Post nº 243 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 88 – More 25 photos of Typical Filas from CBKC-FCI system – Sent Feb, 5th-2015

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 88

More 25 photos of Typical Filas from CBKC-FCI system

Dear friends,

In Nov, 22nd-2013 I launched my work entitled  “Uncle Chico Newsletter # 54“, featuring 56 photos of 56 Typical Filas from CBKC-FCI system (to read in English just click ).

In this work I informed: “In recent months I have received comments from some CAFIB breeders about the increased number of Typical Filas in CBKC-FCI. This to me is not surprising. For a long time I comment that there are many Typical Filas in CBKC-FCI“.

Well, continuing with my work, follows below for all of you 25 photos of Typical Filas removed from the face “Seleção”.

However, before presenting these pictures, I’m very sorry to have to repeat:

a) “Too bad leaders and serious and honest breeders of Typical Filas from CBKC-FCI not unite themselves and call on the responsibility of only breed the Typical Fila in these two clubs, separating them from dogs of the Mastin Brasileiro Breed (to read in English just click ) and “atypical-filas” and “mestizos-filas” with Fila Brasileiro pedigree!!!

 b) ie, separating the so-called Typical Fila from the well known “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila and even the freak-fila” and further as I scornfully named them decades ago: “filamarques” and “genetic salad fila”…

Important notes for the proper understanding and compression of this work:

1. This paper is based on only these photos posted on the face “Seleção”;

2. Therefore, this work does not bother no time to analyze any affiliation, ascending, kennel, breeder, breeding, key features such as camel step (“passo de camelo”), the nervous system and temperament, and yet, as was masterfully set by the Father the Fila Brasileiro and CAFIB Breeding Master and founder, Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz: the fundamental “OJERIZA to strangers“;

3. In this work I am not saying that these dogs are Pure Filas, but I understand it, only by observing these pictures that these are Typical Filas. In my view can never be called Pure Brazilian Filas since, unfortunately, in the former BKC, in the current CBKC and FCI its leaders, and especially its associates Fila breeders never bothered to select and control their Filas and their breeding’s. That is, as incredible as it may seem, these leaders and Fila breeders never bothered to improve the Fila Brasileiro they intended to breed and register, i.e., separating the Atypical Fila from the Typical Fila they want recorded at this two clubs;

4. About item 3 above I must do two caveats: to Roberto Sene, who in December 2011 tried to deploy in the Fila-CBKC-FCI system the “Apt for Reproduction” without success and Mariza Kanap that late last year asked that members of the face “Seleção” criticized the pictures of the so called “filafreaks” and Atypical Filas that are posted in this same facebook. As far as my knowledge goes this second attempt also was unsuccessful. I recognize that the second attempt is very shy and fragile, but I think it could be a new beginning, since the APR was bombed by the breeders of Atypical Filas and “filas-mestizos”, who prefer to continue to breed without any kind of selection and control;

5. I think it isincredible thatkennels thatregister theirdogs inCBKC-FCI have in their squad Typical Filas but also — sometimes – also owns Atypical Filas and even the so-called “black-fila”. In addition, participants of the facebook “Seleção” are able to post pictures of Typical Filas as well as photos of the “filafreak“, which receive the same praise and applause from the regulars participants of this facebook !!! This is unfortunately a true MMA (i.e. every kind of “big dog” type is accepted), where any “big dog” is welcome !!! This shows, in my view, that these breeders simply do not know anything about the Fila Brasileiro, although they write and discuss a lot about this subject. And many of the pictures posted are of Atypical Filas which receiving champion titles from CBKC-FCI system. And maintaining this wrong behaves will certainly be very difficult to improve and preserve the True Fila Brasileiro in these two clubs, as practiced and proposed by CAFIB.

6. Since I do not attend Facebooks, I had great difficulty in finding out the name of the dogs and their breeders or kennels. Forgive me any fault that may have occurred. But I think these names are not very important. Even important are the typical Fila phenotypes of these dogs presented here in these fotos.

7. I remind you thatI amnot a CAFIB judge, despite beingone of its imaginers. And above all,that I live withthePURE Fila Brasileiro and the so-called “fila-mestizo” for exactly 41 years. For those who do not remember, I started my kennel named CAFIBRA in January 1974 with a PURE female Fila Brasileiro and two “filas-mestizos“. These two “mestizos” were born from the illegal and criminal cross-breeding of Filas with Neapolitan Mastins, but these two “mestizos” had a CBKC-FCI pedigree as if they were Pure Fila Brasileiro… To know more about the history of my kennel just click and read in English ). Thus, this article does not question or comments at any time if the dogs of the photos below would or wouldn’t be approved by the very traditional CAFIB Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament, a tool that CAFIB uses very successfully to select and control your squad since 1978;

8. I keep thinking that this improvement noticed in the last years in the phenotype of the Fila-CBKC-FCI is largely due to: – The mating of these Typical CBKC-FCI Filas, with PURE CAFIB-Filas, especially those with double-pedigree, i.e., CAFIB and CBKC;

– The enormous impact of the book by journalist Paulo Godinho entitled “Fila Brasileiro: A Gift of the Stars“, sponsored by Sergio de Castro, president of CBKC, which overwhelmingly exposed hundreds of irrefutable facts about our Fila Brasileiro and its miscegenation (to get this book just click HTTP://  or email;

– The dramatic disclosure that has been done about the CAFIB success and the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy during the last years, especially regarding the selection and control of CAFIB squad via websites, blogs and facebook. Mistakes happen, but the fact is that the end result of CAFIB is unique and extremely positive. As everyone knows, if not for the work performed by CAFIB in its 37 years of existence, the PURE Fila Brasileiro no longer exist, since the enormous criminal and illegal mix-breeding that has been imposed on our Brazilian Breed for decades. And all of this with the massive use of pedigrees forgery.

9. Again: this work is based only in these photos posted on the face “Seleção”;

Thus, please find below 25 pictures of Typical CBKC-FCI Filas recently posted on face “Seleção”:

Fila Típico 1   Canil LatejeraFila Típico 2 Nelson TorrealbaFila Típico 3  Lincoln Santos

Canil Latejera        Nelson Torrealba                  Lincoln Santos

Fila Típico 4  Canil LatejeraFila Típico 5 Wolner FilhoFila Típico 6 Nara Lazarotti

     Canil Latejera                  Wolner Filho                    Nara Lazarotti

Fila Típico 7   Ivan Ortiz GraciaFila Típico 8 Julio CesarFila Típico 9 Dre Zin

 Ivan Ortiz Gracia                               Julio Cesar                    Dre Zin

Fila Típico 10 Nelson TorrealbaFila Típico 11 Nailton Jatobá TenórioFila Típico 12 Vento Bravo

         Nelson Torrealba               Nailton Tenório           Vento Bravo

Fila Típico 13 Jorge AlcarazFila Típico 14 Roberto SeneFila Típico 15 Rafael Carneiro

           Jorge Alcaraz                         Roberto Sene            Rafael Carneiro

Fila Típico 16 Eva Maria WagnerFila Típico 17 Perolas Blue LagoonFila Típico 18 Lincoln Tici Santos

Eva  Wagner                       Perolas Blue Lagoon        Lincoln  Santos

Fila Típico 19 Choon Ngien LohFila Típico 20 Vento BravoFila Típico 21 Pedro Jose Chimal Moreno

        Choon Ngien Loh                  Vento Bravo           Pedro Moreno

Fila Típico 22 Dre ZinFila Típico 23 Vento BravoFila Típico 24 Luiz Henrique CostaFila Típico 25 Lincoln Tici Santos

   Dre Zin                Vento Bravo       Luis Costa       Lincoln Santos

                      Finally, my friends, is very sad that with so many Typical Filas, managers, directors, officers and executives and mainly the breeders that register in CBKC-FCI system does not come together and make a great selection in this squad, definitely prioritizing the breeding of these Typical Filas among them and excluding the so-called  “atypical-fila” and “mestizos-fila”  inside this system. Exactly as FCI was done with the division of Akita Breed, that was also extremely mixed (to read more in English about this Akita subject just click ). Since it is simply impossible to breed any animal without selection and without control. No use persists in this disorganized breeding that after more than 40 years of crossbreeding showed only that the Fila breeding in CBKC-FCI system is fully heterogeneous and full of various types of “big dogs”. This fact does not exist in any other breed of dog in the world !!! Do not exist in AKC or at The Kennel. This fact only exist, to the great sorrow of all lovers of the Fila Brasileiro in the world, in the FCI Fila !!!

In conclusion, these photos above are of Typical Fila breeders who register in CBKC-FCI. All these Filas could undoubtedly be used to conduct a serious and large selection in order to improve the homogeneity and typicality in the Fila squad registered at CBKC-FCI.

My friends, it’s no use breeding Typical Filas which then may be mixed with the so-called “fila-freak” or the various types of “filas-mestizos”. If the Fila breeder of CBKC-FCI continue accepting and recording any “big dog” as if it were Typical Fila, serious and honest breeders of Typical CBKC-FCI Fila will never reach to breed the True Fila Brasileiro with its typicality characteristic and temperament.

I believe that with all these dogs 25 photos, plus the 56 dogs of photos of my first job, and hundreds of other Typical Filas that certainly exist in CBKC-FCI, the well-meaning CBKC-FCI Fila breeders could understand my course positioning which refers only to improve the Fila, as a whole, regardless of Clubs. Unfortunately for the breeders known and dubbed as NAM`s (Neo Apologists of Miscegenation) and stubborn breeders who accept that any “big dog” is a real Fila does not help explain and prove nothing. As I say during the last decades, these people unfortunately prefer the dogs lying in their kennels and homes. And not the True Fila Brasileiro.

Please remember: when CAFIB began 37 years ago its Fila work for selection and control, did have no Filas at all. We started from scratch !!! But with hard work, dedication and love for the Fila Brasileiro CAFIB became a huge success.

Therefore, the future of Fila-CBKC-FCI lies in the hands of you, leaders and serious and honest breeders of Typical Filas of this two clubs.

Please seriously think about the argumentation above.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI + CBKC.

        Nota: como sempre fiz com todos os emails que enviei no passado, este também foi encaminhado primeiramente para os responsáveis pela FCI + CBKC.

Best regards, Chico Peltier.