Post nº 164 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 61 – CAFIB Expos – Dog Shows Calendar – Date: Mar, 25th – 2.014

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 61

CAFIB Expos – Dog Shows Calendar

My dear friends,

CAFIB in its board of directors meeting held on November 30th, 2013, in the city of Guaratinguetá, SP, adopted unanimously, that it`s Exhibition (dog show) Calendar for 2014 would consist only of five events. This decision met the request of several exhibitors who want to attend the majority of them and at the same time reduce their spending on subscriptions, travel, lodging and meals. Thus, participants will have more balanced conditions to add points to compete in the various annual CAFIB championships, which will be busiest and attractive, both for breeders and exhibitors, and the public.

It is importantly to comment, although the number of CAFIB Expos (dog shows) has decreased in Brazil, grew abroad. In Brazil, they will occur in four states, with the return of Rio de Janeiro (in the city of Quatis) to the yearly calendar. In other countries, will be two exhibitions in the United States, and the traditional CAFIB Expos in Spain and the Czech Republic.

Sorry for the slight delay in the release of our Calendar. This was due to technical problems, but the long awaited CAFIB Expos Calendar – 2014 has just been posted on our CAFIB site. Just click on tobecome awarethat:

– This year we will have 5 Expos in Brazil, namely: Brasilia, Itanhandu-MG, Jacarei-SP, SP-Ferreira and Quatis in Rio de Janeiro, which returns to our calendar with great satisfaction;

– Abroad CAFIB, beyond traditional Expos held annually in Spain and Czech Republic, for the first time in the CAFIB history, there will be two Expos in USA, ie,

Pennsylvania and North Carolina;

– It is noteworthy that on the eve of our Expo in the city of Itanhandu dated next April, 26th, will be held the “1st INTERNATIONAL CAFIB BREEDERS MEETING ABOUT THE FILA BRASILEIRO to be presented by Jonas Tadeu Iacovantuono. Already confirmed its participation with inscription breeders of USA and Latin America. For more information contact Mrs. Cintia Junqueira phones 35-9146-8386 or 35-9109-4640 or email to

Welcome CAFIB-2014 !!! Welcome to CAFIB 36th birthday !!!

Regards, Chico Peltier.