Post n° 33 – Uncle Chico Newsletter # 16 – The importance of Chris Habig – sent Aug, 24th.- 2012

Uncle Chico Newsletter # 16

The importance of Chris Habig for the Pure-Fila & the CAFIB from 1979-1984.

Dear friends,
Recently, I was told by friends that are Fila breeders in Europe that our beloved Christopher Habig left the vice-presidency of the FCI.

As you all know I understand it is very important to preserve the True History of Fila. Unfortunately, one commonly does not give proper attention to his own memories. This is one of the causes of repeating many past mistakes. The mix-breeding of the Fila is a terrible example of serious error repeated stubbornly. This is precisely why I like to preserve the history of the Fila. Thus, I will keep ignoring the few fools who complain about me for reminding them of sequel resulting from mixed breeding. Especially because, most of those persons own mix-breeds and “black-fila” in their kennels.

Therefore, I wish to report to you about the importance of Chris Habig in the History of the Fila from1979 until 1984. Most importantly, to those who began breeding Filas after 1985, when unfortunately, mixed-breeding had been imbued within our Filas. Because some of you who fall into this category are therefore new breeders, you do not even know the True Fila know or how to distinguish them from crossbred having a pedigree.

I think whoever introduced me to Chris was Luciano Cruz de Oliveira, former Rottweiler breeder in Rio de Janeiro. We approach better after my complaint well known as the “Open Letter from London” ( ). I was working in London in 1979 and Chris invited me to attend the Molosser Expo in the German city of Essen, wherein a Fila specialty show would occur. Not only did I attend but, I handed the “CAFIB Trophy” to the Fila named Andador d`Alma Vedro, winner of Club fur Molosser Expo. (second photo in the link ).

Note: This Trophy Photo with this article is already available on my blog ( ).

The fact is that from 1979 until 1984, Chris and CAFIB had a great partnership in favor of the preservation of the Pure-Fila. Chris was the first spreader about the Pure-breed Fila and CAFIB in Europe, exposing mixed-breeding and the BKC-CBKC.

This joint effort can be evidenced throughout the documents below, where it is proved that Chris, while being a Fila connoisseur, communed with the goals and the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy, helping us to really spread it throughout Europe, fighting for the Pure-breed Fila and as it would not be surprising, being persecuted by CBKC. Chris’s firm position against mixed-breeding was such that he openly and repeatedly tried to remove the awful “black-fila” variation from the CBKC-Fila Standard, as you will read below.

1. Letters to Chris Chico Peltier:
1.1. dated Feb,8/79 where Chris advises that “knows from different sources about the problem of Filas “mestizos” in Brazil. The Germans regret to inform that imported a Fila female harlequin color and a  Fila male  with obvious characteristics of English-Mastiff. “My Note: the color harlequin ever been found in the Fila and is one of the colors and features that only exist in Great Dane, thus proving the use of the black Grat Dane to “invent” the so called  “black-fila”. Look at the second picture in .
1.2. dated May, 3-79: where Chris inform he received from Procopio do Valle “article published in the magazine “Animal & Veterinary No. 38-42”. However Chris informed me: Procopio`s theory about the Fila origin is the Fila-Mastiff Theory” …
2. Letter dated Jun,18/79 ( ) from the former president of BKC-CBKC, Henrique Lucena, addressed to the journalist Paulo Godinho, asking for the publication of:
2.1. The repudiation of the CAFIB by the BKC, whatever that means … (Lol);
2.2. Punishment of several members of CAFIB, among them, Paulo Santos Cruz, Airton Campbell and Americo Cardoso;
2.3. Besides this, Lucena determined that I would be “honored” with the title of “Persona Non Grata” (Lol), whatever that means … Obviously, not having any power grant such a thing. The pretense and arrogance of the Almighty Lucena reached the point that he “decreed” that I “had no power to make any pronouncement about the Fila.” Well my friends, what silly and pointless politicking. As if I would stop doing my complaints because of a silly, empty intimidation and like that (Lol) …
2.4. However, at the end of this same letter the reason for Lucena’s anger against CAFIB is revealed: the naive Procopio do Vale wrote a letter to Chris asking him to write an article for his book about the Fila. How much innocence, Procopio!… Clearly he received the response he deserved from our beloved Chris (see ). With great candor and objectivity, Chris said: “In Germany we breed the Pure-breed Fila. We have very serious breeding regulations and we are repulsed by the crossing of the Fila with other breeds as been held in your country. Furthermore, we follow the goals of our friends in CAFIB, who fight against the mix-bred Fila. They have full solidarity from Fila Lovers in Germany. We do not know your personal intentions sufficiently and what your role is (in the Fila breeding). So, I inform you do not want to participate in your book”. Procopio was then very surprised with this stinging rebuke he received from Chris and sought help from the Almighty Lucena. If you prefer the translation of the letter given Procópio’s to Lucena just click
3. Document published in the newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo” (Estadão) dated Jul,22/82 ( ) published by Antonio Carvalho Mendes, stating that the Molossos Club of Germany and the West German Kennel Club (VDH) refused the request of Henrique Lucena, president of CBKC at the time, that these clubs no longer accept the pedigrees issued by CAFIB. However CBKC suffered yet another heavy loss, as these clubs reported to the CBKC that they refused this request “on the grounds that the documents issued by CAFIB are reliable, which does not occur with pedigrees issued by CBKC.” In other words: another shameful outcome for CBKC!!
4. On Aug,12/83 Chris and I visited the Henrique Lucena in his apartment in Barra da Tijuca in Rio. Contrary to what many think, I always got along with my opponents on ideas and always frequented BKC headquarters and afterward, when it became CBKC on Debret Street in downtown Rio where Lucena, Miranda and other presidents dispatched. After much argumentation and Lucena have commented openly about the existence of mix-breeding, Chris and I “plucked” this important first testimony about mixed-breeding out of Lucena, acknowledged in a letter dated Aug,12-83 ( ). Years later, by then already free from his obligations under the CBKC, a much more relaxed Lucena, gave his irrefutable testimony about mixed breeding in Unifila breeder and writer Antonio Carlos Linhares Borges’s book. ( ).

5. Document Estadão newspaper clipping dated Aug,18/83 ( ) stating that Chris was “very disappointed” because, despite being a FCI Judge, he received an official letter from Jayme Martinelli, then Chairman of the CBKC Referee Counsel, banning him – without right of defense (!) – to “judge the Fila in the I South American Kennel Club General Exhibition of Jundiaí / FCI from the 20th and 21st  August 1983″, since our beloved Chris committed the “crime” of attending the Expo in Campinas CAFIB a week before … In this same issue of the Estadão it is published about the letter dated Aug,12/83 wherein Lucena recognizes mix-breeding within the Fila breed.

6. Document Estadão newspaper clipping dated Oct,25/83 ( added details about the arbitrary ban imposed by CBKC on Chris, giving details about his visit to our country, and also stating that Chris returned to Germany taking with him up two Filas resulting from a scheduled litter and having a CAFIB pedigree.
7. Document from newspaper Estadão clipping dated Oct,25/83 ( ) published a report elaborated by Chris himself about this journey to Brazil, where I highlight the following statements:
7.1. “due to the fact that Germany is receiving many Filas without the appearance of Fila (mix-bred), I  came to Brazil to see how members of CBKC are facing this problem and how CAFIB implementing their ideas of “improvement”. My Note: a simple trip like this to investigate the allegations of mix-breeding was never made by the FCI, which via CBKC “registry” and charges for issuing pedigrees …
7.2. “The impression I have (about mix-breeding) since 1978 have been confirmed.” “The fight about the Fila in Brazil is a fight by those who strive hard to preserve the Fila” and those “involved in promotion or exhibition or breeding Fila of mixed breeds.” Chris chides the mix-breeders and supports CAFIB;
7.3. “I was pleased with the “long conversation I had with Mr. Lucena,” and I could tell him “what Europeans think about the mixing of breeds”, “I was very pleased to see that Mr. Lucena did not hesitate to declare officially that in fact there was mix-breeding in Fila breeding and that, consequently, there are false pedigrees,” I added that the mix-breeding in the Fila was known in Europe, due to articles published by the magazine Molosser-Magazin”;
7.4. “As an FCI judge, I will not be able to collaborate with CAFIB. But in terms of cinophilia, in terms of strengthening the wonderful Pure-breed Fila, we are very close (to CAFIB). “

8. Document Estadão newspaper clipping dated Nov,10/83 ( stating that Chris published a report of his travel to Brazil in the Molosser-Magazin, including citing the testimony from Lucena recognizing the existence of mixed-breeding.
9. Document Estadão newspaper clipping dated May,03/84 ( ) with the first  information about the celebrations that were held in Germany and organized by Club fur Molosser celebrating the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the first Fila in that Country and the participation of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz as Guest of Honor. The journalist Antonio Carvalho Mendes also published an excellent assessment report on Fila mixed-breeding.

10. Document Estadão newspaper clipping dated May,17/84 ( ) stating that it the “Day of Fila “was created by the Club fur Molosse will be celebrated in Germany with the presence of Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, recognized as “Father of the Fila”, ” CAFIB’s Master Breeder ” and as “a true world authority on show dogs, admired and respected by the depth and breadth of his technical knowledge.” Also informed was that around 70 Filas in Germany will be analyzed according to the CAFIB Standard, which represents “the recognition of the technical work that CAFIB has been developing in Brazil in recent years, the selection and improvement of Pure-breed Filas through rigorous analysis of Phenotype and Temperament”. Our beloved Chris was present in organizing these celebrations.

11. Document Estadão newspaper clipping dated May,24/84 (

) stating that Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz embarked to the city of Kirccheim to participate in the celebrations of the “Day of the Fila” and the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the first Fila in Germany that was imported by Prince Albrecht von Bayern. It further reported that Dr. Paulo would hold a lecture in German and will do an (CAFIB) analysis of Filas, being chaperoned by our Chris.

12. Document Estadão newspaper also dated May,24/84 ( where, commenting on the celebration in Germany, harsh criticism made by Colonel Arthur Verlangiei, ex Club president of the Clube Mineiro de Criadores de Fila Brasileiro (Fila Breeders Club of Minas Gerais), to the “agency responsible” for Brazilian dog fancy. The journalist Antonio Carvalho Mendes also publishes the following statements by Colonel Verlangieri: “Dr. Paul is undeniably the natural ambassador of the Fila, for his pioneering, for being the first to export to Germany and for the self imposed sacrifice that prevailed during years removed himself from Fila events by reason of the selfishness and greed of those who seized power and sought in every way possible to prevent his return to the dog shows, including some of his former students, all knowing of his charisma. “

13. Document Estadão newspaper clipping dated Jun,28/84 (

and ) an extensive report on Dr. Paulo’s  trip from to the city of Kirccheim, Germany for the celebrations that were organized by Molosser Magazin edited by Chris Habig; by Club fur Molosser chaired by Walt Weisse and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fila Brasileiro chaired by Dagmar Deininger.

In this great event 59 Filas participated and also besides the three people mentioned above, the Brazil`s general consul Mario Calabria, Frau Maria Pujahl, FCI Judge and various breeders such as Gerd Piekarski. And still, to the surprise of Dr. Paulo, the former president of CAFIB, Antonio Silva Lima who was working in Holland, attended and helped in the Analysis in the show.

13.1. The Lecture, by Dr. Paul lasted from 4pm to midnight only interrupted by a dinner for 80 participants, after many questions. After that, the club board decided affairs and, once again, approved “unanimously a motion addressed to CBKC asking that the prohibition of the black color Fila be a disqualifying fault due to mixed-breeding, be included in the (CBKC) Standard.”

13.2. Temperament and phenotype analysis of 59 Filas from Germany and Holland held in the model of CAFIB in writing on their template, some being of “high quality, very typical, having excellent temperament and nervous system” as well as outside the show some dogs were atypical that attended the event because they knew that Dr. Paulo was from CAFIB. Conclusion: “German breeders already know how to distinguish the mix- bred dogs” …

So my friends, by his strong position in defense of Pure-breed Fila and CAFIB in Brazil and especially in Europe, helping to preserve the Fila and to spread the CAFIB Breeding Philosophy around the world, I think Chris Habig was one of the most important disseminators of the Pure-breed Fila and CAFIB public in Europe.

However, to my surprise, when I returned to the world of Fila in late 2.008, which had walked away from in mid-1.995, and went on to receive a surprise Expo Quatis-RJ an exciting CAFIB tribute to my person (with a plate with the inscription “Father of CAFIB”, which is more than I deserve … ( click )  and be prompted to create my website ( ) in order to provide much of the historical documentation that I have for all of you, I learned that Chris was vice president of the FCI. At first I did not believe it, because I could not visualize him trapped in a rigid clubistic structure like this, but I went to the FCI website and there was the name of my old friend.
Of course, the Chris I knew from 1979 to 1984 had full knowledge about dogs and cultural background to fill this position or the presidency of the FCI itself. Proof of this is that he is a high executive of a major German bank. But, I personally have always found Chris to be a “free-spirit”, a challenger, ready to try to rewrite and correct the mistakes of the past as interbreeding and as it still is within the Fila. Where is the biggest mistake, ultimately issuing pedigrees for mix-breed for nearly 40 years. And this without the FCI has not even been interested in investigating the complaints expressed by CAFIB!!! Insisting on this error despite many official complaints, letters and testimonials. Even the twice recognition of mixed-breeding by Henrique Lucena!!! So, somehow I refused to imagine him as a FCI bureaucrat, which through BKC and CBKC did the Fila much harm. Even taking into account the Chris’s knowledge of the other breeds, especially the molossers, something I always wondered, where would good old from the 70’s and 80’s Chris be?

After all, the two of us along the forerunners of CAFIB such as Airton, Americo, Maciel, Fernando, Caico, Silva Lima, Souto Maior, Pedro, Luciano and many others, were part of the revolutionary and rebellious generation of the 60’s and 70’s, where many ” “distinguished dissidents” helped change the world for the very best!! We would never accept illegal and uncontrolled mixed-breeding or falsifying pedigrees. We would never tolerate the attempt to change the phenotype and temperament of the Fila. Never. After all, Comfort Zone and accommodation are not part of our dictionary and attitudes!!!

Well, since 1984 I have lost touch with Chris. I do not know how he ended up in FCI, much less why he went there. It does not matter. The fact is that CAFIB and I are very grateful to Chris and always dedicate to him our eternal gratitude for his ethical stance, having been bold and honest about the Fila Brasileiro during that period.

As for you guys that started breeding Filas after 1.984, I hope this article can clarify the doubts that perhaps you may have and let you guys prefer to breed the True Fila.
So, with my appreciation and gratitude, I send my warm embrace for his old friend Chris. Wherever he is.

Chico Peltier.


Translated by Ligia Moris, Boiadeiro do Jatobá Kennel – MG, Brazil.

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