Post nº 143 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 54 – Photos of 56 Typical CBKC Filas – SENT Nov, 22nd – 2.013

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 54

Photos of 56 Typical CBKC Filas

Dear Friends,

In recent months I have received comments from some CAFIB breeders informing me about the increase in the number of Typical CBKC-Filas. This to me is not surprising. There is plenty of time I comment about the existence of many Typical CBKC and FCI Filas.

Among several other articles and various endorsements, on March, 11th. 2.012, I posted on my blog an article entitled “My apologies to the Typical CBKC-Fila breeders ” . ( ). In this article I claim that my criticisms to cross-breeder and mix-breeders with pedigree “would never be for the large contingent of CBKC breeders who breed  the Typical Fila“. Alias ​​on this article, I received the next day an intelligent email from  Roberto Sene that follows in full: “My dear friend Chico. I know the suitability of your person and your character and also know you never generalized. Yours  texts to me were always an alert and addressed to the bad breeders and atypical dogs generators. I know CAFIB, since its foundation, and I always knew to separate the voices that had authority or not in this club, which in my view is still providing a great service to our beloved Fila breed. So, keep your denounces to those who have done so much harm to the Fila, because it’s time to separate the wheat from the weed, and we can jointly seek a convergence that leads to the Typical line of good character. Antonio Roberto Sene (Sena Sene Kennel)”.

In my blog on Aug, 17th.2.012, I posted an article titled “Congratulations to the

Typical CBKC Fila Breeders” ( )

) indicating the existence of several Typical Filas in a Expo / show organized by the Kennel Club of Curitiba / CBRFB, and I also posted a picture of a very typical female Fila, whose photo was posted by Andre Castro from Portugal in Facebook controlled by Edison Souza.

However, much more damning were the statements made by Victor Emanuel Ferreira Giglio, which is not a member of CAFIB, and I published in my blog on Jun, 8th.2.013 with the title “Second analysis by the breeder Victor E. G. Ferreira on the current situation of the Fila” ( ) where he says:

–  “… And, as you also have occurred, although CAFIB hold, overall quality and level of racial purity higher, on average, you see, on average, then the other clubs, just by its traditional, permanent rigor by the classification and selection of Fila breeding, especially in Unifila and including CBKC, there is also lots of dogs with all the characteristics of the breed standard (as can be seen – for example – the huge amount of photos available via Internet) and not must be disposed of by mere prejudice … “;

–  “...You have done very well in these strongly encourage breeders of other clubs (especially those linked to CBKC and FCI) to pass to require the establishment of mandatory APR (Apt for Reproduction Test) and TT (Temperament Test), as well as dispose of impure breeding animals and / or atypical dogs from their kennels … “;

–  “... It seems to me that a large percentage of these breeders is well intentioned, in recent times, adopting new attitudes firmly in favor of absolute racial purity of the Fila without the old deviations “basset-fila, squat-fila, giant-fila, genetic-salad-fila, aberration-fila and even the docile-fila ​” (leaving the judge touch him  by the hand and / or do not attack with determination to strangers), etc.. basically going to follow the guidance of Uncle Chico and CAFIB posted on the INTERNET … “;

– “…I hope that you continue to promote and contribute to these so many good ideas (such as the institution of the Brazilian Mastiff Breed and Black Fila Breed, separate from the True Fila, supporting the APR and the TT at the CBKC-FCI, etc.) to preserve and enhance the Fila always this way of including all those honest breeders who also share the same ideas, although they had not, until then, had the opportunity or the science of so many truths, to look even in other clubs, breed true Filas and eventually participate more actively inside CAFIB… “.

Therefore , the proof of my knowledge about the existence of these Typical Filas in CBKC is very old, so that dozens of times in my articles I wrote, urging the Typical CBKC Filas breeder:

a) “Too bad the serious and honest breeders of the Typical CBKC-FCI Filas not unite and call on the responsibility of breeding just the Typical Fila in CBKC, separating them from the dogs of Mastin  Brasileiro Breed ( read in English ) and mix breeders (mestizos) with Fila pedigree!!!”

b) ie, separating them from the so-called “stocky-fila, toy-fila, pet-fila, masttiff-fila, neapolitan-fila, black-fila, giant-fila, roitt-fila, bloodhound-fila, docile-fila and even the freak-fila” and further as I scornfully named them decades ago: “filamarques” and “genetic salad fila”.

So, I asked them to send me some photos of Typical CBKC Filas who have recently been posted on the Face called “Selection with Responsibly”. These photos follow below.

Important Notes :
A – I do not know if after so many years writing for you guys I still need to do some safe-guards, but let’s do it:  observations made in dogs by means of photos are always risky , besides not being able to test temperament ( dislike or “ojeriza” to estrangers ), nervous system and “passo de camelo” moving which  are disqualifying faults;

B – Although in my view unnecessary to find the safe-guard above, I do, because two CAFIB judges asked me to make an safe-guard (alert) yesterday, which I understand also be totally unnecessary because it was about the very well know  CAFIB Breeding Philosophy in regards to the Fila training (see also in English  );

C – This article does not question or made any comments at any  time if the dogs in the pictures below would be Approved  or not  at any CAFIB ANALYSIS OF PHENOTYPE AND TEMPERAMENT;

D –  I believe that this improvement in the phenotype of CBKC-Filas is partly due to the breeding of these dogs with CAFIB-Filas, especially those who are double-pedigree (CAFIB + CBKC).

1. Photos of Typical CBKC-Filas recently copied from  the Face “Selection with Responsibility”:

Rodolfo Merlin                Sertão Fila Brasileiro       Canil Estrela de Abraão

1 - Rodolfo Merlin3 - Sertão FB4 - Canil Estrela de Abraão

Cleverson Farias                          Cleverson Farias

5 - Cleverson Farias  7 - Cleverson Farias

Sertão Fila Brasileiro     Websin Singular                      Luiz H. Costa

6 - Sertão Fila Brasileiro9 - Websin Singular 11 - Luiz Henrique Costa

Luiz Henrique Costa                          J. C. Hacienda La Soledad

10 - Luiz Henrique Costa12 - Julio Cesar Hacienda La Soledad

Vento Bravo                                      Nelson Torrealba

13 - Vento Bravo14 - Nelson Torrealba

Vento Bravo                                  Vento Bravo

15 - Vento Bravo16 - Vento Bravo

Canil Palmares                         Aluísio Mello           Luiz H. Costa

17 - Canil Palmares (MB)18 - Aluisio Mello21 - Luiz Henrique Costa

Nailton Jatobá Tenório                             Aluisio Mello

19 - Nailton Jatobá Tenório20 - Aluisio Mello

Cleverson Farias                                       Jose Loisi

22 - Cleverson Farias23 - Jose Loisi

Cleverson Farias                                  Canil Latejera

24 - Cleverson Farias25 - e Alcaraz Canil Latejera

Perolas de Blue Lagoon                              Canil Palmares

27 - Perolas de Blue Lagoon30 - Canil Palmares - Aprovada em Jaca

Luiz H. Costa                Luiz H.Costa                    Luiz  H. Costa

26 - Luiz Henrique Costa28 - Luiz Henrique Costa29 - Henrique Costa

Julio Cesar H. La Soledad                        Miguel Rodríguez

31 - Julio Cesar Hacienda La Soledad33 - Miguel Rodríguez M

Julio Cesar H. La Soledad                        Canil Singular   (2)

32 - Julio Cesar Hacienda La Soledad35 - Canil Singular 36 - Canil Singular

Miguel Rodríguez                                      Aluísio Mello      (2)

37 - Miguel Rodríguez M39 - Aluisio Mello40 - Aluisio Mello

Aluísio Mello                                                  José Salvador

41 - Aluisio Mello42 - José Salvador

Marcelo Dias                                                       Luiz  H. Costa

43 - Marcelo Dias44- Luis Henrique Costa

Sertão Fila Brasileiro                             Alexandre Bacci

45 - Sertão Fila Brasileiro46 - Alexandre Bacci

Dana Černá                                               Dana Černá

48 - Dana Černá49 - Dana Černá

Jose Loisi                                    Dana Černá

47 - Jose Loisi50 - Dana Černá

Строгалова                  Строгалова                        Svatava Valová

51 - Строгалова52 - Строгалова53 - Svatava Valová

Nelson Torrealba                                    Rodolfo Merlim

54 - Nelson Torrealba55 - Rodolfo Merlim

Jose Loisi                                                      Edson Yabumoto

56 - Jose Loisi57 - Edson Yabumoto

Perolas De Blue Lagoon

              58 - Perolas De Blue Lagoon

2. So, my friends, we can easily conclude that:

2.1. Who loves and praises in this Facebook the Typical Fila head on the left side, cannot approve these other two heads, ALSO POSTED IN THIS SAME FACEBOOK!!!

17 - Canil Palmares (MB)59 - cabeca MB 1 - Cintia60 - cabeca MB 2 - Cintia

2.2. Who loves and praises in this Facebook the  Typical Fila phenotype on the left side, cannot approve the one posted in the right side, ALSO POSTED ON THIS FACEBOOK !!!

63 - Avião LHC62 - fila-preto

The items 2 above may seem obvious, but in this very same Facebook it is accepted and praised naturally any “ type of fila“. In a total ignorance of what is the correct phenotype of a True Fila Brasileiro???

All these photos above are from Typical Filas from CBKC-FCI owners. All these Filas could undoubtedly be used to conduct a serious selection, aimed at further improving the homogeneity and typicality in the Fila-CBKC squad. The APR (Apt for Reproduction) idealized by Roberto Sene as president of CBRFB should be approved, standardized, implemented and obligatorily used for this purpose. The commitment and seriousness of Roberto Sene in this case were such that he preferred to resign the presidency of CBRFB immediately when he realized he could not institute a serious APR, because some NAM `s (i.e., the very famous Neo Apologists of Miscegenation) proposed exchange it for an OptionalAPR who never will be seriously attend to the selection proposed by Robert Sene and, therefore, it would be innocuous and totally ineffective. The fact is that the NAM `s feared having their “atypical-filas” NOT approved in this APR test. This moment in the CBKC-Fila history is properly registered on my website (em and ) as well as in my first posts on my blog ( ). In conclusion, it is precisely through a serious APR that Roberto Sene wrote to me and I quote above “… it’s time to separate the wheat from the weed, and we can jointly seek a convergence…”

My friends, it is no use to breed Typical-Filas that will later be mixed with the so-called “fila-freak” or its various mestizos-types. If  CBKC-Fila breeders continue accepting and registering any dog ​​as Typical-Fila, serious CBKC-FCI Typical-Filas breeders will never reach the True Fila, i.e.,  with its true phenotypic and true temperament.

I believe that with all these photos well meaning breeders of CBKC-Fila, will understand my clear position  that only aims to improve the Fila as a whole, regardless of Clubs. Unfortunately for the stubborn and bad-intentioned, does not help explain and prove nothing. How I use to say for decades, many breeders prefer dogs lying in their kennels and homes than the True Fila.

I ask the CAFIB founders to correct me if I am wrong, but I think when we started our work in 1978 rescuing from extinction and preserving the True Fila Brasileiro, CAFIB had in our squad  less than 56 Filas as posted above as an example! Soon, no doubt, serious CBKC-Fila breeders will have a typical squad to start a consistent and correct work.

Therefore, the future of CBKC-Fila lies in the hands of you, the CBKC-Typical Filas serious and honest breeders.

Please think seriously about my argument,

Regards to all, Chico Peltier.