Post #182 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 64 – Jaime Pérez will judge in Brazil! + Next CAFIB Expo: Brasilia 01/06/14 – Sent May, 22th – 2.014

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 64

Jaime Pérez will judge in Brazil! + Next CAFIB Expo: Brasilia 01/06/14


Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform you that Jaime Pérez, judge specializing in Fila Brasileiro by CAFIB, founder and current president of CAFIBE – Club de Amigos del Fila en España, will come to Brazil to judge the 97th National Fila Brasileiro CAFIB Expo and the 6th Fila Brasileiro CAFIB Expo of Porto Ferreira – SP, next November, 30th.

Jaime will judge along with Mariana Campbell the last CAFIB Expo 2014. This Expo will close the annual CAFIB championships and after our final and immediate counting of points will be delivering the following titles for the year 2014: Brazilian Male Champion, Brazilian Female Champion, Breeder of the Year, Exhibitor of the Year, Temperament of the Year and Top Male and Female Reproducer of the Year.

Jaime has a long history and a long tradition not only in Fila, as well as other molossos. Jaime judge most molossos Breeds in Europe, he was approved to judge by FCI and by the Real Sociedad Canina de España . However, in mid- 2011, tired of the inconsistencies in FCI Fila breeding in Europe and the incredible changes in the Temperament of the Fila-FCI Standard translated from Portuguese to English and Spanish, which became to punish the true Filas that demonstrate their traditional and characteristic “ojeriza” (aversion) to strangers” Jaime chose to move away from the FCI and Real Sociedad opting to continue only as CAFIB judge and leader of the CAFIBE-Spain.

To better understand the history of this large and knowledgeable Fila Brasileiro breeder and judge, I invite you to click on to have access to “Uncle Chico Newsletter # 1“, dated Oct, 27th-2011, which inaugurated the first “ Uncle Chico Newsletter “.

And here comes the EXPO CAFIB-BRASILIA – next Jun, 1st – 2.014

Best regards, Chico Peltier.