated the FB breeding in Rio de Janeiro and found the Amazonas Kennel that originated with the FBs from the very famous and traditional Parnapuan Kennel. Mr. Luiz Hermanny wrote a magnificent book titled “The Dog, Our Best Friend” which contains a special chapter on the FB. Look at

Although neither I nor my family had ever seriously breed any animals, I was very worried about Dec/75, since I had known the FB in January 1974, when I acquired my only PURE female,  daughter of Brauna da Soledade x Bororó do ABC born in the Pampas Kennel, Rio (see in ,  and .

Here are some photos of my  female, called Charrua dos Pampas (nicknamed Zorra):



Note: because of the phenotype and temperament shown above by the Charrua / Zorra, I feel very sorry when these breeders of “mestizos-filas” and judges of the CBKC-FCI, such as Mr. Alexandre Bacci, say in a foolishly, irresponsible and ignorant way, without knowing the True History of the Fila Brasileiro that the FB or simply lying to maintain, protect, promote and sell their “mestizos-filas” ” is not a purebred dog, but rather a group of mongrel, bastard and mestizos dogs…  Then, see above as it was the True PURE Fila Brasileiro in 1974…

But unfortunately at this same opportunity and same kennel I also had contact – without having the slightest idea that it was – with the first “mestizo-fila” I met. His name was Arariboia (see that unfortunately came to be the father of my two other dogs who were “mestizos-filas” that I acquired: Dumas and Basa dos Pampas, both with Pedigree of CBKC-FCI. Arariboia was importing from São Paulo as we will see more next. It was extremely docile, he interacted peacefully with me from the first minute we met. So “ojeriza” = zero… And I did not even know in 1974 that the FB had to have ojeriza to strangers … Arariboia had no “ojeriza” at all and loved the affection of strangers. He was 50% blood of Neapolitan Mastin  and it is with me in the photo below # 3.

I marked this encounter with Zito for three basic reasons: (i) in the second half of 1975, more and more Rio de Janeiro`s FB breeders  listened and commented that São Paulo FB breeders were cross-breeding the FB with other breed dogs and I, of course, did not agree with this irregularity if that was true. And was !!!, (ii) I was increasingly getting to know FBs of different phenotypes and I photographed them and I wanted Zito to see these photos of dogs so different, (iii) in addition, my three dogs were growing and by the end of 1975 they had three very different heads. As we know, the head is the body part that most defines a dog breed. So how could they be so different? Well, they would, if there was the FB illegal miscegenation. And there was !!!

See in and below in photo # 4 the three different heads of my dogs, all acquired with pedigree issued by then BKC-FCI, i.e., with the seal of quality and breed purity guarantee by FCI 100 years of tradition, attesting that they were all three PURE FBs. That is: that they would be purebred dogs as determined by the Statute of the FCI itself. But they were not, only one was !!!

It was then obvious that the rumors and early evidence of miscegenation were unfortunately true. So I asked to meet Zito in order to understand what was happening. You can see Zito judging at an expo of the then RJKC (Rio de Janeiro Kennel Club) in the photo below # 5. Unfortunately Zito knew nothing about miscegenation and was even rather surprised and displeased with the photos I showed him of several dogs that, in his opinion, would not be PURE FBs, independent of holding pedigrees of the former BKC + FCI.


photo nº 3                               photo nº 4                                   photo nº 5.

But this meeting was extremely useful, since Zito recommended that I look for a lawyer named Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz in Santos, SP, who was the forerunner in the FB breedeing; had developed the first FB Standard in the 1950s, along with veterinarian Mr. Rewin Waldemar Rathsam and the FB breeder Mr. John Ebner; had organized the FB breeding; was a judge of FB and other breeds in the then KCP (Kennel Club Paulista), BKC and FCI; was in Zito’s opinion the greatest authority on FB; had just written the chapters on the FB that were published in Zito’s father’s book, which was exhausted (see photo below # 6); had been a breeder and judge of the German Shepherd when he lectured on this breed in the German language; as well as was the breeder of Dobermann, two breeds that he give up and changed when knowing the FB character; was renowned as a BKC-FCI judge of courses for judging, had been the first Brazilian to export FBs to Germany and still owned the legendary Parnapuan Kennel and was a breeder and judge highly respected … Look and read this book at .

Note: by “pure” irony wanted the fate that the veterinarian Mr. Rewin Waldemar Rathsam, who also signed the first FB Standard, judged and awarded the Best Litter of the Expo that is in the photo above. This was my first litter of only three that I breed in my CAFIBRA Kennel (see ). This litter had 25% of blood of Neapolitan Mastin, since they were grandchildren of Arariboia, although they had pedigree of the former BKC with quality seal from FCI

Since I like to research and learn, I was very grateful to Zito for advising me to talk to Dr. Paulo.

After all, my friends:

1. If the first cross-breeders – that is, the “paulistas” (who born in the Brazilian State of São Paulo)  Joao Batista Gomes, Sete Barras Kennel and Ênio Monte, ABC Kennel, who imported and used two (!?!?!?!) English Mastiff male dogs; Ibrahim Haddad Hercheu from the Bambarê Kennel, who, as I have never meet him, bought a couple of black Neapolitan Mastin from an Italian couple who was returning to Italy; the “mineiro” (who born in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais) Procópio do Vale, Kirimauá Kennel, also called Father of the Black Fila, who used dogs of the Great Dane or German Dog in the black coloration (photo # 7 below); the Kennel Club Paulista letter dated Sep, 11th-1978 certifying that J. B. Gomes and E. Monte had two English Mastiff dogs, a copy of which I received in London from Minas Gerais breeder Carlos Alberto Barroso Pereira; my Open Letter from London dated Aug, 3rd – 1978 with a complete denunciation of the miscegenation (photo # 8 below) and the interview that CAFIB conducted at Centro Hípico Paulista, (São Paulo Horse Center Club) SP, with Ênio Monte.


To acesssuch doc`s, just ckick:

– J. B. Gomes:

– E. Monte:

– P. do Valle:

– KCP Letter dated 1978:

– Uncle Chico Open Letter in English from London dated 1978:

– CAFIB interview in English with  Enio Monte de 2011:

  1. If the first breeders of “mestizo-filas”, their partners and his current heirs nicknamed NAM`s (Neo Apologists of Miscegenation), as well as the trio registry BKC-CBKC-FCI

… if these people and three clubs had at the beginning of their breeding the same interest that I had to talk and learn from Dr. Paulo, certainly the fashion of FB miscegenation mainly with English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff and Great Dane or German Dog in the black color would not have proliferated. Although the former BKC, and in the sequence from 1979 on – date of foundation of this club – the CBKC, which had at that time as president Henrique Pereira de Lucena, preferred always increase the club billing and for this reason CBKC registered any “big dog with big head” as being PURE FB, violently violating the FCI Statutes (see” Article 2 – Objectives” by clicking ). For this reason the FB was from 1977 to 1982 the most registered breed in the BKC-CBKC-FCI, System ranking second until 1.985 at the CBKC.

As everyone knows, this uncontrolled “experience” of FB miscegenation could never be successful, since it was based on the pure and simple pedigree falsification, where the product of thiscross-breeding could never be properly monitored and selected. That is, Enio Monte’s simple desire and belief to perform, as he reported to us during his interview to CAFIB “… a shock of blood …” is not sustained by the modus operandi used. In this interview, after the end of the recording, as I said goodbye to Ênio Monte, I said to him: “Dr. Enio, in my opinion, you were in the FB a person of good Faith and who really wanted to improve the FB. However, unlike the Brazilian Horse of Equestrianism (*) that you idealized and created from scratch, the FB already existed … You did not respect this fact and this enormous difference”. He listened, thought, and told me nothing …

(*) Mr. Monte create from the very beginning a horse named by himself as Brazilian Horse of Equestrianism. No matter the horses breeds involve in this mixture. The important thing was always jump higher. The enouirmous differenc was that de FB already exist for many, many time..

Obviously an “experience” of this mount could only have been accomplished:

Within the scope of BKC-FCI:

A – with the agreement of these clubs and the other breeders of FB of that time;

B – with the expressed concurrence of the former BKC who would be responsible for maintaining, updating and controlling a proper Book of Records to register and select the mongrel, bastards and “mestizos” dogs products of these experiments;

C – the intended objective of phenotype and temperament should be defined a priori clearly and accepted by other breeders and clubs;

D – that is, the “mestizos” dogs born from this “experience” could never receive a Pure FB pedigree issued by BKC-CBKC-FCI System;

E – this “experience” should be made and accompanied by technicians, veterinarians, universities, etc;

F – the mestizo dogs outside the phenotype idealized by the cross breeders could never be registered and would be discarded. They should be given as mere “mutts” that of course they were;

G – the cross breeders should be aware that they had no power to mix the only Brazilian Breed already defined, with his own typology  and recognized internationally.

H – the cross breeders should be aware that any “experience” can go wrong !!! And gave !!!

Outside the scope of BKC-FCI:

I – the cross breeders, contrary to what was exposed in item “F” above, could do any kind of experience, in default of the other breeders and clubs, but had the obligation to control it, to keep it exclusively in a Record Book Where the crossings made, as well as the results of these crossings, would be recorded;

J – could never falsify pedigrees and should respect the items “C”, “E” and “F” above.

In addition, as noted above any “experience” can go wrong. And gave !!!

Contrary to a serious and controlled experience, which respects at least the above items, dining with João Batista Gomes and Jacob Blumen ( Curumaú Kennel, Rio) I discovered what follows and can be read at . From this dinner I come out with the clear impression that they were wanting to earn big money with 55 mongrel, bastards and “mestizos” dogs that would be presented as the great “salvation” for the FB. That is, the salvation for what the cross-breeders  themselves have done wrong by crossing the FB with other breeds… This is precisely why I wrote my Open Letter to London dated Aug, 3rd.78 already posted above in English (i.e.,. )


In conclusion: in the miscegenation practiced against the FB, with the support of the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI, remembering that these three clubs never the miscegenation pronounced anything once:

K – control, technical follow-up, predetermined objectives, necessary financial resources and predetermined term = to zero, since they never existed;

L – preferred to simple, silly, amateur, naive and fruitless pedigree falsification where the fruit of miscegenation would never be selected;

M – via an authoritarianism and an unbelievable prepotency, divided the FB Breed into two: the Fila-CAFIB which is homogeneous and the Fila-CBKC totally heterogeneous, characterized by many different types of dogs. BKC-CBKC-FCI have never made a single investigation as a result of the dozens of complaints sent to these clubs by breeders and by CAFIB, they have never visited a single “cross-breed” kennel, never punished a cross-breeder and never withdrew or canceled a pedigree of one of the many “cross-breed-filas” ranks of these three clubs.

In other words, if these ancient and current breeders had learned about the True PURE Fila with CAFIB and the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI not only care about their billing, surely today we would not have the CBKC-FCI pedigree for dogs nicknamed pejoratively by: “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila, hairy-fila, heavy loaded-fila, fila-marques, genetic salad fila” and even the “freak-fila.


2. Discovering and learning with Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz

Well, continuing my visit to Dr. Paulo:

Next monday morning, before arriving at my work, I passed very early in the sebum (books antiques shop) that existed on Quitanda Street, in the Center of Rio, and with astonishing ease way I found Mr. Luiz Hermanny’s book. At lunchtime I eagerly leafed through the chapter on our FB and immediately realized that I was finally reading a text from someone – Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz – who really knew the FB deeply. Finally, for the first time since January 1974 – almost two years after I met for the first time the FB – I read really authoritative information about FB, far from the gossip and the absurd theories so common among breeders and cross-breeders of that time. Although unfortunately to this day these types of pseudo-intellectuals on FB we find mainly in facebooks in conversations without any historical and technical content. The great majority of people who buy FB in the CBKC-FCI notary System the next day find themselves an expert in FB, that their dog will be a great champion and excellent stud dog… At Fila-CBKC everything is easy, everything is allowed, any big dog with big head and gets a Pure FB pedigree… But this has never happened in CAFIB.

At that time I worked in the Commodities Department of a large Brazilian trading company and was responsible for the flow of soybeans and corn from the interior of Brazil to our ports. Later I was promoted to Corn or Maize Operator, when I went to work in New York in the second half of 1976. When I returned to Brazil on Christmas / 76 I was promoted to Soybean Operator, being soon transferred to work in London where I lived in 1978 and 79.

Initially responsible for transportation of grains I knew and worked with many people in the Port of Santos at that time, together with the Port of Rio Grande, RS, were the two main ports of disposal of the Brazilian agricultural crop. So, in 24 hours an employee of the Grain Export Pool called me and inform me the phone number of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, who was a very respected and known lawyer in Santos.

Below is our beloved and unforgettable Dr. Paulo, who besides being a great friend of the CAFIB founders is the Father of the Fila Brasileiro, founder and CAFIB Master Breeding. The title of Master Breeding  is exclusive to Dr. Paulo, since CAFIB will not have another Master Breeding:


Above: Dr. Paulo in the first two pictures. In the third, Dr. Paulo at the end of the CAFIB Expo in Campinas, SP in 1983, alongside the breeders Pedro Borotti with Cauana do Amparo and José Maria Resende, with Saci from Querequexê, winners of Best Female and Best Male. This Expo was witnessed by Christofer Habig, a close friend of the PURE Fila and CAFIB, who would later become vice-president of FCI (see in English   ). Chris was with me in Rio, we visited Lucena, CBKC president, we got from him his first fragile testimony about miscegenation (see in, since the second one, this time to the preface of Toninho Linhares Borges’s book, is definitive: ) and then I took Chris Habig to Campinas.

In addition, Chris Habig was a renowned FCI jufge in Molosso and editor of the major European magazine Molosser Magazin, who always defended PURE FB and CAFIB, and did not accept the existence of the so-called “black-fila“. And it was not only: in May 1984 Chris Habig invited Dr. Paulo to participate in the “Fila Day” celebrations and the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the first Fila in Germany, which was imported by Prince Albrecht Von Bayern precisely from the Parnapuan Kennel. On this occasion, Dr. Paulo gave a lecture in German and performed a Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT) on the German FBs, being conducted by our dear friend Chris.

Chris as a very good and correct German was very sincere and objective and sent the letter of the photo # 11 that follows more down to Procopio do Valle when this one had the petulance of inviting him to write for the book that he was organizing:

Below is the original (photo nº 11 ) and its translation to Portuguese of the letter of C. Habig sent to Procópio do Vale on Jun, 26th.- 1979 declining from the invitation to write in the Procópio`s  book authorship and informing that the German FB breeders supported the CAFIB and do not cross-breed their FBs as happened in Brazil !!! This letter was attached to official letter no. 79-821 of the BKC, dated July 18, 1979, signed by its president, Henrique Pedreira de Lucena, who punished all the founders of CAFIB not approving them as BKC judges (great thing = zero…) and placing sub judice Dr. Paulo forbidding him to judge. The most comical of this useless punishment: as I was not judge my absurd punishment was Lucena “decree” that I was persona non grata and that thus had no power to express myself on the FB subjects. Soon the future Uncle Chico and my good acquaintance, the ex-priest Leonardo Boff, we would have to fulfill the punishment known as “obsequious silence“… My God, how silly … The funny thing is that Leonardo Boff and I wrote freely and a lot to this day … And the BKC-CBKC-FCI cartorial System and the breeders of “mestizos-filas” with pedigree remain silent and hiding without arguments… To read this just click on


               That same Monday night of December / 75 I called Dr. Paulo at his home by phone and he greeted me very kindly. He found it so enjoyable after so long time a “carioca” (i.e., a person like myself nicknamed like that, because I was born in Rio de Janeiro) to call him interested in FB. It happened that a few years ago, even as a judge of the CBK-FCI, to be a teacher in courses for the FCI judge, to have been president of the Santos Kennel Club for 18 years, to be a famous speaker even for admirers of the German Shepherd breed, was totally estranged from all kinds of dog fancy, because he disagreed with its politics and with so many inflated egos and personal interests that occurred parallel to those of true dog world. But I, as always very optimistic, glimpsed a chance because, after all, Dr. Paulo still had FBs in his house, one of them being the feared Henequem …

A curiosity: Dr. Paulo called me on our long and weekly phone calls from Chico or Peltier. Recently Airton Campbell commented to me that he at the weekly CAFIB meetings in São Paulo called me “Untiring and Persistent Carioca Youth” … I loved it … !!! In fact, 42 years later, I am still young and even more tireless and persistent with regard to the True PURE Fila Brasileiro, independent of clubs and imagining a FB breed, PURE, united and unique !!!

These were our constant phone calls, and I loved learning from that inexhaustible source of wisdom and knowledge about the FB, as well as the various subjects. After all, Dr. Paulo had a great education, he was very cultured, a renowned lawyer, and besides FBs he owned a huge bird nursery and collected antique watches all running and chattering in his house. On the other hand he was married with a wonderful person named Aunt Antonieta …

Dr. Paulo`s knowledge of the FB was so great that when I first visited him in February 1976 he showed me the manuscripts of the book he was writing with his own hand. He showed me the item “ear” which was subdivided into 10 sub-items… Unfortunately, after his death, this notebook has never been found. Due to this fantastic knowledge it was so easy for him to write one of the first and most sensational articles that was published in the newspaper O FILA nº 1 of Dec / 78 (photo below nº 12), that was edited by the founder and judge of the CAFIB, journalist Luiz Antonio Maciel, entitled “How to distinguish a Pure Fila from a Mestizo“. See in photo # 12 below or or in the CAFIB`s website  where all the 42 numbers of this exceptional newspaper are stored.



photo nº 11                                 photo nº 12

Similarly, if the early cross-breeders and their heirs today, that I nicknamed them NAM`s (Neo Apologists of Miscegenation), and the notary registry trio BKC-CBKC-FCI had studied this article, the miscegenation would not have prospered. Simple like that … But FB’s breeders are lazy, does not like to study and thinks he knows everything about FB … Even those who are illiterate-functional … Soon after acquiring his first FB or his first “mestizo-fila” – who will certainly be a champion and an excellent stud – this no smart people opens a facebook account and goes on to write nonsense and silly things…

The fact is that my visit to Dr. Paulo would become a great revolution in the FB breeding. He, who was away from the dog world, was indignant to see the photos of the “mestizos-filas”  that I showed him, mainly the so called “black-fila”. See some of theses photos with English text in!__orga-ingles . He was thoughtful, half doubting the absurdity I proved to him, and I appealed to him so that he would come back and help save the True PURE FB from extinction. After all, he was responsible for the existence of the FB… Dr. Paulo stopped thinking and ask for soime time… Finally, after so many phone conversations on Jun, 23rd.-19776 he sent me a letter (see ) which I interpreted as his return and immediately asked the journalist Paulo Godinho to publish a note in this regard in his weekly column in the newspaper Jornal do Brasil, at the time, together with the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, the two most respected Brazilian newspapers  In this way I tried to make his return public and, therefore, irreversible … The note of the great Paulo Godinho extrapolated with the title “The Return of the Great Master“. See in and both in the photo nº 13 below:

In order to compromise Dr. Paulo totally and definitively with the rescue of the FB, I insisted with him on two issues that bothered him greatly: the terrible ending of the Initial Registry (IR) that benefited the “mestizos-filas” with BKC-FCI pedigree adored by the first cross-breeders and their followers (please remember that the RI is nothing more than the CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament  (APT) invented by the CAFIB and which is held until today before our Expos at disposition of the interested breeders) and the mestizo “black-fila” that so indignant Dr. Paulo. Look at and  as well as photo nº 14 below:


photo nº 13                                     photo nº 14

Note: it is clear that before writing and publishing my articles I talked with the Master of Santos … As today I still often do the same with Airton Campbell, Jonas Iacovantuono, Américo Cardoso and Luiz Maciel … whom I thank.

Note: I am very proud to have been the first one in the FB to denounce and strongly oppose the closure of the Initial Registration (IR) pleaded and obtained by the first FB cross-breeders  with the irresponsible BKC ex-president  Henrique Pereira de Lucena that, excluding the Pure Filas without pedigree that the CAFIB rescued mainly in the south of Minas Gerais and in the interior of São Paulo – where the BKC had no branches, nor was present in a continental Brazil, nor gave any facility for the pedigree to be obtained -, prioritized the newly manufactured and invented  “mestizos-fila” of that time… I am very proud that I was also the first to denounce and strongly oppose the invention of the so-called “black-fila” which at that time I called “filamarquês“, the product of the illegal cross of brindle Fila with Black Great Dane.

I confess that I am very saddened by the fear and, forgive me, the cowardice of the serious breeders of Typical CBKC-FCI Filas who do not organize themselves and insurrection against the leaders of these two clubs and the breeding of “mestizos-filas”. After all, I faced them all with much less knowledge, alone and at the age of my twenties without fear.

Due to my close relationship with Dr. Paulo, I learned a lot from the Father of Fila Brasileiro, I felt safe and supported by him and I was more confident in the fight in defense of PURE Fila. In my early twenties I was the first to denounce systematically the miscegenation and to face the powerful Henrique Pereira de Lucena, former president of the BKC and CBKC and the first cross-breeders; in March 1976 I wrote and published – with the support of the journalist and all-rounder BKC judge Paulo Godinho who was editor of the Rio de Janeiro magazine Animals & Veterinary, – my first article that was reproduced in the weekly column that I maintained (imagine my audacity and petulance…lol…) in the newspaper Diário de Noticias (see ):


With the passage of time Dr. Paulo was reintegrating into the dog-fancying and mainly to the FB. He began to write articles consistently and gave interviews that were published in the journal Animals & Veterinary, Jornal do Brasil and in the weekly column of Antonio Carvalho Mendes published in the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.


3. Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz and CAFIB

Meanwhile Dr. Paulo was invited in the first semester of 1978 to give a course on FB at Centro Cultural Itamaraty, located in the city of São Paulo. From the course, Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso, Roberto and Marilia Maruyama and Marilda Mallet participated. This course was according to Américo Cardoso the CAFIB embryo. I was in London and I did not even know about this great news …

More details on the CAFIB foundatios you can find in where you will be able to read:


As it is known, the CAFIB started as a Commission under BKC, but lasted a few months and did not accept to remain in the BKC-FCI System, since these two notary dogs club did not worry about miscegenation, but with its revenues, while CAFIB wanted to RESCUE, IMPROVE and PRESERVE the FB in its racial purity. So CAFIB broke up with BKC and became an independent club, issuing its own pedigrees.

We approached the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and after a long exposition of reasons coordinated with great finesse and precision by Luiz Antonio Maciel, in 1980 CAFIB was granted the right to register and issue FB pedigrees. This great CAFIB victory can be read .

But I strongly urge that CAFIB founders such as Américo Cardoso, Airton Campbell and Luiz Maciel to write and make available to posterity the history of the early years of CAFIB, which in this particular they know more than I do.

The miscegenation at that time was so commented that in # 12 of the newspaper O Fila, released in November 1,979, on page 11, is the article: “The list of non-standard Filas”. See below photo # 17. Alias, the cross-breeders, the leaders of the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI, those who attack CAFIB, never denied such list. Alias, the cross-breeders and leaders of the notary trio BKC-CBKC-FCI of that time never disagreed on this list.


4. The importance of the press and disclosure to save the FB from extinction

I am very grateful to the press for having had the sensitivity of recognizing that CAFIB, unlike the trio BKC-CBKC-FCI and most of its partners and clubs, was carrying out a serious, if not ecological, preservation of a Brazilian animal which was rescue for extinction due to miscegenation without goals, uncontrolled and illegal since it is based on pedigree falsification.

In particular, I thank the journalist Paulo Godinho that in its column of the Jornal do Brasil and the magazine Animais & Veterinária from 1975, as well as the journalist Toninho Carvalho Mendes in its column newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, at the time the two most important newspapers in Brazil, have always defended PURE Fila and CAFIB. There were hundreds of columns of these two journalists defending the PURE Fila and CAFIB, the main ones being scanned and posted on my site ( ) which has a especial menu in English (see my “Introduction” in and several articles in ).

I also thank the columnist Ibrahim Sued who very much honored the FB and CAFIB in his column in the newspaper O Globo. So much so that the Ibrahim Sued Best Temperament Prize was created by CAFIB-Rio (photo # 22 below). With which the FB of Best Temperament was honored in our 14 exhibitions that CAFIB-Rio  held in Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. This trophy was a gift from CAFIB – Vale do Guaratinguetá, under the command of Sebastião Monteiro and the teacher, speaker and anchor of TV CAFIB, Jonas Tadeu Iacovantuono. I am also grateful to journalists Ricardo Boechat, Zózimo Barroso do Amaral, among many others, in addition to TV Globo, TV Educativa, former TV Manchete and former Radio Guanabara that covered and disseminated our Expos always in defense of Fila Puro. Thanks also to the German magazine Molosser Magazin edited by Christofer Habig (photo # 18 below) and most recently the Modern Molosser magazine edited by Denise Flaim (see in English ) photo # 19 below.


photo # 17                                       photo # 18                                  photo # 19

Please also see below the important support we receive from the non-specialized dog breeding press in Brazil:


photo # 22

Or check it out by clicking on: , , , , and .

The funny thing is that many columners and socialites people from Rio called, for me and, especially, for my parents asking: — “Why does Ibrahim put the photos of Chico’s dogs in his column and do not put mine or my family? ” Lol… lol… Well, because Ibrahim was very smart and was able to feel the ecological importance of the survival of the only Brazilian pure breed dog… I also enjoyed commenting that the president of the BKC-CBKC, Henrique Pereira de Lucena, loved social column and was afraid of Ibrahim notes… Like many, incidentally… For the foreigns and youth Brazilian people do not know who was the Pope of Brazilian Social Press in Brazil, Ibrahim Sued, just click on: .


 5. My eternal thanks to CAFIB

As I always record, I reiterate that I will forever be grateful to CAFIB, its founders, directors and principal breeders, even more those who committed themselves to CAFIB in the salvation of the Pure Fila from 1978 to 1990, as these were the hardest years we faced. Just click on to see via several photos how were the frequency and typicity and quality of the mestizos-dogs and FBs that appeared in CAFIB first CAFIB Analyses of Phenotype and Temperament (APT).

Even knowing that I will commit forgettings, and for the time being apologizing, I especially thank Dr. Paulo and Aunt Antonieta (deceased); Airton, Rose and Mariana Campbell (she will be president of CAFIB, you can bet …) Canil Parque do Castelo; Américo and Cleide Cardoso, Canil Araguaya;  Luiz Maciel, Canil Barra do Bugre and editor of O FILA newspaper; Luciano and Denise Gavião, Canil Serra Dourada; Pedro and Eliziane Borotti, Canil Embaré; Jorge and Marisa Hino, Canil Hisama; Roberto and Marilia Maruyama, Canil Moinho Velho, Jose Souto Maior Borges, Canil da Fazenda Santa Paula e and editor of O FIBRA newspaper; Antonio da Silva Lima; Lineu Siqueira Jr., Canil Fazenda Carolina;  Sergio Salgado de Oliveira, Canil Fazenda Poço Vermelho; Edmundo Contador Brandão, Canil três Curumins; Bernadete Soares de Oliveira, Canil Fazenda da Malota; Jonas and Verônica Iacovantuono, Walter (deceased) and Fabiano Nunes, Canil Jawa; Sebastião (deceased), Domingos and Leo  Monteiro; Giovani Éder Carvalho, Canil Itapuã; Jurandir Meirelles; Ivan Roussef, Canil Balacobaco;  Genoí Faria, Canil Cunhatã; Waldomiro Castilho; Paulo Angotti, Canil Ibituruna; Jose Hamilton Alves Pereira, Canil Aquenta Sol; Iliano Pinto Ribeiro, Canil Engenho Velho; Toninho Linhares Borges, Canil Caramonã; Romero Tostes Pinto (deceased), Canil Heropama; Gerson and Cintia Ribeiro Junqueira de Barros do Canil Itanhandu; Joao Nunes, Canil Alufan; Ernani Santa Rita (deceased); Ricardo Pacheco; Half Maas, Canil Ranor; Italo  Di Marzio, Canil Princesa D’Oeste; José Gonçalves Franco Junior; Nelsinho and Édina Fernandes, Canil Mantiqueira; Caico Amaral, Canil Amparo; Marília Barroso Pentagna, Canil Boa Sorte;

Thank very much also Antonio Alves Freire, Vicêncio Lomba Lima, Carlos Feijó, Helio Touriel,  Augusto e Marilia Canizza, Evandro Ballesteros, Gustavo Ribas, Helson Lemos, since without the support of them CAFIB-Rio would not have been a success by holding 14 Expos in Barra da Tijuca.

Outside Brazil I also thank Jaime Pérez Marhuenda and Elvira Pizones Fernández do Canil Acablocado; Inês Van Damme, Canil Los Tres Naranjos, both from Espanha; Daniel Balsas, Canil Piedras de Afilar from Uruguai; Jerry Trias from República Tcheca; Linda Maggio from USA e Aniello Aliberti from Italy.

And many and many others to whom I once again apologize for involuntary forgetfulness …

It is worth mentioning that the CAFIB group gave Dr. Paulo and Aunt Antonieta, the true administrator of the Parnapuan Kennel, an excellent end of life. With the return of this couple to the FB world they have won many beloved “nephews”… Dr. Paulo traveled every Friday afternoon to São Paulo to give the course where CAFIB flourished, returning Saturday at dawn. He visited the interior of Brazil together CAFIB founders in order to get PURE Filas, traveled through many Brazilian cities judging and teaching courses. He was honored by going to Germany … He became the CAFIB Master Breeding and wrote memorable articles destroying the false theses that defended the miscegenation. Without Dr. Paulo, I am fully convinced that CAFIB would not become a reality, I would not have knowledge, historical and technical support to start in 1976 my persistent and confirmed complaints, CAFIB would not have trained as many judges, its breed Standard would not have been so clear, admired and even copied all over the world and even in Brazil. After all, CAFIB will always be the only club responsible for having rescued the PURE Fila Brasileiro from extinction, as we inherited from Mother Nature. Dr. Paulo died on Sep, 27th -1990 providing 13 years of culture and teaching indispensable for CAFIB to develop. For I remember now that shortly after his passing some of the first cross-breeders and their followers the well-known NAM`s (Neo Apologists of Miscegenation), this is, those who still cross and have “mestizos-filas” with, boasted that it would be the end of the CAFIB … One more nonsense of this group repeated in so many errors… There goes 27 years and CAFIB goes very well and more strongly indeed… Despite having been stolen in great part of its assets and patrimony, such as website, web password, records, documents, files, data, photos, hundreds of newspapers O FILA and to be only copied by a newly created club who preached that would revolutionize and innovate the FB breeding, but do nothing more than copy the CAFIB … And very badly !!! See in


 5. The “illiterate-functional” FB and “fila” breeders

Meanwhile, the “illiterate-functional” FB and “fila” breeders very  foolish and childish designate me with pejorative and false nicknames on the facebooks in an aggressive and uneducated way, they curse me, send me emails full of profanity, physically threaten, claim that I cannot write and answer questions or that I am a CAFIB spokesman … But the concrete fact is that they are never able to argue or refute with intelligence, rationale and reasons my articles, thoughts, and hundreds of solid and proven arguments… And much less has the ability to disagree with the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy !!! And against arguing disagreeing would be the least they should do, but, having no arguments they become totally incapable, them they slander, lie, omit and quit … But Uncle Chico reciprocates showing that – even without breeding almost 40 years old, because he refused to breed “mestizo-filas”, even though they had pedigree emitted by the former BKC and in our days by CBKC with the seal of racial purity of the FCI and having been flattered by BKC and CBKC of Lucena, returned them to the Pampas Kennel, who was also another victim of the first cross breeders, – I ask: what they has done in the last 42 years for the rescue, salvation and preservation of the PURE Fila.

Because of that, I challenge all of you to present and compare your CVs with the Uncle Chico`s CV summarized in this article… Do you accept this challenge? Just send me your CV to my email. We can bet!


 6. Comparing the CAFIB x CBKC: What do you need?

These true FB CAFIB breeders mentioned above and many others who joined CAFIB and were intelligent and able to understand, follow and contribute to CAFIB’s Breeding Philosophy, after 39 years arrived at this typical, homogeneous and PURE Fila that I exemplify below:





 Note: the first picture above is the head of the famous Pure Fila called Lord, taken in the 70s, with legendary creator Zé Gomes de Oliveira – MG. In other words, exactly the same head to CAFIB-Filas. So, the FB has been fixed for years…  But the  CBKC-FCI  “judge”  Alexandre Bacci thinks that FB is just a mongrel, bastard and a mestizo dog. Only if he refers to the  “mestizo-fila” breed and registered in CBKC-FCI …

Unfortunately, some “fila” breeders, as considered by CAFIB, preferred to accompany the first cross-breeders and the BKC-CBKC-FCI notary trio. I remember among those first followers whose squad were outside the CAFIB Standard, already mentioned in the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and later in the newspaper O FILA  # 12 the following: Canil Curumaú, owned by Jacob and Andréia Blumen; Canil Cachoeira, owned by  Ailton e Marly Milward de Azevedo; Canil Corumbá owned by Jether Benevides Garotti;  Canil Samor, d owned by famíly Sampaio Moreira; Canil do Camping, owned by Clélia Kruel; Canil Kirongozi, owned by Achileu Nogueira Filho; Canil Embirema owned by Wagner Bacconi; Canil Rio Negro owned by Raul Pereira; Canil Odnamra of Tenopmap owned by Armando Pires Pamponet; Canil Cruzeiro do Sul owned by Osni de Moraes Pinto; Japanese Consortium  owned by Canil Brasdog; Beyond the “breeders” Ivan Alves Corrêa from Brasília and Armando de Souza Reis from São Paulo.


These kennels mentioned above and their followers and the first cross-breeders heirs in this uncontrolled “experience”, systemic and institutional miscegenation, since it had the institutional support of BKC-CBKC-FCI; the “breeders” we now call NAN`s (Neo Apologists of Miscegenation) that after more than 40 years without leadership, knowledge, focus, purpose and without a pre-established phenotype and temperament and rigidly enforced, have come to a huge number of different, heterogeneous and atypical types of dogs. They are very far from the CAFIB Standard and form the so called “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila, hairy-fila, heavy loaded-fila, fila-marques, genetic salad fila” and even the “freak-fila“.

In other words, the so-called Mastim Brasileiro (see my proposal in English clicking in ) which different types are exemplified below:





The typical and homogeneous CAFIB-Fila squad or the several heterogeneous and atypical “filas” with CBKC-FCI pedigree ?

In what club do you find what I call since 40 years ago of purebred Fand in what club do you find what I also call 40 years ago “GENETIC SALAD?

That is, my dear friends, unfortunately the serious typical FB breeders of CBKC-FCI (see this squad in English by clicking on  and  also in English  ) , as well as the breeders of “mestizo-fila” of these two clubs, after more than 40 years without a pre-determined Standard,  lack of leadership, without knowledge, without control, without APR, without APT, without any financial aid of the very rich CBKC-FCI reach only the Mastim Brasileiro… See in English: . Or is Uncle Chico wrong?

Anyone who disagrees with Uncle Chico, please send your educated and intelligent arguments against mynes in a clear and well written form to my e-mail address ( ). And we can discuss it in a very civilized way. Thank you in advance.


6. Concluding:

My dear friends, the fact is that I alone, in my early twenties, immediately disagreed with the miscegenation, which made no sense to me.

I infiltrated in the midst of many of these cross-breeders and their followers, especially João Batista Gomes, Procópio do Valle and Jacob Blumen, and became aware of the absurdity, amateurism, lack of control, and objectives of these apprentices of witches who like to played God , genetically disrupting a long-established dog breed.

Well, if you cross the best German Shepherd in the world with the best Boxer in the world, perhaps you will get the best mongrel, bastard or mestizo dog in the world… There is no such “blood shot” mentioned by Enio Monte in its interview to CAFIB without control, no proper and correct records, no technical-scientific accompaniment, without much work and, worse, NEVER with pedigree falsification.

Besides this, there was a lot of commerce, marketing and a lot of willingness to make easy money. And at that time the FB unfortunately turned into a enormous fashion … And even more so the “black-fila” that is the most commercialized color of the world in all production segments…

But unfortunately I believe CBKC leader Sergio Castro and FCI’s Rafael de Santiago, Gerard Jipping, Raymond Triquet and Yves De Clercq, despite being fully aware of these terrible irregularities that frontally disrespect the Statutes of the FCI itself in its “Article 2 – Objectives” (see ) that only allows the breeding of purebred dogs, will continue to “forget “, being always omitted about FB but billing and making money with the breeding  and registration of any big dog with big head  as if they were Pure FB.


Serious CBKC-FCI FB breeders of typical dogs will continue to omit themselves without leadership and fear of reacting, and actual “cross-breed” (NAM`s) breeders will continue to like their mestizos dogs more, but pretending to breed FB Pure, and saying that they love and work in favor of the FB breed…

And the FCI prefers to forget that a short time ago solved the same problem of miscegenation that existed in the Akita breed of Japan

Unfortunately the serious FB breeders from CBKC-FCI will continue to omit themselves without leadership and afraid to react, and “cross-breed” will continue to like their mongrel dogs even more, pretending to breed a Pure FB and saying that they love and work In favor of the FB…

After all, as I have stated, if the FB were German or English, it would be one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds in the world, for it would have been breed and preserved in a civilized country where a club like CAFIB would be respected and admired by all, Starting with the FCI itself, which would present CAFIB to the world as an example of a club to be followed and copied. If CAFIB were German or English, having rescued this dog breed from extinction, it would be idolized by the international press and recognized as a public and ecological utility club. But, forgotten by the FCI and in Brazil, breed by breeders and run by clubs formed by “illiterate workers” reach this great miscegenation.                                                                            

But, thanks to God and our work, CAFIB exists !!!


7. Finishing:


Very special note: I thank my friends Airton Campbell, Jonas Iacovantuono, Américo Cardoso, Luiz Maciel, Pedro Borotti and Cintia Junqueira who helped me in collecting some facts and information that are part of this article.

Wishing you all an excellent Carnival,

Best regards, Chico Peltier.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC

Nota: como sempre fiz com todos os emails que enviei no passado, este também foi encaminhado primeiramente para os responsáveis pela FCI + CBKC