Post nº 159 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 59 – Research for improvement within the Fila and “fila” register at CBKC – CBKC breeders praise the CAFIB newspaper O FILA – Sent Mar, 6th – 2.014

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 59

Research for improvement within the Fila and “fila” register at CBKC

CBKC breeders praise the CAFIB newspaper O FILA

212. Research received from a friend: “What should be done to improve the CBKC Fila and “fila” breeding?

A Symposium on the Fila for judges and Fila breeders: 1 %

Organize  a serious Temperament Test: 1 %

Create a Quality Label: 1 %

Organize many Expos: 1 %

Organize a serious and rigid APR (Apt for Reproduction) along with a rigorous TT (Temperament Test), similar to the Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament created and conducted with rigor and without privileges for the last 36 years by CAFIB, to keep in the Fila-CBKC squad only its Typical-Filas, but which, however, excludes from this same squad the CBKC-“filas” dogs of the following types: “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila, freak-fila, filamarques and genetic salad fila“: 96 %

Note: to learn what it is and how it works the CAFIB Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament click on the excellent article in English by Americo Cardoso, founder of CAFIB: in .

213. In the Facebook from the CBKC-Fila breeders called “Selection with Responsibility” were posted much praise for the newspaper The FILA edited by CAFIB. But also some complains because the CAFIB`s articles comment much about the mix-breeding of Fila with other Breeds. What do you think about  this?

I think that both comments are normal.

First because the CAFIB newspaper O FILA  is really one of the best collections of articles on the Fila. Then, I completely understand that CBKC-Fila breeders feel sorry for sometimes breed “mestizos” and not Typical Filas. Perhaps these new breeders did not know that CAFIB was founded 36 years ago precisely to denounce and combat the Fila mix-breeding, as well as rescue the Pure Fila from extinction.

Because of that, it is impossible that the O FILA articles do not mention this mix-breeding that was illegal and uncontrolled and which unfortunately occurred in Fila breeding. After all, many leaders, breeders, judges, journalists and writers have given their testimony on this miscegenation. Between them I would like to point out: Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena, ex-BKC president and former CBKC Superintendent; Christopher Habig, ex- FCI vice president; Joao Batista Gomes, founder of Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro and English Mastiff breeder; Enio Monte, Canil ABC owner; Procópio do Valle (also known as the “Father of Black Fila”) Canil Kirimaua owner; journalist and CBKC all rounder judge Paulo Godinho; journalist Antônio Carvalho Mendes; writer Ines Van Damme and even  more recent CBKC-Fila breeders like Roberto  Sene and Harrison Pinho among others.

So, I completely understand that miscegenation is not a matter of liking of many CBKC-Fila breeders. But unfortunately, I believe that these breeders need to learn to live with this fact and correct as soon as possible the CBKC-Fila squad.

Two viable and feasible suggestions were presented by Paul Godinho, with the organization of the Black Fila Breed, independent from the Fila Breed and by Uncle Chico, with the organization of the Mastin Brasileiro Breed.

Note: as I have always done with all emails sent in the past, this was also sent primarily to those responsible for FCI (located in Belgium) + CBKC; and also to FCI (located in Spain)

Nota: como sempre fiz com todos os emails que enviei no passado, este também foi encaminhado primeiramente para os responsáveis pela FCI (da Bélgica) + CBKC; e para a FCI (da Espanha).

Best Regards, Chico Peltier.